Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 22

Under the watchful eyes of the members of the Skateboard Club, the tricycle gradually drove away.

Students passing by stopped and looked over.

Although this style was a bit jarring, the schoolmate sitting in front…… Needless to say, these long legs were too suitable for riding a tricycle!

After the rehearsal of the Music Club was over, all the members came out, just in time to see the tricycle that doesn’t fit well with the school’s surroundings (?) suddenly passed by.

Everyone’s eyes involuntarily followed.

“The hell? Did I see it right? Is that my goddess Su Rao sitting in the back? Is that her!?” A boy had a puzzled face.

“That handsome guy driving…… it’s Lu Wan!”

“Right, right, right, I saw her photo today! President Lu with sunglasses is too charming! It’s illegal ah~”

“Holy shit. My husband is so handsome.” A girl exclaimed.

“Song Qianqian, please be more reserved, and also, how did Lu Wan become your husband? Does she know?”

Zhao Yihang couldn’t help but question. Okay, even if he was upset, he admitted that the fellow was handsome.

Song Qianqian said dismissively, “She’s my husband. Since it’s a fact, why do you want her to know? It’s enough for me to know it alone.”

Zhao Yihang think that this logic was not right, but couldn’t immediately refute it, so he asked again, “Yesterday your husband was Lu Buyu, but today you changed it? Are all girls so fickle?”

Song Qianqian said righteously, “Lu Buyu is my husband outside of school, and Lu Wan is my husband at school. I forward and like Lu Buyu’s Weibo, and spend money by buying his endorsements. If Lu Wan needs it, I can help her take extra lessons! I am sincere to every husband. Girls can be fickle, but they are also attentive ah. Good-looking female celebrities have female fans. Male fans only know lip service but they’re not willing to spend money, visiting a prostitute without paying money[1]a fan saying they like a certain celebrity, but do not spend any money to support them! So can you stop talking?”

Zhao Yihang who was rendered completely speechless, shrugged his shoulders and fell silent.

Song Qianqian’s grades remained in the top ten of the whole grade. Of course, she was qualified to give tutoring. Her comprehensive science was very impressive and even the second year Chen Nianqing couldn’t suppress her in it.

When the tricycle drove far away, the members of the Music Club took their gazes back.

“Aah, I don’t want to ride on my family’s BMW and laugh; I want to ride on President Lu’s tricycle and cry.”

“I don’t want to ride on my family’s Volvo and laugh; I want to ride on President Lu’s tricycle and want her to make me cry.”

“Then I don’t want to sit on my family’s Rolls-Royce; I also want to ride a tricycle.” A boy was unwilling to be outdone in appealing.

Zhao Yihang: “……”

All right, but there’s no need for that. The tricycle couldn’t hold so many people.

Forget about the girls, why were there several boys…… who also had a very intrigued expressions after thinking deeply?

Zhao Yihang had no words. He turned to look at the expressionless Chen Nianqing.

Their Club President was still the most steady!

Zhao Yihang doesn’t feel good about Lu Wan. He doesn’t care about the conflict between the other party and Jiang Boyang, but to even affect the Club President was too much.

Lu Wan pointed at Brother Chen and said, “I prefer someone like that”, and the rumors had spread for a several days. Later, everyone found that there was no connection between the two, and it gradually faded.

Zhao Yihang: “Lu Wan is quite popular at school recently.”

Chen Nianqing: “En. I can see.”

Song Qianqian shook her phone and said with a smile, “The Skateboard Club have a gathering and they will go to the karaoke afterwards. Why don’t we also have a get together too? We’ll definitely run into them!”

“That’s good. We hadn’t hung out for a long time.”

“I’m going!”

Zhao Yihang sneered. “Then you have fun. Me and Club President won’t go.”

Chen Nianqing: “I have nothing to do this afternoon, let’s go together.”

Zhao Yihang: “????”

Everyone looked at their club president with surprise.

Chen Nianqing seldom participate in such activities. What’s happening today?

The school’s Music Club was a crouching tiger, hidden dragon[2]have many hidden talented individuals. Many students who play the instruments were talented and had been learning under famous teachers since childhood. So when they’re all together, it’s like a fight between immortals.

No one could accept anyone. Everyday, they would compare awards, who has better skills and who could play better.

Chen Nianqing was forcibly appointed by the teacher to be the president, which barely suppressed the restless Music Club.

But he usually doesn’t care about things, and it’s just in name. Big and small matters were all handled by Vice President Zhao Yihang.

Song Qianqian: “Club President is going too? This would definitely be more fun.”

Several other students also agreed.

Zhao Yihang was full of doubts but didn’t said anything.

Since Chen Nianqing was going, naturally he couldn’t be absent.


The Skateboard Club’s meal was over at two o’clock.

They had scheduled a private room for the afternoon, and it was just right in time.

Xu Yao regretted it.

He really regretted it. There was nothing good with their gathering today. These guys were just using the excuse of welcoming him!

Looking at the colorful lights shining down in the box, it was bewitching, reminding him of the spider web cave in Journey to the West[3]one of the nine-nine-eight-one difficulties where seven female spider spirits resides/a place with a lot of woman.

Lu Wan was the Tang Monk.

Xu Yao looked to the left and this female spider spirit seemed to be saying: Come and let’s play, Brother Wan.

Xu Yao looked to the right and that female spider spirit seemed to be saying: President Lu, I caught you. Ahahaha~

If he look up, he would find a male spider spirit standing in front, not willing to be outdone and exploiting any tiny opening, talking to Lu Wan.

Xu Yao: “.…..”

No. He had to do something! Simply despicable!

Xu Yao really wanted to go back to the county town with Lu Wan. He doesn’t like this new school.

He was so angry. He had known Lu Wan for more than ten years, so why were these guys jumping the queue?

Haley turned and asked, “President Lu, let me help you place a song. What do you want to sing?”

“Enter yours first.” Lu Wan thought for a while and said the name of a song.

“You also like Planet Band? It seems that we are more in tune with each other.” Haley said as he threw a look at Xu Yao, who was seething next to him.

He had no other ideas about this foolish straight guy. He just like to tease honest people.

It was perfect to pass the time.

When it comes to singing, most of the members of the Skateboard Club were a little embarrassed.

Except for two individual, the others began to decline.

Club President Tang Tang suggested, “Today, the people from the Music Club are here too. Why don’t we invite everyone to play together? They sing well.”

“Sure. But can you do it?” A boy asked.

Everyone knew that the Music Club was very stuck-up, full of handsome guys and beautiful woman, and was the top on the list of major clubs that everyone wanted to have friendship with.

“Yes. I’ll call them here.” Tang Tang immediately sent a message to Song Qianqian.

Three minutes later, more than a dozen Music Club students poured in.

There was no need to wear a school uniform today. The Music Club students in their regular clothes were dressed up brightly, which was very different from the Skateboard Club’s style.

Fortunately, it was a big room and everyone could sit down.

The Skateboard Club students were a little stunned. How could Chen Nianqing from the Music Club also be there?

The girls who was originally saying crazy things started to pay attention to their image and the mood was pulled back a little, so it wouldn’t be too chaotic.

Haley: “Wow~ My idol is here. Today’s good fortune deserves to be written in my diary.”

Lu Wan later learned that the person from that day was Chen Nianqing.

However, they hadn’t seen each other again after what happened and didn’t had the chance to talk.

There were four or five people between them. Lu Wan looked over and the other party just happened to be looking at her.

Their eyes met and she smiled and said, “Welcome.”

Chen Nianqing asked in a quite voice, “You’re going to sing?”

Haley hastily chimed in, “She picked a male and female duet song. Our President Lu said just now that she wants to sing and rap by herself. How about School Hunk do us a favor and sing it with her?”

These were the two people he couldn’t get, so he’ll just leave a memory of them in the same frame on his mind.

Chen Nianqing considered it for two seconds. “Okay.”

Everyone was astonished. What do you mean ‘okay’?

Okay? The Music Club members were extremely confused. You must know that their Club President hardly ever sing pop songs, let alone do a duet!

What the hell was going on today? This a bit too abnormal. How did he became so easy-going?

Xu Yao frowned as he looked at Chen Nianqing. He felt that something was off. He just had this inexplicable sense of an impending crisis.

Why does Lu Wan seemed to be very familiar with this Little White Face?

Xu Yao said loudly, “Duet? What duet? Sing on your own!”

Haley: “But everyone wants to hear it.”


“We all want to hear it.”

Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing singing? Gosh, what a magical scene!

Xu Yao walked to the karaoke machine. “Then change to another song…… Sing 《Fly freely》[4]by Phoenix Legend, this is Lu Wan’s favorite song.”

Lu Wan: “It’s not…… my favorite song.”

“I know your preference. You like this!” Xu Yao turned around and said to another person, “Can you sing?”

Chen Nianqing: “……”

“She’ll sing the ‘Who is singing’, you’ll go ‘for you’, she’ll sing ‘to warm the loneliness’, you’ll go ‘uh huh’. This song is very popular and the lyrics are few, so it’s very good to sing.”

Chen Nianqing: “……”

The other person: “……”

“Have you never heard of it? You don’t go shopping ah? This song is being played everywhere on the street. You’re a bit of a homebody then.” After a pause, Xu Yao reluctantly added, “It can’t be helped. I can only sing it with President Lu.”

Everyone: “……”

Lu Wan: “Go away! I don’t want to sing this, and I won’t sing with you either.”

There were many people who sings out of tune, but someone like Xu Yao, who manages to not be in tune in every word was very rare.

Xu Yao nodded with an “Mm, mm” and added, “Lu Wan said she just wants to sing alone! Forget the duet!”

Haley was a little surprised. This foolish straight man has outdone himself. He could actually use his head?

He have a brain?

Lu Wan took the microphone that was handed over, and she selected an old Cantonese song.

Her voice was not the delicate kind; it has a cold timbre, and her tone was not bad.

There was no person in the Music Club who didn’t know how to sing, and they found that she was pretty good.

This song was difficult. The Cantonese songs of ten years ago were completely different from today with it’s jazzy style.

It could make one envision…… the scene of a man wearing a 90’s retro leather jacket, driving a motorcycle for a ride.

This was the theme song of an unpopular film back then. Lu Wan had watched it many times and had also heard this song many times.

The only Cantonese song she could sing with standard pronunciation.

After Lu Wan finished singing, the room was quiet for a few seconds.

Although it was very unexpected that Lu Wan would sang this song, but well, it was quite interesting.

This lady hadn’t played according to the conventional way several times, and it’s….. kind of interesting.

How should they put it—, she was a very intriguing person, and there was a feeling that if you were friends with her, you would have a good time every day.

Xu Yao coughed, and after attracting everyone’s attention, he said shyly, “This song, when I heard you sing it ten years ago, I was still a cherry boy[5]male virgin, and now, I am still a cherry boy.”

Everyone: “……”

Who cares if you’re a virgin? Are you a lunatic ah?!

Lu Wan held her forehead. This guy is really……

She said with a stoic face, “It’s okay. You will always be proud of being a cherry boy.”

Everyone: “……”

He could be, but it’s not necessary. Otherwise, this energetic young man would be too pitiful.

Xu Yao said without hesitation, “That won’t do. If I stayed like this, what are you going to do?”

Lu Wan: “What does it have to do with me?”

Xu Yao: “Does it have nothing to do with you?”

Everyone: “……?”

Lu Wan’s eyebrows lifted. Your uncle. You have a big guts to dare take advantage of me.

Xu Yao wanted to explain that it was a slip of the tongue, but he was familiar with the micro expressions Lu Wan made every time she was about to make a move.

That was it now.

The situation was not good. It was more important to save one’s life first. Some things would have to be discussed later.

 Xu Yao turned around to go outside. As long as he could get out the door, he could escape unharmed today.

Five meters, four meters, three meters……

Unfortunately, the person in front suddenly stood up and blocked the passage.

Chen Nianqing, who was blocking the road, had a deadpan expression. He appeared to have been sitting for a long time and was just casually exercising his legs.

It seems that he doesn’t know that his actions would endanger the lives of others.

Xu Yao glared at him, but was just a second too late; it was already done.

It happened so suddenly. The next second, he had already received a solid blow.


They looked at the energetic young man who was squatting on the ground clutching his head.

Each of the students inside the room sighed in their hearts.

Now you know. Some words and some things, it was fine to think about it, but if you say it or do it, you will be beaten ah.

Look at this energetic young man, his expression was as rich as a childish virgin.

It must have been painful.


1 a fan saying they like a certain celebrity, but do not spend any money to support them
2 have many hidden talented individuals
3 one of the nine-nine-eight-one difficulties where seven female spider spirits resides/a place with a lot of woman
4 by Phoenix Legend
5 male virgin


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