Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 21

Lu Wan was wearing a white overalls today.

Her top was a short sleeved T-shirt, and the pants was knee-length, just revealing all the lower leg.

The length of this pants would put a bit of pressure to a person’s height, but Lu Wan’s leg proportion was good, so it wasn’t a problem.

She was two centimeters taller than Lu Buyu when he was in junior high, but her shoulders were not as wide.

The outfit fits her perfectly, as if it were custom-made.

The milky white color diluted the overalls rigidity, making it look lively and young.

Lu Wan was quite willing to wear girls’ clothing, but women’s clothes sold in domestic shopping malls usually had a maximum size of 175.

It was really hard for her to buy ordinary clothes. Every time she goes shopping, it was disheartening. She couldn’t wear them even if she wanted to.

Men’s clothing was still convenient ah……

Lu Wan really wanted to give advice to the businessmen; don’t ignore tall girls, they’re human too.

The clothes Zhao Jianing bought were very good and Lu Wan liked them, but considering the prices on their tags, she always felt that she should dress more ceremoniously.

Though she doesn’t have to opportunity to show her ‘sense of ceremony’ for the time being. Those were obviously not suitable for work today.

Lu Wan got into the subway and felt that something was wrong again.…..

There were a lot of people on weekends. The girls knew that their gazes were too scorching and impolite.

But who let the little brother be so handsome!

Not only does he have a good-looking face, he could also dress nicely! Excellent body management!

She was standing out too much compared with other people on the subway, like a square peg in a round hole, as if she had her own isolated circle.

Lu Wan didn’t know what to say, so she turned around with her back to the subway door.

“He turned. Wait. Are they a boy or a girl? The face is a bit beautiful.”

“Do you care? What you like is that they’re good-looking, not just that they’re male.”

“Yeah, true.”

Lu Wan: “.…..”

There were people who praised her for her good looks before.

Through the comments of people around them, good-looking people wouldn’t be unaware of the fact that they were good-looking.

But she had never seen such an attitude before.

She grew up in a small county with just over 100,000 people, and not many take the four bus routes.

You could just walk wherever you want to go.

So after a long time, everyone would be relatively calm, after all, you almost meet the same people every day.

But it’s different here……

Lu Wan arrived to this city and took a bus to the hospital the next day to get a proof for gender correction.

For the first time in her life, she really saw so many people.

There were several subway exits, each with thousands of people, densely packed.

It made her understand that this world was very lively.

The girls here were enthusiastic…… and so were the boys……

Not only girls but also boys would look at a handsome face.

However, people like Haley bemoaning “Unfortunately it’s not a Top” were still very few…… Most ordinary boys would exclaim “This guy is a bit handsome”, and have no other thoughts.

It’s already halfway through May. The weather has been completely hot. Today, the sun was a little fierce.

Lu Wan put on the sunglasses that was looted from Lu Buyu incidentally.

That silly person was extremely narcissistic. There were more than 200 pairs of sunglasses alone. She didn’t know how many eyes he could grow to use them all.

Before Lu Wan left, she heard Lu Buyu crying out loudly, “You can’t treat the dreams of millions of girls like this”, but from the sound of it, she could tell that Professor Lu took off his slippers and went harder a few more times.

Lu Wan went straight to the Skateboard Club’s room.

Club President Tang Tang turned his head and stared at Lu Wan for a few moments before he said in a faint voice, “You really came to help us make a shelf? You don’t have any other intentions……? I’m begging you, give us boys a little way to survive……”

Lu Wan pushed down the sunglasses. “Of course, I’m here to help you. Why else would I come ah?”

Not to mention that this sunglasses were expensive and indeed superior, without making one dizzy, they were much better than the ones issued by the barbecue joint where she worked part-time.

“Holy shit! Lu Wan, where did you get this clothes? It looks nice. You’re really something ah. After you’re done pretending to be poor, your clothes became amazingly better.”

Lu Wan was a little confused. “Clothes?”

“Just your overalls. How about I buy it? Will twenty thousand yuan do?”

Lu Buyu’s clothes were not cheap. This overalls was of good quality, and there were medal decorations on the sleeves.

In recent years, ‘vintage’ had become popular, and many big-name clothes from ten years ago had been revamped and sold.

Because the quantity was scarce and the design was unique, if it was well preserved, it would not be cheaper than the original price.

This was Lu Wan.

Most people don’t know this kind of culture, but there were many fashionistas in Skateboard Clubs. After all, when participating in skateboarding competitions, it was also very important to dress up to be eye-catching!

Lu Wan’s outfit today was so handsome! He really wanted to have it!

“Twenty thousand? Okay. I’ll give you the clothes tomorrow after I wash them.” Although Lu Wan didn’t understand, but she was moved by the sound of money and immediately facilitated the transaction.

“No, no, no, no! I disagree! I’ve already taken pictures! President Lu wore it so handsomely, wouldn’t you be embarrassed to wear it again?” Zhang Yijia walked in as she took out her mobile phone and showed the photos of Lu Wan.

The boy who wanted to buy the clothes at a high price thought about it. It was true. He could only shrugged and gave up.

In half a month, there would be the school festival, so although today was a weekend, there were a lot of people in school.

The major clubs were busy rehearsing the program. It was very lively.

Zhang Yijia looked down at the pictures she had just taken and smiled as she said to the girl next to her, “President Lu really suit white. President Lu, please wear white more in the future. It would make many girls happy. Isn’t that right, Su Rao?”

Su Rao looked at the photo, then at Lu Wan, and nodded slightly.

She hadn’t talk with Lu Wan recently, hoping to clear her mind[1]calm down.

But it has been a long time, and she still hadn’t cleared her mind.

Zhang Yijia pushed Su Rao to Lu Wan’s side and grinned, “Behold, these two are the face of our club. Even if they just stand there, they can attract many students. Guys, do you believe it or not?”

On the day of the festival, large clubs would set up stalls to sell things, and there was a party at the evening.

Students could only sell handcrafted items and the Skateboard Club chose to sell handmade sushi without any creativity.

However, the competition in this ‘industry’ was very fierce. Several clubs said they’d sell sushi. After all, it was easy to operate.

So their Skateboard Club must have a trick to attract customers!

Su Rao was stunned for a moment and said embarrassedly, “Don’t talk nonsense. No.”

The club president did not agree with the other’s modesty.

“Goddess, you don’t have a clear awareness of yourself. Then it’s settled. You’re not allowed to go to the Debate Club that day. You must be here with us.”

Zhang Yijia: “President Lu, you can wear a skirt too, since you have amazing long legs. But I think it’s better to complement each other, so you should stay as handsome as today ba.

Lu Wan had no interest in selling things for the club. This should be regarded as an extended extracurricular activity. She’d been making money by herself for a long time and had racked her brain doing so.

She brought over the two discarded shelves and began to measure the size.

A simple diagram was quickly drawn and the new shelf dimensions were marked.

Zhang Yijia posted the photos to her sister group, expressing that whoever wanted to be killed by President Lu’s handsomeness should come immediately!

The photos quickly spread to several different online communities.

Xu Yao got up a little late in the morning. He knew that Lu Wan was working on a wooden shelf at school today, so he came running when he had nothing to do.

It’s not surprising that the flower stand in his house was also made by Lu Wan.

That guy said that buying wood and finding drawings on the Internet to do it yourself could save a person more money.

Xu Yao saw people standing in the corridor. Some of them didn’t even understand what’s going on. What the hell was this?

These guys weren’t doing their own work. Why were they all blocking here?

“Excuse. Excuse me.” Xu Yao pushed aside the crowd and squeezed in. After seeing Lu Wan, he found out the reason.

He stared at the person for a few seconds before he said, “Wan ah…… you look a little too handsome today.”

Lu Wan used to stand out wearing cheap clothes. After all, she had the figure and the face, but she wasn’t expecting to look well dressed…… That’s just how it was ah.

Xu Yao’s father was a nouveau riche, and as the name suggests, he was both unsophisticated and arrogant.

His father liked famous brands. Every time he goes to the store, he would spend hundreds of thousands. However, Father Xu had a big belly and was not tall. He also liked to wear big gold chains. As a result, he wore the brands with his own ‘old man’s shirt’ style. It’s the kind of customer that sales clerks typically liked, but made the designers ‘cry all night and buy a train ticket to ran away’.

That’s why Xu Yao thought that expensive clothes were nothing.

But when Lu Wan wore them, it was tasteful.

Xu Yao felt a little unstable. Originally, he comforted himself that the two of them were similarly good-looking but were just different types. Lu Wan was just a little bit handsome than himself. Now, looking at her, she looked a little more handsome than him.

Seeing Xu Yao, Lu Wan smiled and said, “You just came in time. Go and find a saw for me. Electric ones are the best, or an ordinary sharp one will do. What they borrowed from the school doesn’t work well. It’s all rusty.”

“Oh. I’ll find it for you.”

When Xu Yao was about to go out, he looked at the group of people standing in the corridor, and still felt that something wasn’t right.

Most of them were women, but there were also a few men.

Xu Yao couldn’t help asking, “Do you have some business standing around here?”

“Oh, no hurry. We’ll watch for a while before leaving. Making shelf is very interesting.”

“Yeah, yeah, we’re not in a hurry. Don’t bother about us and go do your own thing ba.”

Xu Yao: “……”

“I think President Lu’s temperament had been developed in all aspects over time. Firm and vigorous, restrained and strong, capable of anything. Not the usual person who got a short haircut and just looks good.” A girl staring at Lu Wan said.

“This is expected. After all, she’s the young lady of the Lu family. The heritage is there.” The boy couldn’t resist smiling.

“Ah…… I just like this kind of refined style. This is what my dream boyfriend looks like —could also be my girlfriend.”

Xu Yao: “……”

Ha ha. Listen to your rubbish. Lu Wan grew up in the same County with him. What heritage ah?

This said so much. Weren’t they just judging people based on their good looks and drooling for their body?

All your faces are almost bursting of laughter, aren’t you afraid of laughing till they’re broken?

Some of the girls who was caught in happiness suddenly felt a chill behind them.

What’s going on?

They turned around and saw the back of the boy who had just walked out.

They didn’t put it on their minds and continued to watch President Lu making a shelf live.

Girls who knew how to make something all by hand were really attractive. It felt like they could watch them all day without getting bored.

Xu Yao went to the nearby hardware store to rent an electric saw, and because he was in a hurry to come back, he also rented a small three wheeled bike instead of walking.

The school usually does not allow this kind of vehicle to come in, but it happened that maintenance work were ongoing today, and there were many workers going in and out.

If Xu Yao didn’t say that he was a student, he could also pass off as a workman with his tanned complexion.

He went ahead smoothly and the tricycle came in.

This weekend, the guard was inevitably slack. Seeing the familiar face of the driver of the vehicle in front, he naturally thought that they were together with the other one behind.

Coincidentally, the model and color of the two vehicles were the same, so the guard did not ask.

After all, evil doers wouldn’t publicly drive a tricycle to the school to steal or make trouble.

With an electric saw, the efficiency improved, and Lu Wan finished the shelf in just one morning.

The members of the Skateboard Club were all astonished. They just wanted Lu Wan to try it out. They didn’t think that what the other party made would be sturdy and not ugly at all……

It looked like it was done by a professional and not by some amateur.

This young miss is really amazing. The boys were completely impressed.

Haley was also at school today. He was invited by the Drama Club to make a cameo role as an elf prince.

He had blue-eyes and blonde hair, and when he put on the long fake ears, the likeness was off the charts, which amazed everyone.

Many of the classic elf characters were of white pretty youngsters.

Haley had no interest in acting at all, but the person who invited him was an ex-boyfriend and a current friend. It was not easy to refuse.

Besides, he also knew that he’s quite a work-of-art, and absorbing a wave of Face Fans by relying on his appearance was also not bad.

He had a clear understanding of himself, and his biggest advantage was his face.

After the rehearsal was over, Haley ran to find Lu Wan.

It’s noon now and the school cafeteria was not open on weekends, so they had to eat outside.

Xu Yao also joined the Skateboard Club. Everyone saw that he was Lu Wan’s friend and since today was the weekend, to liven up the atmosphere, they welcomed him to the school by asking him to hang out.

Xu Yao heard it and readily expressed that he would treat them.

Lu Wan went downstairs and was stunned when she saw the small tricycle.

Where did this guy get this? He really could always seek for attention.

Xu Yao: “Hehe. Come on, get in. How’s this? Isn’t it nice? It also saves time walking.”

After a pause, he looked at the members of the Skateboard Club.

These guys looked good on the surface, but they don’t seem to be very honest.

“This trike can take three people. Come up, Brother Wan, and then Schoolmate Su Rao and Haley, you can also come up.”

Lu Wan was a little speechless. This guy could also really create trouble. “You should come down. Have you forgotten the accident in which you crashed your tricycle last time?”

He also had to pay 500 yuan.

Xu Yao felt a little embarrassed. “Why bring up the past? It was an accident. I drove too fast by mistake. Don’t worry, Brother Wan, or how about you drive?”

He jumped off the vehicle and said to the chosen Su Rao and Haley, “Come on. Let’s get in. The others will meet us at the place. Then, see you later.”

Haley kept smiling. “Hmm~ I haven’t taken this kind of vehicle before. Okay, cool~”

Su Rao hesitated for two seconds, then sat in.

Everyone: “.…..”

This transfer student is poisonous.

He made President Lu drive the tricycle, and then dragged the pretty boy Haley and the school goddess…… away?

Gosh! Why is Su Rao sitting on that thing? She’s a goddess ah!

This was too inappropriate! How could a goddess come down to earth?

What the hell was this?! Totally unacceptable!

The son of the person renting land to the school —that upstart’s child, was too absurd.

Xu Yao sitting in the middle, thought for a minute, and said in a low voice, “Guess why I invited you two?”

Without waiting for an answer, he said triumphantly, “You guys look the most honest. Everyone else is coveting my Brother Wan, therefore, this is a reward for you. Others can only walk.”

In his mind, although Haley was coquettish, the little white face[2]boy toy/pretty boy; a mild insult likes men ah.

Su Rao was the only schoolmate who didn’t go up to talk to Lu Wan.

She seemed like a decent and gentle girl.

Su Rao and Haley looked at each other. In fact…… others doesn’t necessarily wanted to ride in this vehicle.

Oh, they couldn’t say it like that. No one wanted to ride it if Xu Yao was driving. But if Lu Wan did the driving, many people would rushed to hopped in.

Haley: “That’s why ah.”

His eyes rolled to the sky in his heart. He truly was a foolish straight man.

It’s too early for you to be reassured!

Su Rao: “……”

Well, actually, not necessarily.


1 calm down
2 boy toy/pretty boy; a mild insult


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