Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 20

“Have you seen the exposé on the forum? Lu Wan is Jiang Boyang’s fiancée!”

“No, no, no! Brother Lu said no! She’s clearly going to kick Jiang Boyang to step down and become the school tyrant herself!”

“My goodness. It shocked my whole family.”

“Lu Wan has asked for trouble with Jiang Boyang several times! My brother Lu also has a bunch of followers!”

“Is there any way to be her girlfriend?”

“I, a boy, feel so secure!”

“Lu Wan has two guardians next to her. One is the bronze-colored muscular little brother who transferred to the school, and the other is our pretty boy, Haley. This combination is very innovative.”

“Can Haley fight too? He should call his ex-boyfriends and close friends to help ba. But he is really a beautiful baby, if there are many of him, can we girls still survive?”

The girls walked away while chatting. The three people who were named halted and looked at one another.

Lu Wan, who had inexplicably became ‘the new school tyrant’, had black lines on her face. “I told you not to be impulsive and to leave this school if you fight.”

She just wanted to be an ordinary student and study hard every day, but as long as she got involved with those kissing gouramis, nothing good would definitely happen.

Even if those two didn’t follow the plot of ‘kissing against the wall; kissing with hands locked around the waist’, what the hell does it have to do with her?!

“I won’t. My dad won’t rent the land to the school if I leave, and you won’t have an outdoor tennis court.” The bronze-skinned muscular man frowned and said in displeasure, “Forget the gossip. Those girls…… said they wanted to be your girlfriend. So shameless.”

The pretty boy who could only rely on men to fight: “Ah?  What’s this? The anonymous forum has become a ‘bending’ site.”

Haley has long and narrow eyes, big double eyelids and very red lips. As a mixed race with a Caucasian appearance, his facial features were delicate and exquisite.

He’s figure was thin, but he has the slenderness of a pretty teenage boy.

So even if he did something, his popularity was good. After all, Face fans couldn’t be angry with this face.

Xu Yao: “What forum?”

Haley poked the other person’s arm. “Brother Yao, you can give me your phone. I’ll help you follow it~”

Xu Yao stepped back to put some distance between him and the other party, looking on guard. “N-n-no need! You tell me, I’ll do it myself!”

Haley shrugged his shoulders. This kind of stupid straight guy who took the bait every time was the most fun to mess with in the first few days.

Once he got used to it, then there’s nothing to play with.

Xu Yao followed the forum under Haley’s guidance.

Today, the forum posted several threads. The others were all confessions, and the last one was the gossip from the cafeteria this noon.

This was the most seen and commented.

Xu Yao unconsciously read the first few sentences as he was looking down.

“How can I make Lu Wan take responsibility for me?”

“Today I also fell for the enemy Valkyrie.”

“Farewell. I haven’t been in love before, but now I’m bent? The key point was that the other wear skirt more gorgeously than me……”

“I thought I like boys. It turns out, I like both good-looking and handsome…… men and women.”

“I think I like females? I’m done for, but my heart’s really moved.”

Lu Wan couldn’t help interrupting Xu Yao’s reading. “Stop that. It’s like you’re the only one who can read words. Shut up.”

Xu Yao: “No, aren’t you a girl now? Why are they still like this ah?”

Haley grasped the point and asked in a high voice, ” She’s a girl now? Wasn’t it the case before?”

He thought about the details of the times he spent with Lu Wan. Actually, there was something quite not right.

Lu Wan was more manly than him and could say crude things?

“My Gosh, I missed the period of Brother Wan as Top! Why did you do this to this cute red panda?! Do you have any pictures!? This may be my biggest regret before reaching adulthood.”

Xu Yao: “……”

What’s this guy talking about?!

What’s this situation? Not only does he had to fight with men, but those women from the past had also not decreased?

There were too many scheming people in the city. If he knew this earlier, he  wouldn’t come to this dump. Him and Lu Wan was fine in the small county.

In an enclosed place like a school, gossip spreads very fast, and everyone knew it by the afternoon.

Qu Yue, who said “Lu Wan is Jiang Boyang’s fiancée”, was not the kind of person who would utter nonsense.

If this was true, Lu Wan’s background must not be low to be connected to Jiang Boyang.

There were many young masters and young ladies in this school from wealthy and powerful families that had a wide network of connections. Since there were traces of this matter to follow, Lu Wan’s family background was uncovered in one afternoon.

The ‘Lu’ of Lu Wan and the ‘Lu’ of Lu Jinye, the current chairman of Yuanzheng Group, were the same and they belonged to the same family.

The Jiang family and Yuanzheng Group had cooperated a lot in recent years, and they had always claimed that the two were in-depth partners, and would consolidate their relationship through marriage in the future.

However, they could only find out until here. They didn’t know Lu Wan’s specific identity.

It could only be guessed that she was either Lu Jinye’s daughter or niece, although they have never heard of this existence before.

Many people were astonished. So Lu Wan, the person they thought was receiving poverty alleviation fund, was actually a young lady from a prominent family?

To be honest, Jiang Boyang could ride roughshod in the school because of his deep background, which few people could compare.

Not to mention that the Jiang family had to do all kinds of things to ingratiate themselves with Lu Jinye.

No wonder Lu Wan and Jiang Boyang were so hard on each other!

This young lady was too low-key. If it wasn’t for Qu Yue’s revelation, everyone would not know about it at all!

Today’s melons hadn’t been finished yet, when soon, someone submitted a speculation based on these clues to the forum.

The moderator, a ruthless relay machine, finally released it after uttering a “WTF”.

Not to mention the rest, because there were only a few immediate family members of the Lu family, unlike most wealthy families with flourishing populations, it was said that everyone in the Lu family held shares in Yuanzheng.

……if Lu Wan had it, she would totally be a rich lady ah!

School was dismissed at 4:00 on Friday, two hours earlier than usual. The students were already restless, and now they were even more addicted to eating melons.

【Sit and play wherever you fall: I’m not worthy. I actually dreamed that if Brother Wan don’t have money later, I can support her and try to use the money to get ahead……】

【Green grassland: If it wasn’t for this incident today, we wouldn’t know at all.】

【2333: Laughing and crying. Who started to spread that Lu Wan was a scholarship student…… Such a big mistake.】

【I can’t wake up every day: Very Sue-ish[1]Mary Sue-ish…… My President Lu’s setup is great.】

【Fireworks: President Lu is too low-key ah. I reviewed the previous photos of her long legs again.】

【Climbing on top of the wall: Who’s the girl looking for President Lu today? Fortunately, she was there, otherwise I would have been kept in the dark by my girlfriend who pretended to be poor.】

【I don’t want to be named: The scholarship student in Class 4. Quite pretty. She’s called Lin Niannian.】

【If you don’t lose ten pounds, don’t change your name: Oh, President Lu said she didn’t know her well.】

【Make progress every day: Don’t talk about Lin Niannian. She just didn’t know. She’s a nice person.】

On the way back, Lu Wan noticed the stares of many students.

She wanted to kill that pair of kissing gouramis even more.


Lin Niannian saw this whole development.

Her face was full of disbelief. If this was the case, why hadn’t Lu Wan said it before?

In the cafeteria, Lu Wan and Jiang Boyang were sitting very close. This scene was a bit jarring to her.

Lu Wan was indifferent to her, and Jiang Boyang had conflicts with the girl.

In that case, they should avoid sitting so close to one another.

Lin Niannian was not an impulsive person, but yesterday Jiang Boyang asked her to move out and someone also came to trouble her this morning. It was hard to avoid being in a low mood, so she couldn’t help rushing up.

It wasn’t that she was really aggrieved because of Lu Wan, but she wanted Jiang Boyang to hear her words.

She used to have a place to live in, study in peace, and make new friends, but suddenly life became very hard.

At that time, Jiang Boyang left without saying anything to her.

It also accidentally exposed his and Lu Wan’s engagement.

Will they get married later? As long as she thought of this, Lin Niannian wasn’t happy.

Although she and Jiang Boyang had different status and might not be a good match in the eyes of outsiders, but with Lu Wan’s character…… those two were even more unsuitable ah.

Yu Shuai was there at noon today and witnessed the whole thing. In his opinion, Lin Niannian did nothing wrong.

Lu Wan was a bit too much. She pointedly emphasized that she was ‘unfamiliar’ with Lin Niannian. They were both classmates; was it necessary?

“Niannian, don’t feel bad. This matter wasn’t because of you. We all thought that Lu Wan was a student under the charity program, and she didn’t explain it herself.” He smiled and comforted.

Lin Niannian forced herself to calm down. The monthly exam would be in two weeks.

Since Lu Wan wasn’t a recipient of the charity program, it meant that she was not an honor student. At least she could score higher than the other party.

Lin Niannian shook her head gently. “I’m not feeling uncomfortable. The role of a student is to study. I don’t want to compare myself with others.”

Yu Shuai nodded in relief. “It’s great that you think so. Then I wouldn’t worry.”


The next day was Saturday. Although there was no school, Lu Wan still had to go.

She promised to make a shelf for the Skateboard Club. Because the rest period every day after lunch was too short, no progress had been made at present.

There was a whole day to toss time on the weekend, and she planned to use this day to finish the work all at once so she wouldn’t have to worry about it later.

She didn’t have to wear a uniform today. Lu Wan took out the new clothes her mother bought for her and compared them one by one. She felt that they were inappropriate.

These clothes were beautiful, but very expensive. Neither the price nor the material were suitable for carpentry. She had to find some durable and cheap ones.

“Mom, do you have any unwanted clothes you can give me?”

 After hearing her daughter’s request, Zhao Jianing thought about it and said, “My clothes must be small for you. Why don’t you wear Lu Buyu’s?”

The difference between mother and daughter was 10 centimeters. The size does not match.

Lu Wan: “His? Can I wear them?”

Zhao Jianing: “Lu Buyu was 175 in junior high school. It should fit. He still has his old clothes.”

Lu Buyu’s former clothes were all stowed and was not thrown away. Now they could be put to use.

He was coquettish and liked to look attractive even ten years ago, so his clothes were not outdated.

Or perhaps fashion just went back to ten years ago.

Lu Wan originally thought it would not be suitable, and then…… it hit her on the face.

Other girls in similar age were doing things like ‘stealing mom’s high heels’. When it came to her however, forget about high heels, her older brother’s old clothes from junior high school were just fine……

Lu Wan consoled herself that she could wear it well, and she doesn’t need to bother about the small details.

Lu Buyu had been flamboyant since he was a child. The colors of these clothes were quite rich and bright, and they look much better than her previous clothes.

Lu Wan changed her clothes. She saw that Lu Buyu was already up and was sitting in the dining room eating breakfast.

This guy hadn’t worked much recently, dangling around at home every day, and the two of them would occasionally squabble.

Normally, whenever Lu Wan performed breaking apples with her bare hands, the other party would quiet down.

Lu Buyu looked at the other person. “Remember, you are suitable with this ‘a great hawk spreading its wings[2]imposing’ style.”

Lu Wan: “Are you picking a fight?”

Sensing the danger, Lu Buyu quickly remedied, “No, no, no, you misunderstood me. Don’t you think that not every girl is suitable for sexy style? Girls are not all made of water[3]gentle/soft, there are many different types. They can also be flowers, chocolates or something ba.”

“Just like you, a granite.” With the addition of that last sentence, the whole paragraph fell apart.


What was granite? Lu Wan cracked her knuckles.

Lu Buyu: “Don’t use violence at every turn! You’re not like a girl!”

“I won’t use violence. I’m going to finish you today.”

Lu Buyu wanted to say ‘if you don’t use brute force, how can I still be afraid of you?’

Then…… it just hit him on the face.

Lu Wan shouted at the top of her voice, “Dad, Brother is scolding me! He said I’m like a block of stone[4]a feelingless person! He said I’m a granite!”

Lu Buyu: “!!!”

The sneaky thug actually tattled!

When Professor Lu upstairs heard it, he hurried down angrily.

“What did you say to your younger sister? Don’t think I won’t beat you just because you’re 25.” Professor Lu said as he looked for a handy tool.

Lu Wan thoughtfully put her slippers into Professor Lu’s hand, smiled and said, “Don’t hit the head, it’s easy to become stupid; also don’t hit the face, after all, Brother relies on his face to eat.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

Lu Wan: “Spanking is good. The fat and muscle on the buttocks are very thick, and the nerve tissue is also abundant. It’s painful but he will not get injured. Come on, Dad.”

Lu Buyu: “???”

Listen, was this human words?

As soon as Lu Wan walked out of the house, she heard Lu Buyu howling behind her.

The brat was beaten, and she felt comfortable.


1 Mary Sue-ish
2 imposing
3 gentle/soft
4 a feelingless person


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