Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 19

The bell signaling the start of class rang.

Lu Wan looked at Xu Yao. “Cut it out. Go back to your seat.”

“Oh……” Xu Yao glared at the bloody ‘red panda’, none too happy to go towards his seat.

Haley was a little surprised. This guy was so fierce to him, how could he listen to Lu Wan’s words? He smiled and asked, “Brother Wan~ do you know each other?”

Lu Wan: “En. An old friend.”

Haley looked at the back of Xu Yao’s head and felt something wasn’t right.

The transfer student just came today, so he wasn’t wearing a school uniform. Although the other party’s coat does not have a logo, it was the latest style of a certain blue blood brand.

He just tried buying one yesterday; it was not cheap.

Students doesn’t normally knew this. After all, they were still high schoolers, and there were not many as saucy as him.

This guy was definitely not a student receiving assistance from charity, plus the dolt doesn’t have the temperament of a top student.

More than half a month ago, Lu Wan and Lin Niannian transferred to school on the same day.

Everyone knew that Lin Niannian had received charitable assistance, so they presumed that Lu Wan was the same.

There were suddenly two scholarship students in their class.

Haley asked again while smiling, “Oh, President Lu, you didn’t receive any school assistance ah?”


Haley was even more surprised when he got the answer.

If she was not a scholarship student who could be transferred after most of the semester was done, she’s definitely not from an ordinary family.

Lu Wan didn’t hide it on purpose. No one asked her if she was receiving scholarship.

All her classmates politely asked if she came from the southern county.

She nodded because it was true.

The middle school under the poverty alleviation charity selected by the school board was located in the southernmost county.

Lu Wan couldn’t take the initiative to reveal her family relations. It was strange.

Moreover, she just came to school. It doesn’t matter what her family conditions were.

If others asked her, she’d tell them, and if others didn’t, she’d just remain silent, which saved her a lot of trouble.

Besides, if everyone knew that she and Jiang Boyang had an engagement, it would be too humiliating ba!

And also troublesome.

Haley: “Brother Wan, you hide deep ah~ But I’m not ready to marry rich.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Forget it. She’s used to it.


Xu Yao was very depressed. He had never sat so close to the front before.

He felt uncomfortable everywhere.

The head teacher took special care of him and placed him on the fifth row.

Xu Yao’s grades were not enough to enter this school, but the land on the right being rented by the school…… belonged to his father.

The year that Lu Wan and Xu Yao got to know each other, the Xu family couple borrowed money everywhere to build a mine. They were in debt and was living in difficult conditions.

Unexpectedly, after only one year of mining, the Xu family made a fortune.

Xu Yao’s classmates ate his imported chocolates and he cried to Lu Wan.

Two years later, Father Xu became the richest mine owner in the County. When Lu Wan went to primary school, there were too many new energy sources and mining was not as profitable, so the couple went into business.

The Xu family’s husband and wife were upstarts. Seeing other people opening factories to make money, they also invested in one. They hadn’t chosen a good product, and throughout the year, they found that the profits they earned were the same if they had just placed it on a bank.

It was equivalent to working in vain.

The money was tied up and couldn’t be taken out, so he could only bite the bullet and kept working for several years.

Seven years ago, the government divided Father Xu’s factory into a development zone. Because of the large area, 500 to 600 million yuan was given as lump sum.

Father Xu chose a remote place and it only costed him 30 million to build a new factory. He didn’t worry anymore. The rest of the money was used to buy houses before the pricing rose.

Four years ago, Father Xu’s factory was once again designated as a business improvement district…… This time, not only did he got compensation, the government also gave him a newly constructed factory for free.

Whereupon the couple bought a lot of land with the money. After all, they were not very good at doing business.

Buying properties was still more safer.

Father Xu easily stuffed his son in, because if the school did not accept him, he won’t rent the land next year.

All the teachers of Senior 2 knew that the transfer student was the son of the landowner who rented land for the school.

This clothes worn by Xu Yao, which was too ostentatious was bought by his father.


Xu Yao sat down, turned his head back and looked at the last row.

What was Lu Wan and that red panda talking about? She had a new friend so soon? The two of them was close?

Lin Niannian was sitting on Xu Yao’s right with an aisle between them.

She opened her mouth and greeted him. “Hello, my name is Lin Niannian. I just transferred over half a month ago. If you have any questions, you can ask me anything.”

Her deskmate, Yu Shuai, said with a smile, “Niannian, you are really enthusiastic.”

Xu Yao was not interested on his new classmates, but he happened to have a lot of questions and also had lot of ‘oh, shit’s’ in his mind.

“The man next to Lu Wan, why does he look so strange?”

Xu Yao was someone who could wear a week-old dirty socks for another three days.

So Haley, the delicate boy who painted his eyebrows, wore lip balm and sunscreen…… he couldn’t understand him.

Lin Niannian said quietly, “You mean Haley? He openly…… came out of the closet. He’s a bit unique, but if you can’t accept it, you can try to have less contact with him. Actually, Haley has a good relationship with everyone.”

Haley noticed the gaze cast from the front and deliberately batted his eyelashes.


Xu Yao quickly did an about-face.

Where had he seen such a manner before? He couldn’t stand it!

Lin Niannian: “Why did you ask about Lu Wan? You two knew each other before?”

“Yeah.” Xu Yao answered.

He was so excited that he couldn’t fall asleep all night yesterday. Lying on the table, he started to catch up on sleep. He didn’t have any interest in chatting.

Lin Niannian: “……”

This transfer student doesn’t seem to have a very friendly attitude towards her.


Haley and Lu Wan normally goes to the cafeteria together.

Today, there was an extra Xu Yao.

Haley intentionally crowded Xu Yao and cheerfully asked, “Brother Yao, what do you want to eat ah?”

“I…… I’m fine.” Xu Yao hastily went around to Lu Wan’s other side.

This guy was a bit coquettish. Was it because he’s a foreigner?

He had a good relationship with Lu Wan, but fortunately he likes men, so Xu Yao could breathe a sigh of relief.

Haley guessed what the other party was thinking. Still with a smile on his face, he thought in his heart, ‘it’s too early for you, an idiot straight man, to be relieved’.

What you don’t realize is that for this old lady, if it’s Brother Wan, it’s not impossible.’

Lin Niannian walked behind the three, feeling a little complicated.

After the class, she invited classmate Xu Yao to go to the cafeteria with her, fearing that he would not know how to get there since he was new to the school.

But the other party refused and went to Lu Wan instead.

Lin Niannian sighed. Obviously, she and Lu Wan transferred to this class at the same time.

Her popularity was better than her.

But now…… Lu Wan was more well liked.

Zhao Yan’s girls didn’t dare make trouble with Lu Wan, yet they always embarrassed her…… Back then, Lu Wan shed all pretense of cordiality with them, but she didn’t said a word to help her.

That morning, she mustered up the courage to go to Teacher Zhao, but the two people who were like water and fire actually didn’t say anything in front of the teacher.

Seeing that the person beside him seemed to have something on her mind, Yu Shuai asked, “Are you upset?”

Lin Niannian bit her lip and shook her head. After more than ten seconds, she said softly, “The new classmate doesn’t seem to like me very much.”

Yu Shuai thought for a while. He comforted her, “It’s very normal. I heard that those two people used to be from the same school. Xu Yao slept for three classes this morning. Lu Wan seems to leave right away once classes are over every day. How can they be like you who study this hard? Of course they get along better, and their grades will be the same.”

Lin Niannian forced a smiled. “I don’t really know.”

“That’s for sure! On the mock test papers I gave you, you got a good score. You can get into the top 100 in the next monthly test!” Yu Shuai said with certainty.

If one could get into the top 100 in the grade, one could go to a double first-class university[1]world-class university; most elite institutions of Chinese tertiary education.

Lin Niannian: “Really? I hope so.”

“Of course. And there’s also Zhang Yijia. I’ll explain it for you.”

“Thank you. I really didn’t mean that, I hope she won’t misunderstand.”

The girl’s expression was wistful, but it also aroused the desire to protect from the boy next to her. He was determined to help her deal with this matter.

Lin Niannian’s speaking skill was not very good, so she joined the school’s Verbal Communication Club. She took the initiative to add the club president’s WeChat, and was hoping to frequently ask the other party for questions.

Two people chatting in private were also a normal communication practice.

But the president’s girlfriend was too tyrannical. She dropped by today and told her not to send voice messages to her boyfriend at night.

She also added that their parents knew they were in a relationship and staked her claim.

Lin Niannian felt very wronged. There was nothing between her and the club president. Even if their conversation thru voice messages were released, nothing would be found.

She frowned slightly. Zhang Yijia and Lu Wan had a good relationship because they were both in the Skateboarding Club.

But Lu Wan didn’t help her clarify even with one word.

Lu Wan and Haley were close. Haley had a wide popularity and he made friends in high school through mutual friends.

Haley kept laughing and calling “Brother Wan”, and gradually, more and more people knew Lu Wan in the school.

Lin Niannian took the initiative to approach Lu Wan before, trying to get along with her, but the other party avoided her.

She didn’t quite understand, but she noticed that Lu Wan…… didn’t particularly like her.

Of course Lu Wan wanted to run away from her.

When Lin Niannian treated her as a boy and called her “Brother Wan”, Lu Wan was like struck by lightning, okay?

She was extremely terrified then.

After all, the female protagonist was surrounded by ‘tool’ people[2]people used as a tool; someone being taken advantage of; errand boys/girls who advanced the plot…… and few of them were lucky.

Towards the misfortune foreseen in advance, of course one would avoid it. Could it be that she should wait for bad luck?

And the two of them obviously wouldn’t get along.

In fact, regardless of where one was, extreme people were few. If Lin Niannian paid attention to some things, she wouldn’t attract too many hate from girls.

There was stir-fried at the school cafeteria. Xu Yao turned to say, “How about we try this?”

Lu Wan got no problem. Three people were better than two when ordering food. She hadn’t tried the cafeteria’s stir-fry yet.

Lu Wan had only sat down for less than five minutes when she saw Jiang Boyang coming in with his two friends.

The Pie Chart’s school boy group slowly headed towards her direction.

She didn’t know whether it was intentional or not, but Jiang Boyang sat at the table behind her.

Lu Wan thought to herself that this was good. She didn’t have to see his face. She could eat another bowl of rice.

Lin Niannian looked at Jiang Boyang. She had to move out this afternoon.

Her heart felt empty. After all, although Jiang Boyang had a domineering temper, the two of them got along well during these days.

Lin Niannian always felt that the relationship between Jiang Boyang and Lu Wan was not simple. The two of them had conflict a couple of times, so why were they sitting so close?

Shouldn’t they be far apart?

Jiang Boyang…… was unconsciously looking at Lu Wan.

Lin Niannian was in a complex mood. She stood up and walked towards Lu Wan. After stopping, she took a deep breath.

She was asking Lu Wan, but her eyes were focused at Jiang Boyang passed Lu Wan’s shoulder.

“Classmate Lu…… I want to ask if you have an issue with me?”

Lu Wan bowed her head to split the chopsticks without speaking.

Lin Niannian chocked. Gazing at Jiang Boyang, she said to Lu Wan, “We are both here because of the scholarship. We should help each other, right?”

Although there were few students on the second floor, some were still sitting scattered everywhere. Seeing this situation, they kept their ears open one after another.

The girl was humbling herself. They heard that there was another transfer student in Senior 2 today.

Was it because Lu Wan roped in the newcomer and isolated this girl?

This type of quarrel and bickering, it was either a cat fight over a romantic interest, or friends going their separate ways.

There were several boys who was on good terms with Lin Niannian and they’ve already looked at Lu Wan with resentment in their eyes.

Lu Wan lifted her head. “I think you are mistaken. Although I have no problem with scholarship students, I really did not receive any money. You don’t even know about this. It just shows we’re not familiar with each other.”

Friends helped one another. There were many people who’s helping you, but have you ever helped others?

Lu Wan realized that Lin Niannian was probably being kicked out. She was saying this not because she wanted to fix things with her, but to let that Pie Chart hear.

Since this is the case, it’s fine for them to communicate directly. Why are they bringing me into this?

She’s afraid that this girl never guess this would happen, and must have thought that Lu Wan was the reason she was getting kicked out.

Lin Niannian was stupefied. “What?”

Everyone: “?”

What’s happening?

Big news! Lu Wan revealed that she was not a student who accepted poverty alleviation aid?

Well, they didn’t have to worry about her transferring somewhere now…… Here’s the question:

If she wasn’t just letting herself go, what exactly was her background that she would dare to challenge Jiang Boyang?

Qu Yue, who was sitting next to Jiang Boyang, said with a laugh, “Lu Wan is actually Jiang Boyang’s fiancée.”

He also just received the news yesterday. It turns out Lu Wan was Lu Family’s Miss, so it was no wonder.

And all morning, Ah Bo was very troubled about the relationship between the two.

It seemed that Lu Wan requested to cancel the engagement, but Ah Bo, after considering many things, didn’t want to.

He was simply saying this now to see if the situation would change.

Lu Wan was a little speechless. It was so troublesome to have a meal.

Xu Yao widened his eyes and asked, “Is that true?”

Lu Wan said, “Just a rumor. We don’t have any relationship.”

Xu Yao stood up. He went straight behind Qu Yue and kicked his stool.

“Shut up, you motherf*cker.”

Qu Yue, who was originally smiling and waiting to watch the play, was instantly stunned from the fall and was no longer as indifferent as before.

Jiang Boyang stood up with a “bang” and glared at Xu Yao angrily. “Do you want to die?!”

Xu Yao couldn’t take the ‘cool, flashy, wild, domineering and powerful’ school tyrant. He turned and asked Lu Wan, “President Lu, this person is so arrogant ah, why don’t we fix him?”

Everyone: “……”

Were they having hallucinations?

Lu Wan was speechless. This guy was still so impulsive.

On the day she went away, her every step left someone feeling hollow. Today, she didn’t worry about it.

“We’d better not ba.”

Haley breathed a sigh of relief. Three against three, but this cute red panda had no fighting ability!

Everyone: “……”

Was it that easy?

Lu Wan looked at Jiang Boyang and said in a calm voice, “You guys looked for trouble first. It will be best to let me enjoy my meal today. Everyone will live together peacefully.”

Qu Yue stood up and tried to rush over, but Jiang Boyang held him down.

A few minutes later, the three of them left the cafeteria. Before leaving, Jiang Boyang glanced at Lu Wan, who had already started eating.

The few melon eating audience’s mood were chaotic by now.

Who would have thought. What the hell? Lu Wan’s aura completely suppressed Jiang Boyang?


1 world-class university; most elite institutions of Chinese tertiary education
2 people used as a tool; someone being taken advantage of; errand boys/girls


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