Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 18

Lu Wan walked to the door of the restaurant and took a look back.

Lu Jinye: “Wanwan, are you angry? If you are, how about I go and give Jiang Boyang two punches?”

Anyway, if he hit him…… then he hit him. Jiang Boyang made a mistake first. Who would dare stop him when he was just teaching the younger generation a lesson?

Lu Wan didn’t take her uncle’s words to heart, thinking it was a joke.

After all, the other party seemed to be a refined businessman most of the time, it’s just that occasionally, she would feel doubtful.

Lu Wan was still very tangled. If she didn’t made it clear, she might not be able to sleep at night.

“Cousin said that whoever proposed to terminate the engagement first would have to pay more than one billion yuan. Is it true?”

Why didn’t you never mentioned it? Am I the only one worried?

Lu Jinye lowered his head and chuckled. He looked at Lu Wan lovingly and couldn’t help but rubbed the other person’s head. “Sweetie, how can you be so cute?”

Lu Wan: “……”

She’s very serious, okay?!

Lu Wan had been thinking about that one billion all day.

How many parcels her uncle’s company have to send out and how many fireworks does he have to sell to make that much money?

Even if he was rich, he couldn’t squander it like this ah!

After making sure that he would never give money to the Jiang family, Lu Wan began daydreaming in the evening……

Imagine if she had a billion.

The problem was whether to invest or to travel around the world. In the end, she temporarily decided to deposit half of it in the bank to earn interest, and the other half to buy a building and be a landlady.

This way, you could still collect money while sitting at home.

For a stingy pauper like her, the most unrealistic fantasy in the past was five million.

Now it was one billion, and she was even a bit restrained in her daydreaming.

Lu Wan started to calculate Schrödinger’s billion[1]from the thought experiment ‘Schrödinger’s cat’.

A piece of grandpa Mao[2]100 yuan weighs about one gram, and a hundred million grandpa Mao was about one ton. Grandpa Mao could also be regarded as a cuboid of 155 x 77 x 0.1 mm.

A billion could fill a small room.

If it was piled at home, how long would it take in order to chip a corner? It would very be likely eaten by insects before it was used up.…..

It was better to put Schrödinger’s billion in the bank for the time being. Lu Wan was distracted several times. She forced herself to stop her thoughts and go back to reality.

Lu Jinye laughed very loudly that his shoulders shook and tears even came out of his eyes. He hadn’t laughed so much for a long time.

“You needn’t worry, Wanwan. That one billion is not cash, but the interest after a cooperation. If I am in-laws with the Jiang family, of course I am willing to make concessions, and their benefits will be a lot more.”

That was just one billion.

But since Jiang Boyang, this guy, doesn’t know how to appreciate his good fortune, they doesn’t need to have too many contacts in the future.

The Jiang’s and the Lu’s were family friends.

The so-called marriage contract was just a word spoken by two elderly people decades ago. At that time, both sides had sons, so they could only wait for the next generation to fulfill it.

Wait until there was a suitable opportunity in the future to talk about marriage again.

The two old men from that time had already became a thing of the past. When it came to Lu Jinye’s generation, it had faded a lot on the minds of both families. He didn’t took this matter to heart at all.

If it weren’t for a few years ago when Mrs. Jiang knew that he had a missing niece and took the initiative to mention that if the Lu family could find the child, they would be willing to unite the two families.

They were all experienced people and no one was more stupid than the other. Lu Jinye naturally knew that Mrs. Jiang’s proposal was done on purpose.

However, he still agreed and allowed the other party to received gains at present.

Parents love for their children was deep. Although it was his younger brother’s daughter, she was no different from his own.

Of course, Lu Jinye hoped that his niece was doing all right while she was living outside.

But there was no guaranteeing what might happen.

In case the child had a difficult time, marriage was the second starting point for a woman.

The Jiang family was a pretty good in-laws and she would not be looked down upon.

At the very least, if the child doesn’t want to marry after she came back, he could take it back and say they were not suited to each other.

It just means more compensation. What money could solve was not a big deal.

Of course, since this matter was brought up by Mrs. Jiang, then only his family’s girl could back out and the other party was in no position to do so.

Lu Jinye’s power put a huge pressure to the Jiang family. Naturally, he had more right to speak. So when Lu Wan said she didn’t want to meet Jiang Boyang, he felt nothing.

This was only one of the options.

Lu Jinye was vicious and merciless, but he valued blood relationship and had a different attitude when it comes to his family.

Lu Wan: “Ah? So they don’t have to pay us money?”

Lu Jinye smiled. “If you want it, Wanwan can have it all. What do you say?”

When she proposed the marriage, Mrs. Jiang got a lot from him. Now she had to spit it all out including the interest.

Lu Wan was embarrassed. “Never mind. I don’t want it. Uncle, your money didn’t appear out of thin air.”

Lu Jinye: “It came from the air! I just invested in a wind power plant.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Then you’re amazing.

Lu Wan always felt that her uncle had suffered a lot in the past and experienced many business failures before he got his current fortune.

But now, seeing his ceaseless bewildering behaviour, he was a complete nouveau riche showing off his wealth.

Luckily, he didn’t wore a big gold chain.

Although Lu Jinye was arrogant, he was usually not like this. He believed that his family’s girl was delicate.

He had to show that he was very strong to make the other person feel that she could rely on him.

Lu Jinye: “We didn’t eat just now. Baby, Uncle will take you to dinner.”

“Aren’t you still busy? I happen to have an appointment with a friend.”

Lu Jinye answered a few calls midway, and Lu Wan heard a little.

It seemed that the other party had something planned today before he was unexpectedly called by Mrs. Jiang.

Lu Jinye: “You have an appointment with a friend? Baby, I’ll let Ah Biao send a few people to protect you.”

Lu Wan: “……No, it’s fine. It’s here on the city center, it’s very safe. And I’m already seventeen years old, don’t call me a baby.”

Lu Jinye: “How can seventeen not be a baby? Your cousin still thinks he’s a baby when he’s thirty-seven. I can’t be bothered to pay attention to him, but Wanwan will always be a baby.”

Lu Wan: “……”

The 17-year-old, 177cm tall baby sent her uncle away and breathed a sigh of relief.

Lu Wan took out her mobile phone and made a call.

She had been at school and left Xu Yao to dry for a whole day. Now that the matter was settled, Lu Wan called the person out to meet for dinner.

Lu Wan didn’t have any good opinion for that Mrs. Jiang.

In the novel, Jiang Boyang clearly doesn’t like the cannon fodder female supporting character and was having an ambiguous relationship with the heroine every day, but still did not took the initiative to dissolve the engagement.

Mrs. Jiang knew that her son doesn’t love the female supporting character, so for the sake of getting profits, she deliberately painted cakes[3]give false hope for the female supporting character and pretended to coax people.

The two of them suck blood madly, until eventually the female supporting character went crazy and jumped off a building. They couldn’t escape their responsibility.


Lu Wan started choosing a restaurant. Xu Yao travelled all the way to find her, she couldn’t send him off with just malatang[4]common type of street food/ cooked in a hot and spicy soup.

She was in a good mood, so she unusually spent a lot of money.

If it was in a few months when Jiang Boyang and Lin Niannian already formed a deep relationship, he would naturally fight against his mother for his beloved girl.

Mrs. Jiang would also fully take everything into account.

But right now, Lin Niannian was still lacking to stand in front of Mrs. Jiang.

Lu Wan chose a buffet style hotel restaurant that could make one full.

There was musical accompaniment at the place. Not many guests could be seen and most of them were couples.

Xu Yao looked left and right. Lu Wan brought him to such place. Does she have any thoughts about him?

Lu Wan lowered her head and began to chow down. Seeing the other person not moving his chopsticks, she raised her eyes and said, “Eat ah. Why aren’t you eating? It cost a lot of money. 498 per person. If you won’t eat, then thanks.”

Xu Yao: “.…..”

He was thinking too much.

When the two came out of the restaurant, Lu Wan said, “The meal is over so you can go back as soon as possible. Even if you don’t like studying, you should finish high school before learning business with your father.”

“Oh. I know.” After thinking about it, Xu Yao said, “After you left, I always feel unaccustomed to it.”

“Bah! Will you die? You really took me as your maidservant? Fixing the broken things, doing the cleaning, and still have to deliver you food?!”

After a pause, Lu Wan instructed the other person, “We are far apart now, don’t be too feisty outside in the future. After all, some people are crazy, you can just endure it and let it go. I don’t want to see your photos on social news one day.”

Xu Yao was quite touched. “Boss…… you are so kind to me.”

“All right. Just remember to be filial to me in the future. Then, I’ll go home. Let’s contact each other if there’s anything.”

Initially, Lu Wan was able to study because Xu Yao’s parents helped out.

Her adoptive father drank every day, goes whoring after drinking, and when he’s done visiting all the prostitutes in a ten-kilometer radius, once in a while he would bring one back.

When he woke up, he would beat his wife and cheap daughter.

The man never thought of sending the ‘money-losing goods’ to study.

Xu Yao made a fuss, asking why Lu Wan couldn’t go to school. He rolled all around the floor saying that if Lu Wan wouldn’t go, he wouldn’t either.

He thought Lu Wan went to play alone and he was envious.

Only then did Xu Yao’s parents found out why Lu Wan was not in school. The couple had good hearts and went to help Lu Wan go through the admission procedures.

Lu Wan’s adoptive father was a good-for-nothing, and her adoptive mother was not very helpful, nevertheless Lu Wan also grew up well.

Many neighbors would point finger’s at her and said unpleasant words.

But there were also kind-hearted neighbors who would give her a meal when she was being neglected.

Lu Wan met a lot of friends in middle school, including some local hooligans, who urged her to stop studying and instead go make money.

She hated her adoptive father so much that she always thought that either he would kill her, or she would kill him.

Her whole person was like a hedgehog. Back then, she seriously considered mixing in the ‘society[5]joining a gang’.

At that time, the math teacher frequently looked for Lu Wan to talk.

He laid bare to her that he was an orphan. He had no father and no mother, and had a hard life since he was a child, but now he was very happy to have married and have children. Things would pass and the days will gonna get better. He said that Lu Wan was smart and good at studying, and he would definitely have a great future.

Lu Wan was very touched. She gradually cut off contact with those messed up people and concentrated on studying.

When she was still in that school, every now and then she would run into this teacher. The other party was afraid that she would go astray and would caught her every time to educate her.

Lu Wan was tired of listening. It was not easy to make the other person stop talking. At that time, she was a lot taller than the teacher and looked down at the top of the other person’s head.

The teacher had a bald patch. His mood would suddenly get out of control and then he would began to curse. Lu Wan would smear oil on the soles of her feet and slipped away[6]to escape/retreat.

Lu Wan met a lot of bastards, but also met a lot of good people.

This made her feel that although she wasn’t the luckiest person, she wasn’t hopeless.

This wasn’t an ideal world, but it’s fine.

Xu Yao opened his arms. “Brother Wan…… hug?”

Not knowing when they could see each other again next time, Lu Wan gave him a perfunctory hug.

“Happy now?”

Xu Yao: “No, I still want to hug.”

Lu Wan kicked him. “Piss off. Are you tired of living and dare to take advantage of me?”

Xu Yao: “……”

He’s been discovered ah.

After seeing Lu Wan entering the subway station, Xu Yao turned around and walked back slowly.

He thought with a smile, ‘I’m not leaving. We still have to meet tomorrow and continue to be classmates in the future’.

When Lu Wan was a man before, how crazy were the girls in school who liked her? There were even some girls who wrote Lu Wan’s name…… on their school uniforms????

Now that the other party’s hair was longer, not to mention that she’s really good-looking, he was quite afraid that Lu Wan would be chased by boys at school.

The two had known each other for so many years, and if Lu Wan wanted to get a partner, he should rank first ba.


As soon as the two people from the Lu family left, Jiang Boyang stood up with an annoyed expression. “I shouldn’t have come!”

Mrs. Jiang stopped her son who was leaving.

“Aren’t you going to give me an explanation?”

Jiang Boyang: “All of this was created by you. What do you want me to explain? Why, are you disappointed that you didn’t achieve your goal?”

Mrs. Jiang pressed the center of her brows and said after two seconds, “Boyang, I’m too busy with work to accompany you, but you have everything you want since childhood. I haven’t asked you for anything.”

“Yes. Madam was in a hurry to come back. She hadn’t slept a wink these past three days.” The assistant said on the side.

Jiang Boyang frowned. He suppressed the annoyance in his heart and said loudly, “What does this have to do with me? It’s you who just wanted to make money!”

Mrs. Jiang laughed, her expression a little fragile. “I just wanted to make money? You don’t know that our family’s business group has been in a bad shape in the past years. Looking at such a large industry, if one day the banks are unwilling to lend to us after the evaluation and the capital chain is broken, then there will be a big problem.”

She paused and said, “The Lu family is a good partner. If there are other ways, I will not use my son’s marriage to exchange for anything.”

Jiang Boyang was stunned. In his impression, his mother had always been strong. If the other party had scolded, he would definitely retort loudly.

Instead, the tone of weakness just now made him feel at a loss.

“It’s not my problem.” Although Jiang Boyang said so, he felt a little uneasy.

Mrs. Jiang sighed. She hoped that her soft approach would work.


Jiang Boyang came out of the restaurant and went straight back to the villa near the school.

Lin Niannian had already cleaned up and was at the dining table, watching the soup simmering on the stove while doing her homework.

The light hit her face, making her skin even more fair.

When she saw the person coming in, she raised her head and said with a smile. “You were coughing a little yesterday, so I bought some pears and made pear soup for you.”

Jiang Boyang looked at the girl in front of him. He thought of how the two of them lived together for the past half a month and felt a little moved.

But upon recalling the weariness on his mother’s face, he opened his mouth and said, “You’ll have to move out of here by tomorrow.”

Right now he only have a good impression on the other person and doesn’t like her yet.

Lin Niannian’s pen “pata” fell on the table and looked at the person incredulously. “But…… why? Didn’t we agreed that I’ll clean and cook for you to deduct the rent. Where do you want me to go?”

Jiang Boyang didn’t want to explain. He turned his head to avoid looking at the person and said, “In any case, you can’t live here. I can give you money and you can find another house.”

Lin Niannian’s eyes were a little red. She picked up the textbook from the table and said while holding back her tears. “I got it. I’ll be leaving tomorrow, you don’t have to humiliate me with money.”

Jiang Boyang and the other person both went upstairs. He sat on the couch with some weakness.

The surroundings were quiet, and he remembered Lu Wan again.

He thought that the fellow was trying to force him to fulfill the engagement, but he didn’t expect her to go as far as to talk nonsense on an occasion where elders from both sides were present.


Lu Wan came early today. It was half an hour before class started.

As soon as she sat down, Haley next to her pulled her to share the spoils of yesterday’s shopping.

Haley: “Young Master, aren’t the necklaces I bought all nice-looking?”

“They’re okay; pretty much the same.” Lu Wan couldn’t see any difference.

“You’re no fun! You certainly are a straight girl! This chain is obviously thicker than the one just now. I really prefer the thicker ones.”

Lu Wan: “……”

The class teacher came in, reached out and tapped the table. “Everyone, be quiet. Today we will have a new student in our class.”

Everyone looked at the podium, wondering why there were still transfer students at this time?

Were they also a student receiving poverty alleviation charity?

Seeing the transfer student walking in, Lu Wan didn’t give a reaction.

She had seen the red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple haired shamate Xu Yao.

It’s been too long that she almost forgotten the appearance of the other party with a black hair.

But…… how did this guy appeared here?

When Xu Yao was introducing himself, he kept looking at Lu Wan.

The class teacher arranged a seat for Xu Yao before she left.

The people of Class 4 surveyed their new classmate and saw that he didn’t look like…… a poor student.

Haley turned and said to Lu Wan, “Wow~ he’s a muscular guy with a healthy complexion. I like. However, he looks straight. He’s coming towards us?! Is he going to say hello to me? Is my gaydar not working properly?”

Xu Yao stopped in front of Lu Wan’s table, turned to the little brat next to her and said, “I want to sit here, you change seats with me immediately!”

Haley was taken aback. He hugged Lu Wan’s arm without any fear and looked up at the other person. “Wow~ How fierce~ Brother Wan, hurry up and protect this cute red panda and beat him.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Xu Yao: “……”

Sh*t. What the hell?


1 from the thought experiment ‘Schrödinger’s cat’
2 100 yuan
3 give false hope
4 common type of street food/ cooked in a hot and spicy soup
5 joining a gang
6 to escape/retreat


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