Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 17

“Let go of me. How can you be so uncivilized?! I don’t know anything!” Zhao Yan’s voice trembled.

Even if she had disputes with others before, it would at most end with both parties implicating one another. Where was it like Lu Wan who would just go ahead and strike people?!

Doesn’t she feel ashamed?

“I don’t care. They said they were angry for you, so naturally, I’m coming for you to give you trouble.” Lu Wan spoke calmly.

Zhao Yan: “……”

The surrounding classmates were also a little stunned. Some of them had a good relationship with Zhao Yan and rushed forward to pull them apart.

Lu Wan would not give these people a chance to put on an act of mediating when they’re actually secretly helping the other party. “Stand back. I slapped someone twelve times yesterday, and now I may want to round up a whole number, not limited to the given object.”[1]Robbin: I had to ask my little sister this because bruh, I don’t know math. It makes my head spin. Gaaaaahhh.


The few girls stopped in place half a meter away and did not come forward again.

Zhao Yan: “……What the are you doing?! You’re hurting me.”

She was a little anxious and also very scared now.

“Guess how many times I could slap your face before it swelled up?”

Zhao Yan didn’t speak. Her whole face flushed red. This lunatic. She didn’t dare to provoke Lu Wan anymore.

Thinking that the other party would slap her in the face, her breathing stagnated.

Zhao Yan whimpered, “I don’t know what happened, but I didn’t do it on purpose. I won’t do it next time.”

Although she did not admit it, she had already pleaded for mercy.

“Can you remember my words this time? I’ll save this slap. Although you’re behavior is detestable, I won’t bully a classmate.” Lu Wan said with a smile.

Of course she wouldn’t do it at school. She would be punished.

Being scared was okay. Looking at this girl now, it seemed like she has a long memory.

“What are you guys doing?”

Everything was very quiet and the sudden sound that came from outside the classroom made all the students inside turn their heads.

The class teacher was standing at the door right at that moment.

Lu Wan let go and said nonchalantly, “We’re chatting.”

The class teacher came in. He looked at Zhao Yan’s face and asked, “What’s wrong with your face?”

Zhao Yan’s face was flushed and the white marks were particularly conspicuous. Her throat rolled down. She squeezed out a far-fetched laugh and whispered, “It’s nothing. We’re just talking.”

Neither of them wanted the teacher to know what happened yesterday.

Zhao Yan didn’t want to make a big fuss and affect herself. Lu Wan thought it was troublesome. After all, the school would definitely hold both sides accountable for the fight, so there was no need to let the teacher know.

Besides, she won the fight. There’s no loss.

Both parties had said so, and the other students naturally kept silent and did not make trouble.

“It’s good if there’s nothing. Class is starting soon. All students should get ready.” The class teacher finished, gave Lu Wan a suspicious glance, then turned and left.

Lu Wan walked back to her seat and looked at Lin Niannian’s back thoughtfully.

A short while ago, she saw the other party get up and left from the corner of her eye, and before leaving, she glanced at Lu Wan’s side a few times.

It’s not such a coincidence that the teacher came, someone must have notified her.

Lin Niannian looked back and just happened to met Lu Wan’s eyes.

She was taken aback. She said nothing, turned around and continued memorizing words.

When she saw two people arguing just now, she went to the office to find the class teacher, but she didn’t expect that Lu Wan would deny it.

Was she not afraid?

If the teacher knew, this matter will be dealt with, and Zhao Yan wouldn’t trouble the two of them again.

Too bad she didn’t tell the truth.

Lu Wan had no plan of standing together with the other party.

Lin Niannian was not a bad person, but her ability to cause trouble was first-rate, and she would constantly do some unexpected moves.

But if anything, the other party was not completely brainless.

If she really had a pure sense of justice and couldn’t tolerate a sand in her eyes, then how could she endure being harassed and instead of telling the teacher, chose to ‘ask for help’ to the class monitor?

Telling the teacher was not necessarily the best choice for a lot of things.

Yu Shuai was the monitor. The girls who were looking for trouble with Lin Niannian gave him face and backed down to some extent.

It’s a pity that Yu Shuai was not handsome and couldn’t even be a spare tire. He could only be one of the simps.

In the second half of the novel, the hero and heroine were in conflict. Lin Niannian hid from Jiang Boyang and refused to see him, so Yu Shuai took her in.

In order to force Lin Niannian to return to his side, Jiang Boyang almost bankrupted Yu Shuai’s parents’ small company.

It wasn’t until Lin Niannian was ‘compelled’ to go back by his friends that the situation took a turn for the better.

The two still remained good friends.

Lu Wan thought that if her son lost all their fortune for a woman, it would be strange if she didn’t kill the little brat.

But the spare tires didn’t think so ah. True love was priceless. They were ready to charge and break the enemy lines in the name love at any time. What were wealth and parents?

Lu Wan also discovered recently that…… except for Yu Shuai, none of Lin Niannian’s spare tires were in this class.

She didn’t know if it was intentional or not, but this was in line with the characteristics of ‘close friendship and distant attacks’[2]befriending those who were near and using force against those who were farther away strategy.

She became good friends with the boys she gets along with every day, and then only flirts with those who were far away, so she wouldn’t have a problem.

Boys naturally didn’t feel anything strange, but it was not the same for girls.

Lin Niannian had no appeal to the same gender and various female supporting characters often jump out to frame her. This should be the reason.

But this was only trivial in front of the protagonist’s ‘bling bling’ halo.

In any case, being a ‘Little White Flower’ was also a job that relied on technique to make a living. Not everyone could do it.


After school in the afternoon.

Lu Wan was pondering as she walked…… How could she clearly break the relationship with Jiang Boyang?

The crucial point was to not lose money.

Asking her to pay compensation was possible, but don’t talk about big business that exceeds fifty cents.

Lu Wan was anxious. Uncle’s concept of money was too vague. But she didn’t expect that someone was more clearly anxious than her.

Looking at the man in a suit and leather shoes in front of her, Lu Wan halted.

“Hello, Miss Lu. Our madam would like to have a few words with you. She’s in the car in front. Do you have time? My family’s young master Jiang Boyang is schoolmates with you.” The secretary said respectfully.


“If you have time, please go over.”

Lu Wan slightly raised her eyebrows. “All right.”

Wasn’t this her chance?

She followed the man into the long black car.

When she raised her eyes, she saw Jiang Boyang with an unhappy face.

Next to Jiang Boyang, there was a well-dressed woman sitting.

This was the domineering male protagonist’s mother who doesn’t care about human feelings.

Mrs. Jiang was obsessed with her work and neglected her son. Later, because she didn’t like Lin Niannian, the estranged mother-son relationship dropped to a freezing point for a time.

However, speaking about it, this woman was really a cruel person. She could dispassionately use her son’s marriage as a bargaining chip.


Lu Jinye said on the phone yesterday that Lu Wan didn’t like Jiang Boyang much, and the scheduled meeting was cancelled.

Mrs. Jiang was a little surprised, but also very concerned.

After all, the marriage with the Lu family was very important.

Lu Wan was very much valued and it would be beneficial to win her over.

Mrs. Jiang quickly figured out the reason. She told Jiang Boyang to take good care of the Lu family’s girl. Her son must have purposefully done this to go against her.

But it’s not irreversible. She just needed to coax the teenage girl. Her son had always been liked by girls.

That was why she came to the school today.

Mrs. Jiang also began to worry about whether Lu Wan was unattractive or had other problems so her son was unwilling.

Now she was relieved after seeing the person.

The temperament and appearance were good, and etiquette and other things could be learned slowly.

What she cared about was not Lu Wan, but the identity of Lu family’s Miss.

Mrs. Jiang said with a smile, “You are Xiao Wan? Boyang seems to have offended you. I will apologize to you for him. Please don’t take it to heart.”


Mrs. Jiang took Lu Wan’s hand and patted it lightly. “I like you the first time I saw you. If Boyang did something wrong in the future, you must tell Aunt. I’ll help you teach him a lesson.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Oh, then you smack him right now ba.

Mrs. Jiang turned her head and glared at her son. “You, in the future, don’t make Xiao Wan angry.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Just scolding? Are you teaching a dog?

Jiang Boyang was very dissatisfied. What the hell was Lu Wan thinking? She actually came over.

That day, she had vowed and drew a clear line to their relationship.

Could it be that she actually hoped to be engaged to him? Jiang Boyang’s mood was a little complicated when he thought about it this way.

Lu Wan lowered her head to mull over things and did not speak. The others in the car thought she was shy and was being reserved.

The assistant in the front seat said while smiling, “Our madam and Miss Lu get along really well. It’s probably because you’re kind.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Oh. If there were billions in front of her, let alone kindness, she could kowtow at once.

Mrs. Jiang: “I like Xiao Wan. It’s now time for the evening meal. Let me take you to dinner as an apology. If you’re feeling cautious, then call your uncle, that way you can be little more relaxed.”

Lu Wan pulled back her hand. “.…..Okay.”

Jiang Boyang looked shocked. She’s really going?

Seeing that Lu Wan had stopped talking, Mrs. Jiang took it as a tacit approval and called Lu Jinye immediately.

She laughed and said that she was picking up her son from school and accidentally bumped into Lu Wan. She didn’t expect to feel a kinship with the younger generation. The two of them was having a good chat, so she wanted to have a meal together.

She wouldn’t stop praising Lu Wan for being beautiful and having a good personality, and that she’s certainly a young lady from an eminent family.

Lu Wan was flabbergasted when she heard it. She really thought it would be more convincing to praise that she looked like RMB.

This woman’s style of using praise and criticism was superb, fabricating nonsense with a solemn face.

No wonder the relationship between the mother and son was not good. The mother was so smart while the son was foolish. It’s strange not to be angry.

Why the female supporting character in the novel wouldn’t give up, this Mrs. Jiang was also one of the reasons.

She said that Jiang Boyang and the other woman were just playing. Her daughter-in-law was Lu Wan.

She also encouraged Lu Wan to find trouble with Lin Niannian. As a result, Lu Wan became a cannon fodder, while they became family and had a happy ending.

Lu Jinye on the other end of the phone said that he would come right away.

Mrs. Jiang ordered the assistant to make a reservation for the restaurant.

Ten minutes later, Lu Wan sat down at the restaurant and didn’t saw any guests coming in, so she was a little surprised.

Mrs. Jiang was closely watching Lu Wan’s expression and saw her doubts. She smiled. “I’m afraid you’ll be disturbed, so there’s only us today.”

She was trying to show how considerate she was and wanted to create a gracious elderly image in front of Lu Wan.


Lu Wan’s mind was full of the imminent catastrophe. This woman must have wanted to blackmail a lot of money from her uncle after paying the booking for the entire place!

The three waited for fifteen minutes before Lu Jinye strode in.

Lu Jinye were not too happy that Mrs. Jiang disturbed Wanwan in private.

However, since things were already like this, he’d look at the situation first. After all, one shouldn’t stretch out ones hand and hit a smiling person[3]one shouldn’t hit a person that had already acknowledge their mistakes.

“Wanwan, did you have a good time at school today?”

Lu Jinye spoke to his niece first, and then greeted the other two people on the table after he sat down.

Lu Wan: “It was alright.”

Jiang Boyang was still upset just now, but when he saw Lu Jinye coming in, it was obvious that he had adjusted his expression.

He was a little afraid of this man.

Mrs. Jiang clearly saw Lu Jinye’s attitude towards his niece, and was more determined to make this marriage happen.

She smiled and said, “Let’s chat while we eat.”

Lu Wan glanced at the dishes on the table. The smell of the peking duck with caviar almost made her swoon, but unfortunately now was not the time to eat.

She said seriously, “It’s better if we clear this thing up. I’m only seventeen years old and still a high school student. I don’t need a fiancé at all. Now I just want to study and be the first in the whole grade.”

The three people on the table: “……”

Mrs. Jiang was a little perplexed by what she said. After recovering, she said softly, “Of course, but you can be friends. Boyang can take care of you at school.”

Lu Wan glanced at the slacker across from her. “How can he take care of me? His knowledge are worse than mine.”

Mrs. Jiang: “……”

Jiang Boyang: “Lu Wan, that’s enough.”

Lu Jinye continued to smile. Why was his niece so cute ah?

Mrs. Jiang: “But I will urge him to make progress together with you. Don’t cancel the marriage contract yet. Anyway, you are young, and Boyang is very fond of you. If you still think that the two of you are not compatible before you go to college, how about we talk about it then?”

Jiang Boyang snorted coldly and said nothing.

Lu Wan noticed that something’s not quite right. Jiang Boyang was extremely quiet today. Obviously, he was mentioned by his mother.

It appeared this kid might not be that reckless.

She wanted to make everything clear. Since the two of them despised each other, they shouldn’t ask for compensation, but the other party would surely dump the blame and had a tendency to do PUA move on her.

Then Lu Wan would not agree.

So Lu Wan made a big move. “Jiang Boyang has a girlfriend and the girl still lives in his house. I think everyone is still underage. It seems…… not very good.”

‘Brother, you die, I will not die[4]better for you to die than me’. Not even the emperor himself could get her money.

If you want to trap me, don’t blame me for digging a hole for you.

The people around suddenly became quiet.

Mrs. Jiang wanted to explain that it must be a misunderstanding. It was absolutely impossible.

After all, she didn’t know about it.

But Jiang Boyang jumped up first. He slapped the table angrily. “Lu Wan, you actually had me followed! I don’t have that kind of relationship with Lin Niannian! Are you sick!?”

Lu Wan was afraid that Jiang Boyang would deny it. It was difficult for her to provide evidence on the spot.

Now she was relieved. The guy jumped out on his own and instead nailed the matter down.

Although many of what this idiot said were not like human words, this sentence was the most pleasant one.

“What are you scolding me for? You pursued your love; I didn’t force you.” Lu Wan rolled her eyes in her heart.

Yes, you have no relationship now, but you will have in the future ah!

The cannon fodder fiancée in the novel came to the door after knowing this. Lin Nian Nian righteously said that the two of them were just friends, and that  the other side was gauging the heart of a gentleman with one’s own mean measure[5]judging a noble person using a despicable mind.

She really had a clear conscience at that time, after all, there really was nothing.

But from another point of view, as a fiancée, it was normal to be jealous and unbalanced. The man she liked and was engaged with let another girl to live in his home, and his attitude towards that girl was also obviously different from others.

As long as one was not a saint, the possibility of blackening was very high, okay?

Lu Wan was waiting to watch the play.

Since you’re all noble persons with clear consciences, then there should be no problem with me saying it.

Not only did she annoyed Jiang Boyang, but also the Mrs. Jiang who calculated to make her into a cannon fodder.

Mrs. Jiang did not expect such a situation. No matter how shrewd she was, she was still rendered speechless and could only look at her son in outrage.

She gave Jiang Boyang a villa near the school to make it convenient for him to go to school, not for him to mess around!

Moreover, Lu Wan knew about it and now had told it in front of Lu Jinye’s face!

This was the worst-case scenario that could happen. They couldn’t do anything but let things go completely!

Lu Wan felt that they were almost there, and turned to look at her uncle.

She tried her best to give a hint to the other party: See, that is what happened. Hurry up and dissolve the engagement, then make them pay for damages.

Quick, quick, quickly, a billion!

When Lu Jinye came into contact with Lu Wan’s doe-like eyes, his heart softened. His niece was so cute.

But something this cute shouldn’t be hurt by anyone.

He gave Jiang Boyang a pointed look. “Are you slapping the table in front of me?”

Jiang Boyang could not speak.

Mrs. Jiang’s heart dropped. “Chairman Lu! There must be a misunderstanding!”

Lu Jinye’s voice was cold and harsh, “It seems that you don’t know your son well enough. I think Wanwan has already made it very clear. There’s no need for a meal.”

He stood up. “Wanwan, let’s go ba.”

Lu Wan: “……”

You can skip this meal, but you haven’t said how much they should compensate before leaving?

Lu Jinye beckoned, “Wanwan, come on.”

Why was the little girl still dazed? How adorable.

Lu Wan: “……All right.”

Are we really going to forget the reparation? That’s a billion ah, is it okay to just leave?

“Wanwan.” Lu Jinye had already walked towards the entrance of the restaurant.

“Oh.” Lu Wan stepped forward with difficulty.

She was so distressed. Was it not possible to write a check or something and slap her in the face with it?


1 Robbin: I had to ask my little sister this because bruh, I don’t know math. It makes my head spin. Gaaaaahhh.
2 befriending those who were near and using force against those who were farther away
3 one shouldn’t hit a person that had already acknowledge their mistakes
4 better for you to die than me
5 judging a noble person using a despicable mind


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