Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 16

Lu Wan walked into the community and saw four black cars parked in front of the house from a distance.

There were seven or eight tall men standing on the side of the road.

When she got closer, she realized that she had met these people before.

They were the bald men who picked her up last time.

It’s just that this time, they had the same gender-neutral bob cut, which was really kind of scary.

Ah Biao bowed and said, “Young Miss, you’re back. Sir suggested that we grow out our hair. He said that it would look more friendly.”

Lu Wan: “……”

So you think that putting on a wig longer than your young miss’s hair was…… great?

Never mind. This was just a trivial matter. Lu Wan nodded. “Looks nice. Excellent.”

“Hehe. That’s good. Please go in.” Ah Biao showed a smile that he thought was gentle but could actually scare a child to tears.



Lu Wan pushed the door open and all the people in the living room looked over instantly.

Among them was an unfamiliar face.

Zhao Jianing smiled and waved. “Come here, Xiao Wan. Your uncle and cousin are here.”

Lu Wan had already seen her uncle in the video call.

Looking at the gentle person from that call, he seemed to give more of a reckless air in reality…… It could be seen that he was not young, but he was well maintained.

He did not look like a man over fifty.

Lu Jinye walked over and touched Lu Wan’s head. He said in a warm voice, “I finally saw you, Sweetie.”

With that smile, the recklessness dissipated and he became gentler. Lu Wan pushed away the doubts in her heart.

After giving it much thought, the other party was indeed a kind elder.

Maybe because of doing business all year round and worrying about a lot of things it was natural to look like a profound person.

“Hello, Uncle.”

Lu Jinye: “Xiao Wan, to be precise, I am the second child at home and your father is the third child. We had an older brother, but he has been dead for many years. This is his son Lu Lin. You should call him cousin[1]father’s brother’s son older than oneself.”

The number of the Lu family was small and he only had these few blood relatives.

Both of his nephews were doing well. Lu Wan, as the only little girl in the Lu family, should have been raised like the apple of their eyes, but she was lost and suffered outside.

This pained him the most.


Lu Wan studied the unfamiliar man, who was looking at her with a cheerful smile.

He looked a lot older than her but had a good figure. She couldn’t tell his specific age through his beard.….. He had a lot of personality.

Except for Lu Buyu, all the members of the Lu family had full eyebrows and distinct face shape.

It was obvious that they were related to each other by blood.

Lu Lin: “Since this is the first time we met, Brother will give you a gift. I-“

“I don’t want a plane, a yacht, or a car.” Lu Wan interrupted the other party.

Lu Lin was stunned and then said, “Oh, then I don’t know what you would like. Why don’t I-“

“I don’t want cards either.” Lu Wan stated before he could say anything.

……Here we go again. Is this type of perplexing speech passed down from the family or something?

Lu Lin: “Then I have no idea what you would want.”

Strange. How did his sister know what he was going to say?

Lu Wan considered it. The other meant well and it was not good if she refused too bluntly.

She took the initiative to say, “I’m still studying now and I really don’t need it. If you want to give me a present, why don’t you give me some stationery? I need these things. But you can just give me an ordinary writing pen. It doesn’t need to be too expensive.”

High school students used up pens quickly. It’s just right and wouldn’t be a waste.

Lu Jinye smiled. “So Xiao Wan wants stationery ah. I’ll bring some back for you later.”

The atmosphere of the conversation was good and it was not until Zhao Jianing reminded them that it was time for dinner that they stopped.

Lu Jinye had a poor opinion of his third brother, but he appreciated his sister-in-law.

Saying that the biological mother of his third brother had a…… great personality, that woman had too much of it. Back then, she gave up her job in the US, kicked out her boyfriend, and returned to China pregnant.

That woman was engaged in scientific research. The salary was not high but the various benefits were very good and she also had broad connections.

Third brother was well taken care of and later married a wife.

Probably the biggest setback in his brother’s life was the loss of his daughter.

Lu Jinye had a high opinion of his sister-in-law. In recent years, Zhao Jianing’s company had developed smoothly and he had secretly supported her a lot.

The Zhao family’s business suffered successive setbacks, and naturally, he was the one behind it.

Lu Jinye recognized his younger brother but did not publicized it. One was because it would affect the other party’s life, and second, Lu Bainian was a front-line scientific researcher and he usually had to go abroad.

It was necessary to keep a low profile because he had a sensitive identity.

The family sat at the dining table. Lu Jinye said with a smile, “Don’t be shy, Wanwan. Have some more.”

Lu Wan ate three bowls in a row.

Lu Jinye looked at the person thoughtfully. “Wanwan is really generous and decent. Not at all restrained. That’s good.”

Lu Buyu: “.…..”

Your filter is too big. Isn’t she a glutton?

Can this be praised?

Lu Buyu knew where the Lu family had started from.

He and his father did not inherit the family custom, but Lu Wan does.

After waiting for the meal to be finished, Lu Jinye called Lu Wan again to speak with her.

He had one more thing to tell his niece.

Lu Jinye had already discussed it with Lu Wan’s parents in the afternoon.

Since their daughter had already come back, why don’t they arrange a fiancé for her?

Although Zhao Jianing disagreed, the matter still had to be addressed.

Professor Lu was very upset. He felt that it was not too early for his daughter to think about personal matters after she was thirty. It’s ridiculous to talk about marriage now.

When Lu Jinye went to find his younger brother before, the Jiang family’s husband and wife had helped him.

Knowing that he had a niece, Mrs. Jiang made a verbal commitment that if the child could come back, she was willing to unite their families by marriage.

Lu Jinye was very touched. Although he was shrewd and experienced, he attached great importance to family affection.

Even though he knew that what Mrs. Jiang said was purposeful, he still gave in to her proposal on his own initiative.

Jiang Boyang was an only son. The Jiang family would definitely belong to him in the future. Mrs. Jiang could still make such a promise before she met the girl of the Lu family, even if it was wrapped in benefits, it could count as sincerity.

The two families were friends and making connection through marriage was normal. This was also the most common way to consolidate mutual cooperation.

Since Mrs. Jiang knew that Lu Wan was back, she has been asking to meet with him.

Taking the kids with them in passing.

Seventeen was not too old, but also not too young.

They could familiarize themselves with each other for now, and they could get engaged when they go to college. It was just the right timing to get married after graduation.

Mrs. Jiang was only 20 years old when she married her husband.

But privately, Lu Jinye didn’t want his niece to get married too early. It was not necessary. Getting in touch and knowing the other person was okay.

He had met Jiang Boyang. Although he heard that his temper was not very good, it was only normal.

It’s not a big problem. He was more aggressive when he was younger.

Lu Wan deliberated and said, “I don’t really want to go. Jiang Boyang and I don’t get along with each other.”

Lu Jinye: “You’ve already met?”


They almost fought.

Lu Jinye nodded and didn’t ask anymore. “Okay then. I’ll help you turn it down.”

Lu Wan didn’t felt quite right when the other party agreed so readily.

When Lu Jinye saw that the other person had doubts, he smiled and said, “What problem can there be? Uncle will never force you to do something you don’t like. I just want you to be happy.”

“Okay. Thank you.”

At nine in the evening, Lu Jinye said goodbye to everyone and left by car.

Lu Lin didn’t go with his uncle because he had to go to the bathroom.

The more Lu Wan thought about it, the more she felt that something’s not right. She grabbed her cousin and asked, “That marriage, is there no problem if I don’t do it?”

Lu Lin had always been a playboy. He said with a grin, “You don’t have to worry about this. I also think that it’s not good for women to get married too early. You should talk to a few more boyfriends, then choose a suitable one. Brother will help you analyze. There aren’t many good things with men.”

Lu Wan: “……I mean, do we have nothing to lose?”

“A little bit of money. Maybe a billion ba.”

Lu Wan gasped. “What did you say? I didn’t hear it clearly.”

“A little bit of money.”

“The last half of the sentence.”

“A billion?” Lu Lin with a calm face, thought about it and said, “Mrs. Jiang is very powerful. You were still hadn’t found back then, but without knowing if you are beautiful or ugly, or if you lack arms or legs, she was willing to have you marry into their family. What a ruthless person. Uncle made a lot of profit at that time, but now that you want to go back on it, she might make a little request. But it doesn’t matter, it’s just a small amount.”

Lu Wan: “Ah ah ah ah!”

She rushed out while shouting, but unfortunately the car outside had already driven away.

Lu Lin, who was standing there, was left dumbfounded. What’s going on?

Why…… so lively all of a sudden?

Lu Wan was about to faint. Why didn’t he said so earlier? This was the point ba!

A billion. She couldn’t earn so much in her life.

Saying it out loud was enough to scald her mouth.

Good heavens. They might as well kill her!

As a stingy miser, it was eating her heart out.

In the past, when Lu Wan was working in the barbecue joint, from time to time there would be customers who paid to reserve a table but would not appear, wasting the deposit for nothing.

Some would also order takeout before suddenly asking them not to deliver. The store naturally wouldn’t refund the money.

Every time she encountered these, she thought that the other party’s brain was not very good and had no place to spend their money.

Great, now she’s a combination of these two kinds of idiocy.

A billion ah, not ten yuan!

Lu Wan rushed to the room on the second floor with an “Ahhhhhhh”.

The call soon got through.

Lu Jinye on the other side of the phone was oblivious and said calmly that if she didn’t want to, then she could forget about it.

After all, her attitude had been so firm just now, there was really no need to force it.

Lu Wan totally wanted to kill Jiang Boyang multiple times in her heart.

She motherf*ckin’ knew she should’ve kicked that guy to death this afternoon!

Jiang Boyang did it deliberately to get rid of her, right?

Why ah?

According to the course of the novel, before Lin Niannian changed schools, she had already met Jiang Boyang.

It was an ancient dog blood plot.

Lin Niannian had an unpleasant relationship with the relatives she was staying in. When she was wandering the street alone in the middle of the night, she met a hooligan and was rescued by Jiang Boyang who was driving a motorcycle on the vicinity.

Although Jiang Boyang was very cold towards women, he suddenly showed kindness and took in Lin Niannian who had nowhere to go, in his home!

The school tyrant was cool, flashy, wild, domineering and assertive, but he was a pure virgin. The two people’s feelings continued to heat up during the time they were living together.

After all, Jiang Boyang was no different from other school tyrants —his parents often flew around the world, and their lack of concern for their child made him mentally twisted.

Lin Niannian’s appearance precisely filled the void in his heart.…..

Lu Wan didn’t want to care about this rubbish as long as it had nothing to do with her.

But according to the progress of the novel, Jiang Boyang and Lin Niannian was already living in the same building!

She was just a cannon fodder, why should she lose money?

Not only does she had to play the bulldozer for the story, but she also had to give those two people a betrothal gift?!

No wonder Jiang Boyang in the novel didn’t like his fiancée but still didn’t take the initiative to call off the engagement!

After all, this was a billion-dollar deal!

Lu Wan was completely restless!

She must break the engagement! She won’t give them any money!

Uncle looked very wealthy but it didn’t fell from the sky.

Even if he looked to be well-off now, but considering that the other party had done so many unrelated businesses such as martial arts club, fireworks, and logistics, it could be seen that he must have gone through hard times.

How dare they take advantage of others?!

But now the problem was already here. No matter what she says, her uncle said it doesn’t matter. If she doesn’t want to, then forget about it.

Lu Wan almost vomited blood. Should she have lied and said that she actually liked the other person?

She really couldn’t do it.


Lu Jinye just finished his breakfast when Ah Biao walked in with a bag.

“Boss, these are the pens you wanted. Please choose some for the Young Miss.”

Lu Jinye poured everything on the table. These were all ordinary pens.

After inspecting each one, he picked out three.

Ah Biao: “I got it. We will buy the production line of these three pens?”

Lu Jinye: “Are you crazy? She don’t need so much. Except for these three, the rest are pretty good. I don’t know what Wanwan likes. How about giving…… a box of each style?”

Ah Biao took the pens and wondered if the box was a bit small?

Yep. He needed to find a bigger box.

Lu Wan, who was preparing to go to school, didn’t know that she was about to receive a truckload of pens.

Albeit it was…… a small truck.

Lu Wan looked at herself in the mirror. After a week, she put on her pants again.

After all, many students saw her yesterday…… kicking people in a skirt.

She had always felt weird.

And she was not sure if she had to kick people today. Pants were more convenient.


What happened yesterday afternoon became a topic of conversation before class started.

There were too many juicy details and you could talk for a long time from any angle.

Lin Niannian who was following the school’s public account had also seen it.

She was a taken aback…… No wonder Jiang Boyang came back yesterday in a bad mood.

But why does Lu Wan had to always make things difficult for Jiang Boyang? It was completely unnecessary.

Lin Niannian disliked many students in this school. Having a very lofty attitude, Lu Wan was probably the same as her, but this was obviously not a wise way to deal with it.

After all she’s a girl. This was too impulsive.

Lin Niannian glanced at Zhao Yan, lowered her head and continued to memorize words.

Zhao Yan seemed to be hostile to transfer students and had targeted her several times.

When Lin Niannian was on the tenth word, there was a sound of the table moving behind.

She turned her head and caught sight of Lu Wan.

Lin Niannian’s eyes widened in disbelief.


Lu Wan entered the classroom and looked around.

She went straight ahead, sat on the empty seat behind Zhao Yan, and then without warning, reached out and grabbed the opposite person’s back collar.

“You crazy?!” Zhao Yan’s neck was pulled back and she saw Lu Wan with her head upside down.

She had a very bad feeling.

Lu Wan exerted force on her hand, forcing the back of Zhao Yan’s entire shoulder to stick to the front of the table.

“I’ve told you, whatever you do doesn’t matter to me, so stop bothering me.”


1 father’s brother’s son older than oneself


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