Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 15

The anger in Jiang Boyang’s heart soared.

“F*ck! Lu Wan, don’t over do it!”

Qu Yue didn’t know what to say now.

This girl’s ability to evoke hatred was top-notch ah. In any case, he hadn’t seen Ah Bo this angry for a long time.

This must be intentional.

Lu Wan, who was called out, looked calm. As the school tyrant, you really are awesome, handsome, wild, domineering, assertive and proud.

But~ It~ doesn’t~ work~ on~ me~

Lu Wan walked up to the boy she had just picked out and continued to add fuel to the fire by praising in a lighthearted voice, “I admire someone like you. You look like an educated person. Schoolmate, your grades must be good.”

Chen Nianqing looked at the person, hesitated for two seconds, and nodded slightly.

The crowd watching: “……!”

What the hell is this direction?! Too much information!

Chen Nianqing was watching the excitement in the alley.

After Lu Wan scolded Jiang Boyang, she turned around and expressed that she like another school grass.

Chen Nianqing nodded in agreement with Lu Wan’s statement.

Each of the above scenarios were unimaginable, but it happened all at the same time?!

Lu Wan knew this student; it’s just that so far, she didn’t connect him with the name Haley had mentioned before.

Jiang Boyang had a violent temper and someone not to be messed with, so everyone avoided him for fear of offending him.

Chen Nianqing…… It seemed that there was no better way to describe him than the word ‘aloof’.

He was very distant and hardly ever cared about other people’s affairs.

They had completely different personalities, and their popularity in the school was evenly divided.

Lu Wan smiled and said, “Actually, you don’t need to have good grades. As long as you don’t talk like a loudspeaker all day long with no learning nor skills, that would be alright.”

Everyone: “……”

Was the loudspeaker referring to Jiang Boyang?

President Lu, you really dare to say it!

It appeared that Lu Wan doesn’t know Chen Nianqing.

Using this ‘don’t need to have good grades’ as a scale, could others still live?

This was not the first time the two had met.

Chen Nianqing’s appearance could not be obscured by the crowd and Lu Wan’s memory was good, so naturally, she hadn’t forgotten about him.

Coincidentally, the boy she met last time while picking up her wig was actually in the same school as her.

The other party was wakened up by the noise but didn’t said anything at that time. He had a good temper.

He was also good looking. This one was much better than the Pie Chart.

One was like the sky, while one was like the ground.

“Lu Wan, you’ll regret this!” Jiang Boyang said, looking darkly at Chen Nianqing.

He and Chen Nianqing were not too familiar with each other. They would just exchanged a few words sometimes, but usually, well water does not mix with river water[1]minding their own businesses.

So, what did Chen Nianqing meant by nodding just now?

In Jiang Boyang’s opinion, Chen Nianqing was quite proud and it was not normal for him to appear here.

Does Lu Wan knew him?

Jiang Boyang didn’t like Lu Wan from the very beginning.

But he still felt really ticked-off when the other side belittled him so much and lifted another man instead.


Xu Yao waited for a long time at the school gate with his hands on his waist.

Today, he didn’t look at the little girls wearing skirts very much and focused on the boys who were coming out.

It was so he wouldn’t missed the person accidentally.

But he would swept them a look from the corner of his eye…… Besides, there were quite a lot of beautiful girls in this school.

Fewer and fewer students came out of the school. Xu Yao couldn’t remain on waiting for Lu Wan.

He was a little lost. Had she already left or still hasn’t come out?

He’d better find someone to ask. If it’s negative, he’ll just comeback next time. It’s just a matter of waiting.

Xu Yao stopped an oncoming girl. “Student, do you know Lu Wan?”

The girl received the news and rushed to the front line to eat melons.

This time, not only Lu Wan, but Jiang Boyang and Chen Nianqing were also there. It’s exciting just to think about it! Fortunately, she didn’t leave immediately after school today!

She scanned the purple-haired shamate[2]someone with exaggerated hairstyles, heavy make-up, flamboyant clothes, piercings etc. in front of her…… He doesn’t look like a bad guy. After a few seconds of hesitation, she said, “She’s in the alley right ahead.”

“What?” Xu Yao turned around and ran back.

Wasn’t there a fight going on in that alley?! He didn’t expect Lu Wan to be among the idiots fighting.

It shouldn’t be ah. Lu Wan’s temper has calmed down a lot since he entered high school.

He should have gone there earlier! The dishes had already gone cold[3]to arrive late.

He had no idea if Brother Wan could handle it or not, or if he had suffered any losses.

Xu Yao picked up a wooden stick on the side of the road as a weapon, tilted his body to take advantage of the crowd and hurriedly parted the throng, ready to join the battle.

“I’m here to help you, Brother…… Wan?” Xu Yao suspected that he was seeing things.

Who was this person wearing a skirt……?

Lu Wan hadn’t said that he had a twin sister…… and they’ve known each other for so many years, it was impossible for them to not recognize one another!

So why was Lu Wan dressed up as a girl?!

The skirt was even wrinkled.

Lu Wan was astounded. She didn’t expect to see Xu Yao here. It took her a few seconds to ask, “What are you doing here?”

She hadn’t told Xu Yao that she was a woman, and now that she suddenly bumped into him, this guy should be very surprised.

Xu Yao held back for a few seconds thinking to himself ‘I still f*cking arrived late!

Otherwise, how could you be so humiliated?!’

This was simply a great insult!

His eyes were a little red. “Boss, who forced you to wear skirt? I’d f*cking do everything to kill- hum-mm-mm.…..”

Lu Wan covered Xu Yao’s mouth and dragged him back, while saying to the melon-eating crowd, “It’s over. Everyone dispersed ba. Let’s go home and do homework oh.”

This guy’s IQ had never let her down. He’s very stable with his performance.

Everyone: “.…..”

What’s this situation?

What’s the origin of this shamate that suddenly appeared? Lu Wan left everyone behind and dragged him away.…..

Was the purple-haired shamate perhaps the biggest winner today?


After seeing the back disappearing around the corner, Chen Nianqing withdrew his gaze.

“Hey, do you know Lu Wan?” Qu Yue seemed to ask casually.

All eyes turned to look at him.

Chen Nianqing: “I know.”

“It looks like you know each other very well. She praises you very much ah.” Qu Yue chuckled and tried to sound him out.

Lu Wan said all that just now to make Ah Bo lose face. Of course he had to ask.

“It’s none of your business.” Chen Nianqing’s voice was flat. He then turned and walked back.

He had no intention to talk to anyone at all.

Of the three boys, led by Jiang Boyang, basically no one dared to offend them at the school.

But Chen Nianqing was one of the few exceptions.

“Those two are gone. What do you think, Ah Bo?” Qu Yue shrugged his shoulders and turned to ask the person beside him.

Jiang Boyang looked around at the circle of spectators. “You’re still not going?! Are you standing here to ask for a beating?”

The onlooking students scurried away.

They didn’t dare to stay and watch the liveliness of this ancestor. But this time, Jiang Boyang was also here to join in the fun ah!

This was really overbearing, but they had no choice. They still couldn’t afford to provoke him so it’s better to run away.

“Let’s go. It’s time to go back.” Jiang Boyang walked forward with one hand in his pocket. He was extremely annoyed now.

For a fellow like Lu Wan, where does she need extra care?

The busy alley five minutes ago suddenly quieted down.

The alley was quiet, but there was one place that became lively.

Many students felt that eating such a big melon, if they couldn’t be shared immediately, the fun would be cut in half.

The student administrator of the school’s public account was indeed a ruthless and efficient handling machine.

Fifteen minutes after the incident, the people who ate melons submitted articles and she also posted it as soon as possible.

There were no photos this time, only written narration of what transpired.

Mainly, everything happened too fast at that time and President Lu was so fierce, who would dared to take pictures?

However, the student who submitted the narration had a profound background in writing and almost recaptured every detail of that time.

But because it was a written description, there was more room for imagination.

【Master, don’t turn on the lights, it’s this old man: What’s the situation? Aaaaargh, I missed it!】

【Sit and play wherever you fall: Taking the initiative to find trouble and be counter-killed. Sister Lu gave twelve slaps and knocked the two out at the very beginning which stunned me! F*cking badass!】

【Green grassland: Biu~ She kicked the person a few meters away at once, the skirt flew up, and I saw pink boxers…… dbq President Lu, I was wrong.】

【Getting fat at the drop of a hat: Is she insane? She really talk to Jiang Boyang like that?】

【Wan Wan’s little bunny: I will definitely scold other girls if they do this. But just imagining the scene where my Brother Wan said ‘blech~’ makes me laugh like crazy.】

【Aigoo: Face fans really has no bottom line. I actually think that everything she did is right??】

【Mountain mist: This woman is so damn captivating! I proclaim that Lu Wan will be the school’s…… new grass.】

【Climbing on top of the wall: Don’t make trouble. Lu Wan can only be a goddess (* ̄︶ ̄) 】 A boy expressed his disagreement.

【Kitten: Wow~ It will definitely be more and more entertaining! I hope Lu Wan can hold on and not drop out of school.】

【I can’t wake up every day: Is it too late for me to dye my hair purple? How can I actually envy that favored shamate?】

【Fireworks: Wake up ba. It wouldn’t work even if you dye your hair green.】

Although no one dared to provoke Jiang Boyang at school, many people were secretly angry about his behavior.

A lot of people silently praised Lu Wan in their hearts, and at the same time broke a cold sweat for her.


Lu Wan let go of the man after dragging him for more than ten meters.

Xu Yao finally came around. He asked, “Why did you pull me away?”

Lu Wan had considered it before. It was better to be honest about the situation.

She patted her skirt. “Yep. As you can see, I’m a girl.”

Xu Yao: “You…… you have a big psychological problem? Have you seen a doctor?”

“You don’t believe it?”

Xu Yao: “Isn’t that bullshit? To be honest, I motherf*cking am more like a girl than you!”


If you say it like that then the conversation will collapse.

Lu Wan turned around and left.

Xu Yao stood in place for more than ten seconds. After snapping back to reality, he hurried to catch up.

It took long for him to realize that something was a bit odd.

After all, Lu Wan was wearing a skirt…… but the people watching were very calm.

Xu Yao was full of shock. “You’re a girl?”

Lu Wan: “Yes, brother! Do you want me to give you an experience report?”

Xu Yao was completely stumped. He paused for a few minutes before asking again, “But why didn’t you tell me before?”

Lu Wan: “You are too stupid. If you had found out before, I would’ve told you.”

Xu Yao: “……!”

No, no. He had to continue to absorbed everything slowly.

He now felt that his entire cognition and three views[4]one’s worldview, values and philosophy on life had crashed.

Lu Wan is female? She’s a girl?

Holy shit!

Lu Wan was very successful in pretending to be a boy. And this undertaking had started since childhood.

Girls developed earlier than boys and she was a bit taller than most people of her age, which made it all look the more deceptive.

At school, Lu Wan would try to drink as little water as possible to reduce the number of times she would went to the men’s toilet.

If she must go, she would try to hold it in as much as possible and go when the school bell was about to ring. There were basically no people in the toilet at that time.

Xu Yao was still pondering about this.

But where was she like a woman? Although looking at her now wearing a skirt…… it does seem like that.

Many memories of the two of them getting along flashed through his mind.

In the past, Lu Wan not only worked at a barbecue joint at night but she would also level-up in game characters on weekends.

Xu Yao had several computers at home and the internet speed was also fast. Lu Wan would come every week to take over them and in passing, would helped him repair electrical appliances as repayment.

Xu Yao could only change light bulbs. He lived alone and usually, the pipes in the house would be blocked. Lu Wan could fix them wherever the problem was.

Lu Wan repaired things by looking at manuals; this skill was very magical.

But Lu Wan’s game-playing skill was…… not bad, but also not great.

It’s just that she mainly had a good service attitude. In recent years, online games had became popular and Lu Wan’s business has continued.

Later, she figured out a way. Female power leveler were more sought-after. In order to get more money, Lu Wan would occasionally deliberately pinched her voice and pretend to be a girl.

At that time, the others sensed that something was quite suspicious, and they started to complain one after another, but Xu Yao was a little unsettled. He suddenly felt that if Lu Wan was a woman, it would also not be bad.

He was frightened by this idea back then.

He felt sorry for his good brother and suspected that he was a little sick. To think that he would like his brother to be a woman more than once.

Now he finally understood! Lu Wan was actually a girl?!

Lu Wan used to ask Xu Yao to borrow money to get by and paid them back whenever she had money.

Xu Yao actually thought that it was okay not to repay them. He got friends who would borrow money without returning them and it’s not a big deal, but Lu Wan would diligently pay him back every time.

Xu Yao remembered what happened a month ago and wanted to cry even more.

It was the weekend that day and Lu Wan was power-leveling for other people at his house.

But he had also called two other friends over.

The three of them found an adult movie to watch. At that time, Lu Wan was playing games nearby and was not affected at all.

Later, they joked that Brother Wan was simply not a man that’s why she was completely indifferent.

Lu Wan sneered and said, “You’re one to talk.”

They found out that the audio track for the first 18 to 30 minutes of the film was the same as that of the next 40 to 52 minutes.

Didn’t you notice that it was repeated?

She also pointed out where one could see precisely which point it was edited, how the frequency of the actions were basically the same and how fake it was.

Just computer effects but still watching so enthusiastically, who were the idiots?

The three of them…… became silent right away.

Top students were really scary. They had no way to refute and could only admit that they were stupid.

The more Xu Yao thought about it, the more his face became flushed and he was agitated.

Lu Wan had gone too far…… Was this something a girl should do?!

No wonder she never ‘compared sizes’ with them, the other doesn’t have that object at all.

Furthermore, before Lu Wan left, he thought the other party couldn’t do it, so he thoughtfully gave her a bottle of ‘Ten Times Larger’ tonic wine.

Xu Yao was completely convinced. Anyway, he already had no image left at all, so just look at the bright side ba.

He glanced at the person beside him and asked with a little nervousness and shyness, “……Then Brother Wan, do you now like big chests or big pecs?”

Lu Wan frowned. “Who told you that I like big chests ah?”

It was in the nature of human beings to contradict themselves.

Sometimes she thought it’s convenient to be flat, and sometimes she thought it’s a bit too convenient.

So occasionally, she would looked at girls with good figures and compared hers with them in her heart.

“No need for others to tell me! You often stares at people with big chests.”

The key point was that When Lu Wan looked at them, the other girls didn’t think she was acting indecently and would even smile at her.

The daring ones would come to ask for her number instead.

Ha ha. Girls; the creatures that look at peoples appearance.[5]Robbin: Eh? Isn’t this applicable to any gender?

Lu Wan wanted to explain but her cell phone rang.

The call was from Father Lu asking her why she hadn’t gone home yet.

Today, a guest came to the house. Her very hardworking and inspirational businessman uncle came to see her from America.

The person was at their house now.

Lu Wan said that she would be back soon, hung up the phone, and turned to look at the person beside her.

“Don’t talk nonsense. I have something to do at home. You came alone? You should leave now. Let’s contact each other tomorrow.”

Xu Yao touch his fingers together, lowered his head and said, “That-, I’m not leaving.”

At first when he knew that Lu Wan was a girl, he was shocked and couldn’t believe it, but now that he had accepted it, he began to secretly rejoice.

He really couldn’t restrain the corners of his mouth from rising and tried not to smile.

The both of them were already familiar with each other. This should be his chance ba!

Lu Wan frowned. What happened to this guy? Grinning so creepily?

Forget it. Xu Yao especially came to find her. Just bear with it and let it be.

“Alright. Then I’ll see you tomorrow.”


1 minding their own businesses
2 someone with exaggerated hairstyles, heavy make-up, flamboyant clothes, piercings etc.
3 to arrive late
4 one’s worldview, values and philosophy on life
5 Robbin: Eh? Isn’t this applicable to any gender?


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