Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 14

Li Daoyuan crossed his arms on his chest. He had already thought about how to scare off Lu Wan.

“Don’t think that just because you’re a woman I won’t f*cking—“

Without any words, Lu Wan grabbed his collar and slapped him. “What’s wrong with being a woman?”

“Are you looking for trouble ba?” Another slap.

“If you have nothing better to do, why waste my time?” Then another slap.

“I just want to study hard because the tuition is very expensive.” She lifted the person up and slapped him again.

“Why do this?” For forcing her to act like a cruel person, she gave him another slap.

“So, is this fun?” She slapped him once more.

Li Daoyuan was slapped six times in a row without pause!

He was completely beaten silly and his face was tingling.

There was even an instant ringing on his ears. What just happened?!!

Wu Yu, who was next to him saw what was happening and wanted to come forward to help!

Why did this girl started directly without talking first and skipped the negotiations?!

Hitting one another could’ve wait! Don’t blame him for being too ruthless then.

Lu Wan saw the person charging over. She pressed on the shoulders of the boy whom she had already beaten up and used the momentum to turned half circle on the air. The school uniform’s skirt made an arc as she kicked the person who had just rushed up three meters away.

She sent the other person’s head flying.

Just these two white cut chickens[1]very thin body/emaciated, it was very easy for her to tidy them up.

Lu Wan had neither learned Taekwondo nor practiced systematic fighting.

She established a solid foundation by fighting with her adoptive father when she was a child. When she got older, she started fighting with people her age and accumulated vast experience.

In the past, everyone’s comment on her was: That Lu Wan, her fighting style was really violent and ruthless, and her strength was also great.

The expressions of the onlookers started from X﹏X.…..

And became ⊙o⊙……

Lu Wan walked over, grabbed the collar of the boy on the ground who was still in shocked, and slapped him.

“You tried to crash into me in the cafeteria?” A slap.

“You can’t see such a wide path, are you blind?” Another slap.

“I don’t even know you so why are you bothering me?” A slap.

“In any case, it’s best to stay out from other people’s way.” A slap.

“Do you understand what I said?” Another slap.

With six slaps in a row again, Wu Yu was completely knocked senseless, but his desire to survive suddenly made him nod his head desperately.

This girl was so cruel!

Was the hand she used to beat people with doesn’t hurt?!

The third member of the small team finally appeared.

Wang Jiahe caught sight of the people around the entrance of the alley from a distance and hurried over.

He was a little late because he needed to use the toilet. He hoped he could still make it!

Wang Jiahe pushed aside the crowd and as soon as he rushed to the front, he…… saw Lu Wan repeatedly slapping his buddy.

The girl gave him a beating and his little buddy had no power to argue. The other little friend who was sitting on the ground also lost the focus in his eyes and looked like he was temporarily ‘offline’.

Holy sh*t. He felt that something bad was going to happen so he quickly turned around to retreat.

Lu Wan was really angry now.

She just wanted to be an ordinary student. Why are these people doing this things?

She hadn’t been this angry for a long time.

Lu Wan noticed that the guy who wanted to escape was from the same class as her. He was probably the one who put the scribbles on her locker.

Lu Wan stood up and ran for a few meters, then jumped in the air and kicked the person to the ground from behind.

The crowd of onlookers: “……”

With such long legs, she jumped up and kicked the person hard. It must be very painful…… They felt discomfort on their stomachs just by thinking about it.

But elder sister, your skirt is flying up. Had you completely given up caring about it?

Wang Jiahe laid on the ground and it took him a few seconds before he finally recovered. He cried out with an “Aah”.

How come he was already running away but was still chased and beaten?

His bones were about to fall apart and his whole body was in pain.

Wang Jiahe laying on the ground didn’t get up. He complained while crying, “You’re too much. Neither of my parents have beaten me like this! You’re just too much!”

Lu Wan walked over and stepped on the other person’s back. “You’ve come all this way, don’t rush to leave ah, painter classmate.”

Wang Jiahe’s body stiffened and he momentarily forgotten to cry.

It’s just like he was having a dream but he didn’t dare to move for fear of being waken up.

Lu Wan squatted down and patted the other person’s face. “Your parents also told you to study seriously, did you listen?”

Wang Jiahe cried again, “I know I was wrong. I’ll study hard in the future.”

Lu Wan: “The tortoise painting is very good ah. What rank did you get in the whole class last time?”

“.…..Second to last.”

Lu Wan: “Watch your ass if you are still within the bottom ten on the next exam. Stop neglecting your studies and only think about doing messy things.”

Wang Jiahe trembled. “I got it. Don’t hit me. Really, I will try my best.”

Everyone: “……”

Acknowledging defeat still had its benefits. At least it would only hurt lightly ah!

Life was more important.

WTF?! This girl is so good at fighting. She’s simply a female warrior!

It was strangely charming. Completely crushing people with her strength ah!

“It’s Lu Wan! Lu Wan!”

“Awesome! This is a prime example of asking for trouble and being counter-killed!”


The three people on the second floor of the cafe were stunned.

“Damn. This girl can fight like this? Ah Bo, did you know?”

Jiang Boyang knitted his brows. How could he know ah.

He hadn’t even looked at this girl’s eyes or nose clearly before. But today, he closely examined her.

The hair was a little short, but it was not ugly.

The legs were a little nice ba.

But what was she thinking wearing a skirt while fighting?

Even flying up to kick people?

He couldn’t believe it ah! There were so many people watching, had she lost her mind?! Does she know she’s a woman?

Jiang Boyang wasn’t too happy. If others find out that this was his fiancée and the woman he might marry in the future, where would he put his face?!

Jiang Boyang frowned and went down.

The other two looked at each other and followed after him.

From beginning to end, it only took a few minutes before the battle was over.

Three people were lying on the ground.

Lu Wan tidied up her skirt and was a bit surprised when she saw the three boys approaching.

The Pie Chart was also here ah.

……According to the setting of the novel, the friends of the school tyrant male protagonist must also be good at fighting, with an outstanding family background, and handsome to be a part of his group. They were absolutely not ordinary.

The three people coming…… and the three just now, their combat power were not on the same level at all.

Whether she was angry at the moment or not, she doesn’t care too much. Anyhow, she doesn’t have an image to protect anymore.

Lu Wan: “Jiang Boyang, are you the one who asked them to give me a hard time?”

As soon as the other party said ‘yes’, she must give him a head massage with the sole of her shoes!

Jiang Boyang snorted coldly.

“Don’t be full of yourself. Who do you think you are ah? You’re not worth my time.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Alright. You are awesome.

Qu Yue was afraid that the two of them were going to fight, so he hastily said, “Lu Wan, right? This matter really has nothing to do with Brother Bo. We were just above. We only came down to see what’s going on. Also, you’re pretty good.”

Lu Wan was a little puzzled. Does it really have nothing to do with this person?

This guy’s character was not worthy of her trust.

Jiang Boyang was a little irritated. What does Lu Wan meant by that look ah?

He wouldn’t admit to something he didn’t do!

Jiang Boyang put one hand in his pocket, walked over and kicked Li Daoyuan who was still on the ground hard. “You f*cker, did I asked you to do it?”

Li Daoyuan was shaken up. Panic flashed across his face. “Brother Bo, I wanted to help you teach her a lesson……”

Jiang Boyang scowled. “You’re nothing. This old man’s business has nothing to do with you.”

Li Daoyuan didn’t dare to speak any more and lowered his head.

Lu Wan shrugged her shoulders. Alright, it seemed that it was not done by the Pie Chart.

However…… she was unfamiliar with these guys who came picking on her. There should be no reason to be at loggerheads.

Did she offend some other people?

Lu Wan walked up and gave a condescending look at her classmate, Wang Jiahe. “You must already be aware of that, so the question is, why did you still came and troubled me?”

Wang Jiahe’s eyes shifted and he said in a wavering voice, “I didn’t know.”

Lu Wan gave a hum and then raised her leg……

Wang Jiahe hurriedly said, “Li Daoyuan asked me to do it! He likes Zhao Yan! He’s helping Zhao Yan vent her anger! Don’t hit me! It has nothing to do with me!”

Although he spoke very fast, his words were clear and so was his explanation.

Everyone: “.…..”

So this guy turned out to be showing a symbolic resistance, but he was truly the first when it came to giving in.

Lu Wan frowned slightly.

She remembered that there was indeed such a plot in the novel where Zhao Yan instructed the boy who had a crush on her to deal with Lin Niannian.

But every time, her plan failed. The heroine’s halo was not fake.

So Zhao Yan must had become insane ah. Was she doing this to antagonize me? She’d already made it clear last time.

Jiang Boyang sneered. “Now you know ba. I don’t want to get involve in anything you do, I’m not interested in you. You don’t have to waste your efforts; deliberately dangling yourself right in front of me.”

In his opinion, Lu Wan purposefully went to the skatepark where he often went to. Today too, everyone knew that he goes here every PE class.

Therefore, this woman appeared here on purpose ba.

Lu Wan was about to laugh in anger. She looked at the opposite person. “Do you have a problem with your brain? You can rest assured. Even if you are the only man left in this world, we’re still gonna be strangers.”

The girls watching on the side madly agreed.

Yes, yes, you don’t necessarily have to be with a man!

Jiang Boyang was angry. “Lu Wan!”

“You shouldn’t say that. Our Brother Bo is so charming that ordinary people can’t compare to him. That’s a bit too much even if we know that you simply didn’t mean what you’re saying.” Qu Yue quickly supported his brother.

But why does he feel that the atmosphere between these two people…… was not right.

As if they’re more than just enemies.

It’s really strange how Jiang Boyang could have complicated relationships with the two transferred girls.

First, that Lin Niannian and now this Lu Wan.

Lu Wan gave a sneer. This guy was rather conceited. She wouldn’t have any of it.

She looked all around and suddenly realized that the Pie Chart was still a bit good looking. Frankly speaking, he looked better than the surrounding people.

All of a sudden, Lu Wan’s line of sight stopped. She pointed at a boy standing in the crowd. “Look, I prefer someone like that; a hundred times better than you. Give me a break! I mean what I said. Blech~”

According to the standards of a student majoring in science, the three segments of the boy’s face were uniform making his appearance symmetrical.

The most important thing was that Lu Wan had seen this person before.

This ‘blech~’ was very spiritual.

The onlookers were still worried that Lu Wan had badly offended Jiang Boyang this time, but when they saw who she was pointing at, the whole surroundings became quiet for a moment.

The atmosphere even became a little odd.


1 very thin body/emaciated


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