Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 13

Lu Wan had become a complete Buddha. Just look ba. There was a phrase ‘the law does not blame the public'[1]when a law is blatantly violated by most people and left unenforced; she couldn’t rush up and fight everyone.

With all kinds of look casted on her along the road, Lu Wan’s mood gradually stabilized.

There was one less happy person in this world, but there were more happy people.

……Just treat it as entertaining the public.

Yesterday, the public account broke the news that Lu Wan was a girl and the comments began to soar.

Many students who saw Lu Wan on the road couldn’t help but come back and made a reply!

More than ten minutes ago, everyone was still discussing how this matter would develop. After all, many girls had lost their love because of it.

One must know that although girls were cute, once they stepped back from the pit[2]the act of smearing/taking revenge on a star by a former fan it was very frightening!

Who could have thought that Lu Wan would come in a skirt today…… and the most important point was that she wore the school skirt so well???

【Master, don’t turn on the lights, it’s this old man: My Brother Wan is really sweet and salty[3]cute and cool, beautiful and valiant, it’s so awesome! Why would you think she’s like those undesirable men?!! I’m in love again! I’ve made up my mind. For the first half of the month, Brother Wan will wear a skirt like me and she will be my girlfriend. Let those guys die of jealousy! In the second half of the month, Brother Wan will wear pants and I will be her girlfriend. Let those girls stare!】

【Sit and play wherever you fall: Mom, such long legs. This old lady is fine again. I also want to chase Lu Wan!】

【Green grassland: I saw her just now! She’s almost at the corner at this moment. If she asks me to be her girlfriend, I’ll be a mosquito coil[4]change sexual orientation.】

【2333: Two meters legs, three meters aura!】

【Getting fat at the drop of a hat: This boy says yes!】

【I can’t wake up every day: Such a large-scale bending scene? You even called her a romance scammer just now. Ha ha. Fickle girls.】

【Fireworks: Nowadays peoples heart are sinister and even boys are not safe. I want to be taken care of and be protected by my long-legged sister. Wuu wuu.】

Afterwards, some people began to post comments with pictures.

Unexpectedly, several outlaws risked their lives to take sneaky pictures.

These pictures were real!

Although the angle were strange and the lense’s were a little shaky…… but the long legs in each photo stood out.

Despite how long it was, it’s still white and straight!

This is still an unedited and unfiltered picture! Then how good-looking does she look in person?! Rivals in love, show your weapons ba!

This legs were illegal; Lu Wan was too resourceful…… But what could they do? Of course, they chose to forgive her!

Zhao Yan was almost dizzy with anger. She switched back and forth between several ID’s in the morning, deliberately guiding the comments and inciting everyone to spurn Lu Wan.

It finally worked.….. So how did it suddenly developed like this?

No no no! This was not the result she wanted.

Why would Lu Wan came wearing a skirt? Zhao Yan really wanted to wrap Lu Wan’s legs with a curtain cloth.

That girl usually wore casual clothes. She must be doing this on purpose.


Lu Wan finally breathed a sigh of relief when she arrived at the classroom.

……But it seemed she was still wrong.

Lu Wan’s seat was in the last row. If someone stood in the corridor outside the window and looked in, one could see an unobstructed view of her seat.

In less than five minutes, there were more than a dozen people…… standing by the window.

Lu Wan was a little speechless. She walked over and half warned: “Enough. Get going. Look again and I’ll charge you ah!”

“If you are capable, you take it! Give me the QR code and I’ll transfer it right away!” A girl took out her mobile phone.

“I’m applying for an annual membership.” A boy was not willing to be outdone.

“What is your WeChat ID? I’ll open a family-based account for you and you can use my money to buy things in the future!”

“Hey, you are so clever. You actually took this opportunity to ask for her WeChat ID!”

Lu Wan: “……”

Fine. You have money, you are awesome.

She went back to her seat in silence, unable to provoke these young masters and ladies who wasn’t strapped for cash.

Haley just saw the photos along the road and he rushed to the classroom as soon as he arrived at the school.

He circled around Lu Wan and said in a faint voice, “Wow~ the wrench[5]mostly used to describe boys who are good-looking disguised as girls and could almost bend straight men is very clever! Almost straightened me, and now still wants to bend others.”

Lu Wan: “What are you talking about? “

Haley had a look of regret. “Why do the Heavens treats me, this cute red panda, like this?”

Such a beautiful lady, why won’t she be Top?

Lu Wan ignored the other party who was beating his chest, rolled her eyes and asked, “Did you see me make a joke of myself too?”

Haley: “Ah? My dear, please face up to your own charm.”


Haley was a guy with a glib tongue, so Lu Wan only believed half of his nonsense. She barely understood what was going on.

She stretched her legs out from under the desk onto the aisle. “It’s nothing ah. They’re just a little longer.”

The students around her sucked in their breaths.

These were also called nothing???

The boy in the front row couldn’t help but turn his head and said, “If you say it that way, can you let me touch them?”

Lu Wan: “Sure. But you have to let me beat you up after touching them.”

“I’m just joking.” The boy turned back again.


Su Rao was shocked when she saw the news. She couldn’t believe it…… until she saw Lu Wan in a school skirt.

At the beginning, she was interested in the other person and kept thinking about him.

But later after getting along with each other, she found that she really liked the other party.

Su Rao recalled the details of the time the two of them had spent together. Lu Wan’s WeChat gender was ‘female’, and there were actually some clues from her words.

The most important point was that there would be no boy who would be so tolerant and considerate, who was not aggressive, and would even accompany her to go shopping in boutique shops.

She always thought that the other party was too cute. Now that she thought about it, it was impossible for a boy to be so in tune with her that there seemed to be endless topics they could talk about.

Lu Wan was a girl. Actually, the clues were there long ago.

Su Rao looked at the message Lu Wan had sent her. The other party was asking her what skateboard should a beginner buy.

Her mood became even more complicated.

Su Rao laid on the table and didn’t reply to the message. She knew she shouldn’t blame Lu Wan, yet…… she felt a little uncomfortable and needed some time to calm down.


Before Lu Wan got the school skirt, she was looking forward to wearing it, but when she actually did, it felt like…… that was it.

When walking in school…… somehow someone would be staring at her legs. It was weird.

In PE class, you had to change your pants in advance, which was burdensome.

Lu Wan walked with big steps…… Often the corners of her skirt would flew up, so she had to slow down her pace deliberately.

It took four minutes longer to walk from the school gate to the classroom in a skirt than in pants.

It’s only been three days, and as soon as the novelty wore off, Lu Wan felt it was a little troublesome.

Yesterday afternoon, she took the subway home after school and someone actually touched her thigh.

The other party even touched it twice.

Lu Wan couldn’t believe that she would one day encounter such a situation.

She turned back, smiled and stretched out her hand to pinch the other person’s thigh.

The man immediately screamed like a pig.

Lu Wan dragged the salty pig trotter[6]groper to find the subway policeman. She broke the offender’s arm yet her mouth still shouted, “I lost a flesh on my leg”.

After Lu Wan, a kind-hearted citizen, left, the subway police saw that the suspect was screaming so badly that they were afraid something might go wrong and decided to check on him.

Only then did they discovered that a part of flesh on the other party’s thigh had been pinched blue and purple.…..

It should be very painful. Although he deserved it, it was hard to imagine that it was an injury caused by a little girl’s bare hands.


Today was club activity day again.

Lu Wan hadn’t seen Su Rao for several days and also didn’t see everyone until today.

She didn’t think too much about it. The other party might be very busy. After all, Su Rao was the student council president, so it’s normal that she would have many things to do.

A lot of new students signed up for the Skateboard Club this week, and the shelves used for storing the members’ belongings suddenly became insufficient.

The president and vice president had a discussion. How about they apply for another one from the school?

However, the approval process was very long, and it would take almost until the end of the term before they could get the new shelf.

After hearing about it, Lu Wan contemplated for a while and said, “Actually, we don’t need to do that. Aren’t there some unused shelves? We can just alter them a bit.”

The two wooden shelves next to each other had small grids. They couldn’t put in a skateboard but only small sundries. It was awfully dull and the way they could use it was very little.

“Alter? How do you alter them? That’s too troublesome ba.” The president asked skeptically.

“It’s not too much trouble. The shelves for storing skateboards are simple. I should be able to get it done by at least a few noon and if I could borrow a power saw, it could be much faster.”

“.…..You’re kidding.” The president thought it was too fantastical.

“Of course not. I can do it.”

Everyone: “!!!”

What the heck. Lu Wan can actually do carpentry?

One of the girls smiled and said, “You’re really impressive ah. Lu Wan…… what else can you do?”

“I can fix headphones and plugboards, as well as simple repairs for mobile phones and computers, but with better physics I could still improve.”

Everyone: “……”

This was really a bit powerful. In truth…… not many people could do it.

Su Rao saw Lu Wan surrounded by the crowd and felt very complicated in her heart.

Does Lu Wan know that many of these new members had impure motives?

She seemed to be particularly slow when it came to feelings, but she was sincere and forthright towards others.

How could people not be moved?


Lu Wan casually mentioned she ‘could do simple repairs of small electronics’, and received a dozen pairs of headphones and two mobile phones in one afternoon.

Those students told her not to rush to fix it and just tell them herself when it’s done.

Conveniently adding her WeChat.

Lu Wan took apart a pair of headphones during break time and looked at it…… There was no problem with the wires.

She rechecked it once again. It’s actually working fine???

Haley shook his head. “People don’t really want you to do their headphones, they want you to do ‘them’ ah.”

Lu Wan: “.…..Don’t talk nonsense.”

She was used to Haley’s words of tigers and wolves[7]ambiguous words, and she could already remained calm now.

Lu Wan had been chased by girls since childhood.….. but because those girls thought she was a boy, she didn’t think that there was anything wrong with it.

Now everyone knew that she was a girl. Naturally, that was unlikely.

Moreover, she should not be the type that boys like. Those members must only regard her as a brother.

They should all like Su Rao ba.

Haley shook his head again and said nothing. Forget it. You can just be charming ba.


 Zhao Yan’s head hurt even more.

The presence of Lin Niannian already made her very angry and now there was also a Lu Wan.

Compared with Lin Niannian, she hated Lu Wan even more!

Although Lin Niannian was popular among the boys, she was poor ah, and many girls didn’t like her.

Lu Wan was different. She’s very popular among boys and girls.

Others doesn’t know her family background yet, what about if they still knew about it?

How the hell did Lu Wan bewitched those people?

Previously, if a student from another class came, it was probable that they were looking for her for something.

But now, almost half of them were looking for Lu Wan instead! And among them…… there were many big shots from the school.

Could Lu Wan bewitched people everywhere? This is bullshit.

Zhao Yan felt that if this continued, sooner or later, Lu Wan would step on her face.

Lu Wan had stepped on her once before. She could still remember how she embarrassed her in front of the whole class.

This time, the new and old hatred merged together.

Zhao Yan wouldn’t face Lu Wan herself. She had other means.

Zhao Yan hinted that she was in a bad mood to a boy who had been chasing her recently.

The other party repeatedly asked her about it and expressed that whatever it was, he was willing to solve it for her.

That’s right. She’d already left the other party hanging multiple times. It was pretty much the right moment to use her card.


Lu Wan looked at the boy coming with a bucket. He was specifically keeping away from the right.

But just like that, the bucket of water still ‘accidentally’ spilled onto her shoes.

“I’m really sorry.” Although the boy said he was sorry, he couldn’t suppressed the smile forming on the corner of his mouth.

Lu Wan: “It’s on purpose, right?”

“I’ve already apologized. What else do you want ah?” This time he didn’t even bother to be superficially polite.

Lu Wan stared at the person. This was not the first time.

Yesterday in the cafeteria, a boy almost slammed a plate on her. Good thing Haley pulled her away to avoid it.

Her locker was also painted with a turtle.

Although the turtle was very cute, the person who did it was not.

Lu Wan confirmed that someone was targeting her.

“If you have something to say, just say it. Don’t do these kind of things. It’s silly.”

Li Daoyuan was stunned. He didn’t expect the other party to be very direct. He raised his chin. “I warn you not to be too arrogant. If you offend my Brother Bo, be careful not to get more than what you bargained for.”

If Lu Wan hadn’t been a girl, he would have fixed her long ago.

Lu Wan was surprised. Brother Bo?

Oh, someone sent by the Pie Chart?

“I also want to warn you, this is the last time. I won’t tolerate it any longer.”

“What can you do if you can’t tolerate it any longer?” Li Daoyuan asked with a smile.

If I can’t tolerate it anymore, my fists will come down hard.

Lu Wan understood that he was not going to give up.

This guy in front of her was very arrogant and appeared to be the ringleader.

Lu Wan never wanted to compare herself with anyone, nor did she wanted to prove how tough she was.

She just wanted to live a steady life every day without wasting the high tuition fee.

She doesn’t like trouble, but if trouble came to find her, she was not afraid.

Lu Wan thought about it. Nowadays, she was becoming very Buddha-like, so these people think she was a soft persimmon[8]pushover that could be pinched at will.

“I have to change my shoes for PE class right now. I don’t have time to chat with you. How about this, today after class, I’ll wait for you at the alley on the right side of the school. Let’s get everything straight.” Lu Wan said calmly.

“Okay. You said it yourself. Whoever didn’t go is a dog.”

The alley on the right outside the school was a place where students often goes to resolve their conflicts. After all, some things were inconvenient to do at school.

Lu Wan nodded. “Then I’ll see you there.”


This translation is by Pocketrobbin at S h a n g h a i f a n t a s y . c o m

After classes were over in the afternoon, Li Daoyuan stood at the school gate and waited for others to come.

He didn’t said that he would fight Lu Wan alone. And since it would be more imposing to have many people on his side, he called two of his friends over.

But after waiting for ten minutes, they hadn’t yet seen the third person come out.

Li Daoyuan frowned. “Forget it. Let’s not wait. We should go first, lest she become too afraid and run away.”

The boy who was with him was startled. “Why don’t we wait ah? Lu Wan is quite tall and dares to challenge Brother Bo. It seems like she’s not easy to deal with.”

Li Daoyuan was a little impatient. “What are you afraid of? Can we still lose two-on-one? As long as she is frightened by our imposing manner, you may not need to do anything. Don’t hold back just because the other party is a woman.”

“I know. Let’s go then.” The boy was quickly persuaded and put those doubts behind him.


Every week, Jiang Boyang didn’t attend the physical education classes. He thought it was too tedious and silly.

Jiang Boyang’s mother was a member of the school’s board of directors so the teachers all turned a blind eye and ignored it.

There was a cafe near school and Jiang Boyang would stay there at the second floor to keep out of sight all year round.

He would come here if he doesn’t want to go to class.

He was also often accompanied by his two friends; both of whom had outstanding family backgrounds and were the type that no one dared to mess with at school.

Naturally, they were also there today. The three people were playing cards.

“Boyang, it looks like the girl you had an issue with is in trouble.”

Hearing what his friend said, Jiang Boyang went over.

He leaned and looked down. It appeared like it was really that fellow wearing a skirt.

The two of them almost got into a fight last time. Afterwards, whenever a friend asked Jiang Boyang what had happened, he would get angry.

Everyone realized that this topic was off-limits and no longer mentioned it again.

“It seemed she has ran into some problem. Why don’t you go and have a look?” The boy suggested.

“It’s none of my business.” Jiang Boyang frowned. That fellow was really good at stirring up trouble.


Chen Nianqing had just cleared up his desk and was about to walk away when he heard someone in the class talking.

“Li Daoyuan ran off as soon as class was over and went to find Lu Wan from Class 4 to give her some trouble.”


“It’s around the alley on the right side of the school. I guess they’ve already started by now, otherwise I wouldn’t dare say it. After all, Lu Wan is also somewhat popular in our school.”

After Chen Nianqing heard this, he grabbed his schoolbag and ran out.

The students in the classroom all looked confused. What did just happened?

Chen Nianqing was a very tranquil person. How come he disappeared like a gust of wind today?


Xu Yao had just arrived at this city in the afternoon. He couldn’t sit still and wanted to find Lu Wan.

He intended to go to the other party’s school by himself and surprised her with his sudden appearance!

Xu Yao had waited for a while at the school gate, but didn’t saw the other person.

In the alley nearby, it seemed that some people were fighting.

Xu Yao gave a ‘tsk’. Although this school had a good reputation, there were still people getting into fisticuffs.

He struggled for a few seconds whether to continue waiting or to join in the fun.

In the end, he decided to wait, lest he walked away and totally missed Lu Wan.

Although he very much like to see those idiots fight.


1 when a law is blatantly violated by most people and left unenforced
2 the act of smearing/taking revenge on a star by a former fan
3 cute and cool
4 change sexual orientation
5 mostly used to describe boys who are good-looking disguised as girls and could almost bend straight men
6 groper
7 ambiguous words
8 pushover


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