Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 12

As soon as Lu Wan walked into the door, Zhao Jianing beckoned her to go over.

“Xiao Wan, mom bought you new clothes. I chose them according to your size. I don’t know if you will like them or not.”

She had seen the ones Lu Buyu chose for his sister and his straight man’s vision was simply…… all kinds of disasters.

She couldn’t say that those clothes were ugly, but their style was simply meant for small girls!

It’s no wonder they would not be suitable for Lu Wan!

However, for a girl with a small frame like Lu Wan, wearing clothes that were long enough to mop the floor was just right.

All members of the Lu family were tall and Zhao Jianing was also very experienced in buying clothes.

In her opinion, there’s nothing that could be said about her daughter’s figure and temperament. She could easily handle the clothes displayed in those big-named shop windows!

Those brands were very picky. One must at least be 175cm tall to look good, so the models on the catwalk were not short.

“Thank you, mom.”

Lu Wan put down her backpack. Today, there were not only school skirts but also new clothes!

The displeasure caused by the Pie Chart quickly dissipated.

She couldn’t wait to go to her room to try it out.

The oversized army green jacket paired with ginger floral skirt looked cool and girly.

The knee length brown skirt was also very suitable with a simple square-neck white T; highlighting the long legs and beautiful neck line.

In addition, there were several sets of pants and tops with simple styles but had a luxurious feel into them, which also fitted her nicely.

Lu Wan’s foundation didn’t have to be taken into account. With her wearing the clothes and trousers that magnified her height and showed off the length of her legs, she should be a designer’s favorite buyer.

She could look good in the floor-length trousers that many people avoided. With her legs that were unbelievably long, it was very stylish.

Zhao Jianing had a loving look on her face. This was not because of her mother’s thick filter. Everything just suits her daughter!

She couldn’t wait to take Xiao Wan to meet her friends!

Lu Wan was also very satisfied. She had never eaten pork but had always seen pigs running[1]have not experienced things personally, but have heard of it, seen it and have a little understanding.

She had seen many beauties and her aesthetic sense were still online.

Anyway, this time she finally did not look like a gangster in woman’s clothing.

She went back to her room after dinner and played with her little turtle for a while. Then she took out some practice test papers and started doing it.

The little turtle was a gift she bought for herself when she was thirteen.

At that time, she wanted a pet very much. She couldn’t afford  a cat or a dog and didn’t had the time to take care of them. But she was still very happy to have a turtle.

Turtles were omnivores, just like her.

The phone on the table started buzzing so Lu Wan picked it up.

Xu Yao sent a video call request.


Xu Yao had no interest in doing anything recently.

……He somehow felt that games were not fun, the food was not delicious, and it was very annoying to watch anything.

His friends said that he was like someone who had his ‘great uncle’[2]menstruation for half a month……

Xu Yao and Lu Wan were classmates in primary and junior high school. When they got to senior high, Lu Wan went to the advanced class while him with his poor grades were in the ordinary class.

But at least they were in the same school. They often met and played together on weekends.

Lu Wan had been gone for half a month and the other party had not replied much to his recent messages.

It seemed he was very busy.

Has that guy…… run into any trouble ah?

Xu Yao stared at his phone and the moment the video was connected, he immediately sat up straight and showed a smiling face.


Lu Wan looked at the face on the screen and was stunned for two seconds. Then she asked, “I remember when I left, your hair was still red. Why did you dye it again?”

Xu Yao coughed, “Purple is auspicious ah! The purple air comes from the east[3]a propitious omen!”

Lu Wan: “……”

It turned out that hair dyeing could be interpreted in this way. She lost.

Xu Yao cut through, “Stop talking about me. What’s the matter with you? You didn’t even bother to cut your hair when it’s already that long. It makes you look frickin’ girly.”

He remembered a few years ago, someone said that Lu Wan looked like a little girl. Lu Wan instantly became defiant and immediately got a crew cut.

Why was she getting worse and worse?

Lu Wan: “Why, is it not like me? This is what I am.”

Xu Yao: “You’re not. You’re a tough guy!”

Lu Wan: “……”

Xu Yao looked at the person on the screen. Not mentioning Lu Wan’s hair growing longer, why was his face white without any blood?

Is he not eating well?

In fact, it was just that the light was directly hitting Lu Wan’s face, making it appear whiter.

Xu Yao already had his preconceived ideas, so no matter how he looked at it, it doesn’t seem right.

He suspected that Lu Wan was being mistreated.

Xu Yao: “Boss, come back if you’re unhappy there, it’s not a big deal. You’re smart. You can open a company in the future and I’ll invest in you. We’ll still live comfortably!”

Lu Wan: “I’m fine. You’re thinking too much.”

Xu Yao hadn’t called her boss for a long time. She also believed that the other party was sincere in saying this.

Several of the mineral reserves in Ning County were among the top in the Country and Xu Yao’s parents were the largest mine owners more than ten years ago. Later, many new energy sources came out and mining was not as profitable. His parents went to other places to do business.

Xu Yao was a rich second-generation kid. When he was a child, he ate too much imported chocolate and was fat and short. Once when he was being bullied, Lu Wan went to avenge him.

At that time, one beat the other three and the battle was tragic. Lu Wan cried, but the other three boys cried even louder.

Xu Yao recognized Lu Wan as his eldest brother at that time.

When he was in junior high, Xu Yao suddenly became taller and thinner, and had a group of small followers around him.

During that time, he and Lu Wan became famous in several nearby junior high schools.

Especially Lu Wan. He was the first in every exam even when he fought and skipped classes. It was too memorable.

Often after being commended at the opening ceremony, he would then be immediately criticized.

Generally speaking, being a school tyrant and forming a gang was something that only elementary and junior high school students would do.

Those who could go to high school were more intelligent, so Lu Wan thought Jiang Boyang was childish.

It’s something she had long stopped doing.

Lu Wan in junior high was taller than her adoptive father and was often surrounded by a group of boys.

Her adoptive father was frightened and would make a detour whenever he saw her from a distance. He never fought with her again nor dare to beat her adoptive mother in front of her.

Even when beating his wife behind her back, he was a lot more restrained.

It’s not a loss to be a school tyrant.

But thinking about it, many of the people who fought with them either dropped out of school or went to re-education camps.

It’s kind of a wake-up call.

Lu Wan had read the 《Criminal Law》 and knew that studying was the only way out. Xu Yao listened to Lu Wan, so he followed her to high school.

The two walked on the right path.

When they were in high school, it was a bit silly to call her ‘Boss’, so Xu Yao changed the way he called her into Lu Wan.

The relationship between the two was still solid.

Xu Yao sighed, “I know it’s hard for you. Didn’t you say you have an older brother, how is he? Did you get along well with him?”

Lu Wan hesitated and said truthfully, “With him…… it’s alright ba. Our relationship is neither good nor bad.”

Xu Yao was immediately worked up. “I knew it! I recently watched a TV series about the struggles of the rich and powerful families in Hong Kong. Have you heard of TVB[4]a TV station? It’s scary. The older brother tampered with his younger brother’s car and kidnapped him. The older brother even slept with his younger brother’s girlfriend!”

Lu Wan: “……That’s a bit exaggerated.”

“It’s very realistic! Don’t doubt it.”

Xu Yao didn’t told Lu Wan that he not only watched the show, but also clicked on the advertisement at the end of the app…… and jumped to a novel website made for females.

He read a few novels about real and fake daughters, and he was really f*cking worried.

After leading a life of poverty and wandering outside, the real young lady returned home and suffered all kinds of torment. She was really miserable. Those biological parents must have shit in their brains!

Xu Yao wholeheartedly finished reading the novel and was dizzy with anger.

He’s glad that his Brother Wan was not a woman!

Lu Wan didn’t know what the other party was thinking about. She said with a smile, “Okay. Don’t think too much. I still have some homework to do. I’ll talk to you again next time?”

She closed the video call and continued doing the test papers.

Xu Yao stared at the phone feeling very worried.

He struggled for a while and finally came up with a good solution.

Since Lu Wan insisted on not coming back, he could go find him ah!

Xu Yao acted without delay. He dialed his father’s number and requested to transfer to Lu Wan’s school.

Father Xu smiled and asked, “Didn’t you say you like the quietness of the County? You don’t like it anymore?”

He also heard that Lu Wan found his biological parents. It was not that surprising. After all, Lu Wan looked nothing like her adoptive parents.

The couple could not have such a good-looking child.

“That was before. Am I not allowed to work harder ah?! Help me find a way.”

“Okay, okay, okay. I’ll find a way for you.”

Father Xu was very tolerant towards his son, basically granting whatever he asked.

He knew that his son was not the school type of person. His original intention was to let Xu Yao study for a few years and when he was older, he would follow in his wake and carry the business.

So he didn’t forced him to had better grades.

Father Xu had a very good impression of Lu Wan and felt that the child was smart and measured. If his son had such a friend keeping an eye on him, he wouldn’t learn bad things and became a scoundrel.

Besides, Lu Wan could be the first in the exam every time. No parent would dislike children with good grades.


Lu Wan had always wished to wear a school uniform skirt, but when she actually put it on, she felt…… not quite used to it.

It’s empty down there and it’s a little colder ah.

She looked in the mirror for ten minutes before going downstairs with her schoolbag.

Lu Wan had been going to school by herself these past few days.

Whenever she went to and from school, it just happened to coincide with the morning and evening rush hour, and there was a lot of traffic jams.

It was much faster to take the subway.

The entrance to the community was precisely just beside the subway station and the road was very safe. Lu Wan insisted, and Father and Mother Lu agreed.

Lu Buyu was having breakfast. He gave a ‘tsk’ when he saw the person coming down.

Lu Wan stood still and asked, “Do you think it’s strange for me to wear a skirt? Do I look like…… a ladyboy?”

“Whatever you say ba. I can’t refute it.” After a pause, Lu Buyu said again, “But I’m warning you, don’t fall in love early in high school. I mean…… maybe some boys likes you; don’t pay them any attention.”


Was there such a person who would like her not just for the novelty of it?

“I’ll treat you to an apple.” Lu Wan said with a smile.

Lu Buyu: “No. I don’t like apples.”

“You like it.” Lu Wan picked up an apple on the table and with a snap, broke it into two pieces with her bare hands.

Lu Buyu: “?”

He felt a cold wind blew through the back of his neck.

Lu Wan handed half of it to the man. “Eating more apples can make your mouth sweeter and speak human words, which can make you live longer.”

This is a blatant threat!

Lu Buyu stretched out his hand to take the apple and took a careful bite. “……Not bad. You’re actually pretty.”

Lu Wan walked out with a smile. See, he could speak human words after just one bite.


When the Lu couple came downstairs, Lu Buyu was trying to break apart an apple. After failing, he tried breaking a pear.

His hands were all red but the pear didn’t even budge.

Zhao Jianing reminded, “There’s a knife next to you.”

She suddenly felt that her son was not very bright.

Professor Lu frowned, thought for a moment and said, “It’s better to study more. Your sister cannot be like her older brother. This is a bad example and her IQ will go downhill in her twenties.”

Lu Buyu: “.…..”

Why did he suddenly attacked him???

“Excuse me, I was admitted to Stanford.” Lu Buyu said.

Professor Lu: “You dropped out of school and didn’t finish your studies. Your education is still in high school level.”

Lu Buyu: “.…..”

The roast from his father was hard to refute.

Lu Buyu went to primary school in Singapore, which was forced out by his father!

When he was seven years old and came home from school one afternoon, his father suddenly took out a copy of 《Thomas’ Calculus》 and tried teaching it to him.

At that time, Lu Buyu emphasized that he was only in the third grade. Professor Lu said that he had considered it, so this book was not the original version.

Lu Buyu cried and studied for two days, then ran to Singapore, where his mother happened to be working.

He could understand, after all, the students taught by his old man…… there was the provincial science champion, the first prize in the national physics competition, and the ‘chosen one’ who was admitted to university at the age of fifteen.

His father faced those geniuses at school every day, and when he came home, he naturally saw that his son was falling behind.

If you couldn’t provoke him, you could always hide ba!

When Lu Buyu was in high school in the UK, his grades were still average. Fortunately, he was good at sports. He won third place in the youth group archery competition and it added a lot of points to his resume.

His father had a wide network of contacts and some experts from the same profession helped him write letters of recommendation, so he was admitted to a prestigious school.

Lu Buyu chose to drop out of school when he was a sophomore. He went to became an idol. Being an idol was much easier than mixing among a group of top students.

From being dismissed everywhere, to being praised by fans no matter what you do.


After Lu Wan got into the subway, she felt that something was wrong.

Why does she feel that…… several people in the passenger car were looking at her?

Ten minutes later, the subway arrived at a large station. After more than a dozen office workers got in, the feeling became even stronger.

Dressing like this…… is it really strange?

Forget it. No matter what other people think, she couldn’t go home and change into school pants.

At the other end of the car, three girls were chatting in a low voice.

“Have you seen that girl? It’s the first time I’ve seen legs like this in real life!”

“Our legs are originally just tools for walking, the key is to have a good-looking face! It’s kinda cool.”

“I’m so envious! Her legs are as long as my whole body.”

“Say, since were all girls, will I be beaten if I touch them?”

“……Let’s not ba.”

The people in the subway car were all basically watching.

The girl in school uniform had firm and smooth legs, strong thighs, and calves that were even longer.…..

It’s not the type of long legs that were so thin that people worried about their health.

A fit as a fiddle kind of beauty; slim and with no bones.

Seeing that there was a lot of people, Lu Wan became more and more awkward.

They don’t really think I’m a ladyboy, right……?

She unnaturally brought her legs together, trying to reduce her presence as much as possible.

Everyone who were quietly looking at her: “……”

Oh my gosh, there was no gap when standing with her legs close together! Sure enough, it’s long and straight…… and white!

This was the first time Lu Wan wore a short skirt. She wore shorts one summer, but she was ridiculed for lack of leg hair, like a girl.

She’d been wearing long pants since then.

Lu Wan’s complexion was not too white, but her legs had not been exposed to the sun, and the skin there was kept white and smooth.

After finally arriving at the station, Lu Wan was relieved.

It’s just that when she was getting out of the subway, she had not yet taken a few steps before she came to a stop.

Lu Wan turned around and grabbed the man’s collar: “You keep staring at me like this. Do you know that it’s very rude?”

Granted that she was feeling dissonant, it was fine to look at her in secret, after all, the eyes were on others and she couldn’t control them.

But this man’s gaze was very direct it was unbearable.

As if she was a freak and he wanted to see through her.

The man was a little ashamed and whispered, “I’m sorry.”

Since the other party apologized, Lu Wan let go.

“Don’t do this next time. Even if you hate it, be restrained.”

When Lu Wan left, the man was still confused.

Why did she said he hated it?

As a legcon[5]someone who has a special preference for girls’ legs, he had been staring at it for a long time.….. and made a gaffe.

It was more beautiful than those ones in the pictures he’d seen and the impact in real life was great.

He doesn’t hate it at all. Wuu wuu wuu.

Lu Wan was a little annoyed. Her temper flared-up. What if she wore a skirt? Was it against the law?

There was no such thing in the 《Criminal Law》.

She shouldn’t feel bad for looking unsightly.

Lu Wan walked to the school gate and straightened her chest instead.

Damn it ba. She could wear whatever she like!


After the school’s official melon eating account revealed that Lu Wan was a girl, there were still many people discussing this news.

Lin Xiaomeng watched the whole thing unfold yesterday. She saw Lu Wan’s photo and felt that she was in love, so she immediately poured a basin of ice water over to let her know that she had lost her love.

I’m so mad ah!

【Master, don’t turn on the lights, it’s this old man: Lu Wan is too much. Whether it’s intentional or not, I don’t want to forgive her!】

Lin Xiaomeng lowered her head and finished the comment. She looked up and saw the person walking by and suddenly screamed, then covered her mouth.

This long-legged person…… holy sh*t, it was actually Lu Wan?

Lu Wan’s head was filled with black lines: “……”

What kind of reaction was this? Was she really that scary?

Even if she looked like a man disguising as a woman, it was not uncommon ba. At any rate, it was also a legitimate job.

Moreover…… she also noticed that someone was secretly taking pictures of her.

This is too much!

If you hadn’t laughed enough yourself, do you have to send it out to make everyone laugh with you?

This was really stepping on the line.

Everyone had narrowly escaped a slap on the face, but on the public account’s comment section, there was a face-slapping scene.

【Master, don’t turn on the lights, it’s this old man: dbq[6]sorry. I forgive her! I! Have! Forgiven! Her!】

Everyone who saw the comment: “……”

It has only been three minutes, hasn’t this classmate’s attitude changed too quickly ba?

What a truly confusing behavior.


1 have not experienced things personally, but have heard of it, seen it and have a little understanding
2 menstruation
3 a propitious omen
4 a TV station
5 someone who has a special preference for girls’ legs
6 sorry


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