Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 11

The path was backed by mountains and there were no people passing by.

Lu Wan determined that it was convenient to speak there, and let go of the hand holding the other party’s collar.

She stepped back and looked at the person in front of her coldly.

Jiang Boyang got over his shock and said with his face full of anger, “Are you f*cking courting death?”

Lu Wan folded her arms around her chest. She doesn’t like nonsense so she immediately got onto the subject, “I know you don’t want to have anything to do with me, and so do I. Since this is the case, let’s make an agreement. We will be strangers in the future and won’t get in the way of each other.”

“What are you talking about?” It didn’t dawned on Jiang Boyang what she meant.

Lu Wan felt a little impatient. This guy had a problem with understanding which was the result of not studying.

She spoke so clearly and he still didn’t got it?

She added in a slow voice, “What I’m saying is, if you dare to say that I am your fiancee in front of others, I’ll never let you off.”

Jiang Boyang: ???

The line was spoken by the other party first, and the school tyrant, who was already lacking in vocabulary, suddenly became speechless.

After hesitating for several seconds, he asked with an unhappy expression, “Have you lost your mind?”

Lu Wan glanced at the open space a dozen meters away.

People from the Skateboard Club were watching them.

She couldn’t casually hit him inside the school grounds and let her reputation be damaged because of this Pie Chart.

She endured it; loosening her hard fist.

“You better remember it. You and I are strangers. If you dare to talk nonsense, you’ll be sorry!”

These darn bastards. She finally didn’t have to think about making money all day long. Lu Wan only hoped to live a happier life and study hard. Why must they come and trouble her?

The more she thought about this, the more angry she became. She silently clenched her loosened fist once again.

Article 4 of the school rules and regulations: Fighting in school is strictly prohibited.

She persuaded herself not to do it; at least not for now.

Jiang Boyang: “……”

This fellow’s eyes-…… What is she up to?

After the person left, Jiang Boyang regained his senses. Lu Wan seemed to dislike him?

She dared to threaten him? Don’t think he doesn’t hit women!

Jiang Boyang reacted slowly for several beats because he was too shocked, but the culprit had already left. He gave a hard kick to the tree next to him.

The towering Dawn Redwood Tree didn’t budge an inch.

Jiang Boyang couldn’t help muttering, “She’s mentally ill ah!”


The school’s piano room was built on the mountain for a quiet environment.

But saying that it’s a mountain, it only took less than ten minutes to climb; it’s more accurate to call it a small hill.

The window on the right was filled with more than a dozen heads. If any student pass by at this time, they would definitely be frightened.

This was because a few minutes ago a girl exclaimed, “Goodness, Jiang Boyang is fighting with someone down there!”

Then all the students in the piano room came to join in on the fun.

The window gave a clear view of the pathway below.

The two didn’t fight, and after they left, the people who went to see the fun dispersed, still discussing about it.

A young man remained standing by the window on the left. He halted and did not leave.

Just now, a dozen or so students were all crowded on the right, but no one came to share the view from the window on the left with him.

“President, you’re still looking? Do you know them?”

The underclassman was a little puzzled. The president usually doesn’t care about these kinds of things.

Hearing the voice behind him, Chen Nianqing retracted his gaze, turned around and said, “I know. Let’s go have a look at the music arrangements.”

“Oh, okay!”

The boy following behind scratched his head. Since Chen Nianqing and Jiang Boyang were the two major school grass, it was normal for them to know each other.

However, their president was different from the flamboyant and domineering Jiang Boyang. Even if the president was very low-key, his popularity was very high.

Even if he was a man, he had to admit that the president was so f*cking handsome and outstanding.

All Music Club members were in the piano room that afternoon, rehearsing for the upcoming school festival that would take place half a month later.


Seeing Lu Wan walking back, the members of Skateboard Club all looked over.

Holy shit! What a major event! This classmate left grabbing Jiang Boyang’s collar…… How could he come back safely?

Is he an immortal?!

Su Rao asked worriedly, “Are you all right?”

“No, we just exchanged a few words. It was nothing at all.” Lu Wan said lightly.

When she finished this sentence, Jiang Boyang walked out of the path by the woods. He stared at Lu Wan fiercely.

Not to be outdone, Lu Wan looked directly into the other’s eyes.

Everyone held their breath. Mom, the smoke of gunpowder doesn’t look like they had simply talked about their childhood!

Jiang Boyang’s voice was cold, “Do you know who I am?”

Lu Wan: “A scum who fights, skip classes and fails the exam every time?”

Everyone: “.…..”

The new student is really brave! Level 1 Battle Warning!

Su Rao felt that something bad was going to happen so she stood between the two. “We should talk this out.”

Jiang Boyang picked up his skateboard from the ground. “Just you wait.”

If you aren’t a woman, I will beat you up!

Lu Wan: “You too. Be careful on your way home.”

If it isn’t because we’re in school, I’d get rid of you right away!

They thought the two were going to fight, but the school tyrant…… actually walked away with his skateboard?

While everyone was relieved, they felt that something wasn’t quite right, and they all looked in succession at the other person.

Lu Wan did not feel much affected about what happened and continued to learn skateboarding.

She wanted to learn and Su Rao was naturally willing to teach her.

Both parties were so calm that everyone returned to their senses and went back to do their own businesses.

But they were nervous for Lu Wan in their hearts. He actually offended Jiang Boyang!

……Maybe he doesn’t know what that means ba?

Lu Wan was a beginner, but she had good body coordination.

After stumbling for a while, she could stand on the board steadily without being supported.

Good-looking people really had an unfair advantage. Lu Wan just stood on the board without falling and already looked like a master.

The boys of the Skateboard Club were about to cry. No matter how hard they practiced their skills and worked hard to perform various movements, the girls still all looked at Lu Wan!

Just! Looking! At! Lu! Wan!

They watched with interest at the rookie who was standing on the board, occasionally slipping with his feet!

After the club activities were over, Lu Wan was still not satisfied, thinking about going back and buying a board to practice on.

It took more than ten minutes to walk from the school gate to the school building. Sometimes students used skateboards to get around, which was quite convenient.

Haley followed behind Lu Wan. He was feeling suffocated this entire afternoon. Brother Wan had been practicing skateboarding and didn’t have time to speak with him!

“You’re too handsome ba, but that’s Jiang Boyang! You just offended him like that? That’s a school grass and a school tyrant.”

Lu Wan stopped her steps. “What’s the big deal? Who hasn’t been a school grass and a school tyrant?”

Haley was stunned for a few seconds then began to scream, “Ah ah ah! Say that again. I want to marry you!”

“Not marrying.”

“Oh.” Harry shrugged if off. He was used to being rejected on a daily basis.

Only Brother Wan could reject him, this cute red panda, with a firm heart.

“Oh, by the way, don’t you think Su Rao treats you differently? She seems to like you.”

Lu Wan said bluntly, “I like her too, ah.”

Su Rao was worthy of the title school goddess. She was beautiful, had good grades, warmhearted, and was also multitalented. Not only was she good at debating, she could skateboard, and was said to be good at dancing.

Lu Wan knew it’s a height that she couldn’t reach even if she was reincarnated. No one would dislike her ba.

Haley was about to explain, but as he lowered his head and swiped at a certain post, he froze.

The school has an official penguin account, but this one was just made privately by some students.

However, almost all students paid close attention to this account.

It’s usually used as a confession wall and there’s also people who submit various complaints. Haley would skim through it whenever he was free to ensure that he’s always on the forefront of eating melons.

But this time, what he ate was Lu Wan’s melon.

Among the students who saw the excitement awhile ago, someone not afraid of death took several pictures and shared the spirit by submitting them to the forum!

The one managing the account saw that it was a big news and immediately posted it.

There were six photos in total.

Lu Wan and Jiang Boyang facing each other with sparks flying in all direction.

Lu Wan grabbing Jiang Boyang’s collar.

Lu Wan dragging Jiang Boyang away.

Jiang Boyang looking at people viciously.

Jiang Boyang turning to leave with his skateboard.

The figure of Jiang Boyang walking away.

Looking at them, these series of pictures clearly illustrated what happened.

It was the time when there was no club activities and the students by now were very active, so many saw this post for the first time.

It had only been half an hour, but it already has 5,000+ views and more than 800 comments.

【Sit and play wherever you fall: I zoomed in on the pictures and carefully checked if there are any rough edges. I can verify that these are real.】

【Green grassland: My mother! Who is this fierce man??!】

【2333: Holy shit! I can tell you that I was on the scene, and new classmate A exploded!】

【Getting fat at the drop of a hat: Senior 2 Class 4, a poor student who transferred to our school through the charity program, Lu Wan.】

【Master, don’t turn on the lights, it’s this old man: I love the pretty boy. Let me, this old woman pursue him ba. This Buddhist believer is willing to mix meat and vegetables to eat for a lifetime.】

【The Fairy herself: Though……why does it look like an idol drama? However, an idol drama is supposed to be with a man and a woman.】

【Wine and dine: Heh. Now idol dramas can also be with two men. Kdl[1]abbreviation of the internet slang for shipping a pairing.】

【I can’t wake up every day: I announce that I will climb the wall[2]have an affair and pick Lu Wan!】

【Fireworks: You are mistaken, Lu Wan is actually a woman!】

【Green grassland: Does it matter whether she’s a man or a woman? She’s so handsome; it’s over!】

Many things were said in the comment section.

Haley looked up at the person beside him. “My judgement is really not wrong. Brother Wan, congratulations, you are almost as popular as the two school grass.”

Lu Wan took the mobile phone handed over her, gave it a perfunctory glance, then returned it back.

“Boring. There must be not enough homework ah.

Haley: “Hey, don’t be too cool! If I hadn’t bent firmly, I would’ve been straightened by you.”



Zhao Yan also saw the post on the forum and was literally burning with anger.

What was Lu Wan doing? How did she got involved with Jiang Boyang?

She’s rather capable!

Things were completely contrary to what Zhao Yan had planned. She had asked people in the class to conceal that Lu Wan was a girl because she wanted to see a joke.

What was this now?


The student managing the forum received new submissions.

Her private messages exploded and most of them were asking about Lu Wan, but mixed among them was a particular one.

The other party disclosed that Lu Wan was a girl and also attached her admission form with ‘female’ written on the gender column which was an irrefutable proof.

The forum moderator student was an emotionless relay machine and also posted this.

Lu Wan’s eyebrows were full; her face had some sharpness which weakened her delicateness and added a bit of a heroic feel.

Giving off a vigorous youthful spirit.

Seeing her oval face and this kind of defined and clear jawline that was quite distinguishable, those who prefer this type would like it very much.

If her hair was a little longer right now, some students…… would perceive that she’s a girl.

But the students in Class 4 claimed that she was a boy, and Lu Wan’s height was out of the scope of gender identification, plus.….. she also wore school pants. Everyone just didn’t bother with this issue anymore.


Just as Lu Wan was heading towards the school gate, she was called back by the class teacher.

The largest size of the school uniform’s skirt only fits girls as tall as 175cm. Her height was 177 but the crucial problem was that her legs were long.

Therefore, the skirt doesn’t fit well and it became very awkward to wear it.

Such a situation had also occurred before. The school would occasionally have very tall girls but they were few, so the school officials would have to ask the manufacturers to customize it for them each time.

So, after a week, the custom-tailored skirt finally arrived. Their class teacher told her to go to the office to get it.

Lu Wan could wear a skirt to school tomorrow.


1 abbreviation of the internet slang for shipping a pairing
2 have an affair


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