Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 10

Lu Wan put down her leg but did not let go of the hand holding Zhao Yan’s tie.

It was to avoid the other person running away first before she could finish what she wanted to say.

Lu Wan looked down at her and plastered a smile that did not reach the bottom of her eyes. She said in a calm voice, “Whatever you do doesn’t matter to me; I’m not interested. However, stop bothering me. My time is precious and I don’t have any to spare with you. It’s better to make it clear in front of all our classmates.”

The tone of her voice turned hard and Lu Wan pulled the other person closer. “Whether it was deliberate or not, stop getting me involve, otherwise don’t blame me for being hostile and unkind to a classmate.”

The whole class was silent.

Several of Zhao Yan’s plastic sisters who rushed to mediate, not only did not speak, but…… looked at Lu Wan instead.

No matter what, Lu Wan was still too rigid ba!

They really wanted to shout: The enemy is so handsome!

Even hoping that Lu Wan would also come and pull their ties. Ah, this type of shameful thought is really scary!

Zhao Yan’s face turned red then white. Her lips moved but she couldn’t even utter a rebuttal.

She didn’t expect Lu Wan to be so direct, not saving her any face at all! She was also worried that the other party would say something more excessive.

“Since you’re not speaking, I’ll assume you agree.” Lu Wan withdrew her hand and walked to her seat under the gazes of everyone.

She sat down, pulled out a book and began to read.

She looked tranquil, as if the person who said those relentless words just now wasn’t her.

Everybody: ???

The whole class was astonished. They turned to look at the other person involve.

Zhao Yan’s face was flushed, as if she was trying her best to endure something, but she didn’t say a word.

According to her usual personality, how could she bare it?!

Is there something more to this?  Everyone thought.

In all fairness, although Lu Wan had only been transferred to school for a week, she was not the type to cause trouble.

Instead, it was some of the girls in class who went around each other’s desk from time to time that were being a little too aggressive.…..

This reminded everyone of an incident last week.

The girls headed by Zhao Yan also had conflicts with another transfer student, Lin Niannian.

Something big almost happened last Friday.

Those girls were usually very haughty in class and often commanded their classmates to go to the store to buy them drinks.

It began when the small group led by Zhao Yan ordered some boys to run to the store three times in the morning.

Lin Niannian had said, “It’s not good to always trouble others.” She opened up this issue, and one after another, the others also agreed, saying that they were indeed being a bit too much. Gradually, the two sides started a disagreement.

After all, the store was a little far from the school building and there’s only ten minutes between classes, so one would have to run back and forth.

Occasionally, it was okay, but running errands every class was tiring.

And if you wanted some drinks, why not buy it all at once? Don’t ask others to run multiple times.

Most of the students in school were from noble or literary families, so Lin Niannian, a poor little white flower with a ‘weak appearance, tough character, and strong self-esteem’, stood out.

She had only been transferred for a week, but she was already very popular among boys. This made Zhao Yan unhappy.

Lin Niannian embarrassed her in public, which made her even more pissed.

At noon that day in the cafeteria, a girl from that small group deliberately stretched out her leg and tripped over Lin Niannian who was holding a plate.

But Jiang Boyang just happened to pass by and held onto Lin Niannian who pounced on him.

Jiang Boyang had a good family background and a violent temper; no one in the school dared to antagonize him!

Getting him involved, not only Lin Niannian, but also several girls from the small group were frightened.

Everyone around held their breath and waited for the storm to come.

Unexpectedly, the school tyrant just frowned and said “Damn tiresome” and left.

Things ended just like that. Good thing it didn’t escalate.

Now it seemed that Zhao Yan not only had a disagreement with Lin Niannian, but also had a beef with the other transfer student.

She usually had a bit of a ‘young lady’s temper’, but since she’s a beautiful girl, they could endure it once in a while.

But would it be over this time?

Lu Wan also heard about last Friday.

In Mary Sue’s novels, when the heroine was in trouble, she must accidentally fall or bump into the hero.

She had no comment. She took out a mock math exam paper and did it on the spot.

She felt that it was easy, so after finishing it, she took out a set of comprehensive examination papers and continued to work.


Lu Wan was reading when the boy in the front row suddenly turned around.

With a complicated expression, he hesitated before asking, “Classmate Lu, can I ask you a question?”

“What?” Lu Wan raised her head.

The boy summoned up his courage. “……Do you like boys or girls?”


All the boys in class were relieved when they heard it.

The boy who asked the question breathed a sigh of relief and said to himself, “Actually, it’s also okay ah. After all, I feel pretty secure with my handsomeness.”

Lu Wan: “.…..”

What kind of perplexing speech was this?


The school aimed to cultivate students’ all-round development and made their extracurricular activities rich.

The last two classes every Wednesday were alloted for club activities.

In Lu Wan’s old school, there was only a Broadcast Club that played music every day at noon and nothing else.

So she was quite interested in various clubs.

Yesterday, Su Rao sent her a WeChat message asking if she wanted to come to the Skateboard Club to play.

Lu Wan agreed. She had no idea what club to join.

Apart from being good at studying, she had no other talents.

Naturally, being a good fighter doesn’t count.

Haley followed behind Lu Wan. He wanted to go to the Skateboard Club together with her.

When Lu Wan arrived, many students were already playing on the open space.

Su Rao saw Lu Wan and slid towards him.

She folded her legs and slid forward, doing a flip just before she stopped. Her skirt drew an arc in the air and finally, she landed smoothly on the longboard.

Su Rao’s long legs were straight and slender and her black hair fluttered in the wind. She had learned dancing, so these set of movements made by her was very pleasing to the eyes.

The people in the Skateboard Club were wildly kicking up a fuss. After all, although Su Rao had good skills, she rarely does difficult moves!

Haley was a ‘social person’ so everyone naturally knew him, and the other one was…… a bit handsome ah!

Su Rao touch the ground with one foot to stopped the skateboard and asked with a smile, “How is it? Can I be your coach with my skills?”

Lu Wan: “You’re very good, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to learn it.”

Su Rao: “It’s okay. Let’s have fun skateboarding and go to the hospital happily.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Is that how it works?

“Just kidding. Don’t worry, I’ll protect you. You have never tried skateboarding before and you have no equipment, so you can use my board for the time being.” Su Rao smiled.

Lu Wan: “What about you?”

Su Rao: “I’ll be teaching you ah. I bet you have a good talent. Try standing on the board first. You can hold me for support.”

Everyone’s jaws were about to fall to the ground.

Su Rao’s longboard was specially customized by herself and she usually doesn’t let anyone borrow it!

What’s going on today?

Just as Lu Wan was standing on the board, the front suddenly became lively.

Ah ah ah, it’s him!”

“Jiang Boyang is really awesome ah!”

“His family background is good, he’s handsome and he’s cool!”

Lu Wan was shocked by the words of several girls and at the same time had a bad hunch.

Sure enough, she looked up and saw Jiang Boyang.

The novel was 100% restored. Every time he appeared, he brought his own narrator.

And there he was now, coming with his pie chart.

Jiang Boyang was wearing a white headband and black sportswear with a board in his hand. His face looked like he was in a bad mood, but it seemed that he was only putting on airs.

He had good athletic skills, and he could dabble in everything, including skateboarding.

However, Jiang Boyang had an aloof personality and hated group activities. Instead of joining the Skateboard Club, he played on his own.

The most suitable venue for skateboarding in the school was this open space. Jiang Boyang would come occasionally, but it’s mostly when there was no one. Seeing him come now, Su Rao was a little surprised.

She greeted with a smile, “Oh, hello.”

Jiang Boyang basically ignored the girls in school, but Su Rao was able to exchange a few words with him.

“Yeah.” Jiang Boyang responded indifferently. His eyes swept across Lu Wan who was standing on the skateboard without stopping.

He put down the board and started his preparations.

Su Rao turned back and said, “Lu Wan, let’s try it again?”

Hearing the familiar name, Jiang Boyang suddenly turned his head.

He stared at the person on the longboard.

Going out this morning, his mother once again told him to “Take care of Lu Wan. She is Lu Jinye’s niece and have a special status.”

Jiang Boyang was annoyed. She’s nothing ah. Why should he take care of her?

He hated his mother who doesn’t show up at ordinary times and would only told him what to do as soon as she appeared. And as it happens, he didn’t want to see the ‘Lu Wan’ from the other party’s mouth.

Jiang Boyang looked at Lu Wan badly.

Does this fellow knew that he often came here to play longboard and that’s why she’s squatting here on purpose?

She’s quite capable. Even getting Su Rao to teach her how to skateboard.

He knew that Su Rao’s board has never been used by others and she was being very accommodating to this fellow. But so what? He wouldn’t give her face.

Jiang Boyang said coldly, “You being here with me don’t mean anything.”

Lu Wan: “……”

She knew that this guy could not be as quiet as a chicken since he was a dog.

Su Rao has been worrying about something recently.

Last time she asked Lu Wan to watch her debate competition, this time she asked the other party to skateboard. Next time she could ask him to watch her dance, but would it seem like she was being too proactive?

She wanted to show her best side so that the other party would like her and take the initiative to confess his feelings.

After all, it’s not good for a girl to pierce the window paper[1]ask him herself.

But when would Lu Wan give her that hair clip?

While waiting impatiently, Su Rao thought that Lu Wan’s pure feelings was better, unlike the other boys who approached her.

She had never been so nervous and afraid of losing something.

Looking at the two people facing each other now, Su Rao was a little surprised. How did Lu Wan and Jiang Boyang knew each other?

Jiang Boyang appeared to be displeased and with his temper…… she was somewhat worried for Lu Wan.


Lu Wan got off the skateboard. She didn’t want to meet this guy at all.

And even if they do, it’s best for everyone if they pretended not to know each other.

Unexpectedly, the other party opened fire directly.

This obnoxious pie chart.

Jiang Boyang: “Don’t think that just because I’m still single—“

Lu Wan grabbed the boy’s collar without warning and interrupted him, “I have something to tell you. Come with me.”

The relationship between the two of them must never be made public. She really felt ashamed and didn’t want to have anything to do with this dog!

Jiang Boyang was stunned…… No one has dared to pull his collar before, and it was actually done by a girl?

He was beyond surprised, he forgot to resist. The other person had great strength that he was dragged to a deserted pathway.

The people who remained on their spot were completely caught up in analyzing the situation……

What’s happening?

Why did Jiang Boyang trouble Su Rao’s friend as soon as he came?

The other one was even worse! How dare he pull the school tyrant’s collar?!

Oh, shit! That new classmate is sure to die horribly!

Su Rao was worried. She wanted to follow them but was stopped by Haley.

“Although we can’t hear their conversation, we can see their backs and observe the situation from here. It will not be too late to go over by then.”

Haley noticed that the two had a lot to say towards each other.

He’s not surprised!

From the first moment he saw her, he knew that Brother Wan was not an ordinary person. The charm of his family’s Brother Wan do not distinguish between men and women.

Everything was perfect except for the fact that she’s not the Top.

Haley even thought to himself, ‘Sure enough ah, some people are really destined to be extraordinary.’


1 ask him herself


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