Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 9

The aunt hung her entire body weight on Lu Wan’s leg like a dead weight. She tried several times but couldn’t pull it out.

Aunt: “Wuwuwuwu.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Why are you still crying?

Passers-by frequently look towards them and some people who doesn’t think it’s a big deal even took out melon seeds to watch the fun while squatting on the side.

The youth was wearing the uniform of an elite school, while the woman on the ground was dressed plainly and had a haggard expression.

Two people whom supposed to have nothing to do with each other were pulling and pushing one another.

This is exciting ah!

Lu Wan understood that the aunt was not merely trying to blackmail her, but wanted to do something big.

She really found the wrong person! Don’t look at her appearance now, if it weren’t for that day many years ago when she had fallen in love with learning, and through it knew that there was a thick book called 《Criminal Law》.…..

She was sure that she’d already be the leader of the ‘touch porcelain[1]scams to blackmail pedestrians’ industry and was crying behind bars for being too outstanding by now.

There were more and more people watching the fun. This couldn’t go on.

Lu Wan squatted down and sighed, “Auntie seems to have something to say to me. Why don’t we go somewhere quiet?”

Wang Hui nodded and then let go. She gathered her hair, stood up quickly, and murmured. “Don’t call me Auntie. I’m only thirty-two years old.”

“……Alright, Elder Sister.”

Lu Wan went to find a quiet place and Wang Hui followed her closely for fear of being thrown off.

It was bustling here and there was no park nearby. Lu Wan walked more than four or five hundred meters before she finally saw a cafe at the end of the street.

Seeing the other party go in, Wang Hui breathed a sigh of relief and finally got time to rest. The other party had long legs and walked fast, she had to trot all the way to keep up!

The waiter brought the menu and asked the two guests’ order.

Lu Wan frowned slightly. Fifteen Yuan for a glass of plain water???

However, this also counts as a legal robbery. Since you had entered the establishment, you couldn’t be shameless and not spend anything.

“I’ll have a glass of water.”

“I want a glass of water, too.” Wang Hui licked her lips. She had cried then ran for a while, and now her throat felt like it’s burning.

After the waiter left, Lu Wan leaned back slightly and directly cut to the chase, “Elder Sister, what do you want from me?”

The other party’s calmness made Wang Hui feel a bit uncertain, but it was not easy for her to block people, so she couldn’t give up!

Wang Hui plucked up her courage and shockingly said, “I fell in love with your father but he abandoned me.”

Lu Wan suspected she was hearing auditory hallucinations.

“If you are sick, you need to take medicine.”

She couldn’t be bothered to talk to the other person anymore. She stood up to leave.

Wang Hui became anxious and hurriedly added, “It’s true! It’s just that Professor Lu dare not face his feelings, and now he refuses to see me.”

Lu Wan looked at her in contemplation and sat back again. “I don’t believe it. “

Wang Hui took a deep breath and tried to convince the other person, “We work together. Every time Professor Lu would see me he would smile and sometimes, when it’s raining, he would send me home and even take me to pick up my daughter from school!”

Thinking of the image of the two of them getting along, a smile appeared on Wang Hui’s face, and this time her voice was firmer, “He likes me.”

Lu Wan barely grasped the key point through the other party’s embellished story.

“You work in the research institute? It should be that you haven’t seen Professor Lu recently, and you have no choice but to come to me. You were fired?”

As far as this extrajudicial fanatic who blackmailed people was concerned, there was a high probability that she was not a researcher.

Wang Hui was stabbed in her sore spot and her voice became emotional, “Professor Lu doesn’t like his wife. That woman is four years older than him! Why else would he rather be in the laboratory than go home everyday!”

Lu Wan: “So you want me to persuade my parents to divorce?”

Wang Hui was stunned. She hoped so, but she knew it was unlikely.

She only wanted to attract that man’s attention in this way.

“You are destroying other people’s family.” After a pause, Lu Wan said, “Although you are not qualified.”

Wang Hui instantly became embarrassed. With resentment flashing in her eyes, she refused to accept it. “What do you know? Professor Lu and I really love each other!”

A woman insisted on pestering a married man; it was either for excitement, for true love, or for cold, hard cash.

This aunt’s life was exciting enough, and feelings were even more impossible.

Then it could only be money.

Lu Wan raised her eyes. “My father is a top-class professor and he also works in the research institute. He is too busy at work to go home; not because he has no feelings for his wife, let alone because of you.”

Wang Hui was unsettled. She shook her head. “You just don’t know at all.”

Lu Wan: “I know. It is very hard for a single woman to raise their child. If you can find a man that is financially successful and have a good temperament, your life will be much better than it is now.”

Wang Hui did not expect her thoughts to be spoken out loud. She pursed her lips and began to feel a little tense.

“His salary plus his performance bonus is more than one million a year which is quite a lot, but this amount is just enough for him to support himself.”

“Your lying. How can that be possible?!” Wang Hui argued loudly. She didn’t believe it.

“The books Professor Lu usually buys are expensive. In his lab at the university, he would also buy all the equipments he uses even up to the smallest glass stirring rods. It’s a few grades higher than the ones provided by the school too and cost a lot of money. Furthermore, he would often give support to students from poor families, just like how he helped you, and it amounts to a large sum.”

Wang Hui: “……”

She didn’t know about this.

“Professor Lu has good taste, right? It’s because his coat casually cost five figures. So apart from his own expenses, he doesn’t even earn enough to pay for the family’s property tax.”

Lu Wan was sensitive to numbers. Although she had only returned for a week, she already knew a lot about her family.

Lu Bainian was really not poor, but the income of a top researcher and a top businessman could not be lumped together.

He was not picky. He could live in the dormitory and eat in the cafeteria. However, his wife had expensive taste, and the two had lived together for a long time. Professor Lu was inevitably influenced by her.

Now he was a master who could accurately select the most expensive one among a pile of things.

When Lu Bainian and his wife got married, he was still a twenty-two-year-old researcher.

The woman was four years older than him and was the owner of a company.

But that didn’t stop the two from falling in love at first sight.

After a month of dating, his wife proposed to get married and he agreed after careful consideration.

He was a smart and straightforward man with clear eyes; kind and simple in his forties.

But there was never a shortage of people in this world who would reach out for a yard after taking an inch, such as this one in front of her.

Wang Hui digested the information with difficulty and said in an obscured voice, “……He and your mother might not be suitable with each another.”

“Is that right?” Lu Wan opened her phone and found the photo she secretly took yesterday.

She put it on the table and pushed it in front of the other person.

No words were necessary as all could easily be understood.

The person in the photo was wearing silk loungewear while sitting next to a floor lamp, looking down at some documents.

She had a graceful figure and a calm demeanor. She wore no makeup; her skin fair and glowing.

Lu Wan couldn’t hold herself back at that time and secretly took a picture.

She couldn’t understand how a mother and daughter could be so much different.….. They were not alike at all.

Of course, she wanted to say that she was like her father, but she always felt like she was slandering Professor Lu every time……

Wang Hui was shocked when she saw the photo, which was vastly different from what she had first believed.

She thought that Professor Lu’s wife would be an old woman who was out of shape and willful! But the other party looked much better than her……

……She was unreconciled!

Professor Lu spoke so gently to her even if she was only a logistics worker!

Wang Hui was quite attractive and she had been courted by several men…… So she had imagined countless times that the two of them would raise her daughter and form a family together.

Lu Wan: “Stop dreaming. It would definitely be a nightmare. You have a daughter. Do you have any parents?”

“What do you want to do? My daughter is innocent! She is only four years old!” Wang Hui sounded off.

Lu Wan: “Oh, I’m innocent too, yet you still found me.”

“I had no other way!” Wang Hui’s voice was hoarse.

“Since you are so confident, you must think that you are not wrong. Since you are right, why can’t you tell me? I guarantee that when your daughter goes to grade school, middle school, and even to work in the future, I will tell all her friends and colleagues what her mother did. Don’t think that everything will just die down. I will keep on reminding you.”

“Why will you do that?!” Wang Hui’s expression was flustered and she didn’t had the confidence in her questioning.

Her daughter was her lifeblood!

“Now you know ba. Your self-righteousness won’t make her life better, but only make it harder.”

Wang Hui: “.…..”

The mobile phone on the table rang without warning.

It was Father Lu, obviously calling to check up on her again.

Lu Wan put her finger to her mouth, signaling to the person opposite to keep quiet, and answered the phone.

“Shushu, why haven’t you gone home yet? Why don’t I come and pick you up?”

“No need. I’m already on my way back.”

Lu Wan hung up the phone and saw the person on the other side’s unwilling face.

Wang Hui had wanted to make a big noise so the person on the other end of the phone would notice.

But she didn’t act in the end, because she didn’t dare.

Knowing the other party’s choice, Lu Wan said in a calm voice, “Even if Professor Lu is with you, it would not be better than now. And if you bet on him, you will fail miserably. Not to mention he doesn’t like you. You haven’t had a chance from the very beginning.”

Wang Hui remained silent, her psychological defense had already collapsed.

“Take it as if we haven’t met each other today. Don’t appear in front of me again. I won’t hold you accountable this time, not because you are pitiful, but because your daughter will become pitiful.”

Lu Wan left her seat. She really felt like she was seeing things. Why does everyone think she’s a pushover?

Could it be because she has an innocent face? That shouldn’t be it ah……

Lu Wan in the novel was not only close to Zhao Yan, but also had a good relationship with the Zhao family.

Come to think of it now, it must be because of what happened.

It might be that Lu Wan, who had just returned back in the book, was frightened by his father’s ‘lover’. When she was in such a state, the Zhao family went to pretend to comfort her so they could become closer.

It was more than two hours since school had ended and the auntie was still waiting for her at the school gate.

It was strange to think that no one had tipped off the information. And there was also the other party’s adamant appearance, as if she was brainwashed.

It’s absolutely clear who arranged it!

Yep, they’re trying the PUA trick on her again!

Lu Wan just really wanted to study quietly.

Royal High School had only focused on the college entrance examination, however today, the school not only paid attention to grades, but also to the all-round development of students. There’s even a golf course in the school.

With such an expensive tuition fee, Lu Wan of course had to grasp it with both hands and learn everything!

She could not wait to catch the teachers and arrange extra lessons on weekends for every single thing.

Of course, if all the teachers knew of Lu’s frightening thoughts, they would definitely not keep their distance with her.


Lu Wan settled the bill at the register. Thirty yuan for two glasses of water.…..

The most expensive water she had ever drank!

Wang Hui was utterly upset that she slumped on the chair weakly, not knowing what to do.

Seeing the person who had turned back, she sat up nervously with a look of panic.

What did she wanted to do? Forget about threatening her, did she still wanted to use her height advantage to beat people up?

Lu Wan picked up the water on the table, finished her own glass, and then picked up the other one in front of the woman and drank it.

“I paid for it with my money. If you want to drink then buy it yourself.”



Lu Wan did not told her family that she had met the extrajudicial fanatic Aunt Wang[2]from the internet catchphrase ‘extrajudicial fanatic Zhang San; referring to the famous Doctor of Law, Professor Luo Xiang, who often uses ‘Zhang San’ as an example of the perpetrator … Continue reading.

Wang Hui got the wrong idea that Professor Lu was interested in her. Her confession was rejected, and she repeatedly harassed him.

Lu Bainian saw that the other party was having difficultly picking her daughter up when it was raining, so he helped dropped them off a few times. Later, he couldn’t bear it anymore and fired her.

He didn’t take it to heart.

Lu Bainian and the research institute handled it too gently and didn’t said anything much. Wang Hui did not give up, fancifully thinking that she still had a chance.

Under the instructions of others, she chose to squeeze the soft persimmon[3]pick to bully the weak and went to Lu Wan.

Afterwards…… she was so scared by Lu Wan that she almost had a nightmare at night.

How could the gentle and respectable Professor Lu had such a vicious daughter?!

If it wasn’t because of that person who said that Professor Lu and his wife had no feelings for each other, she wouldn’t bet her all on a single throw!

In addition to being afraid, the middle-aged Mary Sue, the extrajudicial fanatic’s mind was completely broken.


On Monday morning, because they hadn’t seen each other all weekend, the classroom was a bit noisy.

Everyone chatted about their own interesting stories these past two days.

Zhao Yan was blocked before she could enter the classroom.

Lu Wan put one foot on the door, cutting off the other party’s path.

“Don’t go yet. I want to talk to you.”

Lu Wan’s legs were long. Leaning on the door frame, she was still a lot higher than Zhao Yan’s head.

In an instant, all the students in the class looked over.

Although they didn’t know why the two were having a squabble, but…… this leg’s, they love it!

This person was so handsome!

There were whispers in the classroom.

“Holy crap, are Lu Wan’s legs real? Though…… I really want to be blocked like this even once!”

“You also like it?”

“I like it too, ba!” A boy said, not willing to be outdone.


Zhao Yan who was feeling a little guilty, frowned. “Don’t go crazy early in the morning. I have nothing to say to you.”

Lu Wan looked at her leisurely. “You really have no idea in your heart?”

Zhao Yan’s mind turned. Did Lu Wan discovered something? She had no proof!

Or did she wanted to show everyone that they were cousins, and that she was the daughter of the Lu family, to show off?

Whatever it was, it’s not something she wanted everyone to see.

Zhao Yan restrained her panic and tried to say in a calm tone, “Whatever, if you wanted to talk, let’s go outside.”

Lu Wan grabbed the other party’s school tie and pulled her back with force using one hand.

“That’s not necessary. It’s just a few words, saying it here is fine.”


1 scams to blackmail pedestrians
2 from the internet catchphrase ‘extrajudicial fanatic Zhang San; referring to the famous Doctor of Law, Professor Luo Xiang, who often uses ‘Zhang San’ as an example of the perpetrator when he did lectures.
3 pick to bully the weak


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