Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 8

Lu Wan had been going to school for a few days and she was fairly used to it by now.

At first, her deskmate’s language had startled and somewhat shaken her, but she was impervious to it by now.

Haley had beautiful facial features. His eyes were blue and his lashes were long. Although he was of mixed race, he was more European in appearance.

A very handsome Caucasian boy.

He had a lively and cheerful personality, was very popular in school, and had a lot of friends.

However, it was a little bit too lively.

Yesterday, Lu Wan and Haley were walking around the school premises and met a handsome guy who greeted them. Haley told her “This man had dated me before”.

Then, another gentleman said hello to them, and Haley continued to explain, “My ex-boyfriend”.

Finally, a beautiful woman came up to them. Lu Wan asked, “This one has something to do with you too?”

Haley thought for a few seconds, then blinked and said, “She had chased me before, but I refused her. Lu Wan, if you chase me, I might agree, but some things have to be clear; I will only be the Bottom.”

Lu Wan: “Please drop it.”

Haley studied wrong things. Every day, he only thinks about how to make himself look like a peacock and how to hook up with handsome guys.

He worked harder than her.

School ends at four o’clock every Friday.

Lu Wan cleared the table, but was stopped by Haley just as she was about to leave.

“Since we’re familiar with each other, can I show off your picture to my sisters now?”

Lu Wan: “No. I’m a cute girl.”

Haley: “You’re obviously not.”


OK. The conversation broke down.

Lu Wan pushed the other person to the side, “Don’t block me. I’m going to the auditorium to watch the debate.”

“How do you know there’s a debate competition? Good, you’re socializing behind my back!” Haley folded his arms and scrutinized the other person.

“Someone else invited me, okay?”

“You know someone from the Debate Club? Who is it?”

“Su Rao.” Lu Wan gave a name.

Haley’s expression changed from doubt to shock. “You actually know Su Rao? When did you met her?”

“A few days ago. Am I not allowed to?”

“No, no, no. That’s great. Su Rao is the school goddess!”

Lu Wan: “Didn’t you say that Zhao Yan is the goddess? Your school is full of divinities ah?”

Haley shrugged. “Well, when there are many people, it’s inevitable that there will be differences in their aesthetic tastes. It can’t be unanimous. There are several goddesses in school. En, there are two school grass; One is Jiang Boyang, you saw him last time, and the other one is very low-key, I will point him out when we see him next time.”

After a pause, Haley raised his voice and added, “But among the girls, Su Rao is the supreme divinity. She is the president of the student council, have good grades, good looks, and have no flaws or shortcomings.”

Lu Wan was too lazy to listen to some nonsense. She unilaterally ended the chit-chat, and walked quickly to the auditorium.

Although it was the beginning of the weekend, there were still a lot of people inside.

The debate was absolutely fascinating. In the second argument, Su Rao won the best debater and the cheers continued to pour.

Lu Wan seemed to understand why Haley gave such a high evaluation.


While Su Rao sat on the stage, she kept on looking for someone. And upon seeing Lu Wan, she began to focus on the competition.

As soon as it was done, Su Rao rushed to get down and walked over.

“I’m glad you can come. Did you feel bored?”

Lu Wan spoke frankly, “No, I think it’s wonderful. Especially your debate.”

“Thank you.” Su Rao held a bouquet of flowers given by someone in her arms, which made the crimson color on her face less obvious.

She said gracefully, “Later, our debate club will move to another place. If you have time, would you like to accompany me? If you like debating, I can also teach you some techniques.”

Lu Wan thought about it. She had more or less nothing else to do, so she nodded. “Okay.”

The school issued a notice that the original debate club office on the sixth floor would be moved to a larger room on the first floor that week.

Everything has been sorted out. Including the trophies, documents, as well as various sundries, there were more than ten boxes.

Every month, the school allotted a weekend where the cleaning company was asked to clean and disinfect the school buildings.

Today was disinfection day. In addition to cleaning, the cleaners were also responsible for moving down the boxes of the Debate Club.


The two had a good chat along the way.

The members of the debate club were surprised to see Su Rao bring a boy over.

They hadn’t seen him before, but it seemed that the two has a good relationship.

The cleaners had already put the boxes in order.

Ten boxes were stacked together and fastened with ropes. One of the worker was ready to carry them down all at once.

There was no elevator in this building.

Lu Wan looked. There were a lot of books in the boxes, which should be very heavy.

The porter has gray hair and was not young anymore.

“Sir, why don’t you divide it into several moves? It’s not good if you sprained your back.”

“No need. I’m in a hurry, and I’m used to it. I can do it.”

The porter smiled. He went to tighten the rope, bent down and tried to carry the large pile on his back.

It was really heavy, and after failing the first time, he took the bit in his teeth and started trying a second time.

Lu Wan walked over. “Why don’t you unload the two heaviest boxes and I will carry them down for you.”

The old man wiped his sweat. “Thank you, but student, this is too heavy for you to carry……”

He came to a halt before he could finish.

Over there, Lu Wan has untied the rope, then she picked up the heaviest boxes of books.

“It’s alright. It’s not heavy at all, and I’m also still young.” Lu Wan smiled and walked out without waiting for anyone to speak.

She used to work in a barbecue joint. Every time there were heavy things to carry, the boss would call for her.

Since she was tall and strong.

The porter came back to his senses, his expression was a little moved. He whispered “Thank you”.

Several members of the debate club in the office looked at each other.

That boxes were full of books. They tried lifting it earlier, and it was hard even for two people to carry just one!

Did that person picked it up just like that?

“President, where did you find that guy? Not only is he strong, but also very handsome.” A girl sighed.

Fu Wenjie, the vice president of the debate club, has always had feelings for Su Rao. Just now, seeing her come while chatting and laughing with a boy, it made him feel uneasy.

Now he’s even more unhappy.

He snorted coldly, “It’s not like he was giving him money. He just wants to show his fake kindness. Pretentious.”

His words were prickly, and it was a bit too much. The office suddenly became quiet and no one answered.

Su Rao frowned and said displeased, “I’m not asking you to be sympathetic, but when others are willing to help, it’s basic manners not to speak rude words.”

After saying that, she told the other members, “I’ll go first. If you’re done, you can all go home.”

Su Rao quickened her pace and happened to bump into Lu Wan on the first floor. She calmed her breath for a few seconds, walked over and said, “Thank you for your help. Still, you are very strong ah. I usually pack a lot of books because I’m a bit impatient.”

“It’s nothing. You debate well and I’m strong; everyone has their own strengths.”

Su Rao was amused. “You talk so funny. Next time, I’ll teach you to debate, okay?”

“That’s fine.”

The two of them walked side by side to the school gate.

Lu Wan told the driver earlier that she had something to do and they didn’t need to pick her up.

She will go home by herself once she’s done.

Father Lu thought that the child should have her own life and have time to make friends, so he readily agreed.

It’s just that he kept track of the time when school was over, and after half an hour, made a phone call to make sure that the other party was safe.

En, I’ll be right back.” Lu Wan hung up the fifth call from that afternoon.

Su Rao tilted her head. “Are your parents urging you to go back?”

Lu Wan: “That’s not it. My dad just talks too much.”

“I see.”

Maybe he thought that even ‘boys’ were not completely safe nowadays ba.

The two arrived at the school gate.

Su Rao touched the ends of her hair. “I want to buy a new hair accessory. If you’re in a hurry, you can go back first.”

There were several boutiques at the gate. Lu Wan glanced at them and became interested. “I’m not in a hurry.”

“Then you can help me choose.”

The two entered the accessories store. It’s been a while since school has ended, and there were no other customers inside.

Su Rao took a green hairband and asked the person beside her, “Does this look good?”

Lu Wan was looking at a pink clip. She looked up and said, “You’re beautiful so everything looks good on you.”

Su Rao’s face turned red. Even though she was often praised for her beauty, right now, she was feeling a little embarrassed.

She looked at the clip on the other person’s hand, smiled and said, “Your choice is also very beautiful.”

Was it for her?

Lu Wan put the hair clip on her head. “I like it too.”

After her hair grows a little longer, she should be able to wear it.

Su Rao’s heart was filled with sweetness as she bowed her head.

Most boys wouldn’t come here, but Lu Wan was willing to accompany her, and had even foolishly wore a hair clip in his hair.

This boy is so cute!

Su Rao chose two headbands and paid for it. When she saw Lu Wan holding the pink hair clip to pay the bill, her ears turned red.

But until he walked out of the boutique, Lu Wan still did not give her the gift.

Su Rao was a little surprised. Could it be that he wanted to give it to her next time?

That was fine too.

Before the two separated, they exchanged their WeChat.

Lu Wan’s WeChat name was Full Stop, and there was no moments posted.

The gender…… was female?

But this is also normal. Su Rao thought. In order to avoid harassment, many account on the internet was filled in as ‘male’.

The two people more or less agreed without prior discussion. She was happy for the tacit understanding between them.

And Lu Wan was also very happy thinking about her newly bought hair clip.


A woman has been wandering around the school for a few days.

She was desperate. Fortunately someone gave her an advice. She might as well go to Professor Lu’s daughter and cry about the situation.

Professor Lu’s daughter had been missing for more than ten years and had only recently returned.

That girl might empathize with her. As long as she made this thing big, Professor Lu will have to take responsibility and come to terms with her feelings.

It’s been several days. Lu Wan has a car to pick her up to and from school, and she never had any chance.

But on Friday, she finally got the chance when the target was alone.

She looked at Lu Wan standing at the bus stop and rushed over.


Lu Wan had long noticed that something was wrong with the woman who was coming towards her. She reacted very quickly and threw off the other party’s hand to dodge.

If she wanted to swindle her money, there was no way!

The woman fell to the ground because she lost her center of gravity.

There was a wise saying that wealth should not be exposed ah, but she had never encountered such a situation before!

The clothes make the man. She wore such an expensive school uniform; who could tell that she was poor and stingy?

Nowadays, people walking on the road could encounter extortion!

The middle-aged woman fell hard but she couldn’t care less. She turned and hugged Lu Wan’s legs with both hands.

Lu Wan: “.…..”

No, Auntie, you’ve already missed once, how can you still force me?

Having this kind of professional skill but still dare to come out? The acting was poor and was also greedy.

Geez, you’ll leave your peers without food to eat.


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