Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 7

Lu Wan stood in the corridor and waited for ten minutes before she saw someone who looked like the teacher leading a girl over.

The heroine was not wearing a school uniform, so she was particularly conspicuous.

She wore a white dress, which was simple yet very beautiful, attracting many students to look over frequently.

Lu Wan knew very well that this was the female protagonist.

The class teacher stopped and looked at Lu Wan with a hint of surprise in his eyes. He smiled and said, “Student Lu Wan? Let’s go, I’ll take you in.”

“Okay, Teacher.”

The class teacher walked in with the two transfer students. There was a moment of silence in the classroom, and then it became noisy.

The boys turned their attention to Lin Niannian, while the girls looked at Lu Wan.

“The transfer student is a little beauty!”

“She looks pretty and pure.”

“Holy sh*t, so handsome ah! I like!”

“OMG, you also like him? So do I!”

“Everyone be quiet! Just a moment.” The class teacher tapped the podium with his fingers, turned his head and said to the people behind him, “You can make a brief self-introduction. Lu Wan will go first.”

Lu Wan nodded and went in front.

“Hello everyone, my name is Lu Wan. I’m a girl.”

All of the students: ???!!

The classroom was stunned.

The boys, who were originally very indifferent to the handsome guy, were even more confused.

What the hell? So this transfer student was a girl who was more handsome than them?

The girls feel that there was no reason why a girl couldn’t grow up like this!

“Lu Wan, since you are tall, you can sit on the last row of the third group for the time being.” The class teacher pointed to an empty seat.

Lu Wan dragged her schoolbag and walked down. As soon as she sat down, the deskmate on the left leaned forward and said, “Since you were standing in the corridor just now, I’ve been staring at you. If you were a boy, then my spring would have come! What a pity.”

Lu Wan: “……”

The blond and blue-eyed deskmate stretched out his hand. “Hello, I’m Haley. My Chinese name is Zhang Haley. My gender is male, and I like males.”

Haley’s father was a Group representative stationed in China. He grew up in China, and his Chinese grades were better than his English.

At the age of fourteen, he had already revealed his sexual orientation to the people around him.

Lu Wan: “……”

Zhang Haley: “You’re really handsome and tall. If I hadn’t bent firmly, I would have been straightened by you.”


Lu Wan couldn’t think of anything to say.


Lin Niannian hesitated for more than ten seconds, then took small steps up to the podium.

She took a deep breath and said in a small voice, “My name is Lin Nian. I’m very glad to be here to study. I hope to get along well with you in the future.”

The girl in the podium had very white skin and the white dress made her figure appear slimmer.

Her eyes seemed to contain tears which could fall down at any second, but her expression was a little stubborn.

Such a contrast instantly made people had the desire to protect her.

The class teacher looked at the person and his gaze softened. He said gently, “Lin Nian, you can sit on the vacant seat in the fourth row. Your deskmate is the class monitor. If you don’t understand anything, just ask him.”

The monitor of Class 4 had been staring at Lin Nian since she entered the door.

It wasn’t until the other party sat next to him that he regained his senses.

The boy said softly, “If you have any difficulties, you can tell me.”

Lin Niannian did not speak but nodded her head gently.

The boy’s heart inexplicably skipped a beat. He secretly glanced once again at his new deskmate and his heart actually became full of joy.

Lu Wan didn’t want to speak.

Lin Niannian was indeed the heroine ah. She was born in poverty but her skin was very white. She wrote her name on the board just now, and her hands were extraordinarily beautiful.

She looked down at her own hands. There were various calluses from writing and small scars from her part-time jobs.

Lu Wan’s hands had distinct bony joints. It couldn’t be said to be ugly, but it was definitely not a girl’s soft hands.

Sitting next to Lin Niannian was the monitor of Class 4.

In the novel’s plot, the class monitor had a secret crush on the heroine. He helped her study and cared about her silently.

However, he looked average, so he was not even a spare tire but just one of the many admirers.

Lu Wan looked at her deskmate again. Saying that there was no gap, she wouldn’t believe it.

Haley just happened to look over. He asked with a smile, “Brother Wan, can I use your picture to show that I have a new boyfriend to my sisters? They will be very envious!”

Lu Wan was indifferent. “No.”

Haley: “You’re so ruthless, but you look even more handsome.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Could she ask for a different deskmate?


“Are they the students supported by the charity program?”

Zhao Yan, who was sitting on the first row, wanted to explain, but then changed her mind. “I guess.”

Part of the reason for her popularity in school was because the top idol Lu Buyu was her cousin.

The girls in school treated her very well because of this.

This was why Zhao Yan became the president of the school’s popular drama club and the vice president of the student council.

Lu Wan was Lu Buyu’s younger sister, so she didn’t want this glory to be taken away by Lu Wan.

Besides, Lu Buyu’s temper was pretty bad and he was cold person. No matter how nice you tried to be, it wouldn’t work on him.

She’s afraid that Lu Buyu might not even care about this little sister whom he hadn’t seen in more than ten years ba.

It would be good if Lu Wan did not tell anyone, but even if Lu Wan did took the initiative to say it, she had a way to deal with it.

“She’s really handsome ah. The girls from other classes will probably think she’s a boy.” Said the girl next to her, holding her chin in her hand.

Zhao Yan turned it over in her mind and opened her mouth after some deliberation, “Well, why don’t we just pretend that she’s a boy?  When everyone eventually finds out that something wasn’t right and they were fooled, won’t that be very amusing?”

“It does sounds interesting.”

Zhao Yan had always hinted that she and Lu Buyu had a very good relationship and that perhaps she could invite the other person to come to the school in the future.

The girls were all looking forward to it. So basically, as long as Zhao Yan wasn’t too much, they would agree to anything she said.

Not to mention the boys; Zhao Yan was their school goddess.

Besides, to everyone, this joke seemed like it’s not that big of a deal.


At lunch break.

Haley offered to take Lu Wan to the cafeteria.

But just as Lu Wan walked out of the classroom, she was stopped by someone.

Lin Niannian trotted over and said timidly, “We are both transfer students and I don’t know this place very well, so I thought I could go with you.”

She took it for granted that Lu Wan was the same as her and was also sponsored by the school.

Additionally, Lu Wan’s appearance…… was not offensive to girls and she also look approachable to people.

Lu Wan: “The cafeteria is that building on the far right. I’m sorry, me and Haley already made an arrangement.”

Then she walked forward quickly and left the person behind.

After Haley caught up, he asked in surprise, “Actually, it’s okay to have more people ah. You…… don’t like her?”

Lu Wan: “Not really.”

But since she now knew the plot, Lu Wan naturally wanted to stay far away from the protagonists as much as possible.

In the book, she and Lin Niannian transferred to school on the same day.

She was not liked by her classmates, but Lin Niannian was pursued by various rich boys and was very popular.

Lu Wan suffered conflicts at school, largely because of this title ‘Male protagonist’s fiancée’.

Everybody thought that someone who came from a small town was unworthy of him.

Even the male protagonist came and told her with a bad attitude that the two of them could not happen, so she should stop day dreaming.

She, the cannon fodder, was being set on fire, but no one knew that Lin Niannian and the school tyrant were ridiculously entangled with each other.

Thinking about it now, the mental balance of the Lu Wan in the book was really strange.

And with her as an intelligence-defying cannon fodder for comparison, everyone later thought that Lin Niannian was not.….. unacceptable.

Lin Niannian had the aura of the protagonist and naturally she can turn a bad luck into a good one, but the people around her…… were indeed very unlucky.

Of course Lu Wan wanted to avoid them. She doesn’t want a fiancé!

That was why Lu Wan didn’t bother to tell others that she was the daughter of the Lu family. She was so disgusted that just thinking about it made her so awkward she could break the floor with her toes.

She’s here to learn!

If that school tyrant male protagonist dared to come to her and made some strange remarks, then she would definitely smash the other person’s dog head!


The canteen was an independent building with seven floors and an elevator.

Lu Wan was just watching where she’s going when a few girls suddenly rushed out and stood coincidentally in front of her.

Ah, ah, ah, Jiang Boyang is so handsome ah.”

“He’s so cool. I heard that his family is extremely rich.”

“Gosh, he’s really elegantly cold!!”

Several girls’ sharp voices hit their eardrums.

Lu Wan was bewildered. “Jiang Boyang?”


Oh, that ‘three-points scornful, two-points domineering, two-points handsomeness, three-points arrogance’ cool, wild and dazzling school tyrant?

3+2+2+3=10. The author was good at elementary mathematics.

Here, they finally came up with his pie chart.

Since Lu Wan was a transfer student, Haley naturally thought that the other person didn’t know, so he explained, “Jiang Boyang is the school grass[1]the most handsome boy in school. I heard that he is very fierce! He often fights with people, but he looks really handsome on a motorcycle.”

Lu Wan: “……”

In the novel, every time this guy appeared, there must be several admirers narrating and cheering for him.

Look at the girls in front…… The similarity was too big ba! It made people choke!

Haley: “It’s too bad that he’s a straight man. I like him quite a lot.”


Lu Wan was speechless. She turned the other way and walked straight ahead.

Haley followed. “Why are you leaving? You are too nonchalant ba. Do you have something else on your mind?!”

“Yes. I am thinking that there’s a lot of food in school. Even if I eat a different dish every day, I can’t finish them all in one semester.”

“Ah?” Haley was gobsmacked. He then asked gain, “You’re mind is really on something else?”

“I’ll finish my meal quickly and go back to the classroom to study.” Lu Wan looked calm.

Although the educational materials were different, the learning points for high schools were still roughly the same.

This school had their exams just before the holiday, and there was still a full month left before the next monthly exam.

There were many great people in this school. Although these students were either from rich or powerful families, they were also working hard.

She couldn’t slack off.

Haley grabbed Lu Wan’s arm and said in a high voice, “Lu Wan, you’re too calm. So cool ah! If you are a man, you must be Top. What a real pity.”

He was heartbroken, for the other person, and of course even more for himself.

Lu Wan: “……”

Oh, thank you for your compliment, but sister, there’s no need.

Haley’s voice was so loud that Jiang Boyang, who was coming over, heard it too.

But he didn’t hear it all, only the name ‘Lu Wan’.

He looked at the back of the person who had already walked far away and frowned.

When he went out this morning, his mother told him to try his best to take care of a transferred girl named ‘Lu Wan’.

It’s said that she’s Mr. Lu’s niece and was highly valued by him.

Jiang Boyang put it on one ear and out the other. He hated those troublesome girls the most.

Did she thought that because his parents told him to do so, he would give her a special treatment?

Fortunately, that girl didn’t said it out loud, otherwise he couldn’t guarantee his attitude.


After the classes were over in the afternoon, Lu Wan walked swiftly towards the school gate.

Haley came up to her. “Brother Wan, do you want to go to the club tonight? Let’s celebrate your transfer!”

He was being familiar with her, as if he had already regarded her as a good friend.

Lu Wan: “……The kind of club you go to, it’s not suitable for me to go.”

This guy. Isn’t this way too unrestrained?

Haley: “No, no, no. Let’s go to a place where both men and women can enjoy; with a lot of handsome guys and beauties.”

“A lot of handsome guys and beauties?”

Haley: “Although handsome guys won’t talk to you, I promise, there will be a lot of beauties rushing to light a cigarette for you.”

Though his deskmate was a straight girl.

Lu Wan: “Not going. I want to go home.”

“You’re no fun at all!”

Lu Wan continued to walk forward.

A girl holding a cardboard box was passing by and she was tilting unsteadily to the right.

Lu Wan while still looking at her phone, gave her a hand without lifting her head.

“Thank you.” The girl held the cardboard box firmly again but as soon as she finished speaking, she was stunned. “How come it’s you?”

Lu Wan heard the other party’s words. Could it be an acquaintance? She looked over.

The girl blinked her eyes and reminded, “The day before yesterday, on the subway.”

Lu Wan: “I remember.”

“What a coincidence. You helped me again. But why haven’t I seen you at school before? I’m in Year 2 Class 1. Su Rao.” The girl said with a smile.

“I just transferred here today. Year 2 Class 4. Lu Wan.”

Su Rao looked at the other person, thought for a moment, and said, “These things I’m holding is for the debate competition. By the way, this Friday at four thirty in the afternoon, I have a debate competition in the auditorium, you can come and have a look.”

“Okay, I’ll go if I have time.”

“I hope you can come.”

Lu Wan walked out of the gate. It was full of luxury cars that made it more exaggerated than an auto show.

She went straight to the car of the Lu family that came to pick her up, then loosened the tie of her school uniform.

Father Lu in the front seat smiled and asked, “Shushu, how was you first day at school? Have you gotten used to it?”

“It’s alright. Just…… The amount of information to cover is a bit large.”

Father Lu was stunned. The amount of information is a bit large?  Does this mean she found learning hard?

From childhood, Father Lu was generally a genius when it comes to studying, so his sympathy and concern suddenly rose.

Shushu used to be in the county before, so it’s normal that she couldn’t keep up. But either way! Even if she flunked or became first from the bottom, she would still be his most wonderful daughter!

“Shushu, you don’t have to worry. Grades are not important at all! It doesn’t mean anything!”

Lu Wan: “……No. I think it’s very important ah.”

Father Lu determinedly said, “It’s not important!”

“.…..Alright, it’s not important.” Lu Wan totally felt that something was not right. A professor just said that grades were not important. Nonetheless, she wouldn’t argue with him.


1 the most handsome boy in school


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