Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 6

Lu Wan used to wear casually bought shirts, sport shorts, and even canvas shoes, and was praised by many people that she looked good. She look good whatever she wore.

Not really.

Lovely, flashy or cute Japanese fashion styles were not suitable with her height.

“Hairstyle! The problem must be the hairstyle!”

Lu Wan ‘tap tap tap’ ran upstairs to find her wig. Yes, her hair should be the problem.

She washed the wig last night and it was now hanged outside.

Lu Wan ran to the balcony. It was empty and there was nothing there?

Was it blown away by the wind?

‘An accident made a family that was not wealthy in the first place even worse’.

The setting sun seemed to be more dazzling.

Lu Wan thought about it. Even if it was blown away, it should have landed nearby.

She calculated in her mind based on the wind direction, approximate wind speed, and altitude level, and stretched her neck on the guardrail to look hard.

In the grass of the yard on the right, there was the black mass of the suspected target!

Lu Wan immediately ran out like the wind, leaving Lu Buyu’s question of where she was going far behind.


Lu Wan stood still. There seemed to be no one inside.

The house had no lights last night.

So the question was, if the owner was not at home today, then would her treasured wig stay alone all night outside?

This was so pitiful!

The courtyards of the villas were all semi-open and the hollowed fences and gates were less than half a meter high, which basically had no defensive function.

Lu Wan observed the surroundings for quite awhile and there was no passersby.

She then stepped inside. She would only need ten seconds to come out!

But just after taking two steps, she froze.

There was a large pear tree in the corner of the yard, covering a wide area with shadows, and there under the tree was a reclining chair, on which a person slept.

The other party’s position and angle were very clever, she didn’t saw him from either upstairs or outside just now.

The person looked like a teenager. He was wearing a t-shirt with his long legs on the lawn and there were several white petals on his knees.

At this moment, the sun was setting in the west and the fiery red sunset was shining on him. It took Lu Wan a few seconds to realize that his shirt was actually white instead of pink.

The surroundings were quiet, but before she could figured out what to do, the person under the tree opened his eyes without warning.

The two peoples eyes met.

Lu Wan was stunned for a moment, then she simply walked over and started explaining naturally, “I live in that house in front. I’m sorry, but my things were blown into your yard by the wind. I will just take it and leave.”

With that, she trotted over and picked up the wig from the bushes.

“I found it. Then I’m leaving. Sorry to bother you.” Lu Wan hid it behind her and without waiting for an answer, she retreated swiftly.

After leaving, she breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, she was not regarded as a thief, nor was she scolded.

Lu Wan walked back and saw a car at the entrance.

A woman came out of the car, wearing a gray trench coat, wide-legged jeans, and black high-heeled boots.

She had seen her in a picture, but the real person’s temperament was more distinct. There’s a subtle but not unpleasant sense of distance.

At this moment, Lu Wan was wearing a skirt and holding a wig on her hand. She didn’t know whether she should come forward or not.

Mother Lu quickly noticed the girl a few meters away. She only glanced at her once, then flew over to hug her.

“My baby.”

……Lu Wan’s face was buried in a very soft place.

No. Why was the other person in such a good shape? She was pretending to be a man so she could only wear a thick vest which was convenient for her.

Many boys in the sports teams have even bigger chests than hers.

She was really angry and grateful at the same time. _(:з”∠)_

Well, now shouldn’t be the time to think about these things.

Lu Wan had thought she would feel awkward, but not only did she not, there was an indescribable warmth instead…… Maybe this was what they called blood ties?

She raised her hand and hugged the other person back.


The man in the driver’s seat came over quickly. He spread his arms to embrace his wife and daughter, and his voice choked, “It’s great that you’re back. In the future, our family will never be separated again.”

“That—, although it’s not good to spoil the fun, but why do you have to stand at the door and hug in the breeze? Why don’t you come in for dinner?” Lu Buyu crossed his arms and looked at the three people in front of him.

Father Lu let go of his hands and coughed, “Come on, let’s go inside. Are you hungry, Shushu?”

Lu Wan was stunned for a few seconds before she regained her senses. Was the one he’s calling ‘Shushu’ her??

“.…..A little.”

The whole family sat down at the dining table.

Mother Lu kept looking at her daughter. Father Lu’s eyes were red and he was also staring at the person, feeling reluctant to look away.

“Shushu, you eat first. This is your home. Mom and Dad didn’t take good care of you before. We’re really sorry. From now on, we will take care of you for the rest of your life.” Mother Lu’s voice was gentle and firm.

Lu Buyu looked at the girl next to him.

“Your previous name was Zhao Yushu and your nickname is Shushu. You followed after mother’s surname. Right, would you like to change your name back? But it’s really a coincidence. The family who adopted you is also surnamed Lu.”

“Shushu , if you feel that you’re already used to it, you don’t need to change it. Lu Wan; very few people use this character ‘Wan’[1]to recover. It’s very special.” Mother Lu said considerately.

In her opinion, a name was just a way to call a person. It doesn’t matter as long as the child was back.

Lu Wan thought it through. “I don’t want to change it. My adoptive mother gave me this name in the hope that my adoption can restore…… my adoptive father’s heart. Although it didn’t seem to work.”

Honestly, her adoptive mother treated her well. But the woman was very subservient and couldn’t even protect herself. How could she take care of her?

Father Lu reached out and touched Lu Wan’s head. He lovingly said, “Fortunately, we’ve found you. This name is meaningful, so don’t change it ba.”

He started to eat.

The bowls at home were very small and it could only hold rice as small as the palm of her hand.

Lu Wan was not a shy person, but after eating the third bowl, she was a little embarrassed to fill it up again.

Mother Lu was attentive. Once she noticed it, she took the initiative to help her daughter add more food. She smiled and said, “You need to eat more, Shushu. You are still growing.”

Lu Buyu snickered. He imagined himself promoting an actress with a persona of ‘foodie’ and ‘super strong’.

Really. In front of the Lu family’s Miss, it’s simply not a big deal.

“If she still grow taller, isn’t she going to poke the sky ah?”

Before the sound of his voice had died away, Father Lu had already started to knock him on his head, “Is this something to say about your sister? Is this proper words?”

Lu Buyu covered his head and turned off his microphone[2]did not speak/give a comment.

Lu Wan madly agreed in her mind. Nice shot ah! Hit him a few more times! Beat him to death!

After the meal, the couple pulled Lu Wan to talk, while Lu Buyu was beside them looking at his phone.

Lu Wan took out a bank card and said, “Uncle gave me this.”

“Take it. Don’t give it to us.” Mother Lu said with a smile.

“But I can’t use it. Can I give it back to him?” Although Lu Wan was greedy for money, she still felt that it was not good to spend other people’s money indiscriminately.

Father Lu hesitantly said, “I’m afraid not. Your uncle is rather stubborn. He’ll be upset if you return it back. If you don’t need it, you can put it in the drawer for the time being.”

Lu Wan had to take the card back.

After that, she returned to her room. Lu Wan never had a bed before, and she felt tired almost as soon as her head touched the pillow.

Before falling asleep, Lu Wan vaguely thought that it was such great day.


In the room on the third floor, the couple sat on the bed.

Father Lu sighed. “I have been worried about whether she is hungry, whether she has eaten well, or has she caught a cold, but seeing her like this, I still feel sad. When Shushu was a child, I never wanted her to grow up. I hoped she would always be that small, so that we can always accompany her by her side. I am afraid that she will leave us when she grows up; have someone she likes, marry someone else and not go home. Though I know this kind of thinking is absurd and selfish.”

Yet before that day could happen, she went missing.

In an instant, she had become this big.

Mother Lu hugged her husband’s shoulder. “I know. Fortunately she is back and we’ll never be separated again.”

How could it be false that they saw their child grow up each day? They had seen her turned over, sat up, and start walking at nine months old.

Shushu doesn’t recognize people but smile no matter who she saw. She liked to lie on her shoulder and rub her face against hers.

Even Lu Buyu, the skinny boy, would cuddle his sister every night and only goes to sleep after kissing her.

When the younger sister was more than half a year old she weighed twenty pounds. The elder brother accidentally fell while hugging the younger sister. He was pressed on the ground by the younger sister but he kept smiling and did not let go.

“We must take good care of her.”


The couple hugged each other.


When Lu Wan went downstairs the next morning, her parents were talking about her going to school.

“Shushu, the version of the textbook you’ve studied before seems to be different from the new school. You don’t have to be nervous. Try reading it for a few days first, if it didn’t work, let’s find another way. It’s okay to go back to first year of senior high school or choose a new school.” Mother Lu said carefully.

Lu Wan transferred across regions. Not only the teaching materials were different but the private high school’s curriculum was in line with international standards. Mother Lu was afraid that she would not be able to adapt to it.

Lu Wan was not at all nervous.

If she had any advantage that she could pull out, it would only be her ability to learn.

In her previous school, she had focused on the college entrance examination. She never participated in any events nor quality development activities.

I guess I have to get used to it.

Last night, Lu Wan’s former class teacher sent her a message saying that the result for the math test of the midterm exam had come out.

This was the first major test after the division of arts and sciences, and the mathematical sciences paper was extremely difficult.

Lu Wan scored 149 points on the exam. But given that the math teacher thought that this time’s exam paper was very difficult, no one had gotten full marks!

Not only that, but the guy with the perfect score had also transferred! So he angrily found fault and deducted one point.

One must know that the second place in mathematics was only 109 points, a full 40 points less.

Lu Wan’s way of learning was to listen to the class and finish the homework assigned by the teacher afterwards.

She studied efficiently and never wasted energy.

The county high school had four classes in total for evening self-study. The first two classes were mandatory for each student and the last two classes were voluntary.

Lu Wan left on time after the first two classes every time, rushing to work at the barbecue joint.

She also worked on weekends and never had make up classes.

Of course it’s different now. The tuition for one month at the new school was more than what she had earned in three years!

What else could she do?! Obviously, study hard ah!

That’s a lot of money per class!

Seeing that his daughter stopped talking, Father Lu thought that the other party was worried, so he encouraged her, “Shushu don’t worry! The head of your school’s physics group was my student! He’s just good at bragging but his qualification is only mediocre! Who would dare to talk bad about you? If they have the guts, then try to compete with your father!”

Lu Wan: “……I’m not worried.”

OK. Her father was a top-class professor. Their house was full of trophies and certificates. As an expert in the field, of course, he could wantonly crush anyone.  

“Shushu is amazing. You’re so brave. Dad is proud of you.” Father Lu had a look of joy and praised her wholeheartedly.

Lu Wan: “……”

This filter was a bit thick. She obviously didn’t do anything.

In order to match his evaluation, she could only try to become better.

After Lu Wan finished breakfast, she went back to her room to change clothes and prepared to go to school.

She thought it over. She would wear a skirt to school today and just put a pair of short jeans underneath so she won’t be exposed.

However…… she couldn’t find the school uniform’s skirt!

With a dark face, Lu Wan took out her mobile phone and sent a WeChat message.

【Did you take the skirt?】

【Yeah. It has been sent back to your school. Why?】

Not only did he sent it back, but Lu Buyu also made his opinion known.

So the following year’s new version of the school uniform, the length of the skirt changed from an inch above the knee to an inch below. It made people look smaller and their legs stocky that the girls were crying in anger.

Lu Wan rolled her eyes. She really wanted to kill Lu Buyu in her heart!

There was no other way. She could only put on the trouser and hurried out the door with her schoolbag on her back.


The new school was very large. It took more than ten minutes to walk from the school gate to the academic building with Lu Wan’s long legs.

The brochure said that the school was several hundred thousand square meters, and she saw all kinds of laboratories and gymnasiums along the way.

Following the signs, Lu Wan soon found her own classroom, Year 2 Class 4.

Because it was her first day to this school, so she simply stood in the corridor and waited for the class teacher.

According to the plot of the novel, there would be two transfer students in Year 2 Class 4 today.

One was her, and the other was the heroine of the novel, Lin Niannian.

This made Lu Wan think of another thing.

The school had launched a charity program this year.

They helped students with good academic performance and lets them study in this school. Tuition and miscellaneous fees were free, and there was also an additional living allowance.

However, you must sign a contract stating that you would return to the place of your residence to work once you’ve graduated.

Lin Niannian was the first and last person to received this kind of assistance.

After she transferred to the school, many things happened, and in the end, she did not fulfill the agreement.

The school board canceled the charity plan after taking this into account.

The male and female protagonists naturally didn’t care about such trivial matters, but being able to be supported to study and receive allowances was of great significance to students who were really in difficulty.

It’s a pity that the people after her would not have this opportunity.

Lu Wan doesn’t feel much about the heroine.

Lin Niannian was not a bad person, but Lu Wan had learned to be self-sufficient since she was a child, and she couldn’t accept the ‘I didn’t mean to cause trouble everywhere’ little white flower script.

No matter they be men or women.

But this had nothing to do with her.

In the novel, the ‘Little-white-flower’ was the favorite of the school bullies.

The cool-tsundere-school-tyrant male protagonist who was not close to women, for some reason, had become interested in the female protagonist.

In addition to the male protagonist, the female protagonist had also attracted different types of male supporting characters. There were so many types that they could open an altar and offer sacrifices to the sky. It made the male protagonist constantly jealous, pressed her against the wall and kissed her, or locked his hands around her waist and kissed her.

All kinds of tangled dog blood.

That’s the thing, since the cool-tsundere-school-tyrant seemed to be bewitched and only had the heroine in his eyes, then what’s there for a female supporting character like her ba?

Lu Wan was only set on studying.

To learn was to earn! The more you learn, the more you earn!

The school fees were so expensive. As a stingy money-grubber, Lu Wan calculated this amount very clearly.


1 to recover
2 did not speak/give a comment


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