Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 5

Lu Buyu walked over, raised his hand to adjust the temperature of the water, then turned his head and asked, “Why are you staring at me? Do you want to save the egg on your head for breakfast tomorrow?”

The room was very large and there was a sofa for entertaining guests. He went out the bathroom and confidently sat down.

Lu Wan took a deep breath. She calmed herself down and decided to deal with her hair first.

After rinsing her hair, she swiftly dried it and rushed out. At one glance, she saw that the jerk was playing with her turtle??

Lu Buyu looked up, remembered the scene just now and laughed again, “Did you go to school and study how to perform a skit before? It had me wide awake in the middle of the night.”

Lu Wan: “……”

You’re funny! Your whole family is funny!

Wait, that’s not right. If she cursed this guy, she was leading herself into the pit too!

Lu Wan walked over and picked up the turtle on the table. Making fun of me and teasing my pet! What a nuisance!

“You–! Delete the pictures now!”

She could guess who this guy was. His surname was Lu and he appeared here at this time.

What bad luck. How could she get such a brother?

Even if he didn’t come to pick her up, but how could he take ugly photos of her as soon as they met?!

Lu Buyu: “I’ll delete the photos. Don’t be angry. You look like a big pufferfish bulging out right now.”

Lu Wan: “……”

A pufferfish was already ugly, why did he had to add the word ‘big’?

She one-sidedly declared that she would break this brother-sister relationship, and they would become a stranger with the same father and mother from now on!

“I deleted it.” Lu Buyu looked up from his phone.

Lu Wan stretched out her hand. “I can’t trust you!”

“It’s really deleted. Do you mean that I’m lying to you ah?” He threw the phone over. “See for yourself.”

Lu Wan flipped through seven or eight photos, all of which were selfie’s of this narcissist.

It should’ve been deleted. It’s good that this guy was pretty sensible; otherwise she would have destroyed the criminal tool by using violence!

Lu Wan swiped forward and paused upon seeing a group photo.

Were these two people her parents?

The man wearing a shirt had bright eyes and looked just like a handsome scholarly person.

He was hugging a woman who was pursing her lips. She looked cold and intelligent, and gave off a distant feel.

The couple were nothing like people over forty years at all. There’s no trace of the listlessness and fatigue caused by age.

Lu Buyu: “Did you find out that you are the ugliest in the family?”

Lu Wan: “……”

She was so angry but there was no way to refute it.

From the photo, she could see that she was more like her father.

As for Lu Buyu, he seemed to have inherited all the good points from their parents. Though in the end, no one resembled him.

He could stand out among the multitude of beautiful people in the entertainment circle; of course there was nothing to say about his appearance.

Lu Wan threw his cell phone back to him and said gruffly, “You can go now.”

Get out of here ba!

“Give me your WeChat and phone number. I’ll save it.”

Lu Wan: “I’m not telling you.”

“Are you still angry because of those photos? How about I give you a gift? What do you want?”

Lu Buyu thought about it. Girls like bags. Last year, in addition to giving the studio employees their year-end bonus, he also gave each person an LV bag and the response was very good.

Lu Buyu did not sign a contract with a management company but has his own studio and a team of thirty people to take care of his affairs.

He has been in a hot mess in recent years.

According to the words of fans every day: Other’s can’t touch our idol. He will come out on several shows in a year; a natural once-in-a-life-time celebrity. Our idol is standing firm as a top star!

Lu Wan had planned to pack this guy and kick him out, but since the other party sincerely repented and admitted his mistake…… she reluctantly accepted it.

“Okay. Then you can give me a wig.”

Lu Buyu suspected that he had heard it wrong but when he looked up and saw the other person’s serious face, he grinned and said, “What a coincidence. I have one at home.”

“I want the long kind.”

“It’s modeled for females.”

“Wow. You’re such a creep in private?”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Lu Buyu took the wig from his walk-in closet and brought it over.

“This is a shooting prop. The assistant forgot to bring it back and I don’t need it either. Here.”

Lu Wan had seen Lu Buyu wearing this wig.

It was in the poster on the music teacher’s desk.

Many male celebrities have tried the androgynous style, and Lu Buyu was also rated as one of the top few for ‘superior appearance in women’s clothing’.

But what’s the use of being good-looking if you have such a bad personality?!

This wig’s length reached until the middle of the chest. Lu Wan reached out and touched it. It was very soft and it looks expensive at first glance!

She’s quite satisfied.

Lu Buyu: “Shouldn’t you say ‘thank you, Brother’?”

Lu Wan: “Good night. You can go.”


In any case, the two still added each other on WeChat in the end.

Lu Buyu stood up and thought about something. “Oh, that’s right, I will make an appointment for you for a physical examination tomorrow. Your gender was entered incorrectly, so you need a certificate from the hospital to change it. Do you want me to go with you?”

Lu Wan: “No need. You can tell me the address and the procedure. I will go by myself.”

She didn’t want to be with this guy.

“Alright. By the way, our parents will be home tomorrow night.”

“I see.”

Lu Buyu waited for a few seconds before turning around and walking out when he saw the other party’s attitude of seeing-off-the-guest.

He returned to his room and sent a message to his mother.

“She’s home. We get along really well.”

Lu Buyu thought for a while, then called his manager. After the call was connected, he got straight to the point, “Listen, help me buy some clothes for girls.”

“Girl’s clothes? What do you want them for?” The manager was dumbfounded.

What’s going on in the middle of the night?

“Send it to my house. She’s tall and neither fat nor thin. Don’t buy styles that are too much mature.”

The manager seemed to be struck by lightning and his whole person was stunned.

He started to speculate frantically. There’s a…… girl living in Lu Buyu’s house?

“May I ask who are you buying it for?”

Lu Buyu: “My sister.”

The manager became even more entangled—— as far as he knew, Lu Buyu had only one cousin.

That cousin had also been to the studio before. At that time, Lu Buyu’s attitude was cold, which showed that the relationship between the two was not close.

So the clothes should not be for his cousin. Whose is it then?

Brother and sister…… Why doesn’t this sound right ah?

Lu Buyu ignored his manager who was caught in the brainstorming process, and continued, “Right. My personal plan for tomorrow morning is cancelled so I can go to the magazine shoot, but I still have to be free in the afternoon. Push off half of my work for these coming days.”

“Push off half? Do you want to take a rest?” The manager asked.

In the past, Lu Buyu was very serious about his work, but the previous day, he suddenly ran away without saying anything, and now he’s even asking to reduce his workload.

There is definitely something ah!

Lu Buyu: “Yeah. There is a child at home.”

Manager: ????

How come there is a sister and also a child? His brain crashed and several black and bold news headlines appeared in his mind.

«Shocking! Lu Buyu is having a major problem. The truth about having a child surfaced!»

«Top star secretly married and had children. Fans frantically stepped back from the collapsing fandom. Lu Buyu happily obtained millions of anti-fans.»

«Appalling! Top male artist turns out to be a father. Deceiving fans to earn milk-powder-money. The idol cried behind bars for fraud.»

The manager took a deep breath. He and his artist had been working together very well.

Five years ago, Lu Buyu, who could choose from a lot of great managers had instead picked him who had just graduated back then.

He originally thought that the two of them would be able to get through the difficulties and obstacles all way, but didn’t expect that they were about to meet the end of their professional career.

The dejected manager: “That—, Idols are beheaded when they fall in love.”

Lu Buyu was dumbfounded. He distantly said, “It’s not what you think. It’s my real little sister.”

Manager: “Ah? Your real little sister? Aunt and uncle sure are very lovey-dovey.”

His emotions were like a roller coaster ride!

Lu Buyu almost laughed angrily but didn’t say anything more.

He never mentioned his family at work, and fans only knew that their idol has a good family background. After all, he had worn famous brands since his first public appearance.

But exactly how good it was, it’s not clear.


Lu Wan went out early the next day.

Lu Buyu said that he would take her there on his car but Lu Wan refused.

The city’s public transportation was very developed. She could take the bus or the subway. Furthermore, her anger has not dissipated yet!

The hospital had arranged it a long time ago. She just had to go through the procedures and Lu Wan got the documents in no time.

The May first holiday was very lively. It was the first time that Lu Wan saw so many people.….. and heads.

She originally wanted to buy something, but upon seeing the surging crowd, she retreated. The point was that she had to wait in line to pay for the bill.

It’s better to come later when there’s few people ba.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, Lu Wan got on the subway to go home.

There were a lot of passengers in the cars.

She was listening to a song with headphones on when she looked up and saw the man in front of her swaying with the subway deliberately rubbing against the girl next to her.

Lu Wan walked over directly. She didn’t speak but stood between the two people and glared at the man.

Anyone who did this kind of thing would feel guilty after being found out, and the man quickly went to another car.

The girl who was pushed was a little confused. When she saw the man standing next to her just now quickly leave, she instantly understood what was going on.

She looked at the handsome guy who helped her and said thank you.

It’s a very pretty girl. Lu Wan nodded as a response and continued to listen to the song with her head down.


Lu Buyu finished the magazine shoot quickly.

He has good camera awareness and was very good at posing. He even took more than a dozen shots without any waste.

Coupled with his strict body management, there was no need to edit the pictures afterwards.

This was the type that photographers like most to collaborate with. He was very easy to work with and he looked good no matter what angle.

After his work, Lu Buyu drove to the school where Lu Wan was going to transfer.

Although it was during the vacation, he called and inquired. The school still had a few teachers on duty.

He had now completed the transfer procedures and when vacation was over, Lu Wan could go to class directly without running around.

By the time he was finished, it was already four o’clock in the afternoon.

When he returned home carrying a lot of bags, he immediately saw the person sitting on the sofa.

Lu Wan turned her head and glanced at him. “How much did you buy? There are seven or eight of your parcels at the door and you still bring this many with you.”

Lu Buyu: “These are for the puppy.”

“Ah? You have a dog? I haven’t seen it ah.

“What I have in hand are your school uniforms and the parcels are your everyday clothes.”

Lu Wan suddenly jumped up from the sofa, ignoring that the other party’s misbehaving mouth. She asked happily, “There are so many uniforms?”

Lu Buyu put the paper bags in his hands on the coffee table.

“There are formal clothes, skirts, short sleeves, hoodies, and sportswear which you can wear in summer, and there are also coats and sweaters for winter.”

Lu Wan was shocked . There were so many school uniforms. The school she used to go to had only one set, and they didn’t even demand the students to wear it every day.

After all, they put emphasis on practicality, comfort and ‘ugliness’.

In this new school, one would know that the tuition was very expensive just by looking at the clothes.

For the school’s summer uniform, both men and women’s top were white shirts but the bottoms were different; trousers for boys and skirts for girls.

Nevertheless, it looks very nice; modest without loosing the youthful vibe.

Lu Wan was full of excitement. “I’ll open the parcels and try it together.”

“Go find a pair of scissors.”

“No need. I’ll just use my hands.” She traced the gaps on the package and tore the box hard to the sides. It was opened in half.

Lu Wan’s strength had always been great. She was responsible for rifilling the mineral water in their class. She could climb the fifth floor with a water container on one hand without panting.

The head teacher said that if she did not have good grades, it would be a pity not to be a security guard.

Lu Wan tore up seven packages with her bare hands in one breath and contentedly went back to her room while hugging the clothes.

Lu Buyu: “.…..”

No. He actually suspected that the image he saw was wrong.

Lu Wan decided to try out her uniforms first. After all, she would wear it every day in the future.

She changed into the skirt then ‘tap tap tap’ ran to the living room and asked, “How is it? Not bad, right?!”

Lu Buyu looked up and said two seconds later, “Do you think I’m hungry?”

Lu Wan scratched her head in embarrassment. “Hehe. Do I look like a feast for the eyes?”

The man stood up, pulled up the blanket next to the sofa, and walked over to wrapped it around the other person’s legs.

“Because it’s too similar to Jinhua ham[1]dry-cured ham named after the city of Jinhua. It looks thicker than mine. Cover it quickly.”

Lu Buyu then thought, Isn’t this skirt too short?  He would suggest to the school to change their uniforms.

Lu Wan’s face turned black in an instant. To be fair, even if she’s not that thin, it could’t be said that she’s fat ba.

This school uniform was a standard length; the skirt was about an inch above the knee.

The largest size for the womens clothing was 175cm.

But Lu Wan was not only 175cm tall and her legs were also long.

This short skirt was worn by her and it only reach to the middle of her thighs…… and a little bit more.

Lu Wan thought it could be remedied. “If the skirt is too short, I can put on a pair of short jeans or spandex under it.”

Lu Buyu: “Forget it. You should just wear boys’ pants ba.

Lu Wan: “……”

won’t! I won’t!!!

Lu Buyu saw her reaction and remained silent. He thought for a while then said, “Then you can wear pants for the time being. The skirt should be made longer. I’ll help you ask.”

There was no other way around it. Lu Wan nodded.

Her mood was not greatly affected and she returned to her room with the blanket around her. There were still a lot of clothes!

Lu Buyu told his manager not to buy too mature ones so these were all cute styles.

It’s just that this type of style, its size was not very large and girls above 175 were not considered at all.

The lace denim pants did not fit.

The dress with average length…… can only be worn as a top.

The skirts and shorts lengths were all inappropriate.

And finally, there was a long skirt. The model in the photo album wore it and it reached until her ankle and could cover her shoes. It looked very elegant and fairy like.

Lu Wan put it on and the skirt just reached the middle of her calf.

She looked in the mirror. The model looked like a fairy while she was like a frickin’ sociopath. _(:з」∠)_

Lu Wan couldn’t help but ask, “Do I…… look like a lady gangster?”

Lu Buyu was mulling over what could be wrong about the styles of the clothes bought by his manager. He knew a lot of female models. They were all tall but wore clothes very well ah. A few of them were even popular fashion icons.

Putting the filter aside, Lu Wan has a better temperament. It’s just that she had always worn men’s clothing to look like a boy. The key point was she did not look like a lady, which was rare.

She’s not ugly, and she doesn’t have a problem with her figure.

Logically speaking, Lu Wan should not look ugly in women’s clothing. The foundation of their family was there!

“Oh, whatever you say, ba.” Lu Buyu replied absent-mindedly.

Lu Wan: “……”

What’s the matter, little buddy? Do you talk to someone like this?

OK. She’s clearly moved by this scene.

She declared that she would be an only child in the future.


1 dry-cured ham named after the city of Jinhua


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