Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 4

When the car got off the highway, the sky was already dark.

The farthest place Lu Wan had been to before was the county seat two hours away from their town.

At that time, her adoptive mother was in very bad state. She was staying in a psychiatric hospital in the city to recuperate and she would visit her on weekends.

The dimly lit night view of the city outside the window was both prosperous and unfamiliar.

As the car drove into the community, the surrounding tall buildings became less.

These luxury houses were especially built around the words ‘private’ and avoiding the hustle and bustle. The whole area was backed by the mountain and in front of it was a vast view of the lake.

The villas were located at the foot of the mountain with excellent privacy and it embodied the meaning of ‘surrounded by mountains and water’ perfectly.

Ah Biao opened the car door for her. “Young Miss, we’re here. Please get down. Then, I will go back first. If you need anything, feel free to call me anytime.”

Lu Wan: “Okay. Thank you.”

“Young Miss, no need to be so polite. This is only natural.” Ah Biao touched his head and attached a smile on his face that he thought was very friendly but actually looked particularly sordid under the street lamp.

The several other strong men followed suit and the surrounding turned ferocious in a blink of an eye.

Lu Wan: “……”

All right, just be happy.

She was somehow used to it, but still got a bit of a fright when the Lu family’s helper who came out to greet her suddenly appeared.

Oh gosh. That was really scary!

If it wasn’t because she knew that these people were here to send their Miss back, she would really like to call the police!

The three black Land Rover drove away and the helper stepped forward.

“Heaven truly have eyes ah. They’ve finally found you, Miss. Let me help you with your things.” After a pause, she raised her voice in surprise, “Goodness, Miss! You also brought a jar of wine and…… a turtle? Is this a specialty?”

“No, this is a small tortoise. I keep it as a pet.”

As for Xu Yao’s ‘Ten times larger’ tonic wine, she still hadn’t figured out how to deal with it yet.

Lu Wan quietly looked at the other party. She looked about forty years old and has a kind face.

She smiled. “Thank you, Auntie. These are not heavy; I can just hold them myself.”

“My surname is Wang. Let me take Miss up so you can put down your luggage first. Miss, you are so tall.”

“……Thank you, Aunt Wang.”

Aunt Wang has been working in the Lu family for five years and she had a good relationship with her employers.

She knew that their family had lost a child, so every Spring Festival, she would pray to the Bodhisattva to bless them to find her.

Families who had lost their children, no matter how, were very pitiful.

Now the Miss was back. Amitabha! She has to make time to go to the temple to redeem a vow!

“Your room is on the right side of the second floor. It has always been regularly cleaned. It’s great that it won’t be vacant anymore. What do you think? Tell me if you want to add something.” Aunt Wang pushed open the door.

Lu Wan: “There’s an echo when you speak. Amazing.”

Aunt Wang did not hear clearly so she asked, “What did you say? By the way, I don’t know what you like, so I prepared a little bit more food. Miss, if you’re hungry, I’ll heat them up now.”

“Okay. I’ll put my things in order and come down to eat.”

She had a meal while resting at the service station but was followed by eight sturdy men with cautious and solemn faces, resulting in a very…… serious atmosphere in the entire restaurant.

In order to not affect others, Lu Wan hurriedly took a few bites and left.

She was not full at all!

Usually when she walked on the road, girls would often sneak a peek at her and some courageous ones would even step forward to ask for her contact number.

It’s the May first holiday and there were so many passers-by, but the girls sneaking a look at her were less than half, and no one dared to come and strike up a conversation.

Quite a few people around were looking at those Land Rovers.

Lu Wan was familiar with car brands. Ning County was rich in mineral resources and there were many wealthy people and luxury cars everywhere. She could see that these cars were somewhat different, but exactly how, she could not discern.

Seeing the doubts from the Young Miss, Ah Biao took the initiative to explain that this was the highest level bulletproof car. Not to mention an AK-47, grenades can’t blow through it and it can withstand a thirty three pounds bomb within seven feet.

Unless it was a close range attack by a mortar, other firepower was not a problem at all.

Lu Wan thought that this doesn’t sound right. To buy a bulletproof car of this level, you had to have a lot of money and countless enemies, right?

But her uncle was a gentle businessman…… so this might be a bit of a stretch.

Is it because Uncle likes to speak in a perplexing way? Then it’s indeed necessary for him to protect his life.

Lu Wan placed down her backpack and walked around the room.

She measured it with her eyes. Including the balcony outside, the room must be around seventy square meters…… No wonder there was an echo.

Lu Wan’s bag contained a change of clothes, a few of her favorite band albums, and a lipstick.

She bought the lipstick secretly before but never had a chance to use it.

There were many beautiful girls in her school who always wore light makeup. Their mouths were red and shinny, and they looked pretty.

Lu Wan smelled the scent of food as soon as she came downstairs. She walked to the table and was entirely shocked.

Aunt Wang said she didn’t know her taste so she prepared a little bit more, but this was way too many ba!

Half of the table was full with a variety of dishes! It’s like the New Year!

Lu Wan had just sat down and picked up the chopsticks when the doorbell rang.

Aunt Wang: “I’ll go and answer the door. Miss, you eat first.”


Lu Wan was snatched midway. Zhang Weidong came back to his senses and the first thing he did was to notify the Zhao family’s people about what happened.

He was somewhat a relative of the Zhao family, which was why they entrusted this matter to him.

As the eldest of the family, Zhao Kui was very angry when he learned about it. “Tell me who did it. If I didn’t wring their head off, I won’t be surnamed Zhao!”

“It seems to be the Lu family’s Lu Jinye.” Just saying this name made Zhang Weidong tremble.


It’s impossible to twist his head off and only by pretending to lose your memory can one maintain their life.

Zhao Kui naturally took the ruthless words he had just said as fart, then lowered his voice and asked, “What the hell happened?”

“I don’t know. The people from the Lu family called her Young Miss.”

“Young Miss? That’s impossible. Did you heard it wrong?”  

“It’s the truth.”

Zhao Kui frowned and pondered about it. The poor boy his sister married was indeed surnamed Lu.

But what does that poor fellow had to do with the Lu family? There was no news about this before!

Could it be that they were sent by his sister to deliberately create a smokescreen? The more Zhao Kui thought about it, the more he felt that this possibility was very high. That woman had a deep mind.

He knew that his Third Sister was still in Australia and the poor fellow was also not in the country. Since they got the child, they must have sent her home.

Now that her parents were not there, her uncle should go and greet her. It was best to take the child back to Zhao family’s house so they could ‘comfort’ her.

Zhao Kui counted the time. He set out from home just as soon as Lu Wan had arrived.

He took his wife and children with him, and the whole family joined the action of ‘sending warmth’ to his niece.


Seeing the three people outside the door, Aunt Wang took a step backward and hesitantly said, “……The owners are not here.”

Zhao Kui said impatiently, “Is it your turn to speak?”

As he spoke, he stretched out his legs and stepped in over the door.

The security of the villas were very good and every intersection were monitored. But in order to not affect the owner’s view of the lake, the yards were semi-open, and the hollowed fences and gates were less than half a meter high.

There was no defensive function at all.

“There’s not even a speck of manners. A mere servant dares to block us?” Madam Zhao snorted and followed in.

“Still not getting out of the way?!” It was Zhao Yan who came in last.

The whole family entered without permission.

Aunt Wang had already experienced how difficult these people were. She couldn’t stop them so she immediately informed Lu Buyu.

At this moment, Lu Wan was still struggling whether to start with the lobster or the pig trotter first, but who knew that before she could decide, she would be interrupted by several uninvited guests.

Zhao Kui frowned and stared at the person sitting at the dining table.

Zhang Weidong had already told him on the phone that Lu Wan was raised as a boy and was very ignorant and foolish, but he was still a little surprised when he really saw her in person……

Besides, he couldn’t tell that he was a girl at first sight.

Her eyes and brows were like her poor father’s, while the nose was a bit like his sister’s.

“Are you Lu Wan? I’m your uncle.”

“I’m your aunt.”

“Hello. I’m your cousin Zhao Yan.” Zhao Yan greeted and quietly looked at Lu Wan.

Very good-looking. She couldn’t help but glance at her again.

Right. Her uncle-in-law was very good-looking and handsome, that was why her aunt recklessly married him.

Lu Wan nodded as an answer, then extended her chopsticks to the lobster!

The three people from the Zhao family waited for a few minutes but the other person was only absorbed on eating by herself and didn’t said a single word.

Zhao Yan pondered for a while and said, “I’m sorry, cousin. Because you were lost, the Zhao family took me in as a form of comfort, and I have taken your place.”

Lu Wan: “Ah, it doesn’t matter, because we have no relationship in the first place.”

Zhao Yan: “……”

She had prepared herself but she suddenly couldn’t continue.

In the gloriously radiant campus novel for the heroine, if Lu Wan was the bulldozer of the plot, then Zhao Yan was the accelerator for male and female protagonists’ feelings.

But even if they were both cannon fodders, they were not in the same position.

When Lu Wan was lost, the Zhao family immediately went to the orphanage and adopted a child…… to placate Third Miss Zhao who had lost her daughter.

This action was too shameless.

Zhao Yan was the adopted daughter of the Zhao family.

As honorary cousins, the two were inevitably compared in school.

However, compared with Zhao Yan who was carefully nurtured since childhood, she naturally became a foil. She had low self-esteem, while Zhao Yan frequently tried to win people over; needless to say, she became closer with them.

Looking at it from a different angle, Zhao Yan was definitely much smarter than her.

Lu Wan hated the heroine for taking away the person she like, while Zhao Yan hated the heroine for taking away her crown as the school goddess.

Zhao Yan first used Lu Wan as a pawn and goaded her to deal with the heroine.

Only when Lu Wan was defeated did she went into the battle herself. Although she had hit the wall several times and finally had to go abroad, it was a lot better than the former who jumped off a building.

Lu Wan thought back to the plot of the novel while burying her head eating. She really didn’t have time to pay attention to other people.

The other party’s attitude completely angered Zhao Kui. He asked with a frown, “What do you mean by this? Your elders are here, but you’re still just sitting and eating?”

Lu Wan took a sip of tea. Her mouth was finally empty and she said calmly, “Then I can also eat while standing.”

It was actually good for digestion.

After she stood up, she immediately went back on her word, sat back down, and said sincerely to the man, “No good. I can see the dandruff on the top of your head when I stand which affects my appetite. Really, it would be good if you grow a little bit taller.”

The Zhao family: “……”

Zhao Kui was furious. “What’s that suppose to mean? Look at you, cutting your hair this short, looking neither male nor female. I heard that you’ve been mingling with some white and red haired people. You really don’t know how to behave properly!”

Lu Wan: “I’ve been hungry all day. Wait until I finish eating, will you?”

Zhao Kui was very impatient but Madam Zhao calmed him down and held her fuming husband. They did not came here to quarrel.

Madam Zhao feigned a smile. “So it was like that ah. Then you can eat first. Neither of your parents are home and we are not at ease leaving you alone, so we especially came to pick you up to bring you to your Grandpa’s house.”

How long could it take for someone to eat? It would be only twenty minutes at most ba.

Lu Wan couldn’t hold back her smile. Look at this family, they’re quite smart.

Zhao Kui disparaged her while the mother and daughter insincerely tried to coaxed her.

This was a whole family of PUA[1]pick-up artist ah!

It’s a pity that she was not the cannon fodder in the book.

This meal would not take twenty minutes.

Twenty minutes later, Lu Wan was still chewing hard!

Forty minutes later, Lu Wan was still crazily inhaling the food!

One hour later, all three members of the Zhao family looked on incredulously……

Lu Wan had no requirements for food.

She had a fear of hunger, so she would make sure to eat just to be full.

But this does not mean she do not enjoy delicious food. Every time she eats something she likes, she would try to remember the taste, because she didn’t know when she could eat it again.

Lu Wan didn’t want to fight with anyone, nor was she interested in proving how great she was.

She never had any ambitious goals. The small plan was to complete her daily student life, and the big plan was to be admitted to a prestigious school.

As for later, she hadn’t thought about it yet.

But there seemed to be something wrong. Whether it was her Uncle, Ah Biao…… or the three people in front of her, they all think she was a very docile person.

For rich people, there were many rights and wrongs; but for the poor, racking their brains to claw their way out was the only way to do everything.

The former was to live more decently, while the latter was to survive.

Zhao Kui finally lost his patience and couldn’t help but say, “Why are you still eating? Let’s go now. Where do you look like a child of the Zhao family?”

Lu Wan put down her chopsticks. “I didn’t eat your family’s rice ah.”

The three people who had watched the live mukbang for an hour: “……”

Lu Wan wiped her mouth with a tissue. “I didn’t say I wanted to go back with you. I’m not going anywhere.”


The smile on Madam Zhao’s face could not be maintained anymore. She said bluntly, “Is this your attitude towards your elders? Didn’t your parents teach you?”

“No, no, no. I certainly don’t have this kind of attitude towards my elders~” Lu Wan said, “Whether my parents had taught me, don’t you already know the answer in your heart?”

She thought back to the day when she disappeared.

If her mother hadn’t been on a business trip that day, she would absolutely not agree, and if it weren’t for those people who said that the old man’s birthday would not be complete without her granddaughter and grandson, his father would also not agree.

But what did the Zhao family do?

They deliberately hid the two children in order to intimidate and threaten her mother with half-truths.

Lu Wan was taken to a nearby park, but because the person who was looking after her was negligent, it was there that she was taken away by traffickers.

The Zhao family sought benefits, but didn’t expect that the child would be lost. They were all flustered at that time.

But no matter what, it still has something to do with them.

“It seems that you don’t feel any guilt. Forget it. It’s eleven o’clock now. I’m full and I’m going to bed. I don’t want to call the community security and wake the neighbours, letting them know that you are bullying a child whose parents are not at home and listen on to the whole story.”

After she was done speaking, she stood up, ignored the people in the living room, and went straight upstairs.

The people living here were all respectable and even if they were a filthy mess, these people still want face.

The Zhao family also couldn’t afford to lose theirs.

Lu Wan returned to her bedroom. Although she didn’t really care about those words, she still couldn’t help but…… touched her hair.

Well, it’s kind of like a boy’s.

How about…… buying a wig?

Lu Wan opened Taobao. She had bought a cheap wig before, but it was hard to explain it in a few words.

The high quality one’s cost several thousands. She’s stingy and was reluctant to part with so much money.

Lu Wan bought herself a wig and a lipstick for her sixteenth birthday.

She bought the same long straight hair as Liu Yifei for a huge sum of sixty yuan online.

Before receiving the package, Lu Wan was worried that she would not be able to catch up with Liu Yifei[2]Chinese-American actress, but would look more like Teacher Liu Huan instead[3]A male singer and songwriter who had a long hair.

She doesn’t mean that being like Teacher Liu Huan was bad; it’s just that their temperament and appearance were not the same type.

After receiving the goods, Lu Wan knew she was worrying too much.

The hair was made of nylon, and it looked like a trash bag on the head, which was a thousand miles away from the seller’s promotional picture.

Lu Wan posted a photo of herself wearing the wig and questioned the other party’s false advertising.

Unexpectedly, the boss pretended to be stupid and replied: Darling, why did you send a picture of Liu Yifei? It looks good.

Lu Wan was so angry that if they were not in the internet, she would really want to blow the seller’s brain out so the other party could learn to be honest.

So apart from wigs, was there any other way to make hair grew faster?

It was best to spend less or nothing at all.

Lu Wan closed Taobao, went to search on Tieba[4]internet forum and found a folk remedy.

There was a post saying that mixing beer, ginger, and eggs together can make hair grew like crazy.

This should be fine!

Although she didn’t knew if it would work, at least the cost was not high!

She was a person with a strong ability to execute tasks. She would do it right away!

She found the required materials in the refrigerator and under Aunt Wang’s shocked gaze, she took the things back to her room.

Lu Wan mixed the ingredients and poured it on her head. After massaging her scalp for ten minutes, she was ready to flush the water.

The washbasin was smart and came with a touch panel.

Lu Wan didn’t know how to use it and accidentally adjusted the temperature to the highest.

She was scalded by the hot water and quickly retracted her head.

She had started off on the wrong foot. Her hair was too short, the liquid was too much and it was not blended well, so it was dripping.

Her eyes were covered by egg liquid.


Lu Buyu received the call. He was worried that Lu Wan couldn’t handle it alone, so he immediately rushed home.

By the time he arrived, the uninvited guest had already left.

Aunt Wang said that the Young Miss had already returned to her room. She refused to go to the Zhao’s house with those people.

Lu Buyu went straight upstairs and found that the door of the next room was open.

He knocked and stepped inside.

The bathroom was open and the sound of water was coming from it. There was a person standing in front of the sink.

Lu Buyu was stunned for two seconds before he chuckled, “You’re making egg soup in the bathroom? It’s better to sprinkle some pepper and chopped green onions.”


Lu Wan heard the knock on the door and thought it was Aunt Wang. How could it be a man’s voice?

Plus the way he talk was annoying.

She turned her head and glanced at the man leaning on the door frame through the gap between her eyes. Why does he look familiar ah?

“……Shared boyfriend?”

Lu Wan heard several ‘clicks’ after she finished her words.

Lu Buyu looked at the photo and said slowly, “This is the funniest thing I’ve seen this year. I couldn’t help taking out my phone to keep it as a memory.”

Lu Wan: “……?”

Some people were still alive, but the date of their death had long been set.

Today she would be ruthless and end the dreams of thousands of young girls with her own hands!


1 pick-up artist
2 Chinese-American actress
3 A male singer and songwriter who had a long hair
4 internet forum


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