Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 3

Lu Wan snapped back to reality and said in a daze, “……It’s okay.”

The man in the video made nothing of it and asked again with a smile, “Then would you like a yacht or a sports car?”

Lu Wan couldn’t help reminding the other party, “That…… I’m still a high school student.”

Is it like the yachts and sports cars rewarded to streamers? But I heard that even that feature is expensive, costing hundreds of thousands.

Lu Jinye was quiet for a few seconds, then sighed and said, “I didn’t think about it well. Then let’s do it like this, I will give you a supplementary card and you can buy it yourself. However, there is a five million limit for overseas consumption per day. If you want to buy expensive things, you can tell me and Uncle will buy it for you.”

After the man said this, the bald man in the front seat handed over a card.

“Miss, please take it.”

Lu Wan: “……”

If it wasn’t because the man looked serious, Lu Wan would like to suggest that he go see a psychiatrist.

Why does he keeps on talking in this confusing way?

Under the repeated urging of the fierce-looking man, Lu Wan reached out and took the card.

Lu Jinye: “Wanwan, I’ll have you taken home. If you need anything, you can call me or Ah Biao. He will help you deal with it right away. Uncle will never let you be wronged.”

Ah Biao, who was sitting beside the driver, turned his head and showed a smile that he thought was kind…… In fact, it looked cruel in the eyes of other people.

“Miss, don’t worry, Ah Biao can definitely be trusted!”

Lu Wan: “……”

Uh, I can tell.

Lu Jinye explained some things again, but considering that his niece was in the car, staring at the screen for a long time might make her dizzy. So he ended their video call as quickly as possible.


After hanging up, Lu Wan breathed a sigh of relief and finally relaxed.

She’s a little confused. Uncle?

Lu Wan recalled the plot.

In the novel, there was a very important reason why she would meet the female protagonist as a cannon fodder.

It was because…… she’s the male protagonist’s fiancée!

The male protagonist did not like Lu Wan, but he did not take the initiative to terminate their engagement.

On the other hand, he had taken in the heroine who was born in poverty into his own house.

The self-confident heroine claimed that she was only exchanging labor for rent, and her relationship with her ‘domineering landlord’ was absolutely innocent! She would not allow others to slander them!

But living in the same house…… the two people has done this and that, and they almost hit the home run.

The various sweet interactions between the male and female protagonist made her, his fiancée, extremely jealous and do a lot of crazy things.

Later, she was disgraced and ruined as a cannon fodder and the engagement naturally ended. The male protagonist stood on the moral high ground without suffering any losses.

Lu Wan straightened out her thoughts.

Probably because she’s just a tool in the novel, much of her background was mentioned only in passing.

Now that she thought about it, the male protagonist hated the female supporting character so much, but he didn’t break off their engagement. Apart from the misunderstanding and sprinkling of dog blood of the main characters required by the plot, was there any reason for her to have a powerful uncle?

For the sake of his own self-interest, the male protagonist didn’t want to offend the Lu family.

Thinking like this, it doesn’t sound like a stupid idea.

Lu Wan became more determined to draw a clear line between her and that pair of ‘kissing fishes’.

She looked at the bank card in her hand and asked curiously, “……What does my Uncle do? He hates the Zhao family very much?”

Thinking of the Zhao family, Ah Biao grinded his teeth, clenched his fists and cracked his knuckles.

Lu Wan: “……”

She always thought that this kind of picture was not right ah.

Ah Biao simply told the Young Miss about the Zhao family.


Lu Wan’s mother was the youngest daughter of the Zhao family with two elder brothers.

But the two of them together didn’t even have half the brain of their younger sister.

After Third Miss Zhao graduated, she was immediately sent by her father to manage a business with low revenue.

Surprisingly, after only two years, she had reverse the company’s performance and made everyone look at it with new eyes.

Such a good result, but she did not get the praise she deserved.

Her father took the management of the business she had painstakingly worked on……and gave it to his eldest son. He took the easy way out and transferred his daughter to a bankrupt subsidiary to be sidelined.

The Third Miss was not discouraged, and the company came back to life after only half a year in her hands. But after working hard to turn everything around, it was snatched away by her jealous second brother.

‘Do not worry about scarcity, but rather about uneven distribution’. Her parents partiality towards sons made the Third Miss’s heart turned cold. She left the Zhao family and started a company using her own capital.

Third Miss Zhao was talented. Her company started to flourish only after a few years.

This time she refused to hand over her company to the Zhao family, and it created a conflict between the two sides.

The Zhao couple decided to marry the Third Miss off to maximize their benefits.

Even if the man was fifteen years older than the Third Miss and had a bad reputation.

Third Miss Zhao was so angry that she married the beautiful poor researcher whom she had only been dating for a month.

At that time, Lu Wan’s father has not been found by the Lu family yet and was still a poor guy.

Many people were not optimistic about this marriage. Not only has the man no money, he was also a few years younger than Miss Zhao.

But everyone did not expect that they would have a child soon after they got married. They were a loving couple, and a few years later, she gave birth to a second child.

Miss Zhao’s company was getting bigger and bigger —big enough that the people of Zhao family greatly yearn to posses it.

They persuaded the Third Miss to divorce and cast away her poor husband. They wanted her to abandon her family and return to them with her properties.

But it didn’t work at all.

Fifteen years ago, Lu Wan was lost because of them.

That day was the birthday of the Zhao family’s old master. He did everything possible to pick up his two grandchildren back for a ‘reunion’. They had assumed it was just for a meal, but didn’t expect that something unforeseen would happen.

Because of this matter, Lu Wan’s mother practically cut all ties with the Zhao family.

‘Ten years on the east side of the river and ten years on the west[1]life has its ups and downs.’

At first, the two older brothers were afraid that their younger sister was too capable of snatching their inheritance.

But now it was different. The Zhao family had been going downhill, but on the contrary, their younger sister’s company was in full swing, which makes people want to take a share.

Because of this, when the Zhao family heard the news about Lu Wan, they did not try to inform the child’s parents, but instead hid it from them.

They wanted to play a good scheme by getting familiar with Lu Wan first to repair the broken relationship with her family.

Because the Zhao family made great efforts to conceal the information, Lu Jinye received the news a few days late, which led to the scene of forcing their car to stop and snatching people just now.


Lu Wan had mixed feelings after hearing this, but, at least she knew that her biological parents loves her.

Ah Biao said, “Fortunately, Miss is smart and didn’t follow that bastard from the Zhao family right away.”

Lu Wan smiled. “My Uncle should be very smart.”

The Zhao family deliberately blocked the news while her uncle was in the United States, but it was only delayed for a few days.

One can assume that he was not that simple.

Ah Biao raised his chin. “Of course. Those people in the Zhao family are not even qualified to speak in front of the Boss.”

Lu Wan thought of that uncle’s confusing speech.

Planes, yachts and five million.

“What does my Uncle do? Is he always abroad?”

Ah Biao: “The Boss is in business. Now it’s mainly engaged in electronics, finance, and real estate. Presently, the domestic market is very good so he also has a lot of business here.”

The Lu Family Group was established half a century ago. It has a deep foundation and they have business all over the world.

Lu Jinye, who was now in power, was from the third generation and had an outstanding reputation.

Lu Wan looked at the two bald men on the car, still thinking that something was not quite right and asked, “Then he-…… what did he do before?”

Ah Biao hesitated. He couldn’t lie to the Young Miss, but he also couldn’t say how the Lu family started ba.

Besides, it was all in the past. They’re doing legitimate business now.

Ah Biao scratched his head. “It’s nothing. He had been running a martial arts club while doing international logistics and selling large-scale fireworks. The scope was relatively big.”

Lu Wan nodded and said with heartfelt admiration, “He has done so much ah. Really amazing.”

Thinking about it, that uncle was quite inspirational and hardworking. He’s an admirable businessman ah.


Lu Jinye ended the call. He loosened the button on the collar of his clothes, smiled and asked the man next to him, “How did I do just now?”

“Boss, you’re just like my dead Grandfather ah! That old man talks a lot of nonsense and always stuffed me with things I don’t need! But I miss him very much.” His man truthfully said.

Lu Jinye: “……”

This should be a praise that he acts like an elder. Okay, he’ll just consider it as such.

Lu Jinye had an older brother. He and his wife tragically died in an accident many years ago.

The Lu family’s lineage was declining, and in this generation, he and his older brother’s son only had each other to depend on.

It wasn’t until a few years ago when Lu Jinye accidentally learned that he has a younger brother.

His father had a relationship with a woman and had a child.

The other party was a student of a prestigious school and was obsessed with research. She raised the child alone and did not tell the Lu family even until she died.

Nevertheless, many years later, Lu Jinye still inadvertently knew about it.

When he was reunited with his half-brother, Lu Wan’s father was in his forties. From the original poor researcher…… he became a university professor who still had little money.

The Lu family seemed to be under the curse of only having sons. Not only were there few people, but they were all male for several generations.

After Lu Jinye recognized his younger brother, he realized that he has a niece and was very happy. But when he learned that the child had been lost for many years, he then became very angry.

The development of the Zhao family’s company has been subjected to resistance in recent years. It was all precisely made by Lu Jinye.

He has money and power, and he can do whatever he wanted.

Back then when the child was lost, it was definitely related to the Zhao family! Naturally, he wouldn’t forget about it easily.


Lu Jinye went to the shooting range. He said while loading bullets, “Raising a girl is more worrying. What if someone bullies Wanwan?”

The bald man next to him was stunned, and then said fiercely, “I’ll send some people to secretly follow the Miss. Whoever dares…… we’ll just throw them on the open sea!”

“How many times have I said it?! We are now abiding by the law! Besides, it’s not good to find someone to follow her. It will prevent Wanwan from making friends!” As he spoke, Lu Jinye raised his hand and shot all the bullets in one breath.

Only one hole appeared in the opposite target.

This showed that the shooter’s marksmanship was excellent; not to mention that of the ten rings on the shooting target, all of them only hit the center.

Lu Jinye continued to load the gun and said slowly, “We can beat them up discreetly and then bring a lawyer to greet the other party’s family in a legal way. What do you say?”

“Boss, you’re so smart ah!”

Lu Jinye glanced at the people next to him, frowned and said, “And you-all, you look like you just came out of prison. The little girl got scared earlier. Everyone should start to grow their hair right away. The longer the better, so you would look more friendly.”

“All right.” The man touched his bald head. He said to himself, ‘Isn’t this more cooler in summer?’…… He pondered for a moment and then said, “Our Miss looks healthy and energetic, but she is rather timid.”

At the beginning of the video call, the Miss looked like she was about to cry.

“It’s normal for girls to be timid.” Lu Jinye did not care.

His niece was certainly the best in the world and had no flaws. If she’s timid, then just deal with what scared the little girl. It’s easy to solve.

Lu Jinye raised his hand and once again rained the target with bullets.

There’s still only one bullet hole to be seen; it’s just that the round gap had became a little wider than before.

Two magazines of bullets all hit one point.


1 life has its ups and downs


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