Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 2

The sudden sound of a ringtone cut through the silence, and Lu Buyu came back to his senses.

Lu Wan’s back had already disappeared at the entrance of a corridor.

The call was made by his assistant. A few hours ago, this ancestor ran away from the rehearsal site and only said that there was a very important thing he had to deal with.

Lu Buyu answered the phone and quickly said, “I’m done. I’ll be right back.”

The assistant was stupefied. He didn’t ask any more questions, but he was inwardly puzzled.

The boss was a very systematic and responsible person. This was the first time this has occurred, so what exactly happened?!

After Lu Buyu hung up, he dialed another number.

“I found her.”

“She hasn’t been picked up by the Zhao family?”

“No. I watched her go home just now.”

“That’s good. I’ll deal with this matter.”

Earlier, Lu Buyu saw a little boy coming from a distance and thought that there must be some kind of mistake.

But when the other party came near, his heart skipped a beat the moment he saw her face clearly —her brows and her eyes were too similar with his father.

There was no mistaking it.


Lu Wan really didn’t have many luggage. Putting the two sets of clothes and textbooks in the bag, there was nothing much left.

There was only the pet she has kept for five years —the little tortoise that she bought on the roadside for a huge sum of five yuan.

‘That’ person said he would come and pick her up in the morning, but Lu Wan waited until nine o’clock and couldn’t even see his shadow.

She glanced at the yellow carnation she had brought back last night. She couldn’t help picking it up and pinning it to her ear again. She looked at her reflection in the mirror.

Actually…… one could easily tell that she was a girl ba.

The unlocked door was pushed open.

Lu Wan turned her head. It was Xu Yao.

“……Why is your hair like that? You look like a dragon fruit.”

Xu Yao didn’t sleep well last night. The thought of Lu Wan’s departure made him very uncomfortable. So he went crazy and dyed his hair red in the middle of the night.

“It’s to see you off ah. Look at how festive I look.” After pausing, Xu Yao saw the flower in her head and said, “……You, a man who looks like a girl, actually wear flowers on your head.”

Lu Wan was in a good mood so she leaned forward and asked, “How is it? Doesn’t it look pretty good?!”

Xu Yao stared at her for two seconds and felt awfully uncomfortable, so he stepped forward and roughly ripped the flower off the other person’s head.

“A man should look like a man! Being a sissy is extremely ugly!”

Lu Wan covered her head. Is this idiot crazy?

“My hair, damn it!”

Xu Yao spread out his hand. In addition to the flower, there were seven or eight strands of hair in his palm.

He felt a little awkward. “It’s just a few.”

Lu Wan rolled her eyes. “Just a few? A guy like you who doesn’t study have no idea how important hair is!”

Many students in their science class occasionally talk about hair loss and receding hairline during the intervals of topic discussions.

Although Lu Wan didn’t have this problem for the time being, but it was quite possible that she could become ‘as bald as a spring breeze in the night’ later on.

So every strand of hair was important!

Xu Yao was absent-minded. He asked in a low voice, “Hey, you like big breasts right? Can you also like big pectoral muscles?”

Lu Wan didn’t hear him clearly. She raised her head and subconsciously asked, “What?”

She was mourning for her dead hair. Her deskmate told her that every hair strand was precious and should be given a name.

A humble name was very easy to make. She expressed regret for Cuihua[1]green flower, Aqiang[2]powerful, and Goudan[3]dog eggs who died in the hands of Xu Yao, this idiot.

Xu Yao: “……Nothing.”

The reason Lu Wan liked to look at girls with a good figure was because her secondary sexual characteristics were not obvious. She suspected that pretending to be a man has deceived even her own body.

That is why she was looking for some good role models to suggest the correct way of growing one’s flesh to her body.


Zhang Weidong heard someone chatting in the house from a distance.

He walked to the door and said sarcastically, “Aiyo, I couldn’t tell that you have many friends. Yesterday there was that white-haired guy, and today there’s a red-haired person. Is anyone normal? Sure enough, birds of a feather flock together.”

Xu Yao turned his head and said with an annoyed expression, “Do you want to die? This father is the white-haired guy yesterday.”

Zhang Weidong was startled. He’s really that punk from yesterday!

The one he was certain he couldn’t beat.

He anxiously threw out the sentence, “You should hurry up. I’ll wait for you downstairs” and slipped away.

Xu Yao handed over the small jar in his arms. “This is for you. It wasn’t easy for me to get this.”

“What is it?”

Xu Yao coughed. “Folk medicine. Many men had drank it and said it’s effective. ‘Ten times larger’ tonic wine!”


“That—, you don’t have to be embarrassed. I’ve placed it in my room and my mother found it. She thought I’m drinking it and told me to pay attention to my health and spend less time with my girlfriend.”

Lu Wan: “En…… your mother is right. You can keep it for yourself ba.”

“I don’t want it! I’m a f*cking virgin! You wouldn’t believe it—”.

Lu Wan said in a faint voice, “I believe it. You’ll be a virgin your entire life ba.”

Xu Yao nodded and said of course. It took him a few seconds to figure out that something was wrong.

Was this complimenting him?!

Xu Yao forced her to bring the wine, so Lu Wan had to carry a bag on her back, hold the wine jar in one hand, the turtle tank in the other, and got into the car.

Zhang Weidong rolled his eyes to the sky!

Really a hillbilly who’s too inferior to be shown in public!

Because both sides were displeased with one another, Zhang Weidong’s expression was not so good, while Lu Wan did not paid him any mind. She didn’t want to communicate with the other person and it was just right so her ears could be pure and clean[4]not hearing nonsense or noisy sounds in one’s ears.

Their car was driving steadily on the road when more than ten minutes later, several cars suddenly appeared on all sides and forced them to halt.

Lu Wan became aware that something was wrong…… What is this situation?

Zhang Weidong was already in a bad mood, but now he was even more angry. After he got out of the car, he placed his hands on his hips and yelled, “Are you crazy? Do you know whose car this is?”

“What kind of bullsh*t is the Zhao family? The one who intercepted us was you.” From the black Land Rover, a bald man with a fierce face jumped down.

The bald man ignored Zhang Weidong, who was still shouting, walked straight to the Audi and knocked on the car window. Showing a smile that he thought was gentle, he said to Lu Wan in the back seat, “Young Miss, I have to trouble you to step out and change cars.”

Lu Wan: “……”

The bald-headed-fierce-looking man, even when he smiles.….. it’s still scary ah.

She looked dumbfounded. What’s going on?

Zhang Weidong was stunned. Where did these people come from?? He still wanted to talk, but was easily subdued by another bald man with one hand.

The man smiled coldly and said, “You’d better not interfere.”

Zhang Weidong who was pressed on the car, completely shut up.

The fierce-looking man said to Lu Wan inside the car again, “All right, Miss, please get off the car.”

Lu Wan: “……”

So f*cking scary ah! Is this kidnapping? What’s this about?

Were they an enemy of the Zhao family? They’re not going to vent their anger on her, right?

Lu Wan’s heart did a flip, but she looked up innocently, “……I’m just a high school student hitching a ride. I don’t know the driver. Uncle, how about you let me go back ba.”

Zhang Weidong: “……”

What’s this hillbilly talking about?

The bald man was unfazed and insisted, “Miss, you’re really humorous. You’d better get out of the car.”

Lu Wan looked around. There were three Land Rovers, each with two strong men.

There was a great disparity in strength between the two sides and resistance was tantamount to striking a stone with an egg.

With a restrained smile, she hugged the turtle tank and got into the Land Rover next to her.

She could only act according to the circumstances.

Zhang Weidong was astonished. Snatching people in broad daylight, their guts were too big ba.

Seeing the other person’s defiant face, the bald man grinned, “I’ll tell you the truth, this is the eldest lady of our Lu family!”

Lu family. Zhang Weidong suddenly thought of an individual and his expression turned incredulous.


The bald-headed-fierce-looking man: “You’re not mistaken, so get out of here! What the hell?!”


Lu Wan’s heart was in a mess. What exactly is going on?

These people seemed to…… really dislike the Zhao family, but it sounded like they didn’t mean to deal with her?

The fierce-looking man sitting beside the driver started a video chat. After connecting, he said loudly, “Boss, we have successfully retrieved the young miss.”

A few seconds later, a deep male voice came from the phone.

“That’s good. How is she?”

The bald man: “The young miss is very courageous, beautiful and smart. She looks a lot like you!”

“Is that so? Give her the phone. I want to speak with her.”

Lu Wan took the cell phone nervously.

As soon as she took a look…… her state of mind completely collapsed.

On the screen, there was also a bald man with a muscular body and a fierce look on his face. Even the muscles around his mouth were well developed!

In short, he has a body of steel.

Where does the two of them look alike???

No. She shouldn’t attack someone’s appearance.

But they were really different! She was a little girl and cannot accept such an evaluation!

The camera shook and the angle changed, then another man appeared on the screen.

He was wearing a linen shirt, with thick eyebrows and big eyes. There were already several fine lines around the corners of his eyes, but his overall maintenance was well-managed, and he has a demeanor of an elderly person.

she couldn’t tell his specific age, but he has a calm temperament and there was a kind of awe-inspiring aura from years of experience coming from him.

Lu Wan guessed that the other party was about forty-five years old.

If someone said that this person resembles her, she could still accept it.

Lu Jinye smiled and said, “Hello, Wanwan, I’m your uncle[5]father’s elder brother.”

Lu Wan: “……”

“Wanwan, your parents misses you very much. If they could, they would’ve definitely pick you up in person. However, during this May first holiday, the return tickets for this past few days had long been sold out and even charter flights were not available. That’s why they couldn’t come to see you right away. Don’t be sad.” The man said softly.

His younger brother was attending an academic conference in France and his sister-in-law was on business trip in Australia.

Lu Wan: “……It turns out to be like that. It’s all right.”

Lu Jinye: “I’ve sent my two private jets to pick them up. You can meet each other again tomorrow night. I originally wanted to fly back by myself, but it’s better for you to meet your parents first.”

Lu Wan suspected that she had heard it wrong. “Your two…… private jets?”

Lu Jinye thought that the other party was questioning the quantity and explained with a smile, “Usually, only one aircraft is used. The second one is just a spare for the first aircraft during maintenance. If you like, I can send you a helicopter. Your new school have a helipad and the surrounding is pretty good.”


She knew every word, but how come she doesn’t understand them when they were connected together?

It shouldn’t be that kind of aircraft given as a reward to streamers…

What kind of ‘confusing behavior’ was this?


1 green flower
2 powerful
3 dog eggs
4 not hearing nonsense or noisy sounds in one’s ears
5 father’s elder brother


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