Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 1

The ancient umbrella-shaped camphor trees on both sides of the schoolyard were tall and green, and the hot wind was enveloped with the sound of cicadas.

Today was the school’s midterm exam.

Students in the examination room were swiftly writing down.

The moment Lu Wan opened her eyes, her pupils trembled.

She looked around. Everyone was still absorbed in answering questions.

Nothing happened.

She had finished the math papers early, but the teacher did not allow it to be handed in advance, so she simply laid down on the table and took a nap.

She looked at the clock on the wall. Only fifteen minutes had passed since then.

Sure enough, it was that dream again.

In the dream, she was continuously falling, and the feeling of weightlessness was like ice water pouring into her lungs, tearing through her chest.

These last few days, she had been having the same dream where she jumped dozens of floors a countless times.

Like a ruthless jumping machine.

She also dreamed that the world she was in now was actually a campus novel called 《Domineering School Grass[1]School hunk: Fierce Love》 by Mary Sue.

And that she herself was the villainess in the novel, –the vicious female supporting character.

The basic qualities of a vicious female supporting character was that she must have a rough psychological journey, paving the way for the sharp and crazy jealously towards the female lead in the later period.

Lu Wan’s parents –to be precise, her adoptive parents, were very patriarchal.

It was a pity that the couple only had one daughter, so there was not much they could do in this regard.

After all, this daughter was bought with money.

The couple couldn’t have a child, so fifteen years ago, they planned to spend money to buy a son.

At that time, they saw that the goods from the human traffickers were indeed boys. But when they got home, they found that their purchase had been switched out, and the one they had brought back didn’t even have a handle[2]one without ‘that’!

Around that time, the scoundrels had already disappeared into the sea of people, so they could only grit their teeth and keep this money-losing goods.

Lu Wan didn’t know whether it was because her adoptive mother wanted to make up for her regrets or if it was to please her husband, thus she raised her up as a boy.

Lu Wan’s household registration had always been ‘male’ since she was little. Perhaps because the registration control was not strict at that time, or the couple might have found some connection.

But fortunately, pretending to be a man was not difficult for her. She even thought that being a man was quite good, saving her a lot of trouble in various things. Besides, the probability of running into weird people was much lower.

Throughout her childhood, Lu Wan was chased around the house by her adoptive father with a broom, and passers-by would often remind her that there were shoe prints on the back of her clothes.

Before going to school, she thought that all her friends were like this. Later, she found out that it was not the case at all.

The fathers of other children would not drink excessively and curse at them, and other children would not be beaten when they asked for food if they were hungry.

Thus…… Lu Wan was through.

She began to resist and it soon escalated into fisticuffs with her drunken adoptive father.

In this prolonged free fight, both sides were injured.

Lu Wan has accumulated vast practical experience. She was bold and dared to fight with children two years older than her in primary school. She was also not limited to species, but even dared to fight with dogs at the age of ten.

She was a devil incarnate who could beat a dog.

When she was older, Lu Wan became famous for her expert skill of ‘massaging her father with the soles of her shoes’ in the second year of middle school.

Neighbors often lamented that if the Lu family’s boy hadn’t fallen in love with learning, he would have become a hoodlum in the future.

A prison reserve ah!

If there was anything praiseworthy about Lu Wan, it was that she’s very good at her studies.

First in every exam.

Since she was a child, she had never spent any money from her family for her studies. When she got into high school, her tuition fee was free and she still received several thousand yuan reward per semester, but she has earned it all by herself.

If it weren’t for that, she wouldn’t be able to continue studying.

Her adoptive father would not spend money to send her to school, even though that drunkard hadn’t worked for more than ten years, and the family’s income was being supported by women.

Lu Wan’s adoptive mother was a submissive woman.

She set up a stall at the intersection to sell pancakes and worked from morning to night.

It was a small business but the income was still considerable. However, the money in her hand was always snatched by her drunken husband and used for drinking and gambling.

Every time he took the money away, it was accompanied by insults, punches and kicks; turning their home upside-down.

Lu Wan used to think that if life went on like this, she didn’t know whether her adoptive father would kill her, or she would kill the other person first.

Fortunately, the Divinity was not too bad to her. That guy died in front of her.

When she was thirteen, that man drank too much alcohol and fell into the river.

He was already cold before he got sent to the hospital, saving them money.

However, after so many years of family struggle and the drunkard really died, her adoptive mother’s spirit also collapsed.

After a few years delay, she passed away three months ago.

Following her adoptive mother’s death, Lu Wan began to have these absurd dreams day and night.

But it was just a dream after all, and Lu Wan didn’t take it too seriously.

Until three days ago…… when a man came to the door.

A middle-aged man with a slicked back hair claiming to be sent by her grandfather.

He said that she was the granddaughter of the Zhao family who had been lost many years ago and wanted to take her back.

Only then did Lu Wan knew…… that her biological parents were someone else.

All of a sudden it matched with the dream!

Lu Wan recalled the plot of 《Domineering School Grass: Fierce Love》.

The female lead was kind of a bug[3]like an error or a flaw in a computer program/system in the elite school. Although she was born in poverty, she has perfect personality and charm. She doesn’t play according to common sense and her unique style drew countless high-quality men to fall for her.

Although she has been calculated by various rich ladies and coquettish bitches along the way, the female lead was invincible by virtue of the protagonist’s halo.

A walking cheat in every sense of the word.

And she on the book was a cannon fodder who dared to grab the female lead’s man. Her end could only be describe as miserable.

Because of her love for the male protagonist, she kept finding fault with the female protagonist. But not only was she met with failure every time, it even promoted the emotional development of the female protagonist with various men instead.

After playing the role of the bulldozer in the plot, she was disgraced, became addicted to drugs, and finally jumped from a high-rise building.

She received a cheap box lunch belonging to a ‘tool person[4]errand boy/girl’.

Lu Wan: “……”

This motherf*cking story is poisonous!

No, the male and female leads were doing this and that every day, abusing people with dog blood, and they still have time to study?

They were all high school students, but in contrast, she attended classes, does homework, and worked every day. Her three-point-one-line life[5]going to school, after school, and going home after school; monotonous life…… was like a boring silent film.

Although she couldn’t get the point of the novel, but if she couldn’t provoke the heroine, then she would just stay away and avoid her.

Lu Wan didn’t want to be a tool person, and became someone who use viciousness and mental retardation to reinforce the female lead’s kindness.

Everyone should just mind their own business.

The female protagonist could tore her own face and the cool male protagonist could  grab on his own clothes. She just wanted to study.

The Little White Rabbit could enjoy being with the school tyrant…… doing all kinds of kissing against the wall and kissing while being pinched on the waist! She just wanted to be the first in the grade.


Lu Wan came out of the examination room. As soon as she walked out of the school gate, she saw her friend standing across the street.

But before she could reach the sidewalk, a car stopped beside her.

The window opened, and she recognized the driver sitting in front.

It was that slicked-back-haired man who came to find her the day before yesterday.

Zhang Weidong has been in Ning County for three days. He was entrusted by the Zhao family to bring back the old master’s granddaughter who was lost outside.

He was very disappointed when he first saw Lu Wan.

It can only be said that the influence of the environment on a person was very crucial ah!

Not to mention a rich girl, she doesn’t even look like a female.

It was so bizarre. The granddaughter of the Zhao family was raised as a boy for more than ten years?

Zhang Weidong muttered right there and then, I don‘t know if there’s something wrong with her mind...

In any case, if she was recognized back, this kind of life would also be counted as ruined.

The other party quickly accepted his story without showing too much surprise.

But this was also normal. She had been living a miserable life, and suddenly flew into a high branch and became a daughter of a rich family. How could one be unhappy?

It’s like hitting the jackpot. No one would refuse it ba!

The people of the Zhao family told him that in order to avoid any problems from cropping up, the sooner he could bring the person back, the better, so as to avoid something going wrong along the way.

But this one was really ‘good’. Saying that one should finish what one started, and to at least wait until the mid-term exam was over before leaving.

Zhang Weidong spent two days waiting and now had a bellyful of complaints.

She hasn’t come back yet, but was already putting on the airs of a young lady.

Does she deserved it? It’s just dumb luck. She really doesn’t have any self-awareness.

He was no idler with nothing else to do.

Zhang Weidong’s impatience was evident. He frowned and said, “The exam is over. Then let’s go now ba.”

Lu Wan was stunned. “Now? It’s already afternoon. Let’s go tomorrow. I still have something to do and I haven’t packed my luggage yet.”

“You still have something to do? Do you know what the Zhao family represents? Don’t pack your junks. You can buy new ones when the time comes. You wouldn’t lack that little money. Small-minded people are truly unsuitable for public eyes.”

The people of the Zhao family has been pressing him. Zhang Weidong was anxious and didn’t speak too politely.

Is she sick in the head? He was going to take her back to enjoy a luxurious life, but she was still dawdling.


After waiting for a long time, Xu Yao didn’t saw Lu Wan come over, so he decided to see what’s going on.

He just happened to hear the last sentence.

Xu Yao knew that Lu Wan had found his biological parents and estimated that he would leave in a few days, but he didn’t think it was with this kind of attitude?

Xu Yao kicked the car’s door. “What the f*ck did you say? Try saying it again.”

He used his full strength and the position where the car was kicked became a little dented.

Zhang Weidong was about to explode in anger, but upon seeing that the other party was tall and strong, looking like a tough guy with his silver dyed hair, he endured it.

He confirmed with his own eyes that it was someone he couldn’t beat.

He turned his head to look at Lu Wan and snapped, “Do you usually associate with these kinds of people? You’re stooping so low! Barren mountains and turbulent rivers make unruly people[6]poor places yields terrible people.”

Lu Wan was baffled.

Ning County was not a like the big cities but it was definitely not in line with the ‘barren mountains and turbulent rivers’.

The county seat was located in a mountainous area with verdant hills and limpid waters[7]magnificent scenery. It has abundant underground mineral resources and there were several kinds of mineral reserves that were very rich, so the economic development was great.

She didn’t want to cause trouble, but she didn’t have the patience to listen to someone’s lecture. She said in a cold voice, “If you cannot wait, then you can go now. Give me the address and I’ll take the train myself.”

Zhang Weidong almost blew up in anger.

Take the train? Is this person stupid?

He wanted to grab the other person’s collar to knock some sense into her head, but the silver-haired boy next to him was full of hostility. He didn’t want to bother with this punk.

Zhang Weidong did a dying struggle as he threw the sentence “I’m too lazy to tell you”, stepped on the accelerator and left.

What an ignorant hillbilly. He doesn’t know how much of a fool she would make of herself in the future, so he’ll just wait to watch the fun.


After the uninvited guest left, Lu Wan turned her head and said, “Come on, I’ll treat you today. Let’s go to the barbecue joint where I work.”

“He had said all that to you, but you’re still in the mood to eat?”

Lu Wan: “I specially asked the boss to save the good stuff. There’s only one part on a cow.”

Xu Yao was still angry but his attention was instantly diverted by her words. “Pizzle? Are you trying to compensate with the shape?”

Lu Wan: “Get lost! Beef tongue! Grilled beef tongue!”


Xu Yao shrugged. He couldn’t be blamed for misunderstanding. Lu Wan never joined in the boys’ ‘size comparison’ activities, and he goes alone to the toilet every time.

He suspected that Lu Wan had an undisclosed condition. That thing mustn’t be working well.

However, this was about a man’s pride. Although Xu Yao was curious, it was not good to ask too much and expose his good brother’s shortcomings.

The two went to the barbecue joint.

Today was the weekend and the snack street was crowded with people.

Lu Wan chose a position facing the street and sat down. Now that the weather was getting hotter, girls in cool clothes formed a beautiful scenery, which was very pleasing to the eyes.

Lu Wan’s line of sight kept following the beautiful girl passing by. Xu Yao joke, “Are you greedy for other people’s body again?”

Lu Wan: “Get lost!”

She was not greedy for other people’s body, but greedy for other people’s skirt.

Xu Yao pursed his lips. He knew that Lu Wan liked to look at beautiful women, but that was all.

After all, Lu Wan has been chased by girls since he was a child. And as his friend, he was always asked by girls with: What’s the name of your handsome friend?

Yet he has never seen this guy had a girlfriend.

Xu Yao looked at the person beside him. To be honest, Lu Wan was really good-looking.

The bridge of his nose was straight and his eyebrows were full, but the curve of his chin was sharp and three-dimensional. The daintiness was weakened and there was more of a unconstrained heroic spirit.

Beautiful, but not effeminate.

The vest on Lu Wan’s body was bought from a street stall. His shirt was also very cheap and the light blue jeans had been worn for several years that it was almost white.

He had a clean and neat appearance, that even if he wore cheap clothes, it couldn’t suppress his good-looking face.

Xu Yao remembered that snobbish guy just now and he frowned. “Don’t blame me for speaking badly. They haven’t seen you for so many years yet your parents didn’t come to pick you up, but sent that prick instead. I’m afraid this isn’t right.”

Lu Wan took a sip of water and said slowly, “Since I have found them, I should still go and see them.”

 Xu Yao: “Fine. You can come back if there is a problem.”

“That’s right! You can also come back if you’re feeling uncomfortable there.”

“Your grades are so good; the school will definitely welcome you.”

Lu Wan nodded. Although this man was always causing a raucous, he was still a good friend.

In one night, she went from someone who was trying hard to secure her personal gains and earn money, into the long lost daughter of a wealthy family. Lu Wan already had her own plan in mind.

She couldn’t always pretend to be a man ba.

After her adoptive mother passed away, she wanted to change back her gender, but she hadn’t carried it out yet. One was because of her bizarre dreams. The second was….. she wasn’t sure how people around her would react when they found out.

This time she was recognized by her biological parents and could at least smoothly go back to being a girl in a new place, without making the people around her feel weirded out.

At the very least, there was no way she wouldn’t be allowed to study over there ba.

In another year, she would take the college entrance examination. If they really couldn’t get along with each other, it’s not a big deal for her to live alone afterwards.

She would go into a good university and chose a major with good prospects.

She wouldn’t have to worry about supporting herself.


This translation is by Pocketrobbin at S h a n g h a i f a n t a s y . c o m

Lu Wan said goodbye to her friend. It was already ten thirty in the evening when she went home.

A new store had opened at the end of the street today and there were many flower baskets placed by its door. When Lu Wan passed by, she pulled out a yellow carnation and inserted it by her ear.

Using the glass door as a mirror, she looked at herself and titled her head around.

As a girl, I shouldn’t be considered ugly ba.

The shops along the road were all closed at this time. There were no street lights on this road, but a giant billboard more than ten meters away illuminated the surroundings.

The wiring of the billboard lights has poor connections and it kept blinking and flickering.

Lu Wan looked up at the celebrity on the billboard.

It turned out to be the shared boyfriend of the girls in their class. The girls talked about this celebrity every day.

Buying his magazines, buying his endorsed products, and buying his merchandise, looking delirious all day long.

He was talked about a lot so Lu Wan also knew the other party’s profile.

Lu Buyu became famous at a young age when he returned to the country and made a fire debut. The first TV series he appeared in has unexpectedly high viewer ratings and he had steadily and surely rose all the way to the top. Now he was not only super famous but had also won the Top New Movie Artist award, and has been a guest performer on the Spring Festival Gala for two consecutive years.

It was in the light of this horror-movie-like atmosphere that the big brother’s face didn’t collapse.

With red lips and white teeth[8]a metaphor for a beautiful face. He looked really good. No wonder his popularity was so high that even a small town like theirs have his billboard.

Lu Wan retracted her gaze and walked forward while lost in her thoughts.

She didn’t notice that under the shadow of the billboard lights, a young man was standing nearby.

The man pursed his lips; his eyes following her all the time.

He had the same face as the model on the billboard.


1 School hunk
2 one without ‘that’
3 like an error or a flaw in a computer program/system
4 errand boy/girl
5 going to school, after school, and going home after school; monotonous life
6 poor places yields terrible people
7 magnificent scenery
8 a metaphor for a beautiful face


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