Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife
Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife Chapter 74 part 2

Chapter 74 part 2

Ruan Jiu Jiu wanted to keep this matter from Cheng Jun forever, and naturally, she was reluctant to mention anything related to it.

“Don’t think too much, I’m not Steve Jobs[1]You can try searching up the net about him because I don’t know much about what happened to him and the connection to this XD. Even if I die, Tu Nan and the others will still be able to stand up. Jiacheng has an increasingly successful mode of operation and if there is a missing piece of the foundation, it will be filled soon.”

At this time, it’s better to improve one’s[2]I’m presuming it’s Jiacheng’s rival companies strength, or simply do something underhand and poach designers or programmers. Only then would it be maximizing the interests of businessmen.

If they want to use the murder of others just to smoothen the future of their company, they are either stupid or foolish.

Ruan Jiu Jiu: “…Oh!”

But thinking about it, the core idea of ​​a company as big as Jiacheng is not run by only one person. Yet then again, for Tu Nan and the others, Cheng Jun was also the same figure as the core of leadership. He(CJ) said that it was not important, but he was an irreplaceable existence.

Ruan Jiu Jiu’s expression was serious. After thinking for a long time, she suddenly thought that maybe Cheng Jun was not killed by a business competitor.


Eating junk food until his body collapses, being too lazy to go to the hospital with a cold(fever), and dying at home, long-term unhealthy routine and diet cause the body to become cancerous…all of which were quite reasonable.

She couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

When she looked at Cheng Jun again, she realized that it was not easy for Cheng Jun to be able to live to this day with such lazy behavior.

Cheng Jun: “…” He didn’t know why, but he always had a sense of foreboding.

Ruan Jiu Jiu stood up under his gaze.

“From today onwards, protect your body, cherish your life, and eat and rest as much as you can.”

Cheng Jun: “?”

“Okay, in order to prevent you from dying too quickly, it’s better to go to bed early.”

Ruan Jiu Jiu pushed him towards the study. Cheng Jun reluctantly glanced at the dried fruits and snacks on the table, and Ruan Jiu Jiu’s serious eyes glared back at him: “Go to sleep! Young people should not stay up all night!”

Cheng Jun: “My snacks…”


The door was closed by Ruan Jiu Jiu with a bang and through the door panel, Ruan Jiu Jiu said slyly: “If I find that the snacks on the table are missing, you will eat air(nothing) tomorrow.”


Ruan Jiu Jiu slept restlessly, she tossed and turned, and the scenes in her dream were messy. One moment showed the events of this world, and another moment showed Xu Bi Ying’s memory of her previous life, the two repeatedly crossed, and finally became a mess.

She turned over, still frowning in her sleep as if she was sleeping uneasily. A slap on the bed head made a crisp and clear sound.

In the dark living room, a slowly moving figure stopped immediately because of the loud noise that came from Ruan Jiu Jiu’s bedroom.

It was actually Cheng Jun.

In the middle of the night, he appeared in the living room. Besides stealing food, stealing food was the only reason.

After a long time, there was no scolding coming from Ruan Jiu Jiu. So, he continued to move silently to the kitchen.

The soda in the refrigerator was gone, and the instant noodles in the cabinet were gone. Cheng Jun looked around, not to mention sausages, he didn’t even see the plastic wrapper. He silently moved from the kitchen to the living room and sat on the sofa.

There were snacks and dried fruits on the table, Cheng Jun stretched out his hand, picked up a bag of dried meat as usual, and was about to tear it apart when Ruan Jiu Jiu’s serious warning came to his mind.

Cheng Jun was silent for a moment.

Sacrificing lunch for a bag of snacks and eating a big pot of rice[3]I presume only rice and no other foods due to Ruan Jiu Jiu’s punishment in the cafeteria would not be worth it.

Fortunately, there was still a small secret base. Ruan Jiu Jiu, on the spur of the moment, must have forgotten that there was something under the sofa. Cheng Jun spread his legs apart, bowed down, and put his hand under the sofa, but he didn’t touch anything. Just when he thought that the snacks were all confiscated, Cheng Jun’s fingertips touched a puffed food bag, and he gently pulled it out with his fingertips.


It turned out to be an empty bag?

The flashlight hit the bottom of the sofa, and it turned out that there really was nothing. The empty bag that was left behind seemed to be evidence of Ruan Jiu Jiu’s mockery of him. On the one hand, it was a warning to him, and on the other hand, it was to make him totally down.

Cheng Jun sat on the sofa motionless.

In the dark living room, he clasped his hands together, stared at the empty bag for a long time, and let out a sigh.


T/N: So sorry for not updating for a long time hehehe.


1 You can try searching up the net about him because I don’t know much about what happened to him and the connection to this XD
2 I’m presuming it’s Jiacheng’s rival companies
3 I presume only rice and no other foods due to Ruan Jiu Jiu’s punishment
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