Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 62

Lu Wan pondered for several seconds and finally understood.

The only intersection between the two of them was the magazine shoot a month and a half ago.

But Lu Wan was even more puzzled. Even if she was dissatisfied, she should go to Dog Lu and trouble him. What does it have to do with her?

To say the least, if the little princess didn’t show her temper and finished the shoot, there would be no such thing at all.

Xiao Zhang would not let her do it in her stead back then.

……As far as Dog Lu, that Eldest Miss’s temperament was concerned, how could he tolerate the other party stepping on his bottom line?

As a reward for posing, Lu Buyu promised to give her Ling He’s concert ticket and Shen Huailin’s autograph, but it still hasn’t been fulfilled!

It’s almost like working without getting anything in return!

The guy shamelessly said, “How can you still think of others when you look at me, your top-level handsome brother, every day?”

“I don’t have tickets for other people’s concerts. I can give you ten VIP tickets for mine. You can take your friends to watch together.”

Because of these shameless words, Lu Buyu became Dog Lu.

Who wants to listen to Dog Lu sing? She’s already tired of listening to him screeching at home.

On the day of the pictorial, Lu Wan and this person didn’t even talk.

The other party gave her contemptuous looks from a distance. She was in a hurry to go to the training school and did not worry about it.

She didn’t expect that…… there’s actually a sequel?

Jiang Xuerong felt more confident when she saw that the other party didn’t speak.

She looked around slowly and all the contestants who were talking were now looking over.

The place went quiet.

Jiang Xuerong made sure that she has everyone’s absolute focus, before she slowly raised her chin and said loudly, “I originally didn’t want to meddle, but as a guest of this show, I have an obligation to maintain the fairness of the game. Even if you hate me afterwards, it doesn’t matter.”

Lu Wan: “???”

It’s quite reasonable, but what does it have anything to do with her? She’s really confused.

The contestants at the scene looked at each other…… Does the other party mean Lu Wan was cheating?

There were already a few contestants who felt that it was simply a case of bad luck and were unwilling to be eliminated like this. They have grievances in their hearts.

If Lu Wan was cheating, she was occupying someone else’s position!

Jiang Xuerong: “Lu Wan, do you and the judge of this show, Professor Lu Bainian, know each other privately?”

Lu Wan: “Yes.”

She didn’t want to take the initiative to open up her relationships, but she wouldn’t deliberately deny it if was revealed. After all, it’s not a shameful thing.

Jiang Xuerong: “It’s good that you admit it. Then let me ask you, you’ve met before the competition, right? He gave you something very important.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Wait, why was this thing getting weirder and weirder?

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t admit it. I have a witness. Yu Na saw you and today’s mentor, Professor Lu, staying in the corridor for a long time while avoiding people. I rushed over because the thing was still on you, which is the evidence.”

After Jiang Xuerong finished speaking, there was uproar and some people whispered.

“Is it true or false?”


“No way……”

“The first place cheated?”

The most important principle of the competition was fairness. If what this guest star said was true…… that would be too much!

Now not only the eliminated contestants, but also many of those who have successfully advanced were also angry.

Everyone turned their eyes to Lu Wan. Some were indignant, some were shocked, and some who were still not clear about the situation, were holding melon seeds as they eat.

Jiang Xuerong turned her gaze to Yu Na standing in the crowd. “Tell us, you did see it.”

Yu Na, who was named, was stunned and hesitantly said, “I saw it. Lu Wan and the judge were talking in private. The judge also instructed her to put away something, but what it was exactly…… I do not know.”

She felt that it was not good to make such a big fuss. If Lu Wan really cheated, of course she wasn’t worthy of sympathy.

But…… in case of a misunderstanding, it really wouldn’t end well.

Yu Na already regretted helping Jiang Xuerong, because she found out later that the other party didn’t seem to be very smart and impulsive.

Jiang Xuerong pointed at the bulged in the pocket of Lu Wan’s trousers, and said decisively, “The thing is there.”

Lu Wan: “……”

All right. She finally figured it out. But was the other person’s brain a trench?

Everyone’s eyes also followed. After all, the bulge was too obvious.

“It has already gotten to this point. You still won’t take it out?” Jiang Xuerong’s face was red with excitement.

As if caught in a frenzy of a performance.

Of course, she’s normally not such a good actress.

With a crisp sound, Lu Wan batted the other side’s outstretched hand.

This time, she didn’t restrain her strength. The back of the other side’s hand immediately turned red and she hurriedly took it back.

The atmosphere at the scene was very tense, but Lu Wan said unhurriedly, “What are you doing? What do you want to do? How can you casually touch a girl’s thigh? You’re way out of line, so don’t blame me for being rude.”

The others: “……”

Jiang Xuerong’s hands trembled in pain. She said incredulously, “You actually hit me? Look, she’s guilty. She totally has an abnormal relationship with the judge.”

Lu Wan glared at her. “Shut your mouth. Say it again and I’ll slap you.”

Jiang Xuerong: “……”

Lu Wan took out her mobile phone, found Old Lu’s number and dialed it.

As soon as the ringing tone sounded, it was immediately picked up.

“Baby, why are you looking for me?” Professor Lu was just thinking about sending a message to his daughter so he got the call right away.

Sure enough, it’s his precious daughter. They really have a bond ah!

Wanwan asked him to pretend that they don’t know each other and not to come up to her to talk. It was too difficult for him!

Lu Wan: “Old Lu, come over to the recording studio. Come right away.”

This matter must be clarified at once.

Lu Wan doesn’t care much about what others were saying about her, but for most of his life, Old Lu has been doing research in a cautious and low-key manner and couldn’t tolerate slander.

Make it clear while there were many people, so as to avoid it being spread everywhere.


It’s ridiculous how things have developed so far.

The contestants might believe that Lu Wan and the judge were privately acquainted and know the questions in advance.

But to speak of an improper relationship……it was outrageous.

One must know that Shangde High School, where Lu Wan was studying, has an annual tuition fee of more than 100,000 yuan. The parents of the students also need to be interviewed and the admission requirements were strict.

Even if the students who could attend were not the second generations of certain groups, they were at least the very top of the middle class.

At the very least, with Lu Wan’s face and figure, just one word and a lot of people would line up to open an intimate payment plan[1]intimate payment function on Alipay for couples, family members and children for her.

Although that professor was refined and with an outstanding temperament, he was old enough to be Lu Wan’s father!

This was demeaning to both people at the same time!

Lu Wan stepped to the side and asked the staff to find the director and head.

She’s a person who’s afraid of trouble, but when things come to her, she would always deal with them.

Jiang Xuerong was already a little flustered. She looked at Lu Wan in alarm, afraid that the other party would actually make a move. She took a step back and asked cautiously, “What are you up to? You want the program team to suppress this matter?”

Lu Wan: “Are you sure that what’s in my pocket…… is what you think?”

Qiao Lan couldn’t listen anymore, frowned and said, “Jiang Xuerong, you’ve gone mad. I believe in Lu Wan’s character!”

“I believe in her too!”

“Yeah . Making groundless accusations cannot be condoned!”

“It can’t be said that it’s completely a groundless accusation. It’s true that some people have seen Lu Wan getting close to the mentor.”

The crowd began to discuss.

“It’s no use being tough. Take it out if you have the guts.” Jiang Xuerong said desperately.

She thought it was a sure thing, but many people had begun to doubt her.

“Okay.” Lu Wan nodded.

She put her hand into her trouser pocket and all the onlookers held their breath.

Here it was! Finally!

Then, in the full view of the public, Lu Wan took out a…… green fruit?

Everyone: “……”

That’s it? Is this a joke?

Qiao Lan asked in a low voice, “That—, why did you…… put the fruit in your pocket?”

It was too outrageous.

Lu Wan: “I don’t have a bag, and my trouser pockets are just big enough.”

Everyone: “……”

Yes, this explanation makes sense.

Jiang Xuerong was completely stupefied. She muttered, “It’s impossible, don’t tell me this is what the judge gave you…… I don’t believe it.”

Lu Wan: “Why not? Professor Lu said that this Buddha’s head fruit is very sweet and fragrant, so he wants me to try it.”

To be honest, it was the first time she saw this kind of fruit.

Normally, when Professor Lu saw anything interesting, he would let her see it, which was very childlike.

Jiang Xuerong shook her head. She had no way back.

“Who are you kidding, why will he give you this?!”

Lu Wan: “Didn’t you notice that Professor Lu’s surname is Lu, and my last name happened to also be Lu? Let me tell you something, Professor Lu have a daughter.”

Jiang Xuerong : “……”

The two were father and daughter? It’s impossible!

The crowd watching: “???”

What kind of amazing development was this? How come all of a sudden……

However, the contestants came to their senses and thought about it carefully. This could explain everything.

After all, not everyone likes to be noticed as a high profile person.

While the two were talking, Lu Bainian and the program team had already rushed over.

Lu Wan roughly summarized the matter in a few words and finally concluded, “I didn’t cheat and Professor Lu doesn’t know anything.”

Lu Bainian frowned when he heard it. He turned to look at Jiang Xuerong. “You’re simply outlandish! A person must at least have a basic bottom line. Reading can make one sensible! I advise you to read more and learn to think! Don’t speculate on others with malicious intent. “

It might be a little ridiculous if others say this.

But Lu Bainian was an industry leader, a front-line scientific researcher, and entitled to various expert subsidies.

He was a role model and an elder, so he was naturally qualified to encourage learning.

Lu Bainian came to record this program saying that he wanted to see the vigorous young people, but he really didn’t ask to be paid even for one yuan, so the program team reserved the business class flight and the hotel suite for him.

The staff of the program group also highly respected the professor.

If a star was angry, they might not be so anxious, but this professor was very renowned. His students were all over the scientific research circle, and even the leaders of the TV station attaches great importance on him.

Businessmen and entertainers were worthy of respect. Still, the academics were completely different. Their efforts have allowed the world to continue to progress in science and technology.

The show was also a competitive variety show with the theme of scientific knowledge. It has already attracted the attention of the circle of highly educated people. It’s only the first day and this kind of thing has happened, wouldn’t it cause public outrage?

The staffs of the program team were completely convinced. Jiang Xuerong’s character…… In fact, everyone knows it.

But considering that a science-based program might make the audience feel bored, and Jiang Xuerong was lively and was just the right person to create the atmosphere…… they decided to invite the other party.

They contacted several young female artists at that time. Jiang Xuerong’s agent offered to reduce the price, saying that money was not a problem and it was mainly because Jiang Xuerong liked exercising her mind, and that she really wanted to be on the show.

After much deliberation, they finally settled on this person.

Damn it, she’s really good at creating atmosphere that they could all see their show was about to fall apart.

Jiang Xuerong’s face was pale, her mind blank. She defended herself in a low voice, “Why didn’t you say earlier that you’re father and daughter?”

It’s like deliberately digging a hole for her to jump into.

Lu Wan chuckled. “I don’t need to tell you. I don’t want to say it, not because I want to cheat, rather, I want to be the same as everyone else.”

The onlookers agreed with this statement. After all, if they knew that Lu Wan was Professor Lu’s daughter, they would really put the ‘second generation master’ filter and halo whenever they look at her.

Lu Bainian said righteously, “You can slander me personally, but you can’t slander this show, the enthusiasm of so many young people, and the work of the program team. You can’t slander my daughter either.”

Others nodded wildly in their minds. The manner of the master’s speech was different.

Lu Bainian was a real master. It was a fact that many people know and were aware of. And even if they didn’t know it before, they also checked the background of the judges on the Internet before the competition.

The other party’s resume seemed to be as long as a thesis paper. Anyway…… most people read it on their knees.

It was heartfelt admiration and worship. They could blow a hundred rainbow farts on the spot.

“Isn’t it really too much? Can’t you figure it out first before speaking?”

“Please don’t bring the practice of the entertainment industry to this show.”

“Others want to keep a low profile and did not disclose their relationship. This person is good, directly forcing people to speak up and clarify.”

“I believe that Professor Lu won’t reveal the questions, and Lu Wan doesn’t need to know the questions in advance.”

“To cheat in a game like ‘Huarong Road’, at most, you should know the questions in advance and train a lot.” A boy was hesitantly said.

When the director of the program heard someone discussing the topic, he immediately raised his voice and said, “Our previous topic was kept a secret. Except for the staff, the judges and the contestants are not aware of it before it is released, and it’s forbidden to disclose it! This is impossible!”

They wouldn’t take this blame!

Alas, this female star could be really harmful. How many people would suffer doubts by her words?

The early stage of the show took half a year to prepare. This was equivalent to throwing other people’s painstaking efforts to the ground.

The producers and directors of this variety show were full of industry veterans. It was given that they wanted to make a show of social significance.

Somehow, this was what happened. The director announced that the recording would be postponed for two hours, and then went to apologize to Professor Lu who walked away.

The guest who talked nonsense, in the end, was invited by the program team.

As for Jiang Xuerong, she naturally didn’t have to come tomorrow.

The contract can be terminated today and her scenes cut out.

She was willing to go out, so she could afford to lose face. The judges and the program team still wanted their reputation.


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