Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 63

Lu Bainian was so angry, but the other party was not his student, and this was not the circle he usually worked in.

So no matter how angry he was, he could only scold with a few sentences and leave.

If everyone followed this girl’s lead, tarnishing other people’s reputations according to their own fancy, wouldn’t everything be a mess?

The cost of disinformation was too low, but clarifying was time and energy consuming, and it was difficult to completely eliminate its impact.

Not to mention that what she was accusing them of was simply vicious.

The director of the program group was anxious and did not dare hide it. He notified the chairman of the TV station to come.

Several people went to apologize together.

It’s ridiculous that such a thing happened when the scientific research big shot came to be a mentor with good intentions.

The biggest slander the other party has ever received in his life was probably today.

Not to mention the staffs, even the contestants present were also dumbfounded.

They were not in the right state of mind to eat melons.

Lu Bainian was very polite to the staff that came to explain the situation. After all, it was not these people who were to blame.

He’s a very mild person and doesn’t like to engage in pointless arguments.

With Professor Lu’s attitude, the staff felt even guiltier.

The other party was angry that such a thing would happen, but he didn’t use it against them, or made any demands.

This was probably the integrity of the literati. It was rare, but it certainly exists in some people.

Forever worthy of respect.

Lu Wan mulled it over, then took the milk tea that others gave her to persuade him.

“All right, just take it as a joke and forget it after hearing.”

Lu Bainian saw Lu Wan’s lighthearted smile and his expression softened.

As a father, he naturally wanted to give the best to his children, and since Lu Wan was not by his side when she was a child, he felt even guiltier and did not want her to suffer any grievances.

Professor Lu sighed. “Wanwan, I’m afraid…… I don’t know how you’ve been wronged by others, just like today’s situation.”

He was simply too worried.

Lu Wan: “……You’re thinking too much. That person today isn’t right in the head. Even if you want to meet one every day, you won’t have such luck.”

Besides, how could she be wronged?

According to Lu Buyu’s words, she’s someone who could break open a boy’s skull with her bare hands…… Cool Guy’s not afraid of anything.

Lu Wan said a few more words, and Lu Bainian finally laughed.

The people around were relieved.

It’s only the first day and something like this happened. After a discussion, the program team decided to temporarily stop recording this afternoon.

They pushed the schedule to tomorrow.

Now that the contract with Jiang Xuerong has been terminated, the program team urgently needed to find a new guest.

They had to get the most popular artists recently. For now, where could they find them?

And they should also be able to appease the other contestants.

Lu Wan hesitated for a moment, then recommended, “I think Shen Huailin or Ling He are both suitable. Really! How about you go and ask?”

Professor Lu looked at his daughter lovingly. “If Wanwan thinks they’re good, it should be so.”

The staff hurriedly asked and got a reply in less than 20 minutes. Shen Huailin was abroad, and Ling He’s schedule was full.

Several of the remaining teams felt appropriate, but after asking the other companies, the responses were similar.

The invitation was too sudden and all of them cannot fit it in their schedules.

Lu Wan shrugged. “Then maybe you can find Lu Buyu. He should have time.”

That guy had a lot of time on his hands lately. He often sings and dances at home, and he also goes to the studio for rehearsal.

Apparently, he was preparing for a concert tour.

Tickets were sold out in the first half of the year as soon as they go on sale.

Aside from anything else, Lu Buyu really treated being an icon as a career and does it seriously. That guy manages his body very well. He can sing and dance for an hour without his voice shaking, still full of energy.

On weekend mornings, Lu Wan would read English words aloud on the balcony, while Lu Buyu would practice singing on the one next to hers.

And on purpose, he would make his voice overwhelm hers! It would always be one degree higher than her reading.

Passersby had black lines on their faces. They could sing and read English very well, but the two sides mixed together…… was noisy.

It’s not a wonder that he could be a top star. Dog Lu not only had his face, but also had advantages over many small fresh meats[1]originally refers to those young, cute, handsome and innocent male idols.

He at least never had a ‘car crash scene[2]bad musical performance’.

Of course, he’s still not as good as Shen Huailin and Ling He.

Her idols were the best in the world.

The director and several planners looked at each other. Inviting Lu Buyu…… This proposal was very bold!

That’s a top star. The business offers he receives could reach the sky.

Even the process of recording and the program content must first be checked by his agent, and then change one by one according to his requirements.

What Lu Buyu signed up for was the second recording which they fought so hard to get. This was the first phase.

“This…… Lu Buyu should be even busier.” The director was a little surprised, but he really dared to say it.

Lu Wan: “He’s not busy. He’s hanging around at home all day!”

Several staff members looked at each other after hearing this…… You know this?

On second thought, the two have filmed a variety show together. If their relationship was good, it was normal to know.

Lu Bainian frowned slightly, sighed and said, “In that case, you can call that boy here.”

There was a little bit of distaste.

The staffs were once again shocked.

This tone seemed to be saying, “There’s nothing I can do about it. Go call the breakfast vendor at the entrance.” The master was a master, but does he know who Lu Buyu was?

Was he someone who can be invited casually?

Not to mention, the father and daughter were quite similar. They speak with great confidence, and they could treat big stars with a normal heart.

The director asked the assistant to go straight to Lu Buyu’s studio.

The person incharge informed the agent, Xiao Zhang, at once.

Xiao Zhang knew that Lu Wan and Professor Lu were both on the show, so he immediately notified the Eldest Miss.

Before the program team received a response, Lu Wan first received a call from Lu Buyu.

She took out her phone, glanced at the screen, and answered the call.

In that short two seconds, the director saw the name of the caller ID.

Dog Lu?

Was this Dog Lu, Lu Buyu?

Heavens, Professor Lu’s daughter calls the big star Dog Lu?

What the hell?!

Lu Buyu: “What happened with you, father and daughter? I can’t leave the two of you for a moment?”

“Enough. The first guest was Jiang Xuerong. Something went wrong and now the program has terminated her contract. Anyway, you will be the next guest, why don’t you sign up for one more episode?”

Lu Buyu: “Beg me.”

Lu Wan rolled her eyes. “Okay, please.”

Lu Buyu snorted softly. “Then since you begged, I have to reluctantly agree.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Why was he Dog Lu? It’s because he’s really too much of dog.

Lu Wan hung up the call, and the program team received a reply from the other party’s studio.

Lu Buyu promised to record one more episode and will come to the TV station on time tomorrow.

The director and several planners were overjoyed. Finally, there was good news. And truthfully, Lu Buyu was more suitable for this program than Jiang Xuerong.

In addition to the other party being a top star, although he had dropped out halfway, he was at least admitted to an Ivy League school after finishing high school.

Lu Wan was simply the lucky star of the show. Not only did she win the first place with her outstanding ability, but a large part of the reason why Professor Lu also came was for his daughter.

Not to mention Lu Buyu. If it wasn’t for Lu Wan’s suggestion, they wouldn’t dare invite him at all.

Lu Buyu probably agreed because of this little sister.

In the first episode of the show, there were only the mentors, stars and contestants. Because there were too many people, there were no audience seats.

When there were only 60 people left for the second episode, the show would set up the auditorium.

That time, President Zhao would sit in the front row and watch.

Lu Wan was still quite confident that she wouldn’t be eliminated right away.

Lu Wan didn’t have to leave separately from Lu Bainian. After all, everyone now knew their relationship.

So when a Bentley picked up the two people, everyone was calm.

The car was parked on the side of the road and its window did not lower, so the staff that sent them off had no idea that the driver wearing sunglasses in the driver’s seat was the big star who would come to record the show tomorrow.

After the car drove away, Lu Wan leaned back on the chair and breathed a sigh of relief.

Lu Buyu glanced at the father and daughter in the back row from the rearview mirror and asked, “Lu Wan, why did you quarrel with others on the first day?”

“I should also like to ask that. If you hadn’t dragged me to the shoot that day, there would be no such thing.”

Lu Bainian frowned. “What’s going on? Have you done something?”

Lu Buyu hastened to clear the air. “Old Lu, don’t talk nonsense ah. How can I be blamed for this?”

Lu Wan: “Oh, logically speaking, you’re not the one to blame, but if you ask me, I must say that the responsibility lies with you.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

Apart from pestering and arguing, when it comes to serious debate, Lu Buyu had never beaten Lu Wan, and of course, he had also never beaten Lu Bainian.

Oh, he just couldn’t win.

Lu Buyu: “How many places are you in the first round?”


Lu Buyu: “……”

He knew that Lu Wan was very strong and was a study freak, but this was simply a freak within freaks.

Lu Bainian thought for a while and said, “The entertainment industry is still quite messy. Lu Buyu, you can’t go maliciously frame others. Of course, even though I know that you’re not very smart, you are not so stupid. If someone lies about you, you must clarify immediately. I don’t want you to be vilified.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

With that said, should he be angry or moved?

Lu Buyu picked the two up and went directly to meet with President Zhao.

Today the whole family would have dinner together and booked a very private place.

When the three arrived, Zhao Jianing was already sitting inside.

She wore a dark purple suit, giving her a strong aura. She also had the calmness and self-confidence that one only got through years of experience.

Her temperament was exceptionally outstanding.

Zhao Jianing was dizzy with anger when she heard what happened today.

She snorted coldly, “Don’t say that she’s from the side branch of the Jiang family, even that Mrs. Jiang who’s in charge, could only talk from the sidelines in front of Eldest Brother. Such horrible bullies.”

That ‘Mrs. Jiang’ was Jiang Boyang’s mother. Lu Wan had met her, and in front of her uncle, the other person…… was indeed a lot weaker.

Lu Wan: “Actually, she didn’t bully me much either.”

Zhao Jianing: “That’s because our Shushu is smart. If your uncle knew about this, with his temper…… Forget it. In any case, it’s that girl’s own fault. She had no one else to blame.”

It just so happened that the other party didn’t know that they were father and daughter, so the malicious framing was quickly clarified.

If replaced by a slightly weaker girl or if the man and woman weren’t related……

This would flat out ruin people’s innocence.

Zhao Jianing hated this kind of behavior the most. And this time, it was aimed at her husband and daughter, so she naturally wouldn’t be soft-hearted.

The other side could only blame herself for kicking an iron plate[3]thinking that others are easy to bully, but they turned out to be powerful than oneself. She hoped the other side could learn to behave from now on.

However, this matter has to be discussed with Lu Jinye, since the other party would know sooner or later.

If eldest brother heard about it from someone else, he would definitely have some hard feelings and complain why they didn’t tell him right away.

Lu Jinye had a very tough style. As the patriarch, he was also very concerned about his family.

Zhao Jianing sighed in her heart.

The men of the Lu family…… all like to cause disturbances[4]sao and were trouble makers, including her husband and son.

It’s just that Lu Bainian was reserved[5]mensao, unlike Lu Buyu who’s a show off[6]mingsao and often acts like a peacock.

Lu Jinye, of course, was also…… an old person who dresses young, with all kinds of tiger stripes, leopard prints and camouflage coats.

Not to mention Lu Wan’s elder cousin who roams from town to town, Lu Lin, that brought the Lu family’s men’s ability to cause disturbance to the extreme, and whom scandals with actresses were common.

Zhao Jianing reckoned Lu Lin knew more female stars than her son.

On the contrary, the women of the Lu family were very independent and capable.

It’s a pity that there was only one female in the three generations of the Lu family— her precious daughter.

Zhao Jianing made a phone call to Lu Jinye during the meal and briefly explained what happened.

In recent years, her career had been going smoothly, and eldest brother watched over her. She respects the other person very much in her heart.

In short, he was much better than her real brothers, and he really treats her as a family.

Zhao Jianing frowned at the thought of this. Recently, her two brothers had been coming to their doorstep more and more frequently.


“All right. Leave this to me. I’ll handle it.” Lu Jinye hung up.

From the conversation between the two people, Ah Biao next to him could pretty much guess that someone dared to offend the young miss?

He frowned and said, “I’ll send some subordinates to deal with them and then throw them to the open sea!”

“Let me repeat! Now, this is a society ruled by law, and that old stuff should be left behind! Use your head.” Lu Jinye pressed the middle of his brows. He said slowly, “I’ll handle this matter.”


Lu Jinye looked at Ah Biao with his head drooping, and scowled, “I asked you to grow your hair because I wanted you to look friendly. I didn’t tell you not to shave. You go look in the mirror. Your beard and hair are all joined together. Are you pretending to be Zhong Kui[7]mythological figure, supposed to drive away evil spirits?! Go and shave your beard right now.”

“Alright.” Ah Biao stroked his beard and added, “But I think I look more handsome with a beard. Maybe the miss will like this image?”

“Shave it. I don’t like it. Aren’t you scared of yourself when you look in the mirror at night?” Lu Jinye said blankly.

Ah Biao lowered his head. “……Oh.”

Macho men do not look in the mirror at night! Only you, Boss, take pictures! You also spray perfumes!


The program team told the contestants not to spread the matter indiscriminately, but there were more than 200 people at the scene, and there were still 100 players who were eliminated and left.

In this situation, it was difficult to guarantee that everyone can keep their mouths shut.

Sure enough, that night, someone sold the news and some pictures to marketing accounts at a high price.


1 originally refers to those young, cute, handsome and innocent male idols
2 bad musical performance
3 thinking that others are easy to bully, but they turned out to be powerful than oneself
4 sao
5 mensao
6 mingsao
7 mythological figure, supposed to drive away evil spirits


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