Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 64

The program 《Math and Science Tournament》 had been huge since its preparations.

Backed by CCTV, there were stars in each episode, bringing together a lot of talents at one time.

There were many hot aspects and the format was fresh, so it was difficult for it not to be noticed.

From the time when the show planned to invite stars, many fans began to paint cakes[1]to feed on illusions.

After all, this was CCTV dad. If one could make good connections, they could record theme songs or film promotional videos in the future.

Money was secondary. The key was to widen the gap from other opponents. In a more stylish way!

The candidates for the first two episodes guests had already been widely spread. After all, the show needed to be recorded ten days earlier than the broadcast time.

The first phase was Jiang Xuerong and the second phase was Lu Buyu.

Everyone thought that Lu Buyu could take on any resources. After all, he was very popular and has never had any scandals. His image was well maintained.

But for Jiang Xuerong, it was indeed a big pie.

She had been having a bad career recently and fans were inevitably a little discouraged.

It was too common in the entertainment industry to flatter the strong and bully the weak. In the past, Jiang Xuerong buying hot searches took off, and she relied on tearing and squeezing her opponents to solidify her fans every day.

Now that her career was not going well, she was naturally attacked by those whom she has offended.

Jiang Xuerong received an invitation from 《Math and Science Tournament》 and fans were elated. They were suppressed for a while and felt aggrieved. The counterattack was even stronger.

Less than three days after the news came out, two female artists were torn apart, both of whom have just debuted and did not have many fans.

The news was leaked by a marketing account.

Generally, marketing accounts were managed by companies. In order to maximize the benefits, they didn’t want to fully expose this matter at the start.

They went to Jiang Xuerong’s agency first. If the other party was willing to pay for the news, both sides would be happy.

Jiang Xuerong’s family condition was good and of course she was willing to spend money to buy the photos, so they immediately agreed to the transaction.

But…… something still went wrong. The marketing account suddenly turned sides and exposed the photos.

How would the staff of the marketing company dare to offend Lu Jinye?

If the other party paid them to release the photos, they must release it. Otherwise, if this boss bought their company in a fit of rage, all the employees would have to scram.

There was not even a preview. They just directly put the high-definition pictures online.

It happened to be the weekend and everyone who was surfing the internet were shocked.

Jiang Xuerong had bought the hot search to leap up for the past six months and passersby still know this name, but not in a good sense. Most people couldn’t get the ‘Little Princess character design’.

In less than ten minutes, there were 2,000 comments on this microblog.

【Holding melon seeds in the front row *Clack clack*.】  

【I’m not surprised at all. Yu Cuicui’s passerby fans here. I will always remember the last time the little princess and her fans ganged up to bully my little idol.】

【I’ve also seen the variety show mentioned above. So there are still fans of this nuisance?】

【F*ck. She actually slandered Little Sister? Who doesn’t know that President Lu is a top student?! Does she even need to collude with the judges to cheat?】

【Brain is a good thing. It’s recommended that everyone should have it.】

The comment section were normal at first, but soon Jiang Xuerong’s fans came on a large scale to control the comments after hearing the news, and it gradually turned chaotic.

【The Blogger received dirty money to deliberately stain others! Jiang Xuerong is recording a variety show. Take away the irrelevant people.】

【Here comes the rumormonger Little Princess. It’s simply endless.】

【Lu Wan is really nasty. This is already the second time. She seems to be targeting Xue Rong.】

【She’s just jealous of Baifumei’s[2]refers to fair-skinned females with wealthy families and good looks. But no matter how jealous others are, Xuerong will still be richer than you.】

【A certain female student is frantically hugging a top star’s thigh, but she still want to step on my family’s Xuerong to make her debut?】

【I almost died of laughter from the comments. Lu Wan is jealous of Jiang Xuerong? Is she jealous of those short legs?】

【I really can’t stand it anymore. Would you like to know about the Lu Group? There are more than a dozen listed companies under its control. Lu Wan is a low-key rich woman, why does she need to be envious of anyone?】

In the comments, someone only hinted that Lu Wan’s family background was unusual at the beginning.

Then it later became a statement from an insider.

Netizens have known that Lu Wan’s family condition was good. After all, most people who could study at Shangde were either rich or someone with status.

But they couldn’t dig deeper.

And even if someone went to dig up, they were blocked by Lu Jinye. He knew that Lu Wan wanted to keep a low profile and it was also unsafe for everyone to know.

This was the first time it has come to light.

The young miss of the Lu Group? Holy sh*t, this is very exciting……

The Lu’s used to focus overseas. In recent years, they have been pretty strong domestically. Their business involves electronics, finance, machinery, food and many other fields.

Let’s put it this way, if fresh graduates could receive an offer from the Lu’s, they would wake up laughing from their dreams.

Being from the Lu family, she was certainly not at the level of a rich girl, but a true aristocratic family’s daughter.

A lot of people thought it’s not real. It’s fake, right?

As soon as the hot search #LuGroup’sDaughter# appeared, it was immediately removed.

At the same time, all marketing accounts shut up.

If it was before, such a hot event would have long been swarmed by spectators and it wouldn’t be enough to clean it up. One has to embellish things to change the attention and flow.

After all, Lu Jinye was different from other bigwigs. The marketing accounts also knew that it would be better to take the money and shut up. Otherwise, they might receive the ‘coffin dance’ warning.

But this…… further proved that Lu Wan was the daughter of the Lu family!

If it wasn’t the Lu company’s hand moving in the background, who could have achieved such level?

Actually, it’s understandable. After all, many heirs of wealthy families were very low-key and tried to avoid appearing on the news.

On the contrary, it was the stars in the entertainment industry that set up various rich second-generation marketing to be known!

After the netizens finished eating melon, they ran to the microblog that was first to broke the news.

【So the young miss of a hundred billion dollar group…… If you’re all jealous,  I wonder if there’s a billion Little Princesses?】

【For someone who dropped out of high school to mix in the entertainment industry, please don’t troll top student little sister.】

【As a little-sister-fan, I want to say that I don’t want to work hard anymore, I want to be supported by my idol.】

【You speak like no one wants it other than you. President Lu, how about an indemnity for a pure female college student?】

【……The pure male college student said I can.】

【Working college graduate also want to compete.】

【Some people in the comment area are not afraid of being taken away?!】

【You’ve only paid attention to Lu Wan, has no one noticed Professor Lu Bainian? An aristocratic son gave up his halo to engage in scientific research?!】

【My father-in-law is great!】

【Professor Lu is really low-key! So is Lu Wan! If it hadn’t been for someone being unreasonable, I wouldn’t know they were so rich!】

Although the hot search has been removed, there were still many people talking about it online.

Comparing the two of them, it clearly showed who was superior. Jiang Xuerong’s fans still couldn’t swallow it but dare not attack Lu Wan again. They turned around, wanting to see who picked up their idol’s place after she left the program.

If it was a newcomer, they would never take things lying down.

But soon, a blogger who usually reveal accurate information suggested that Lu Buyu had entered the program group ahead of schedule.

Not surprisingly, he would be a judge for the first two episodes.

So Jiang Xuerong’s fans completely calmed down.

The fans stopped making noises, but Jiang Xuerong was still on the hot search the next morning.

This was the only time that it was not a hot search she paid for herself, but was really searched by passersby.

Several related revelations appeared on Weibo.

Jiang Xuerong recorded a variety show and formed a group to bully a newcomer. She was on an audition and they said she was too deep into the play and really slapped her opponent. She told her assistant to buy hot coffee and threw it on the other party because the temperature was too hot.

Originally, it was just a matter of groundless accusations, but the ostracized female artist and the crew who were excluded at that time liked the Weibo that exposed the news, which hammered the matter.

The melon-eating-netizens were appalled. Can you be an idol with this personality? Was the entertainment circle not even picky?

She has a lot of previous records and she has acted recklessly before. No wonder she was back to her old tricks again.

Many netizens left messages to Jiang Xuerong’s agency, wanting an explanation.

They were simply indignant. Everyone in the circle knew that Jiang Xuerong has offended others. Her future prospect was probably not optimistic, even if her family was rich.

How much stronger could it be in contrast to the Lu family?

Artists who have been famous in the entertainment industry for many years were basically very low-key and know how to pay attention to their influence. However, many newcomers who have only started their careers were much more high-profile, some have not even completed compulsory education, but were highly praised by fans. It was hard to avoid arrogance.

To put it nicely, they’re too young and too impatient. To put it bluntly, they’re too dumb to listen.

This also serves as a warning to some people.


After dinner, Lu Buyu drove the father and daughter back to the hotel.

The contestants in the competition had already finished eating the melon, and when they saw Lu Wan walking in, they all came up to her.

After all, this easy-going young miss doesn’t have any airs. Even if her identity was exposed, everyone does not feel that there was any wall dividing them.

This was a real life heiress to a powerful family, which was different from what was shown on TV!

“President Lu, do you have anything to tell us?” a boy asked nervously.

The people nearby all looked over, wanting to hear the words of a powerful family’s young miss.

“Everyone should rest early. Recharge yourself and be prepared. If you’re eliminated tomorrow, you can’t blame me.” Lu Wan waved her hand and walked towards the elevator.

When the elevator doors closed, the contestants regained their senses.


That’s it?

President Lu, you know this is not what we want to hear!


Lu Wan returned to the room. She took out her mobile phone after taking a bath and started replying to messages.

Many people came to ask her what happened.

There were too much, so Lu Wan finally decided to post on her page to let them know she was okay.

“Everything is fine. If you’re interested, you can watch the program.”

Lu Wan shrugged her shoulders. She actually didn’t want this, but there were always times when things go unexpectedly, so just let nature take its course.

Qiao Lan in the same room was sorting out her makeup. She was a little excited and couldn’t help but analyze with Lu Wan next to her.

“We’re going to see Lu Buyu tomorrow, aren’t you excited?”

Lu Wan: “……It’s okay.”

“Ah…… you’ve met many times. Do you have a photo of you both on your phone? They said he’s more handsome in person than in photos.”

“I don’t have it in my phone.” After a pause, Lu Wan looked at her excited roommate and added, “Do you know the Samoyed dog?”

Qiao Lan: “Of course I do! Smiling angels! So beautiful! Why, do you like them too?”

Lu Wan nodded. “So, sometimes beauty comes in exchange for IQ…… You know?”

Qiao Lan blinked. “……I don’t get it, because you are both good-looking and smart.”

Lu Wan: “……”


Lu Buyu finished his set of skin care routine and was getting ready for a beauty sleep after applying a moisturizing leave-in mask.

He wanted to record the show in the best condition!

Even if he was not the smartest, he was the best looking!

On the way back to the bedroom, Lu Buyu suddenly sneezed.

He folded his arms after two seconds. Who? Who’s speaking ill of him?


Recording began at 2:00 pm the next day.

This time, out of a hundred, sixty would advance. Nearly half of them were leaving.

Yesterday, half of the 200 tables in the recording studio had been removed and the space seemed much more open.

Celebrity guests and mentors entered in turn.

Lu Buyu wore a green suit, red tie, and gold-rimmed glasses today, looking both serious and stylish.

He has a well-managed figure, with firm chest and long legs, the type to look good in a suit.

After Lu Buyu walked in, there was a lot of gasping in the contestant area. It was said that several female contestants came to the show in order to see Lu Buyu.

There were even male contestants that have this same reason.

“Lu Buyu is really that handsome?”

“Holy sh*t. The real person is amazing. Does someone with that appearance really exist?”

“Too good-looking.”

Lu Wan was indifferent to the surrounding comments.

Heh, this flaunting peacock.

Chen Nianqing tilted his head and asked in a soft voice, “Will you be able to stay today?”

He knew the relationship between Lu Wan and Professor Lu, so he didn’t intervene yesterday.

The best way was to let the parties involved clarify themselves.

Lu Wan: “Don’t worry about me, worry about yourself.”

The show started recording on time.

Today’s topic was the ultimate version of yesterday’s ‘Numerical Huarong Road’!

This time, there were only 15 sliders, forming ‘4X4’ movable plates. The plates have only one correct path. After randomly disrupting the path, the contestants must push the sliders to restore it.           

Yesterday’s ‘Numerical Huarong Road’ was just to put the numbers in the right order. Today’s upgraded version was a path without sequence pattern and the difficulty has increased several times!

In this question, you must quickly remember your own path and then quickly push the plates to restore it accordingly. It tests your memory and arithmetic skills, as well as your psychological ability to resist pressure.

The first 60 contestants to complete the breakout would succeed.

After the introduction video on the large screen was done playing and understanding the rules of the game, the contestants entered one by one.

Qiao Lan happened to be walking beside Lu Wan. She whispered, “Have you seen Lu Buyu? His expressionless face looks so cool ah.”

Lu Wan looked to the right. Lu Buyu was sitting upright……  and it really looks like that.

But according to her understanding of Dog Lu, nine out of ten, this guy probably didn’t understand the topic.

When their eyes met, Lu Wan grinned at him. Carry on pretending.


Lu Buyu was filled with questions.

What the hell is this?

Isn’t this show too outlandish? The program rules are only explained once? Did everyone understand it?

He was a little nervous because he really didn’t understand the topic just now! These contestants were so calm, they were simply not human!

Forget it. Anyway, he didn’t have to do it himself so it doesn’t matter.

What? Lu Wan was looking over here?

She’s grinning…… She definitely knows I don’t understand the topic!

I hope Lu Wan got eliminated this round!

The thoughts in his mind turned and turned, but Lu Buyu still maintained the posture of an icon sitting upright.


1 to feed on illusions
2 refers to fair-skinned females with wealthy families and good looks


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