Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 65

The contestants were in place and the game officially began.

Lu Wan felt that she was very lucky. If she had participated a few months ago, she might have been eliminated.

After all, the selected contestants weren’t average.

These people were strong.

The two months of various courses in the summer vacation helped her broaden her mind.

Shangde High School does not focus on the college entrance examination and she doesn’t have to work hard to make money, so she spends more energy on learning and knowing new things.

She had made great progress in the past six months.

Good education was very precious, and because of this, Lu Wan has a bad impression of Lin Niannian.

Although that girl was good at studying and was smart, she spends most of her time getting to know all kinds of friends who were kind and helpful to her.

Her ‘friends’ specifically refer to those young men of outstanding backgrounds.

Everyone has the right to choose to live the life they like, provided that it does not affect others.

Lin Niannian’s breach of contract put the Charity Program of Shangde High School on scrap.

She also deprived students who could otherwise receive a chance for free education.


The sound of the countdown was over. Different paths appeared on the iPad in front of each contestant.

Lu Wan’s memory was excellent. In five seconds, she had already memorized the original path and began to calculate in her mind.

The atmosphere of the contestants on the field was tense, but the mentors and guest were very calm and harmonious.

The three who could be mentors in such a competition were all expert in mathematics, and this times topic was naturally not a problem for them.

……As for the guest, Lu Buyu was so calm because he didn’t understand the question at all, let alone try to solve it.

His mind was empty. Of course, he would look calm and harmonious.

“Lu Buyu, who do you think will come first? Will Lu Wan come out on top like the first one?” The host asked with a smile.

He knew that the two had known each other before, so he asked.

Lu Buyu’s heart skipped a beat and it took two seconds before he said, “There are so many powerful people here. It’s hard to say.”

Scared the hell out of this baby! He thought he was going to ask him to answer the question!

The host looked at the nearby mentor seat, and then asked, “Professor Lu, do you think Lu Buyu is right?”

Professor Lu was Lu Wan’s father, and because of this, Lu Wan was the contestant most focused on in this competition.

If she performed well, people would take it for granted. After all, her genes were good. But if she doesn’t perform well, people would be surprised and disappointed.

Being given high expectations would create a lot of pressure, but Lu Wan seemed to be very calm.

Lu Bainian glanced at his son next to him and snorted coldly.

He’s afraid this guy doesn’t understand anything. How can he have the nerve to comment about his little sister?

The father and son glanced at each other briefly, and Lu Bainian said in a faint voice, “Today’s contestants are all excellent. Of course I hope Wanwan can perform like usual and just do her best.”

The host was stunned for a moment. Why did he feel Professor Lu and Lu Buyu gave a feeling of sparks flying around……?

He dismissed this strange thought and went to ask the other two mentors.

Lu Buyu breathed a sigh of relief. He was really afraid that his father would pull the rug under his feet and suddenly ask him if he understood the topic. That would not end well.

Fortunately, even though he was the stone of his parents’ love, there was no need to get rid of it immediately.

At one minute and two seconds, Chen Nianqing pressed the button.

At one minute and five seconds, Shen Qiao pressed the button.

At one minute and eight seconds, Lu Wan pressed the button.

The other contestants were shocked. How the heck were these three people…… so fast?

Because of those who completed it, the atmosphere at the scene became anxious.

The rest of the contestants were under enormous pressure. The camera zoomed in. Some people were sweating on their foreheads and nose, while some people were flushed.

Twenty minutes and seven seconds later, the 60th person answered and passed the verification, which announced the end of the game.

The expression of the forty people who were eliminated in an instant was all different. Some felt relieved like a weight has been lifted off their minds and others were regretful since they were so close.

Some people even looked numb and couldn’t believe they were out of the game.

Among the eliminated people, there were several former top students in the college entrance examination.

This was probably the biggest setback they have encountered in any competition, and they have none of their previous aura.

At the end of the competition, there would be a 50-minute break and the crew would rearrange the room for the next round.

In the third game, 60 players would be reduced to 30. After several rounds of selection and elimination, the remaining 30 players were all strong competitors. It was not only due to luck.


It was already five o’clock in the afternoon when the recording of the third round ended.

This round was completely different from the previous two, focusing on spatial memory.

The results were still surprising. Several doctors with high academic qualifications left the field, as well as several players who have performed well in the past also stopped in this round.

Lu Buyu felt relieved when he saw Lu Wan coming out, and at the same time, he thought that she was indeed a freak ah.

This guy is too crazy. She’s actually better than so many intelligent people?

It’s the perfect replica of Old Lu’s IQ.

Old Lu was strong but wasn’t bald.

After the third round, Lu Wan, Chen Nianqing and Shen Qiao received the most attention.

These three people played steadily and their results in the three rounds were very high. This also showed that they have no shortcomings in the current assessment topics.

Although most of the contestants left today, the atmosphere at the end was good.

Everyone got Lu Buyu’s signature and a group photo.

The big star was really friendly and had no air at all.

The real person was much better-looking than in the TV. His face was simply bewitching and he’s probably born to be a star. If he didn’t debut and let more people see him, it would really be a loss for this face!

Many people compared him to Jiang Xuerong, who made trouble yesterday, and exclaimed that Lu Buyu was really more in line with the show.

 At least he doesn’t know nothing.

“Idol, do you find this variety show boring?”

“What are you thinking about when we’re competing?”

“Dude, you’re really handsome. No wonder my girlfriend likes you! I like you too!”

Lu Buyu smiled. “Thank you for the compliment. When you guys are competing, of course I’m…… thinking along with you.”

“You’re amazing, Idol.”

“Both handsome and smart.”

Lu Wan folded her hands in front of her chest, looking at the Lu Buyu who was surrounded by a crowd.

He’s really taking advantage of his good-looks. Just sitting there with a blank face, he’s making it look like he’s thinking seriously.

Just like a husky, looking so mighty and handsome from the outside, who would have thought that his IQ……

But this guy was very suitable to be the mascot and has a calming effect.


In the third round of selection, Lu Wan still successfully qualified.

In the next competition, the remaining top 30 will be divided into 15 groups.

Each group has to pk with one another and the winner of each group would continue to pk in pair.

Until the last five people were selected to compete for the first place.

The program team had a discussion with the mentors on the performance of the previous three rounds and the thorough test of the audition.

Putting the contestants who were outstanding in certain abilities together, assessing the subjects they were good at, and selecting the ones with the strongest ability.

From this onwards, there were spectators watching the competition.

……However, a large part of the audience was Lu Buyu’s fans, especially the first two rows.


Zhao Jianing was reminded by her assistant in the morning that she couldn’t wear her usual clothes, otherwise, her aura would be too strong, and she wouldn’t look like an audience watching the show at all.

So she deliberately changed into casual sportswear and flat shoes.

She was well-maintained and looks younger in this way. She looked like she’s only in her early thirties.

Zhao Jianing found her seat and started to read something on her phone after sitting down.

The weather in early autumn was still a little stuffy. The air conditioner was not turned on in this studio so Zhao Jianing took out a portable handheld fan from her bag.

She continued to read documents while holding a fan in one hand.

“OMG, Elder Sister, this fan of yours is a merch from Brother Yu’s first concert tour. It’s said that there are only 200 of them in total! Elder Sister, you must be a die-hard fan!”

Zhao Jianing raised her head and looked at the girl beside her with some confusion.

“Yeah, yeah! Elder Sister is definitely a hardcore fan. I really want to own this handheld fan, but I couldn’t because of the high price!”

“Elder Sister, I have never seen you before ah. Is this the first time you came to watch live?”

“Sister has a good temperament. My Brother really has a lot of Baifumei fans.”

The several girls next to her were also excited.

Zhao Jianing was stunned. She took this fan from home because it had a photo of her son on it, and it was very easy to use. She always carried it with her during the summer.

She thought for a while and asked, “So you are all Lu Buyu’s…… fans?”

“Of course, we are all mom fans.” The girl said with a smile.

Zhao Jianing looked puzzled. “Mom fan?”

“Mom fan is a kind of an appellation, which means to support stars like they’re your child. It’s Brother Yu’s fault. He has become more and more childish recently so many wife fans, girlfriend fans and face fans all become mother fans.”

Another girl spread her hands. “I’m also helpless. Brother Yu is twenty-five years old, yet he still has a bunch of mom fans and stepmom fans.”

“Stepmom fans?” Zhao Jianing was even more confused and felt the generation gap.

Several girls looked at each other and giggled. This beautiful big sister was definitely not in the fan circle.

Under the explanations of several people, President Zhao finally got a new knowledge.

It turns out that there were two types of mom fans, but the core of the mom and stepmom were the same. The way they express things was the only difference. The mom fans thinks that their child was fine no matter what, while the stepmother could whitewash their idols, and if others dare to be blacken them, just wait for a duel ba.

These little girls were weird, but Zhao Jianing doesn’t think there was anything wrong with them.

She also chased after the Four Heavenly Kings when she was young, and was also a rock and roll fan carrying tapes for a period. She was very enthusiastic at that time.

Her son Lu Buyu was an NBA fan. When he was in high school, he bought premium sneakers and tickets without blinking, and none of them was good now.

The main thing was to be happy without affecting others. A star chasing girl was naturally ok.

Zhao Jianing pondered, then said with a laugh, “I don’t know if I’m a mom or a stepmom fan, but I should be a mother fan.”

Several girls also laughed along.

Who doesn’t like a beautiful big sister?! Besides the fact that her temperament and the way she talk were nice, the key was that, she’s one of their own!

The handheld fan opened the conversation and the girls came to talk to President Zhao one after another.

“I’m so envious. I really want to own this fan, but Elder Sister must be unwilling to part with it ba.” A girl said regretfully.

“I won’t give you mine.” After a pause, Zhao Jianing added, “But I still have a few. You all leave an address and I will send it to you little girls as a gift.”

She remembered there was some on the storeroom at home.

“Seriously? Elder Sister, you’re too kind!”

“Holy—! I’m not dreaming, right?!”

“Sister Fairy!”

The fans sitting at the front row often followed Lu Buyu’s itinerary, so they all sort of knew each other. In their mind, they vaguely realized that this big sister must know Lu Buyu in private, otherwise why would be she have so many tour merch?

It’s been three years since the first tour and no one was selling it in the surrounding market.

Rumor has it that Brother Yu’s family was very rich and there was a high probability that this elder sister know Brother Yu’s elders.

But the other party was so beautiful and generous, they couldn’t be jealous at all.

Since they had received a gift from others, one of the girls suggested bringing this elder sister into their small group.

If you often follow the front line, you will meet again in the future. The small group was full of big fans.

Zhao Jianing considered it for a few seconds and agreed.

So she had some new friends, albeit a little young.

【Sunflower from Brother Yu’s Family】 was a big fan of Lu Buyu with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Because she often updates pictures of Lu Buyu and also makes video clips, her followers were very active.

This blogger went to 《Math and Science Tournament》. She announced it on Weibo earlier, so her followers all know it.

The show couldn’t be spoiled, but she still updated on Weibo that night.

“I met a mom fan of Brother Yu today. Sister Baifumei takes good care of herself! She has a great temperament and even gave me a small gift. For the first time, because of a fan, I feel that Brother Yu is really amazing!”

This Weibo post was liked by several other big fans of Lu Buyu, who were also there.

In addition, they even became a little fan of that big sister.


Lu Buyu was afraid that President Zhao would be bored waiting alone so he sent his assistant Xiao Zhao to take a look.

He figured he could just call her to the backstage. Anyway, only the staffs were there. It was all right if they saw her.

Five minutes later, Xiao Zhao came back alone.

Lu Buyu: “How is it? Did President Zhao regret coming here? She thinks it’s boring here, right? I told her earlier to just watch the show on TV. Will this be necessary now?”

Xiao Zhao said with a serious face, “No, President Zhao is chatting happily with your fans. She said that she made new friends and asked you not to disturb her.”


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