Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 66

Lu Buyu was simply impressed. What could President Zhao talk about with a group of young girls?

Was she listening to them blowing him rainbow farts?

It’s really annoying. After all, the whole world already knows that he’s handsome.

But since it was his own mother, he was a little embarrassed.


In the studio, Zhao Jianing was chatting with a group of girls about Lu Buyu’s embarrassing story.

If you like an idol, of course you must know his embarrassing moments!

“At an event last year, Brother Yu actively danced, but his movements were very large and his suit pants were too tight so it ripped, revealing red underwear with his zodiac sign!”

“Once at the airport, he turned to greet his fans without looking at the way and directly hit a post. He had to hold his head for a few seconds. After that many fans like us went to take a photo with that post, and it became a meeting location.”

“In the behind-the-scenes of his last drama, the female lead said that she tripped[1]摔跤: to fall down, to be tripped over; to wrestle, then aggrievedly told everyone about it. Brother Yu didn’t ask if the other party was hurt, but instead who the sister was wrestling with, and why didn’t she take him with her? Heh, he’s too straight.”

After the girls finished speaking, they turned their attention to the big sister who was laughing happily beside them.

Li Shiqian asked with a smile, “So Elder Sister, do you know any embarrassing story about Brother Yu?”

After all, you seem to know each other privately.

Zhao Jianing thought for a moment, then smiled and said, “I…… heard that Lu Buyu is afraid of horror movies, but he likes to watch them very much, so every time he watched it, he was scared to death, and he had to turn on all the lights in the house, and also have to hold a huge stuffed toy to sleep.”


Several people burst into more enthusiastic laughter.

Brother Yu was not only a top-tier artist, but also a top-tier comedian.


Lu Buyu walked in and saw President Zhao, who was laughing with several little girls, and was a little confused.

……Why were they so happy all of a sudden?

The mentors and the guest entered the venue and the official recording started at 10:00 in the morning.

Today, the 15 groups of contestants would be divided into two batches— morning and afternoon. The guest that morning was Lu Buyu and another artist in the afternoon.

Lu Wan was the third group in the morning.

After all, she has been on a popular variety show and many viewers at the scene know Lu Wan.

Not to mention Lu Buyu’s fans. They all have a very high degree of favorability towards Little Sister and were looking forward to her appearance the most among all the contestants.

Lu Wan was wearing white overalls today which was loose and casual. This style overwhelms the height, but Lu Wan’s stature was very suitable.

Even if it wasn’t tight, people still noticed those long legs at a glance.

Many people sighed in their hearts. Little Sister looks too good without the school uniform, as if a seal has been lifted.

The temperament and physique were perfect!

She shouldn’t be called Little Sister but President Lu!

Lu Wan’s opponent was a doctor from a famous university, 26 years old, wearing glasses and a white shirt.

The topic of the third group was called ‘Cascading Ablation Race’.

The short video on the big screen introduced the rules of the game in a simple and clear way.

The two contestants must memorize the pattern, and then pictures would be given. The odd numbers were superimposed and retained while the even numbers were superimposed and ablated. The specified pictures should be used to form the target pattern at the beginning.

There were three sets of pictures in total. The first to complete two out of three wins.

This not only tests one’s memory, but also spatial reasoning ability.

The program team prepared ten sets of different patterns. The host held envelopes and asked today’s guest, Lu Buyu, to randomly select three.

Lu Buyu finished pulling out the envelopes and the pattern for the first question appeared on the big screen behind the contestants.

This was an irregular pattern with many details. It looks very difficult just by glancing at it.

The sound of the countdown ended signalling the start of the game.

Lu Wan and Zhao Yizhou looked at the screen behind them together.

Fifteen seconds later, Lu Wan finished memorizing the picture and turned her head to answer on the huge tablet.

The actions of the two contestants on the tablet would be projected on the big screen in real time.

The audience raised their heads to watch. As the blocks continued to move on the big screen, their breathing seemed to slow down.

At twenty-fifth seconds, the other contestant, Zhao Yizhou, memorized the pattern and began to answer.

At the thirty-fifth seconds, he had only moved two pieces, while Lu Wan had completed the picture and passed the verification.

The contestants on the scene were very surprised.

How did Lu Wan do it so fast?

Zhao Yizhou was even more flabbergasted. The opponent was a very pretty girl, and most girls were not as good as boys in spatial reasoning, so he was quite confident that he could win this game.

But just after planning in his mind how to put it to together, the other side has already completed it???

This was too fast!

Zhao Yizhou’s face doesn’t look so well. He didn’t expect the other side to be this fast.

This time, he underestimated the enemy, but next time it won’t be so. As long as he keeps steady, he still had a chance to win.

The second game started immediately and the atmosphere became tense.

This was a crucial game. If Lu Wan also wins this time, there was no need to answer for a third time.

If Zhao Yizhou wins, he may be able to turn defeat into victory in the next round!

The image for the second game was more difficult than the previous one, but they didn’t expect Lu Wan to be even faster!

Zhao Yizhou had tried his best to improve the speed of his memorization, but Lu Wan looked at it for five seconds before turning her back to answer!

It only took twenty seconds this time and she had already done the figure!

At the end of the game, there were cheers at the scene. This…… was remarkable!

They wouldn’t believe it if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes!

Lu Buyu was extremely stupefied. He hasn’t even yet reached the step on how to solve the problem.

Well, for the last second he was still thinking about how the pattern…… would be easier to remember if one associates it with things.

……Then, it’s over?

That guy really is a freak!

One side has already won two games in a row. There was no need to start the third game.

Lu Wan won this game beautifully, and many people stood up and applauded. After the host stopped the cheers, both contestants shook hands and left.

“Damn it. I came to see Brother Yu, but I didn’t expect to become Little Sister’s fan!”

“I don’t care. At least let me climb Little Sister’s wall for one day.”

“It’s really bad! Her IQ crushes mine and Brother Yu’s.”

The big fans of Lu Buyu in the front row couldn’t help but admire. Zhao Jianing had a smile on her face. This was her baby girl.

The ordinary audience in the back row was also shocked that this little sister was so amazing!

When they watched that variety show before, they knew that Little Sister was a powerful top student, but this time, it was a direct hit!

Beautiful, cool and rumored to be rich. Those long legs were already attractive enough, but there was also a smart head! The most important part was that she was humble and polite!

Boys want to marry her but were afraid that they won’t be able to hold her; girls don’t think too much, just wanting to marry her every minute!

Truly a walking wrench! She turned a lot of girls into mosquito coils in minutes!

That’s why compared with Little Sister, they just came here to make up the numbers!

Lu Wan, who became a wrench, returned to the contestants’ seat to watch the others.

The second explosive scene in the morning was Chen Nianqing’s group.

Chen Nianqing also won against his opponent with a crushing attitude.

Many contestants felt like they had seen a ghost. When they first saw these two, they even suspected that the program team was selecting people based on appearance level.

They didn’t expect to be run over by the other party in the face today.

This is too strong. Shangde High School is extraordinary!

Many contestants even looked forward to the moment when Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing faced each other. It must be fantastic with sparks flying off in all direction!

The morning recording ended at one in the afternoon.

Neither Lu Wan nor Chen Nianqing was going to watch the game in the afternoon. The last flight today was at 4 pm.

Otherwise, they would have to take the red-eye flight at the wee hours.

If they could hurry back this afternoon, it would not affect tomorrow’s exam.

Shangde High School would have its monthly exam tomorrow, which was also their first exam as third years.

The vice principal repeatedly instructed that if they could go back, they should try not to miss the exam.

Otherwise, if the first and second places did not take the exam, it wouldn’t look very good.

The other three members of the Lu family naturally went on the same flight with Lu Wan.

After the program recording, many contestants still gathered around Lu Buyu for a sign. What Lu Wan didn’t expect was that…… after asking for Lu Buyu’s signature, there were people who went to ask for hers.

She felt very embarrassed. After all, she was not a star. However, other people came to her, and it was even worse if she refuse, so Lu Wan signed it nevertheless.

Lu Wan’s signature was a vigorous and bold cursive script, while Lu Buyu’s was a specially practiced swirl. He seldom wrote in Chinese when he was in junior high and high school abroad.

With the two people’s signatures placed together, Lu Buyu’s signature looks a little childish.

Childish but somehow cute.


Zhao Jianing made an appointment with her new friends to meet again sometime in the future. After waving goodbye, she headed to the underground parking lot and went straight into an inconspicuous seven-seater car.

Professor Lu said goodbye to the two mentors, and the second one get into the car.

Lu Wan stepped out of the elevator and looked around to make sure that no one was there. After confirming the license plate was correct, she was the third to get in.

After Lu Buyu signed his name and took photos with the contestants, he was the last to open the car door and sat in.

When the family of four was finally there, President Zhao asked the assistant in front to drive.

The assistant in the driver’s seat had black lines on his face. They were obviously a family, but still had to come separately.

This family…… seems to be acting in a play, even though it was really unnecessary.

Although it was funny, in the spirit of professionalism, he could only try not to laugh.

Zhao Jianing: “Xiao Li, let’s go to the restaurant for lunch first, and then go to the airport after eating.”

“Okay, President Zhao, I understand.”

The car drove smoothly on the road. Lu Buyu couldn’t resist asking, “Lu Wan, how could you be so fast just now ah?”

It was very unscientific!

Lu Wan reflected on it. She had a good memory since childhood and was very sensitive to patterns and numbers.

But in the game just now, she had also gambled.

“Maybe I was lucky. In the first round, I found that the puzzles are actually simple and the most important thing is to remember the complex figures. The core of this problem is to match the pattern.”

Lu Buyu: “Then you can also memorize it so soon?”

Lu Wan: “I’ll tell you a secret, I’ve completely forgotten it now.”

Lu Buyu’s eyes widened. “You’re kidding.”

It’s only been a while.

“Well, what I use is ‘immediate recall’, that is, the patterns are directly copied in my mind without carefully remembering them. Although it’s fast, the effect can only last for a few minutes. As time goes by, my memory will become more and more hazy. If I can’t do it in three minutes, I’m screwed.” Lu Wan shrugged.

She also fought hard at that time. After all, her opponent was motivated to win.

If she couldn’t win the second round, the third one would be very disadvantageous.

Lu Buyu: “You’re opportunistic ba. It was too risky.”

Lu Bainian: “It’s not a risk. As long Wanwan’s awareness is there, let alone three minutes, one minute is more than enough time. She’s different from you.”

Lu Buyu: “????”

Is this how you should talk? Do you really take me as the stone of your love?

Lu Bainian gave it some thought. Lu Buyu once protested, saying that their family prioritized women over men.

He accepted the other party’s opinion and corrected himself modestly. Although it was really not intentional, most of the time, he was only telling the truth.

Considering that he might be too direct, Professor Lu added euphemistically, “I mean you have your own thinking, so it’s different.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

Instead of being comforted, he was even angrier.

Critical hit x2.

Lu Wan tilted her head and asked, “Then did you understand the question?”

Lu Buyu: “……”

Great. Critical hit x3.

Lu Buyu didn’t say anything, but Lu Bainian spoke up and said something from a professional point of view.

“This program focuses on memorization skills and most of the topics are related to it, rather than mathematical skills and creativity, which I don’t think is very good.”

It’s not like a mathematical science competition, but more like an intellectual competition.

Lu Wan: “I also found out that contestants around 18 years old have a greater advantage, because the brain is at its most active stage typically in the period of third year of high school until the college entrance examination is over.”

Memory skills can be trained. Lu Wan learned several methods during the summer to make her remember more.

Memorizing was like storing things in a warehouse and taking them out when appropriate.

But human progress was not due to excellent memorization skills, instead, it was the creative ability and mathematical skills that memory promotes.

Zhao Jianing smiled. “Husband, you’re analyzing it from the perspective of a mentor, and Shushu is analyzing from the perspective of a contestant, but from a perspective of a businessman, this is a variety show after all, made to be seen by a larger audience.”

“How?” Professor Lu asked modestly.

“If you do math problems on the show, the audience will feel bored. It can’t be like how you and Shushu solve those public-key cryptography and elliptic curve discrete logarithm problems at home to pass the time and have fun? Like that, most of the audience will reject it.”

Lu Buyu was surprised. “What? What did the two of you talk about? Why didn’t you include me, Old Lu? I have a lot of time recently ah!”

Lu Bainian: “You don’t understand this. After all, you don’t even understand bilinear function.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

Critical hit x4.

Lu Buyu said defiantly, “Why won’t I understand? I at least got admitted to Stanford.”

Lu Bainian’s face was calm. “Didn’t you drop out of school? And you won first place in an archery competition so you got in as a special sports student. I also asked a friend to write a letter of recommendation for you.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

Critical hit x5.

After Lu Bainian was done, he realized that he was too direct, so he remedied, “I have no other meaning, just…… although you’re not very smart, your physique is very good. Dad thinks this is also an advantage. Splendid.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

What do you mean there’s ‘no other meaning’?

Heh, life is really no fun.

Critical hit x6.

Lu Wan suddenly realized. She smiled and said, “I know what mom means. Suppose, my groups topic is grabbing a string of irrational and natural numbers and letting the contestants memorize them— which is essentially the same— but it will be very boring if it’s really like this, so it’s figures and images, which makes the audience feel novel and think it’s impressive.”

However, although a memory competition was a bit one-sided, it couldn’t be denied that the people who could do it were also very good.

Lu Buyu: “Aren’t you guys thinking too much?”

Lu Wan: “Didn’t you just think it’s new and impressive? The audience will most likely feel the same way as you…… I’ll be honest.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

Oh, that’s right. I feel like I’m being pushed aside.

Critical hit x7.


The car pulled over and the family walked into the restaurant.

Today, they’re eating Japanese food. The chef would match the food according to the individual’s preference so there was no need to share a portion.

Lu Buyu frowned. “Ah, I don’t eat sea urchins. Lu Wan, you quickly take it away.”


Lu Buyu glanced over and added, “I want to eat double salad. Give me yours.”

Lu Wan helped the other party take away the sea urchins he didn’t eat and pushed her salad over.

Dog Lu’s a picky eater. She’s already used to it and it just so happened that she likes to eat sea urchins.

The Lu family’s husband and wife were also used to it so they just let them be.

The older brother had been a picky eater since young. When he was a child, if he didn’t have any food he likes, he wouldn’t move his chopsticks.

This was their first child so the couple doted on him very much.

On the contrary, the little sister was very easy to feed. After being able to eat complementary food at the age of one, she was basically not picky about anything. She ate until she was white and fat, so they could also raise her freely.

The nanny was afraid of wasting, so as long as it was fine, the food that the older brother doesn’t eat…… will be used as a complementary food for the little sister.

The little sister has a good appetite and won’t refuse anything.

Same as now.


1 摔跤: to fall down, to be tripped over; to wrestle


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