Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 67

Lu Wan met Chen Nianqing again on the plane.

This time the other party was sitting behind her. All of them had upgraded their seats.

On that weekday afternoon flight, there were not many people in the first class cabin. The Lu family’s husband and wife sat together, and the brothers and sisters sat in the back row.

Lu Buyu kept babbling that Lu Wan’s ears would soon develop callused.

She simply got up and walked over Chen Nianqing’s row.

Chen Nianqing turned to look at the person beside him, took off his right earphone and offered it to Lu Wan, “Want to listen?”

Lu Wan picked it up. “Okay.”

On the earphone was classical music. The sound of the cello was calm and elegant. Lu Wan felt like the music…… was very comfy.

She woke up at six today and has been busy until now, so she was inevitably tired.

Soon, her eyes closed.

Lu Buyu stood up and was about to speak, when Chen Nianqing put his index finger to his mouth, signaling the other party not to disturb the sleeping Lu Wan.

Lu Buyu put his hands on his hips. She ate so much at noon and fell asleep so quickly.

Was Lu Wan a pig?

He glanced suspiciously at Chen Nianqing. Could this guy be interested on his family’s pig?

On second thought, it was impossible.

This kid from the show also received a lot of attention. After all, he was quite handsome.

One must know that Lu Buyu was very confident. In his eyes, there weren’t many handsome people. Chen Nianqing could be counted as one.

So even if it wasn’t the case, Lu Buyu still reached out and turned Lu Wan’s head to the other side to prevent her from sleeping on the shoulder of another man.

His family’s pig hasn’t grown up yet, she can’t hug other family’s cabbage.

Lu Wan was pushed. Her eyelids moved but she did not wake up.

She sleeps very well, and if she was sure her surroundings were safe, she could sleep deeply.

Chen Nianqing glanced at Lu Buyu: “……”

The plane landed and Lu Wan was nudged awake by someone.

“We’ve arrived. You can sleep once we’re home.”

Lu Wan stretched. She felt a little soreness in her neck, which should be caused by the wrong sleeping position just now, but luckily it hadn’t been long.

Lu Wan recalled that someone seems to have pushed her hard.

She was trying to sleep at that time, so she didn’t open her eyes and ignored it.

Chen Nianqing wouldn’t do such a childish thing. It’s clear who it was. Lu Wan turned her head. “Lu Buyu, are you tired of living?”

“You just woke up and already coming after me? President Zhao, don’t you care? She bullies me every time!” Lu Buyu shouted in a drooping voice.

Lu Wan: “……”

The crew had long ago found Lu Buyu’s name in today’s passenger list, so after landing, four or five people came to ask for autographs and a group photo.

Seeing the beautiful stewardesses walking over, Lu Wan decided to temporarily let Dog Lu go.

Before getting off the plane, Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing said goodbye, and then the family resolutely abandoned Lu Buyu, who attracted too much attention, lest they be accidentally photographed and affect everyone’s normal life.

Lu Buyu will come back secretly after them.

He’s also used to it. Anyway, he was the secret son of the family.


Lu Wan got up at half past six the next day.

Whenever conditions permit, she would spend half an hour pronouncing words.

She washed up and went to the balcony. Lu Buyu next door had also woken up. He gets out of bed at the same time every day, practiced singing for a while, and then starts…… working out.

Lu Wan took out the book, glanced at the person on the balcony next to hers, and decided to ignore him.

Lu Wan lowered her head and began to read following the voice in the earphone, “C’est trop dur, n’essayez même pas[1]It’s too much. Don’t even try. Robbin: Not sure if all the French sentences is translated correctly. You can tell me if it’s wrong and I’ll change it..”

Lu Buyu cleared his throat and stretched his neck to sing, “I couldn’t fly out of this world flowers however I tried.”

Lu Wan: “……Vous avez raison[2]You’re right..”

Lu Buyu raised his voice a little higher, “I just realized that I’m an intoxicated butterfly.”

Lu Wan gave him a warning glare as she went on, “Allez, c’est une occasion unique et puis a finira assez tt[3]Come on, it’s a unique opportunity. It will end soon enough..”

Lu Buyu stretched out his arms and soulfully sang, “Your promise came so casual and light. Trying to bind me with the knot that I could never untie in this life~”

“Je ne me sens pas bien depuis……” Lu Wan paused. The meaning of this sentence was ‘I haven’t been feeling well lately’.

Well, she’s not feeling well right now.

Lu Wan decided not to put up with it anymore, so she threw the book straight at him, “You’re dead today!”

Lu Buyu started running downstairs.

All right, today’s vocal practice was over, now its workout time!

As long as he doesn’t get caught by Lu Wan, it’ll be fine.

He’s a sports student, and his legs were longer than Lu Wan. What’s worse was that the opponent’s endurance was very good, so he might get caught if she chases for a long time.

But it doesn’t matter, as long as he survived for 20 minutes the probability of escaping was high.

Twenty minutes later, Lu Wan would go to school.

Lu Buyu shouted as he ran, “What are you chasing me for? I sing for others and charge money. What’s wrong with you?”

Lu Wan: “Because you have Jizhi Syrup[4]Jizhi Syrup is a medicine for respiratory diseases; this refers to the ad where a woman was running and a leopard came after her. The woman said, “Oh, so you’re chasing Jizhi Syrup”, and I’m going to beat you up.”

Feeling a gust of wind blowing, President Zhao, who was drinking coffee, and Professor Lu, who was drinking tea, looked up and saw only the backs of the brother and sister.

“These two are really lively.”

En. Let them be.”

Today was obviously not Lu Buyu’s lucky day. He was caught and Lu Wan got her way.

Chen Nianqing was walking when he saw Lu Buyu sitting on the side of the road grimacing in pain. After thinking about it he asked, “What are you doing out here? By the way, where’s Lu Wan?”

“I’m looking at the scenery! How would I know where that crazy girl is?” Lu Buyu said loudly.


Chen Nianqing passed by Lu Wan’s house and bump into her. He thought about it and said, “I saw your brother just now.”

Lu Wan: “Oh, don’t mind that lunatic. Let’s go.”

Student Chen Nianqing seldom stayed here, so the number of encounters between the two was very small.


En. He could only say that these two were indeed brother and sister.


Sitting on the subway, Chen Nianqing said, “Today’s the exam.”

“I know.”

Chen Nianqing smiled and added, “I heard you really want to get first place?”

Lu Wan’s attitude was very frank. “That’s right, but I’m just letting everything play its course.”

This was the station’s starting point and there were very few people in the passenger cars. Chen Nianqing looked at their reflection in the opposite window and said, “If you want the first place, I have a way.”

Lu Wan looked up suspiciously: “……You won’t intentionally make mistakes, right?”

“……” Obviously, not.

“That’s just crazy. No need, I want to do it on my own.” After a pause, Lu Wan seriously added, “If you do that, well, I’ll be very unhappy if you deliberately don’t take the first place this time.”

Chen Nianqing: “You’ll be unhappy if you didn’t get the first place?”

Lu Wan said with a serious face, “En.”

Chen Nianqing: “If I don’t get the first place in the exam, you will think I’m deliberately doing it and be unhappy?”

Lu Wan nodded. “Yes.”

Chen Nianqing: “……”

This logic is perfect.

So what do you want then? Girls really ‘don’t make sense’ sometimes.


Lu Wan was immune to the exams. She does the questions quickly, and she could even play for a long time after double checking her answers.

After the third years’ first monthly exam, the learning atmosphere in the class hasn’t changed much.

Many students would apply for foreign universities and it’s not a problem for the rest to be admitted to domestic double first-class universities.

Of course, they still had to study hard when they should, but there were still plenty of extracurricular activities. They have two PE classes every week, and would start learning golf this semester.

The National Day was coming soon, and the major clubs and classes have begun to prepare for the celebration.

In the past six months, there have been many cute pet coffee shops in this city. Coffee shops were no longer just for drinking coffee, it’s more pleasant with some cute pets. There were too many dog ​​and cat cafes, which has become common place. Even alpaca and mini pig cafes had also been checked by many people.

It just so happened that a cafe was recently opened near the school, where you can watch Call ducks, which was a pet with high face value.

Although everyone was relaxed in their studies, high school students weren’t without any pressure.

Now that the exam was over, everyone was going to have a coffee and pet some ducks to relax.

Several girls came to ask Lu Wan if she would go.

Lu Wan: “I’m fine with it.”

But what’s so good about ducks? She’d seen a lot in the county seat before.

Xu Yao said bluntly, “I like beer braised duck, roasted duck and all kinds of tasty duck. Might as well go and eat this.”

Haley held his chin in his hand and blinked at the silly straight man. He said with a deliberate smile, “Oh~ Like you, I’m not interested either. I like a duck[5]slang for male prostitute that is stronger than me, have distinct muscles, and is handsome. If there’s such a duck, they can even call me up from under the covers in the middle of the night, mm-hmn~ “

This guy has been bugging President Lu lately. Hateful.

Xu Yao rubbed his arms. Whenever this guy talks, it gives people goosebumps!

The group of girls: “……”

Your definitely ‘Women’s Best Friend’ Zhang Haley! Come to think of it, who won’t like a duckling like that?


1 It’s too much. Don’t even try. Robbin: Not sure if all the French sentences is translated correctly. You can tell me if it’s wrong and I’ll change it.
2 You’re right.
3 Come on, it’s a unique opportunity. It will end soon enough.
4 Jizhi Syrup is a medicine for respiratory diseases; this refers to the ad where a woman was running and a leopard came after her. The woman said, “Oh, so you’re chasing Jizhi Syrup”
5 slang for male prostitute


An introvert rabbit who wants to hide in a hole every time.

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