Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 78

The next day after the first episode of the variety show aired, Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing received a notice from the program team.

They were going to record a new episode this weekend.

A total of four students were selected by Shangde High School, but the two second year students have been eliminated.

So this time the team was only half.

Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing naturally went together so that they can have a companion.

After figuring out the rules of the competition, Lu Wan felt that it would not be a big problem for her to reach the top ten. Of course, so does Chen Nianqing.

The guy was also very strong and not bald. His hair looks thick.

The two were on the same flight and they chose the same row of seats when checking in.

After boarding the plane, the two found their seats and sat down. Chen Nianqing drank some water, then he looked at her and asked, “This time your family will not do a team building?”

Lu Wan shrugged her shoulders. “You also said that it was team building, so several times a month is too much, once every few months sound just about right.”

Chen Nianqing nodded. “Right, do you want to listen to music this time?”


If it’s the kind of music like last time, it would be good. It was great for sleeping on the plane.

Lu Wan thought it would be an earphone each person, but she didn’t expect that he would take out a pair of headphones from his bag.

“Don’t you need to listen?” Lu Wan touched the headphones that the other party put on for her.

“Just listen. I specially brought this for you.” Chen Nianqing looked at the other party’s eyes with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth.

Lu Wan: “Ah, how can I impose?”

“Well, these are some songs that I practiced and recorded before. I’ve listened to them too many times, so I’ll let you hear them this time. It’s fine.”

Chen Nianqing initially recorded his own practice piece in order to hear which details were not in place and needs to be adjusted.

This was the version from two years ago when he found that no changes were needed.

Sure enough, in the same year, he won first place in an International Instrumental Performance Competition.

“Did you play this? Awesome!”

Lu Wan was astonished. This guy was not only amazing but also narcissistic. The track list was full of songs he played.

Chen Nianqing raised his eyebrows and pressed the play button.

“Okay, I’ll listen carefully.” Lu Wan nodded.

After all, occasionally listening to classical music can cultivate people’s sentiment and it was suitable for meditation.

Zhao Jianing meditates for ten minutes after yoga every morning, saying that this can improve work efficiency and make the mind clearer.

The husband and wife occasionally…… do couples yoga together.

Whenever this happens, Lu Buyu would forcibly drag Lu Wan over to watch it together.

After all, this dog food was a family pack. In the past, he almost ate himself to death alone, but Lu Wan was useful— she eats a lot.

Lu Wan thought about trying it now. She relaxed her mind, meditated for three minutes…… and fell asleep.

This activity was apparently not suitable for her.

Chen Nianqing reached out and settled the girl’s head to his side.

Letting her lean on his shoulder.

Lu Wan fell into a deep sleep and unconsciously rubbed here head twice in order to find the most comfortable position.

Chen Nianqing felt some itchiness in his neck. He smiled and gazed at the other person.

It’s good that no one was here to make trouble halfway through.


Lu Wan was awakened by the female voice of the announcer. She opened her eyes and saw a face from a very close distance.

She could clearly see Chen Nianqing’s thick black eyelashes, the corners of his mouth tilted upwards, and his strong three-dimensional nose.

Well, after she fell asleep, she unconsciously…… leaned on the other party’s shoulder.

After Lu Wan sat up straight, she realized that the plane had already landed and was taxiing.

“I fell asleep just now. I’m sorry. Is your shoulder sore?”

“A little.” Chen Nianqing leaned closer and looked seriously at the other party.

“Why don’t I help you pound it for a while?” Lu Wan backed up a bit, and while she spoke, she started to hit the other side’s shoulder.

Then she remembered that her strike was not without a great deal of strength. After all, Lu Buyu once said that other girls were “Hit you in the heart with my small fist— Um~”, while she was “I’ll hammer your chest with a gas tank— Oww~”.

Lu Wan silently changed to squeezing the other party’s shoulder with her hands.

“Does it feel better now?”

Chen Nianqing laughed. “Much better. You’re skill is as good as a professional’s.”


That’s impossible. Brother, you are so polite……

Lu Wan evaluated him and added, “Why do I feel that you are very happy today.”

The noise of the plane sliding through the runway was loud and she had to raise her voice so that the other party could hear her clearly.

Chen Nianqing, however, leaned a little closer and said to her ear, “I’m very happy.”

Lu Wan shrugged. Well, after all, she would also feel bored at school every day, so it was nice to come out.

She had little interest in the competition, but there was no shortage of outstanding contestants.

She had made new friends and in addition to learning from textbooks, she also learned from their experiences and other interesting things.

The plane finally came to a stop and quieted down.

Lu Wan thought for a moment and said, “I found you are very similar to a person.”

“Oh, like who?”

“My dad.” Lu Wan said with a serious face. She really thought so.

Chen Nianqing: “……”

“I don’t mean anything else, just…… you and my father are very similar with your attitude of doing things and in some small details.” Lu Wan explained.

Chen Nianqing, who was seated near the aisle, stood up. He reached out and took down his backpack as well as Lu Wan’s, and held it in his hands.

Lu Wan: “I can carry my bag myself.”

Chen Nianqing said with a smile, “No, it’s only right to help girls with their things. The teacher asked me to take care of you and you also said that I look like your father, so I must behave well. Later, I will trouble you to put in more good words about me in front of Professor Lu.”

Lu Wan held out her hand. “Ah, I’ll still carry my bag myself. This morning, I told my dad that I’m going with you and he even praised you for being smart and steady, so you really don’t need me to say good things.”

And there’s no need for it.

Even if Chen Nianqing wanted to be her father’s student, he was qualified.

“Your father praised me? Then please say more good words.”

After Chen Nianqing said this, the passenger standing in the aisle in front had already started to walk forward.

He followed suit.

The smile on his face was even greater. Of course, the more good things he hear, the better. Otherwise, your father has a good impression of me now, but perhaps he would complain about me in the future.

The passage was narrow and Lu Wan couldn’t really grab it, so she had to quickly follow.

Student Chen Nianqing’s mood today was very good and he was extremely helpful. Did he win the lottery?

Lu Wan turned it over in her mind. Not necessarily.

After all, the other party doesn’t like money as much as she does.

Yes, Student Chen Nianqing was more like her dad!

But he was a little different from Old Lu. He was more serious and this one was quite lively on occasion.


《Maths and Science Tournament》 has reached the top sixteen’s qualifying round.

Many of the remaining contestants have exchanged WeChat privately and usually chat, so they were no strangers to each other.

Lu Wan’s roommate in the previous round has been eliminated. Her assigned roommate this time was a graduate student from Tokyo University. The other party was fair-skinned, slim and speak in a gentle and soft voice, but her strength cannot be underestimated.

The girl was six years older than Lu Wan. She was very kind and even offered desserts she had made herself.

Getting along with such a person was simply refreshing. Lu Wan felt that if she was a man, she would definitely like such a girl. She has no shortcoming!

She has both career and virtue.

The two talked for more than an hour until Lu Wan received Haley’s WeChat message and that’s how they stopped.

Haley was also in the capital today. He flew over for the weekend to see an art exhibition.

He’s studying design and wanted to be a photographer or designer in the future, so he often ran to various places to watch exhibitions and shows.

Haley sent a message asking Lu Wan to have dinner together.

Lu Wan: “Then I’m going out to eat. See you later.”

“Um, can I ask you for one thing? I really like Lu Buyu very much and I know that you have a good relationship with him. I have not been able to grab tickets for his concert several times. Can you please get one for me? Of course, I’m willing to pay!”

When the girl finished, she clasped her hands together in a pleading gesture.

Lu Wan couldn’t figure it out. How could a girl who’s obviously intelligent and gentle, like that guy Lu Buyu???

“……Actually, we’re not very close. But I’ll try to ask for you.”

The girl looked happy and said excitedly, “Really? Thank you so much!”

Lu Wan: “……”

The other party was so excited that she was embarrassed to disappoint her.

Ok, she set an alarm on her phone to remind her to snatch it twice, if she couldn’t…… then just ask Dog Lu to go and buy it.

After a little thought, the other party will surely say triumphantly: Aiya, Cool Guy, didn’t you like Shen Huailin and Ling He? If you want to ask for tickets, come, come, come, repeat after me, ‘Ling He is not even half as good as my brother. In my heart, Lu Buyu is the most handsome man in the world’.

Just thinking about that jerk’s smug appearance made Lu Wan suffocate, aaah!

How can there be such a narcissistic and deplorable person?!


Haley said on WeChat that he would come to the hotel to pick her up but Lu Wan thought it was by subway or taxi.

She stood at the entrance of the hotel, ignoring the sports car parked beside her, and still craned her neck to look ahead.

The dark green sports car honked its horn twice. The hood slowly opened, revealing a familiar face.

Haley got out of the car, turned around and picked up the flowers bought on the road from the passenger seat and handed them over. “I wish President Lu an immediate success.”

Lu Wan didn’t move but asked, “Why did you drive here?”

Haley’s eyes were twinkling. “I turned 18 in the summer vacation and took advantage of the vacation to get a driver’s license. This car belongs to my friend. Don’t you think I look stunning today, President Lu?”

“I see. But you look like you’re chasing a woman. Hey, what does this mean?”

Haley’s expression changed drastically after hearing this but did not explain.

“Who wants to chase women ah? Are you looking down on me? President Lu, you’re here with me and will always remain as my Fierce1.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Thank you so much.

The other party didn’t take the flowers but Haley didn’t care. He hugged the flowers to his chest and added, “All right, President Lu, get in the car. I’ve booked a restaurant with a great view. You’ll like it.”

Haley looks very refined and handsome. He was wearing a long trench coat that shows his figure and was holding flowers next to the sports car. The rate of passersby turning their heads was a hundred percent.

Lu Wan: “If it’s the restaurant I saw in the magazine last time, I’ve already been there. And we can go to dinner, but we have to add another person today.”

Haley looked astonished. “You’ve already been there? Who did you go with? Forget it, it doesn’t matter, we can just change for another one. But today, I dress handsomely, drove a sports car, and also asked the hairdresser to style my hair. Am I not beautiful? Why are you insulting my intentions by bringing a third wheel? I object!”

Let alone a human being, she can’t even bring an extra dog!

Lu Wan: “……”

“It’s the restaurant she and I went to. Besides, Lu Wan and I have already made an appointment to have dinner today. If there’s a third wheel, it must be you.” Chen Nianqing came up from behind, then added, “Well, I don’t like third wheels either.”

Haley looked at Lu Wan in disbelief.

Lu Wan nodded, indicating that it was true.

Haley: “???”

Why’s that?! Idol must be destined to defeat him!

He had seen it all along. Although Chen Nianqing was taciturn and modest, he should be fierce.

Facts have proved that he’s never been wrong about men!

Haley was a little bit broken. “I will not give my blessing to two Fierce 1’s and I also refuse a threesome.”

Lu Wan heard too much of his ‘interesting words’ and had long been immune, but she felt that Schoolmate Chen Nianqing would be shocked. She frowned and said, “Stop talking nonsense.”

Chen Nianqing said in a light voice, “That’s just right. Lu Wan, let’s go.”

Ten minutes later, Haley looked through the rearview mirror at the two people in the back seat of the car.

Buy-one-get-one-free and both was the type he likes. This should have been the pinnacle of his life, but why couldn’t he be happy?

Anyway, even if he picked up the two people, he still had no ‘1’ to rely on today.


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  1. Ninny has spoken 5 months ago

    I can’t not like Haley… he’s so cute and funny. but I sure hope he doesn’t really gets straightened out in the end. Turning bi at most. I dislike the view that someone is gay because there’s something wrong with them or that they just haven’t found the right person of the opposite gender.

  2. Seigin has spoken 11 months ago

    Thr bent pipe is slowly straightening out


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