Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 77

This incident spread in the school that very same day. After all, this was the first time the ‘School’s F3’ overturned, and many students were astonished.

Even the female students who were in charge of narration every time Jiang Boyang appeared expressed that they would no longer be a fan.

They were career fans[1]focused on the idol’s career and will contribute to his/her career development after all.

Su Rao sneered in her heart. The three of them did too much. They relied on their excellent family background to be unbridled.

In the past, students who went against the ‘School’s F3’ could only suffer losses and no one dared to question them.

She knew it was Lu Wan who did it, but those guys were not blameless either.

As long as Lu Wan was safe.

“Student Lu Wan, you’re awesome.” Su Rao smiled brightly.

Lu Wan: “……I’m not awesome at all.”

Xu Yao was annoyed. He stuck his chest out and said, “Lu Wan, you actually ran off to fight alone. Such a good thing but you didn’t call me— I mean, do you still consider me as a brother?”

Lu Wan: “You’ll just fan the flames while watching.”

In addition to being shocked that the halo of the ‘School’s F3’ has dropped, there’s also Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing having a rather good relationship.

Last time in the auditorium something didn’t feel quite right and this time it was even more obvious……

The two were alone for more than an hour after school. To be honest, this was too much like a young couple’s pattern.

At the classroom during lunch break.

Haley held his chin in his hand. “I got a little trick to get close to Idol. I won’t hide it. I’ll tell you all that as long as your scores are similar to his, you can discuss and study together and promote feelings.”

The surrounding classmates: “??”

Thank you so much for sharing such a great tip. Thinking about it carefully, it was better than forcing themselves on him.

Haley approached Lu Wan and said with a voice only the two could hear, “You devil. I also know that you’re the one who did it. Otherwise I might really be jealous thinking you guys have something going on.”

Lu Wan: “???”

Haley smiled brightly. “After this incident, I like you more.”

Last time that idiot yelled at him in public. This was really a great revenge.

Of course Haley knew it was Lu Wan who did it. The other party didn’t avoid him when drawing a road map the past few days.

That day Lu Wan went to the rooftop to look for He Zilu, less than three minutes later, two girls wanted to go up.

But they were distracted by Haley who was following behind.

In the afternoon when Lu Wan was beating Jiang Boyang, it was not without any witnesses.

Haley was standing in the tall building opposite, holding a high-powered binocular and watching with relish.

Lu Wan: “……”

She didn’t know why Chen Nianqing wanted to help, but she owed him a big favor.

Putting it bluntly, Haley was the kind who’s always not serious and a fast-talker. His daily confession of love wasn’t stressful for her.

It was Xu Yao and Su Rao. Recently, the two of them started battling again.

Lu Wan refused a hundred times to no avail.

One was a clear thinker and considered that ‘rejecting me is your freedom, but since you’re single, it is also my freedom to continue to express myself’, and the other— it’s useless to smack him.

Yesterday, the two of them fought so hard that Lu Wan had to persuade them, but the two turned around at the same time and told her to leave it alone with a serious attitude.

She was completely overwhelmed.


Lu Wan felt that something was off these past two days.

It’s as if someone was secretly spying on her, but when she turned around, there seems to be no one.

She frowned and pondered. Those three morons shouldn’t have the guts to do so.

Today, Lu Wan paid special attention and took a road without too many people.

She then turned around abruptly, and on the empty intersection…… there was only a gray-haired old man.

Yes, three times this week, she felt that someone was spying on her.

But when she turned around, there would always be an old man.

And it was a different old person every time…… that’s why she didn’t worry about it.

But this person today…… Lu Wan had an impression of him.

Lu Wan walked straight over. “Grandpa, what are you doing following me?”

“No, no, I’m just passing by, little girl.” The old man’s eyes were erratic.

Lu Wan had black lines on her forehead. “I’ve seen you before. When I had a video call with Uncle last time, you sat the closest on the right and appeared in the camera several times so I remember you.”

The old man’s eyes widened and the next second he sat down on the spot.

“Oh dear, I’m a little uncomfortable. I can only get better if Young Lady helps me and doesn’t ask anymore.”


Lu Wan helped the person up. All right, she wouldn’t ask.

The old man coughed and he couldn’t help but talk, “Well, your grandfather[2]paternal grandfather and I are good friends. He would be very happy if he knew that he have such an excellent and beautiful granddaughter, but unfortunately he died early, so I came to see you for him.”

Lu Wan: “Oh, thank you then.”

“We mean no harm. We’re just afraid that you’ll be bullied, so all the old men helped to keep an eye on you when we have time.” The old man added.

Lu Wan: “That’s not necessary. I don’t think it’s needed.”

She didn’t ask, but the other party spilled the beans and took the initiative to explain everything.

“Of course, Lu Jinye also sent someone to protect you. As long as there’s an accident, they will appear, but we old men are still worried.”

Lu Wan: “Wait a minute. Someone has been following me all the time?”

The old man made a phone call, and within twenty seconds, four young people walked up to her.

There were three men and one woman all dressed in civilian clothes— the kind one wouldn’t notice when thrown into the crowd.

These people were obviously professionals. Lu Wan has seen two of them several times, but she thought they were ordinary office workers, so she didn’t pay them any mind.

“After last time, Lu Jinye sent someone to protect you secretly, worried that you’ll be retaliated. When everything died down they will naturally be withdrawn.”

Lu Wan: “Okay, I’ll just pretend not to know.”

Although she was somewhat surprised, Uncle must have a reason for doing so.

Acting so carefully— as expected of a businessman who started out a large-scale logistics, fireworks business, and martial arts club.

She can now get what Ah Biao mean.


Ten days after the recording of 《Math and Science Tournament》, the first issue finally came out.

This was a variety show for all ages. Unsurprisingly, the ratings of the first episode surpassed other shows that aired on the same time.

#LuBrotherAndSister# was on the hot search again.

Netizens expressed that although the pair was not actually related, ‘socialist brother and sister’ also have a nice ring to it.

Not only did the brother and sister get into the hot search, but #LuBainian# was also squeezed into the bottom.

There were too many exquisite and beautiful men in today’s society, but such a handsome man with well-defined features, thick eyebrows, big eyes, and refined ‘Chinese temperament’ was too rare.

Although he’s old, the old handsome guy has more taste!

In the comment section of the program group’s official Weibo, Lu Buyu was the most discussed, followed by Lu Bainian and Lu Wan’s father and daughter pair, and then Chen Nianqing.

Handsome guys attract attention and traffic no matter where they were.

【A few days ago, I was thinking about how to please Father-in-law to marry Little Sister, but I didn’t expect to be captivated by Father-in-law directly.】

【What kind of immortal family is this? I want to apply to join!】

【I like Lu Wan very much and my daughter likes Lu Buyu. Today my husband watched the show, and the 45-year-old man told me that Professor Lu is so handsome he fell in love with him. Ok, our family has become fans of this show.】

【Lu Wan is too strong! Love it!】

【This variety show is quite inspirational and showed me that powerful people are really charming. I went to study without scrolling Weibo.】

【Has no one noticed Chen Nianqing, who’s from the same school as Little Sister? Exactly my ideal type, so awesome!】

【Chen Nianqing is really handsome. I heard that he have a good relationship with Little Sister, is it true? If this is the case, I may not be able to resist shipping a CP in this competition program……】

【Chen Nianqing is so awesome. Little Brother can make his debut. I heard he’s a school grass.】


Lu Buyu raised his head from the screen. “You’re quite popular, you’re actually on the hot search again. You’re even more popular than many female stars.”

There were a lot of fancy comments about Lu Wan, which was unscientific to him. After all, he has a lot of black fans.

Lu Wan’s face was calm. “Maybe the program team paid for my hot search.”

Lu Buyu: “Then you’ve got the wrong idea. I know the producer of that show and he’s very stingy. You’re really popular.”

Lu Wan shrugged and didn’t take this matter to heart. There would be a new hot search tomorrow and everyone’s attention would naturally shift away from her.

This weekend, she has a rare free time, so she could do something she likes after studying.

Lu Wan recently plowed a small plot on the far right of the yard and bought seeds from the Internet.

She started growing vegetables half a month ago and initially chose to grow cabbage and peppers.

Lu Buyu was very contemptuous at first. What kind of hobby was this? What’s so fun about growing vegetables?

Then he tried it out and found it to be really fun.

Lu Buyu took the time to plant the land that Lu Wan had prepared…… and quietly planted all over.

Lu Wan was very speechless and could only expand the area of ​​the vegetable plot.

She was still pulling weeds when she heard the sound of a car outside.

“I’m delivering something. May I ask if Miss Lu Wan is here?” The little brother outside the fence asked.

Lu Wan washed her hands, walked over and said, “That’s me.”

“Oh, in that case, everything inside is yours. Please check it.”

Lu Wan’s face was full of disbelief. This was a small delivery truck……

So many things were hers?

Just then Lu Wan’s phone rang.

It was Lu Jinye calling.

Lu Wan talked with him for five minutes and confirmed that all the stuff inside the vehicle was hers.

It was a meeting gift from those uncles to her.

The old men didn’t know what good and suitable gift to send. After all, Ah Biao said that Lu Jinye wanted to send a helicopter or a car, but was rejected. Fortunately, the young lady asked for a pen herself, so it wasn’t too embarrassing.

At Ah Biao’s prompt, most people chose to send the same gift—— pen.

This way, it will never be returned. After all, it would be really shameful if something sent by an elderly was sent back.

Lu Wan took a deep breath. The ten boxes of pens that her uncle gave her could last a lifetime.

Now with this small truck, it was more than enough for about ten lifetimes.

In addition to school supplies, there were also other things.

There were latest style bags, watches, jewelry, and some girls’ cosmetics. A few old men listened to other people’s suggestions and bought them accordingly.

Thinking that maybe the other party likes it, but if it was returned, at least the pen will be accepted, so it wouldn’t be too embarrassing.

Lu Buyu watched from the sidelines. “This is a bit like the way fans gave me gifts when I first debuted.”

He no longer accepts gifts now.

Lu Wan assisted the delivery guy to move the items to the storeroom.

She has something to do this afternoon.

Lu Wan put away the stationery by category, and then returned the jewelry and cosmetics.

After all, she doesn’t use these. It’s a pity to let them expire.

Although several uncles guessed it, they were still unhappy when it arrived back.

Was the young miss being too formal or were they not doing well enough?

Ah Biao took the list and checked it over. He said with a tangled face, “Not all of them were rejected. The cosmetics were returned, but the set of hair growth essential oils and anti-hair loss shampoo products that were sent have been retained.”

The uncles looked at each other. It’s just as well.


On the other side, Lu Wan looked at the hair growth essential oil in her hand.

No one could refuse hair growth products. Although she still has a lot of hair, many students in the class became stronger while also becoming balder.

The pain of science students was the desertification phenomenon happening on top of their heads and all were trying to find a way to return it into forest.

There’s no guarantee that she wouldn’t be bald as an egg in the future, so it was better use it first to prevent that from happening.

After all, she still cares about her appearance so she must have hair.


1 focused on the idol’s career and will contribute to his/her career development
2 paternal grandfather


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