Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 76

Lu Jinye was powerful without saying, and he cared about Lu Wan very much.

The other two families had already changed sides. Madam Jiang deliberated then took the initiative to apologize sincerely.

“Xiao Wan, there must be a misunderstanding in this matter, but in the end, it was Bo Yang who’s impulsive, and Aunt doesn’t know much about what happened between you young people either. I’ll say sorry to you on his behalf. You still have classes today, so we’ll come to apologize in person another day.”

Lu Wan looked at her, imagining the 300 rounds of future battles between the wealthy mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, feeling a little subtle.

In a few words, this woman made this matter into a trivial misunderstanding between the younger generations, as if the confrontation just now did not exist. The method was skillful and thick-skinned. It’s really impressive.

Lin Niannian was not stupid, weak and pitiful. But Jiang Boyang, this male chauvinist, naturally prefers the weaker side.

He took the initiative to stand up to his own mother and with the help of several other male face-dogs[1]颜狗: someone who treats good-looking people especially well, sometimes to the extent of ignoring their weaknesses, Miss Lin, who had no background, had a good chance of winning.

Jiang Boyang was very upset. Why were they putting everything on him?

It was obviously He Zilu and Qu Yue who wanted to make this a big deal.

From the beginning to end, he didn’t want to come here at all.

But now in this situation, he couldn’t open his mouth to clarify and disgrace his mother, so he had to endure it.

For the first time in his life, Jiang Boyang’s expression looked extremely unwell.

Lu Wan’s voice was calm, “There’s need to come to us to apologize. I’m already very scared of this conflict today, I’m afraid that you’ll come to fight me another day. Besides, I don’t just have to study today— I have to study every day. I really don’t have the time.”

This sentence was irritating and several elders had different expressions.

Jiang Boyang originally decided to keep silent, but seeing Lu Wan’s attitude, he couldn’t bear it anymore and said, “Lu Wan, in fact, you and I both know in our hearts whether you have done it or not. If you are really innocent, then tell me, yesterday morning and noon, where were you? In the afternoon when school was over, you came home two hours later than usual. Where did you go during that time?”

Though he could not find any direct evidence, he still did an investigation.

Lu Wan usually goes home on time from school, but yesterday’s surveillance at the gate of her community showed that she arrived at eight o’clock.

An hour later than normal.

Lu Wan: “You actually had me investigated? Wherever I go, I don’t need to report it to you.”

He Zilu: “Look, you can’t prove it either, so we can’t be blamed for misunderstanding. Everyone should take a step back today.”

Qu Yue quickly followed, “Yeah. If not, how could we doubt you?”

“She was with me yesterday after school. I can testify.” Chen Nianqing said as he walked in.

Everyone in the office looked over in an instant.

Lu Wan was surprised. What’s up with this student?

Chen Nianqing put the form in his hand on his class teacher’s desk and added in a faint voice, “I just came to hand in something. If you have doubts about where Lu Wan went yesterday after school was over, I can prove it. We were together.”

Jiang Boyang clenched his fists and was very angry.

Although he disliked Lu Wan, the two of them had an engagement. She treated him like this and approached Chen Nianqing. He was very unhappy just thinking about it.

It was as if Chen Nianqing had overpowered him and that Lu Wan didn’t know what’s good for her.

“You’re with each other? What were you doing together?” Jiang Boyang’s tone was bad.

Chen Nianqing stared at him calmly. “Of course we’re discussing academic problems.”

Lu Wan grinned. “Yeah, we’re talking about school stuff. This is why Chen Nianqing can be first place and I, second. The reason why you can’t even get into the top 200 is that there’re a lot of messy things in your mind. Read more. Reading can make people smarter. Perhaps you can still salvage it.”

Jiang Boyang’s eyes were about to split open. “Ha-ha, do you think I’ll believe you just because you said that?”

“I must clarify. I personally don’t think there’s a reason for Student Chen Nianqing to lie. He’s a student in our class. This I can guarantee.” The class teacher of Class 1 raised his hand.

Even if several parents swept their eyes at him, he had to speak against the pressure.

“Indeed. Student Chen Nianqing is excellent in both academics and character. He has a good reputation not only among his teachers, but also among his classmates. He is by no means a person who speaks carelessly.”

“It’s normal for students to discuss problems after class. Students Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing are very bright. Naturally, there’re topics they could talk about.”

The teachers who were frightened like a group of quails just now spoke up.

Although they were just ordinary teachers, they still have the courage to protect their students.

Lu Wan thought this was very amusing.

It’s not that the teachers were biased, but Chen Nianqing’s reputation was too good, while Jiang Boyang’s reputation was too bad. This rich boy usually runs roughshod over the school. He doesn’t give a damn about anyone and skips classes if he wanted to……

One thing piled after another, so it was hard to believe him.

On the other side of the phone, Lu Jinye touched his chin. “There should be no objection now, right? Very good, not all the boys in Wanwan’s school are bastards, some are still normal. That’s good.”

“Yeah.” When Lu Wan answered, she subconsciously aimed the camera at Chen Nianqing.

Lu Jinye looked at the boy on the screen. He narrowed his eyes slightly and added in a flat voice, “Sweetie, you don’t have time to have afternoon tea with me, but you have time to discuss problems with him? No wonder. He looks pretty handsome.”

Lu Wan: “???”

This is not the point.

Lu Jinye: “All right, sweetie, didn’t you say you’re going to class? Go ahead and ignore these people. If they still have any objections, they can come to me directly. I’m always available.”

This sentence was actually meant for the other three people.

Madam Jiang felt ashamed. “Xiao Wan, Ah Bo is still too young. Boys are bound to be impulsive. I’ll talk to him well. I hope you can get along well in the future.”

Lu Wan: “Don’t. After this incident, I just want to stay away from these guys. I can no longer stand this torment.”

Lu Jinye said with a smile, “Why don’t you let your son transfer school, President Jiang? I won’t pursue this matter. Wouldn’t we all be happy?”

Madam Jiang was startled, her voice was a bit uncertain, “Transferring…… It shouldn’t be this serious. Why don’t you give us another chance?”

Lu Wan glanced at the three dummies and sighed, “Okay, but they must avoid me in the future. After all, I dislike trouble. If there’s anything similar to today, please transfer to another school on your own volition, since I can’t just transfer.”

Lu Jinye: “Then it’s settled. My family’s Wanwan is so generous and considerate. I don’t think you have any objections, right?”

The elders of the three families could no longer say anything and merely nodded their heads in agreement.

Seeing that the matter was almost resolved, Lu Wan said with a smile, “Then I’ll hang up. Uncle, go ahead and get busy, I won’t disturb you.”

Lu Jinye: “I’m not busy. If you didn’t have to go to class, I can chat with you all day long.”

“……Goodbye then.” Lu Wan hung up the video call.

The three adults on the opposite side wanted to say something but decided not to. Lu Wan directly ignored them and turned to look at the teachers who must have been frightened a lot today.

She hesitated for a few seconds, then looked at her class teacher. “That……”

“I understand! We didn’t hear anything and definitely won’t cause trouble to your uncle by talking nonsense!” The Class 4’s homeroom teacher said loudly.

The other three teachers nodded like chickens pecking rice.

Lu Wan: “It’s not like that…… Forget it. Then, teacher, I’ll go back to the classroom first.”

Whatever, whatever, this misunderstanding is a big one.

After all, even she felt shocked by her whole family, not to mention the teachers.

It was said that he has done a lot of business across different industries before earning his current fortune…… Why was this image not quite right?

He’d previously been running a martial arts club, international logistics, and fireworks business? It seems that she and Ah Biao have very different understanding of what these things means.

The bearded men in the background look too much like people from a crime organization.

One or two sentences couldn’t explain it clearly and it’s very likely that she’d just make it worse.

She might as well go to class. Education was a serious thing.


At the end of the video call, Lu Jinye looked up at the people who have gathered in a circle around him.

“What are you doing? You’re blocking the light.” Lu Jinye was highly dissatisfied.

“Didn’t you say that the boy is handsome? Let us see. Is he the son-in-law of the Lu family?”

“Is he tall? Does he look like a good match with Young Miss? I am quite satisfied with his good grades. We all like educated people. But the main thing is to be healthy and won’t just fall apart after a slap!”

Lu Jinye said with a dark face. “Shut up all of you! Lu Wan is still in high school. Aren’t you thinking too much?!”

“How can this be considered too much? I was only fourteen when I was first chased by a girl.” One uncle said.

Lu Jinye hesitated for a moment. “Times have changed. Everyone is getting married and having children late. I think she should at least be 30 years old before considering it.”

“30 years old? Then I guess Young Miss will hate you, don’t you think? Everyone feels that since you’re not married yourself, you’ll be a bad role model.”

Lu Jinye: “……Don’t bring me into this. What do you think about this matter today?”

An uncle in a long gown suddenly showed a fierce look. “Get them of course. We can’t just let it go after they gave Young Miss trouble! Although I’m old, I can still f*cking—”

Lu Jinye: “Speak if you want to speak, don’t roll up your sleeves. Try to be civilized.”

Some muscular old men were rolling up their sleeves and the atmosphere was strange.

Ah Biao pouted. “Boss, you’re one to talk about others, but were you not the same just now.”

Lu Jinye: “—Shut up.”

“Then can we go to school to watch over Young Miss?” An uncle asked.

Lu Jinye: “No!”

“How about going secretly so that the young miss won’t find out?” Another one didn’t want to give up and asked again.

Lu Jinye: “Unacceptable!”

“Then can you connect with young miss for five minutes every time we have a meeting? We want to see her more ah. She is the group’s future.”

Lu Jinye: “Out of the question. Give it up.”

Several old men looked at each other.

“Like this, oh. If we can’t then we can’t, why are you making such a loud noise? To scare the elderly?”


Lu Jinye was very frustrated. He had a feeling that these old geezers wouldn’t give up and it was extremely possible that they would do something behind his back.


1 颜狗: someone who treats good-looking people especially well, sometimes to the extent of ignoring their weaknesses


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