Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 75

The three parents choked on their words and their complexion looked bad.

The teachers…… were also frightened. They were able to interject just now to persuade them, but now they were all silent.

The chaotic office became quiet.

Lu Wan held her forehead. Heavens. It was as if the two sides were arguing, and suddenly one of them pulled out a heavy weapon and started shooting.

Completely suppressing with firepower.

She whispered, “That—, Uncle, please be gentle. This is the office and the teachers are here.”

Everyone: “……”

Although Lu Wan tried her best to keep her voice down, the surrounding was very quiet, so everyone else could hear every word clearly.

Lu Jinye: “Oh? There are teachers there? I’m sorry, teachers. I was speaking to those three old faces.”

The group of teachers: “……”

Why are you only apologizing to us?

Moved? Of course, they have to keep smiling. They dare not move at all and tried to reduce their sense of presence as much as possible.

Lu Wan’s uncle…… was really scary ah!
Although Madam Jiang was offended, she also knew that Lu Jinye could not be easily offended.

However, she represents the Jiang family and cannot be humiliated like this.

“Mr. Lu, your words are too extreme. You should at least understand the matter before making an assertion. It’s not what you think. We didn’t bully the little lady.”

Lu Jinye: “Of course I understand. You want to accuse my family’s weak baby of hitting and beating up your stupid sons, right? Can you not be shameless?”

He Zilu’s mother toughen herself and said with a trembling voice, “Although you don’t believe it, it’s the truth. We wouldn’t dare to wrongly accuse Miss Lu…… Could you also please speak in a civilized manner?”

“Are you assuring me? You’re not worthy. And how is this old man uncivilized? This old man is the most civilized!”

The group of teachers: “……”

“The three of you are several decades older than my family’s little girl. Aren’t you old timers? Shamelessly going to the younger generation. If you have the ability, come and reason it with me.” Although in this situation, he didn’t want to be reasonable. Lu Jinye thought after he was done speaking.

The group of teachers: “……”

The combat power was so strong and the firepower was so fierce.

By now, Lu Wan didn’t feel that something was off—something was very off.

After all, her uncle has always been amiable.

“Uncle, let’s just make everything clear. Don’t be angry.” After she finished speaking in a low voice, she turned to smile at the nearby teachers and said, “Actually, he’s not usually like this.”

The group of teachers nodded one after another.

No need to explain, they already understand.

Lu Jinye: “Don’t worry about this, Wanwan. I’ll make it clear to them. Come on, come on, point the phone at that three old faces.”


Lu Jinye adjusted his posture and added, “Sweetie, raise your hand higher.”

Lu Wan: “Okay.”

After making sure he was looking down at the other people from a high point, Lu Jinye was relieved. He was 192cm tall and was used to looking at people from this angle.

Considering that Lu Wan had told him to be gentler, Lu Jinye slowed down his voice and said, “Even if we say that it’s true, what if it’s done by my family’s baby? Three men were beaten up by a little girl and even called their parents? Don’t they feel any shame? If it’s me I would’ve long been hiding and won’t go out for a long time.”

The three men mentioned: “……”

They felt oppressed but had no way to refute.

Getting beaten was a fact. Moreover, Lu Jinye looked very difficult to deal with.

Lu Jinye: “I want to ask my family’s little girl for morning tea, but she doesn’t have time. She actually took the time to beat you all up? If this is true, then I’m even more unhappy. Can it be that in my baby’s heart, I’m not as good as you three little bastards who haven’t grown all their hair? Hehe, I’m pissed.”

Lu Wan: “???”

Is this the point?

The group of teachers: “……”

Got it. No matter what, you got a point.

Madam Jiang’s expression was a little stiff and her smile could no longer be maintained. “Mr. Lu, you are clearly taking sides with Miss Lu. Even if you are in a high position and someone we can’t afford to offend, this still isn’t right. It doesn’t sound good to defend the younger generation this much. People may think you’re throwing your weight around!”

Lu Jinye changed his posture, his voice cold, “Correct your statement. She’s not just Miss Lu. Lu Wan will be raised by me as my successor and if there’s no accident, she will be the third-generation heiress of the Lu family.”

“You’re not just bullying the Miss of my Lu family today, but also the next generation’s heiress. Why else will I argue with you so much at a group seniors meeting? Not only I, other executives will also not agree. Think about it yourself.”

After Lu Jinye finished, he motioned Ah Biao to turn the phone he was holding.

The Lu family was a family business. Because of the special way they started, the top executives sitting there today were strong elderly men with beards and tattoos up to their necks.

In front of the camera, they showed their white and lustrous teeth.

There were also younger people in suits and leather shoes, their faces unsmiling as the light reflected from their sunglasses…… They all looked tough.

Lu Jinye sighed. “Even if I don’t pursue it, you have to ask them whether they’ll agree or not. If you go trouble the next successor, not only will you step on my face, but also the face of the entire group!”

These words were accompanied by sounds of scorns from the background.

Several bearded men with cruel smiles cracked their knuckles with a ‘pop’ sound.

This made several high school teachers tremble.

Ah Biao leaned forward and lowered his voice, but it happened that everyone in the office could hear it clearly.

“Why don’t I do away with them and throw them into the open sea?”

The group of teachers drew in cold breaths.

Ahhhhhhh! Can they pretend they didn’t hear anything?

Lu Jinye slapped the table hard and there was a loud “bang”, which made everyone’s heart that was raised in their throats almost vomited out due to fear.

“Damn it, how many times have I said that we’re now in a law-governed society and you can’t do anything illegal? This is China, not Mexico, ok? It’s not 20 years ago! You don’t know how to move forward and still think about the same old ways! Have you finished the Chinese Criminal Law I gave you?”

Ah Biao, a 185-foot-tall man with long hair and big tattooed arms, took a step back aggrievedly. “I’m still looking at it, Boss.”

He could have had a beard too. How manly would he look ah. Too bad the boss forced him to shave.

Lu Jinye said that their bald heads were too similar to those who came out of prison and do not look approachable, so a group of them started to grow their hair and used hair growth products.

It’s been half a year now and they already have ear-length hair.

When the company’s senior management found out, they said they would also keep their hair long, in order to welcome the return of the young lady.

But…… Ah Biao actually suspected that they wanted to have long hair, so they just took this opportunity.

It was the sudden rebelliousness of the elderly. After all, long hair and long coats matched the modified Tang suits better.

Damn. The old guys who used to mix with society like to pretend to be cultured people and many of them dressed this way.

Humph. He would do the same in another ten years or so! With birdcage in his hand— that’s more like it.

All the teachers in the office: “……”

Forget it. They were so frightened that they’re already a bit slow to respond.

Lu Wan didn’t know what to say. Things seemed to be developing…… too unexpectedly.

She didn’t even know where to start ranting.

When did she become the group’s successor?

Furthermore ‘do away with them and throw them into the open sea’ sounds very scary, okay? Even if it’s a joke.

After lecturing his men, Lu Jinye turned around and said, “Is there any objection? Why aren’t you still apologizing to my baby?! Though we won’t forgive! “

Everyone: “……”

Lu Jinye: “Stop dawdling. My baby is going to class and we still have a morning meeting here on our side. Are you forcing me to lose my temper?”

“This is pushing too far. What’s wrong with our young miss being courageous? Your wimps have to even invite their parents.”

“Forget it. I think we should shun those who have cooperation with these three companies in the future.”

“Why avoid them? We are not wrong! I think the content of today’s meeting should be changed to how to vent for the young lady instead. You young people have no bloodiness[1]have no guts and courage.” An old brawny man with a beard said in dissatisfaction.

“I agree! Anyway, just do it!”

Lu Wan: “……”

Do it? What are you going to do?

All the teachers in the office: “……”

Oh my gosh. My legs are so weak that I need to find something for support.

Lu Jinye had long intended to train Lu Wan as his successor. To him, boys and girls were the same, there was no difference. The main thing was ability.

His eldest brother died early. But although his eldest brother’s son was very smart, his heart was not in the family business and couldn’t be the backbone of the company.

The younger brother he just found was brilliant, but the other’s ambition was to engage in scientific research.

There’s no need to mention Lu Buyu, he went to be a star. So when she appeared, his attention turned to Lu Wan.

Lu Jinye has a good impression of his sister-in-law Zhao Jianing, and was glad that Lu Wan was more like her mother.

Since he proposed to train her as a successor, it was natural to discuss it with the others.

So Lu Wan’s previous life history was all dug up.

Including being raised as a boy since childhood, almost entering a juvenile detention center after a fight in middle school, and always ranking first in exams before being brought back.

She grew up as a great fighter, which moved her uncles[2]relationship between cousins of the same grandfather or great-grandfather of the older generation. They felt that although she was a girl, she had the blood of the Lu family!

Being first in the exams impressed the younger generation, which showed that the other party was smart enough to be trained as an heir.

Moreover, for the past six months, all the senior executives have been secretly examining Lu Wan.

There were no significant shortcomings in all aspects. Perhaps…… they could place their high hopes on her.

All the senior executives in the meeting actually guessed that Lu Wan really did something. But if she wanted to beat them then just beat them ba. It’s not that big of a deal.

After all, the young lady’s character was quite stable. There must be a reason for her to do so. They don’t need to ask in detail. Who hasn’t fought before?

Besides, she beat up three people and succeeded. They even felt proud of it.

There was no trace of the matter, which showed that the young lady was clever enough! Totally a plus.

As for Lu Jinye, even if he knew these histories, he wholeheartedly believed that his niece was gentle and sweet and was bullied by others.

After all, he had already put on more than ten layers of filters.

Let’s put it this way, even if the young miss were to crack open other people’s skull with her bare hands—such frightening thing— Mr. Lu will only say: wow, adorable.

He Zilu’s mother couldn’t handle the pressure. She was the first to speak and said with her trembling voice, “There’s no need to let the situation escalate because of the children’s conflict. This is my son’s fault. I apologize for him, and I also apologize to Miss Lu.”

He Zilu’s eyes widened. He was about to speak when his mother pulled his hand.

“What are you doing, apologize quickly.” Mother He’s voice was a little anxious.

Qu Yue’s father reacted. He turned his head and said, “Why aren’t you apologizing to Miss Lu? Still not thinking straight? How can you talk nonsense and cause me to be misled by you. Since it’s a misunderstanding, it’s good to explain it clearly. There’s no need to escalate the situation.”

The young lady of the Lu family and the third-generation successor of the Lu family were two completely different concepts.

Jiang Boyang was an only child and he would inherit the Jiang family’s business.

But the other two weren’t cultivated with the standards of heirs.

There’s an elder brother and an elder sister above He Zilu.

Her mother was the second wife. His father’s children with his first wife were fifteen years older than him and were very capable. By the time he reaches adulthood, the company would have been divided up. He could only take his share of dividend as the most favored youngest son.

His father had different requirements for him, so he could be arrogant and unruly, without learning anything.

The person in charge of the Qu family was Qu Yue’s uncle. It’s impossible for him to inherit the company, so he can only be a rich kid.

Qu Yue and He Zilu had always been bullying others, but now they had no power to rely on. The situation had suddenly become so serious that they naturally didn’t dare be stubborn.

Qu Yue: “Okay, I misunderstood.”

He Zilu’s voice was weak as a mosquito, “Lu Wan, if I misunderstood, then I’m sorry.”

Madam Jiang was also shocked. Lu Jinye actually took Lu Wan who had only been back for half a year…… as an heir to cultivate?

A girl?

Well, it’s no wonder that the girl had changed a lot from six months ago.

She was so regretful her intestines turned green. If the engagement was still in place, wouldn’t his son reap all the profits when he married Lu Wan?

It was the wrong move!


1 have no guts and courage
2 relationship between cousins of the same grandfather or great-grandfather


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  1. tenshineko has spoken 3 months ago

    Qu Yue initially seemed like he might be a stabilizing influence on JB, but he’s deteriorated into an arrogant jerk that just follows JB.

    Just because they aren’t the main heirs does not mean they should be raised as useless idlers. I get that there’s a concept that if there are multiple capable kids they may then fight over the company, but the parents can easily direct their ambitions into setting up their own companies or something. Letting them be rich brats is not a good thing for them or the family.

  2. M has spoken 9 months ago

    Mrs. Jiang is really delusional. She really thinks her son is the cream of the crop. Lady he doesn’t even study properly. If he was skipping classes but actually taking first place consistently then you’d had a leg to stand on but he doesn’t even bother to do that. How are you gonna set your hopes on him in the future? Your company is gonna fail with him.

    Also her comment about FL being the heir despite being a girl was very ironic. She’s a woman in business herself. How is she gonna scoff at that fact?

  3. tan_jar has spoken 1 year ago

    Is this a family company or an organized crime family? jeez!

    • Seigin has spoken 1 year ago

      Probably a mix of both as they had stopped the organized crime 20 something years ago, but the mannerisms still exists and often slip out.


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