Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 74

The class teacher looked helpless. “Student Lu Wan, do you have anything to say?”

Students of Shangde High School rarely ask their parents to come.

This time, several parents came uninvited…… and each of them had impressive backgrounds. They weren’t someone a high school teacher could offend.

He was also shocked that the three students were attacked, but he absolutely didn’t believe that Lu Wan did it.

It’s impossible!

Lu Wan was sincerely impressed. “Wow, there’re so many people here, are you having a meeting?”

Everybody: “???”

Madam Jiang looked at the girl in front of her. She hadn’t seen her for some time. The other party seemed to have changed a lot and her temperament looked calmer.

She attributed these changes to the fact that after Lu Wan returned to the Lu family, she became more confident.

Now this manner was worthy of her son.

“Miss Lu, don’t you have anything to say to me? You should at least apologize to Jiang Boyang.” Madam Jiang raised her chin slightly and said leisurely.

Lu Wan looked surprised. “Wait, did something happen? Why do I have to apologize to him? Is it because I didn’t match him last time he was going crazy at the auditorium? I won’t compromise.”

Everybody: “???”

He Zilu had had enough and said, “Drop the act. Isn’t it you who attacked me on the rooftop yesterday?”

Mother He: “Isn’t this bullying? My son has never been humiliated. Look at his face. Today, you must give us an explanation!”

Qu Yue grunted coldly. “Lu Wan, since you have the courage to do it, why are you afraid to admit what you did?”

Father Qu seconded, “You do not have the appearance of a young lady. You’re simply a bandit!”

Jiang Boyang pursed his lips but didn’t speak. He didn’t want to come here at all.

After all, it’s too humiliating to be beaten up.

Several parents questioned at the same time, forming a situation of encirclement.

The teachers in the office felt very stressed but Lu Wan had a relaxed expression.

“Okay, okay, I understand. These three guys were beaten? And you suspect that it’s me who did it?” Lu Wan asked with raised eyebrows.

Qu Yue: “You still don’t want to admit it?”

Lu Wan: “Oh, then you can go to the police ah. This is a society ruled by law. Besides, you must show evidence to identify me, right? I can send you a lawyer’s letter for slander. Don’t think you can be irresponsible just because you’re underage.”

It took her a few days to figure out the route of these three guys.

Qu Yue and Jiang Boyang were beaten outside the school. There were no witnesses and there were no cameras at the location of the scene.

There was surveillance in the school corridor, but Lu Wan passed through the blind spot of the camera.

It’s impossible to get captured.

The time she spent planning wasn’t in vain. Since she’s done it, she would never let anyone caught her.

Given that they had nothing on her, then she has not done it!

Qu Yue: “Sophistry! I’m sure it’s you!”

Lu Wan rolled her eyes. “Your opinion is useless. There’s no knowing what’s in a person’s heart. Maybe the three of you hurt your faces on purpose to slander me, after all, you’ve trying to get me in trouble. It’s entirely possible! Please be a person ba!”

He Zilu’s eyes widened after being wrongfully accused. “Nonsense! Who would intentionally hurt themselves?! Who else can it be if not you?”

Lu Wan: “You shouldn’t ask me that. You guys are usually obnoxious, maybe some people can’t stand it anymore, so they bravely made a move. If y’all are really curious, you can consult the tarot cards.”

Jiang Boyang lost his patience. “Lu Wan! Don’t go too far!”

Lu Wan chuckled. “You guys shouldn’t go too far. If you don’t believe me, go do an anonymous poll on the third years to see if there are more students who like you or hate you. In your hearts, there’s no A to C marks, right?”

These three were used to being arrogant. The ‘School’s F3’ has always bullied others and acted in a lofty manner.

Except for the few girls in charge of the exaggerated narrations every time Jiang Boyang appeared on scene and the few brainless fans, most of the regular students did not like them.

Qu Yue: “We’re talking about you. What does it have to do with others? Don’t intentionally derail the topic!”

“It really isn’t me. You are all tall and big, how can a girl like me succeed? Even if you’re targeting me, can you please try to be realistic?”

She paused. Then Lu Wan looked at the three parents behind, spread her hands and added, “If they say so, you’ll believe it? Today they were beaten up and came to find me, tomorrow, if your company’s stock price fell, you won’t come to find me too, will you? All of you are adults and should be discerning.”

Everyone: “……”

Madam Jiang chuckled. “Miss Lu is really eloquent, but why do they insist it was you and not someone else?”

Lu Wan looked innocent. “I don’t like your words and the idea that it’s entirely the victim’s fault. If you ask your son, ‘Why didn’t the other students got beaten up? Is it because you’re not acting like a human being?’, Jiang Boyang will certainly get angry.”

Jiang Boyang: “Lu Wan!”

“Look, I’m right. He really got angry.” Lu Wan said quickly.

“You’re glib, but we’ve already determined that you did this!”

“Yes, why else would all three of them identify you at the same time?”

The other two parents bit the matter to death.

“This conversation is pointless. If you think so, I can’t do anything about it. Do as you wish.” Lu Wan said. She glanced at the watch on the wall. “Class is in five minutes, I’m leaving.”

Qu Yue: “You want to leave now? Are you guilty?”

Lu Wan was astonished. “I came to school to study, not to listen to your drivel. The three of you are rich so you don’t care if your grades are poor and its okay for you to skip class. However, I can’t. I only came second in the last finals and in this monthly exam. I still want to be first. We are different and so are our parents. They are very strict with me. “

The group of teachers in the office: “……”

Is this indicating the three boys, or their parents?

Originally, they were worried that Lu Wan couldn’t handle it alone, but it turns out that it was completely unnecessary.

The main thing was that there was no evidence for this.

Madam Jiang: “Miss Lu, don’t leave yet. We still haven’t cleared the matter.”

Lu Wan halted and said, “Oh, you’re clearly three adults. Are you ganging up on me, an underage student?”

The office fell silent for a moment.

“Anyway, you can’t leave.” He Zilu’s mother stepped forward and blocked the other party’s way.

Lu Wan: “I’ve made it very clear. I can understand that you guys want to use old age and having more people on your side to press my head and force me to admit this matter, right? Isn’t this…… all out shameless?”

Qu Yue got all worked up. “Be careful of what you damn say! Who is shameless? Do you believe I won’t kill you?”

Lu Wan glanced at the person and made a note in her mind to thrash this moron.

“You’re all bullying a little girl like me, so I have to call my family too. After all, I’m really scared ah.” Lu Wan said, taking out her mobile phone.

She sent a video call request to Lu Jinye, who seemed to be waiting on the other side of the line, because it got connected in only three seconds.


Lu Jinye was having a morning meeting in an office full of senior executives of the group.

The chairman of Shangde High School promptly notified him of this matter: three parents reported that their children were hurt by Lu Wan.

Lu Jinye didn’t think this was possible. His family’s little girl was good at studying and was gentle, this was definitely a slander!

Lu Jinye originally wanted to go there in person. Lu Wan’s matter, regardless how small it was, was a big deal.

But the little girl said it was unnecessary. She could handle it herself, and if she couldn’t, she would let him step in.

Lu Jinye couldn’t refuse any request from her, so he could only agree, and at the same time praised Lu Wan for being so good-natured.

She was video calling him now. It seems that the trouble she encountered cannot be resolved, so when this matter came to his hands, he regarded it as an even bigger deal.

As soon as the call was connected, Lu Jinye brought his face closer and asked with a grave face, “Darling Wanwan, is someone bullying you?”

Hearing the familiar voice, Madam Jiang’s expression changed.

When she saw Lu Wan’s attitude was so tough just now, she thought that the other party didn’t want her parents to know, and she was relieved.

She didn’t expect that in the next second, Lu Wan would skip her parents and directly contacted Lu Jinye.

She didn’t anticipate the other side’s move at all.

“I wouldn’t exactly say that. But just now, someone told me to be careful with what I say. He dared to threaten to kill me even with so many people in the office. I’m afraid.”

She said she was afraid, but Lu Wan’s voice did not fluctuate.

This sentence sounds very sarcastic.

The flabbergasted Qu Yue: “……”

Lu Wan looked at him expressionlessly. “What are you so surprised about? You can tell your parents, but I can’t? I won’t let you all pick on me. After all, I’m timid.”

Lu Jinye on the other side of the phone slapped the table hard and a loud “bang” could be heard.

In an instant, everyone’s blood froze.

“Who are you talking to, darling? Forget it. Let me see who’s bullying you first.”

Lu Wan: “Okay.”

She maximized the screen and then walked past the row of people with a smile while holding her mobile phone.

Lu Jinye’s face filled the entire screen. His aura was no less than if he was there himself at the scene.

Those who saw him couldn’t help holding their breath.

The first one was Madam Jiang. She steadied herself and greeted with a smile, “Long time no see, Mr. Lu. Things are not what you think, I will explain to you.”

Next in line was Qu Yue’s father. He’s obviously not as calm. He bowed slightly and said, “Hello, Mr. Lu…… We have no other intentions. It’s good that the misunderstanding about the children’s matter has been cleared.”

Finally, it was He Zilu’s mother. The aggressiveness just moments ago has now completely disappeared. The woman said with trembling lips, “Mr. Lu, we didn’t mean that.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Wait, although his uncle does a lot of business, these people don’t need to be so afraid ah.

It’s completely baffling. If she didn’t know, she would think that her uncle was engaged in illegal business.

After watching, Lu Jinye finally spoke again.

“I can see clearly. It turns out that you three old faces are bullying my family’s girl. F*ck you. This old man is still here and not dead. How dare you step on my face?”

The group boss came up with profanities. Not only the three people were stunned, but so were the teachers inside the office.

……No wonder Lu Wan was so brave when she was besieged. It’s there for a reason— It was inherited from her family ah.

Lu Wan was also a little shocked. She wanted her uncle to support her, but the other party…… This was too wild ba!

This would frighten the teachers!


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