Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 73

Lu Wan flipped through the sketch which showed the routes to several locations that Jiang Boyang’s usually visits.

This was her plan.

For different routes, the best position to strike was marked.

Beating people requires careful calculation so subsequent development could be within the controllable range.

As soon as the bell rang, Lu Wan quickly walked out of the classroom.

Today her bag was very light. There wasn’t a single book in it, but a piece of cloth wrapped in a plastic bag which would be soon used.

This was the cloth that Lu Wan picked up from the trash can a few days ago. It’s just right for recycling garbage.

The curtains thrown out of the school’s stockroom were light-shielding and moisture-proof, and they were very sturdy.

Not only could it cover the head, it was more than adequate to be a shroud.

There were two pieces in total. One was used for He Zilu and this piece in the bag was reserved for Jiang Boyang.

If it was in the past, she would have kicked them long ago.

But not now. Even if she could go all out, she couldn’t affect the reputation of the Lu family.

After all, with so many eyes staring at her, she should act prudently and low-key.

It’s more work, but not particularly troublesome.

She had endured those three morons for a long time but now she couldn’t stand it anymore.


Jiang Boyang received the news and was extremely shocked to know that Qu Yue and He Zilu had been beaten.

How dare someone hit them?

Heh, this was really a hell of a sight to see! They dared to offend the Qu and the He family?

He subconsciously felt that Lu Wan was the most suspicious of this matter, which was exactly like something she would do.

After all, that girl got big guts.

Just as Jiang Boyang was about to rush back to school, Lin Niannian stalled him with a phone call.

The girl on the phone was very flustered and cried so much that he was worried.

Lin Niannian only has him, so Jiang Boyang had to put aside his brother’s affairs first.

Jiang Boyang helped Lin Niannian find a new school the other day so that the other party could continue to stay in the city instead of going back to the small county town.

Today, because of Madam Jiang’s words, Lin Niannian’s admission was hindered.

Madam Jiang didn’t have any good feelings for Lin Niannian. The other party was the direct cause of the shelving of the marriage plan between the Lu and the Jiang family.

Now Jiang Boyang seems to have drunk some kind of potion and lost his mind to the other party. She was even more displeased.

It was absolutely impossible for such a girl to marry into their Jiang family!

The mother and son quarreled again because of Lin Niannian that their relationship even turned rigid at one point.

In the end, Father Jiang made adjustments in the middle, letting both sides take a step back.

Madam Jiang would no longer prevent Lin Niannian from studying at the new school. They would think of it as the Jiang family sponsoring one more student, but as a condition, Jiang Boyang was not allowed to contact that girl again.

After all, they already helped solve the other party’s problem.

Jiang Boyang also knew that his father had already made a big concession by making this proposal. In order to let Lin Niannian stay, he could only nod in agreement.

After dealing with this matter, Jiang Boyang hurried to the school.

The three of them made an appointment at the secret base where they usually meet— the second floor of the café outside school.

It’s just that Jiang Boyang failed to reach his destination. Something went wrong midway.

Before that, he thought that Lu Wan was not bold enough to trouble him.

After all, he was different from Qu Yue and He Zilu.

It wasn’t until the cloth covered him up that Jiang Boyang realized that there was no difference.

It happened an hour after school ended.

Shangde’s students were either staying at school for rehearsal or had already gone home.

Therefore, there was no one else in this alley outside the school. It’s a perfect place to commit a crime.

The cloth was tied in a knot by Lu Wan which made it look like a sack.

Lu Wan kicked the wrapped up moron to the ground.

The last time she fought in this alley, Jiang Boyang stood by and watched.

If he had known this would happen, she’s sure he would thought that the two of them should’ve just fought that day.

After all, he didn’t have too many scruples at that time.

Well, it’s not too late now.

Although these three morons also fight, there were very few people who dared to do it with them.

They mainly use their families halo to go around crushing people.

He may have learned taekwondo and the like, but he definitely doesn’t have as much actual combat experience as Lu Wan.

After all, Lu Wan had practiced free fighting with her adoptive father since she was little. Both sides have spared no effort in actual combat—fist to flesh.

She went to junior high with a very normal school spirit and when she was most active, she would fight three times a week.

At that time, there was a legend of Lu Wan sweeping across with a stick and successfully breaking through the encirclement of a dozen boys, stabilizing her status as the school leader.

After so many fights, Lu Wan knew where to hit the opponent where it hurts the most.

However, it definitely wouldn’t constitute a serious injury and there was no need to go to the hospital.

Beating people was a kind of knowledge. You must let the other party suffer to know fear, while not damaging your own interests at the same time.

Giving medical expenses— this money-losing business—  Lu Wan would never do such a thing.

Jiang Boyang was covered with the cloth, which affected his vision and actions.

As soon as he stood up in pain, he was kicked to the ground again by the person in front of him.

Jiang Boyang had never been so suppressed before. He was crushed before he could take action and his blood suddenly surged.

Whenever he wanted to break free, the other party would stop him.

After several times, Jiang Boyang was delirious with pain as he hugged his knee.

Then in a daze…… he heard the other party chuckle.

Lu Wan knew well how to clean people up.

Although she hasn’t done it for a long time, since he run into her, there’s no need to be polite.

She kicked the opponent’s knee and Jiang Boyang sat on the ground for the fifth time.

The other party’s hand was extended. She grabbed it smoothly, and then pressed the person’s wrist back.

None of these movements would injure him, but they were very painful.

Jiang Boyang could really endure. Seeing that he still wanted to resist, Lu Wan simply grabbed the opponent’s finger and twisted it hard.

 “Ah!” With a cry, he fell to the ground and lost his mobility again.

Lu Wan chuckled lightly, “I’ll teach you a lesson today. Don’t be so arrogant next time and reform yourself to be a normal person.”

Jiang Boyang’s whole body was covered in sweat. He only heard a few vague words and the other side mocking him.

What ‘reform’? Anyway, he didn’t have to think about it carefully to know that it didn’t mean anything good.

He was not reconciled, but there was nothing he could do about the current situation.



Hearing the sound outside, Qu Yue and He Zilu went to the window and looked out.

Looking down, they saw a man lying on the ground…… covered in cloth.

Qu Yue’s eyes widened. “Holy sh*t, that isn’t a corpse, right?”

He Zilu: “It has nothing to do with us. But why hasn’t Ah Bo come yet?”

Qu Yue looked at the person on the ground carefully and exclaimed, “F*ck, I know those shoes…… The person below seems to be Ah Bo.”

The two hurried downstairs. They pulled the cloth to see that it was indeed Jiang Boyang!

The man lying on the ground was flushed, and his face and neck were covered in sweat.

It was obvious he had suffered a lot.

After Jiang Boyang regained his consciousness, he looked at the two faces above his head in bewilderment. Even though he and his mother argues, neither of them will do anything to hurt each other. He was obviously angry, but now he was more at a loss.

Qu Yue: “What the hell happened? Did you see who did it?”

He Zilu picked up the cloth on the ground, sniffed it, and said fervently, “That’s right, it’s this dusty smell! It’s the same as the cloth that covered me earlier.”

Clearly the same person did this!

Qu Yue and He Zilu were very suspicious of Lu Wan, but now they were a little hesitant……

Was it really her who did such a ruthless act?

Qu Yue: “Who actually did this? Do they not want to live anymore? Aren’t they afraid of offending the Jiang family?”

Jiang Boyang struggled to stand up from the ground, his legs still shaking unconsciously.

He suspected that his hand was broken. He moved it and found that it was not.

Although the pain all over his body seems like it was broken, his fingers could still move normally as well as his knees. Obviously, he doesn’t need to go to the hospital.

“I’m sure it’s Lu Wan!” Jiang Boyang gnashed his teeth.

Qu Yue was uncertain. He asked, “Did you personally see her? Or did you hear her speak?”

Jiang Boyang gave a vague “Mm”. His mind was blank at that time, so he wasn’t sure if it was Lu Wan’s voice.

But who else could it be besides her?!

Qu Yue and He Zilu glanced at each other.

Although Lu Wan had a high presence in the school, she had never done anything outrageous.

They never thought that the other side would be so difficult to provoke.

Besides, although the other side was the young lady of the Lu family, parents were parents and children were children. The two sides wouldn’t break off their friendship because of the children’s disagreement.

This incident was well known to the whole school and their faces were wounded. Many people should be watching to see the joke.

Much less forget about it.

Furthermore, they couldn’t hide these bruised faces. When they returned home, their parents would certainly ask what happened.

Jiang Boyang was still cursing. Qu Yue and He Zilu exchanged glances and reached a consensus.


After Lu Wan finished beating up people, she felt that she’s really awesome.

Those morons…… frankly speaking, they haven’t been beaten by the society.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t become what they were now.

Turning out of the alley, Lu Wan was very surprised to see Chen Nianqing standing on the side of the road.

“Smiling so happily, what did you do just now?” Chen Nianqing walked towards the other person and asked.

In fact, he already had a guess, but he didn’t want to interfere.

After all, this was what Lu Wan wanted to do, and those three people really deserve a beating.

Chen Nianqing was not a very rigid person. He followed her because he was worried that something unexpected might happen and Lu Wan would be at a disadvantage.

“……I’m not smiling happily ba. I was just walking around. I’m about to go back now. See you later.”

Lu Wan waved her hand and walked quickly to the subway station after saying good bye to the other party.

It felt as if the other party know something. Forget it, she didn’t care anymore.

Chen Nianqing wouldn’t help that moron, Jiang Boyang, speak.


Lu Wan was in a very good mood and had three bowls of rice for dinner.

She ate too many carbohydrates at this point, making her groggy and inefficient when reading.

Lu Wan had always been very casual in her studies. She simply put down the book and walked out of the bedroom to exercise.

As the time to leave for the concert was getting closer and closer, Lu Buyu intensified his body management and paid great attention to his diet.

However, Lu Wan was eating with relish that he also wanted to have a taste.

One mouthful after another, he ate a whole bowl of rice.

If he didn’t burn up these calories, he would definitely gain two pounds tomorrow!

Lu Buyu had just finished warming up in the gym when he saw Lu Wan come in.

The gym at home was usually used by Lu Buyu and President Zhao.

Lu Wan and Lu Bainian run outdoors a lot, but occasionally those two also come here to exercise.

Lu Buyu looked speechless.

This guy Lu Wan was indeed a freak. She actually uses deadlifts and pull-ups as warm-up exercises……

Was she trying to ascend?

Lu Buyu got off the treadmill. Deliberately ignoring the other person in the room, he picked up the 5kg barbell, pushed it up and held it flat.

When exercising, it was necessary to proceed gradually. He’s a moderate person.

Lu Buyu placed the barbell in front of his chest. He raised it up, put it down, raised it again, and put it down again.

He had to do three sets of fifteen reps.

Lu Buyu had just finished a set in earnest when he saw Lu Wan pick up a 10kg barbell, lie down next to him and started doing…… weighted sit-ups.

And every move was standard.

He stood up unbearably. Can this also be a competition? This guy was deliberately humiliating him, right?!

Lu Buyu really couldn’t beat the other side.

The lower limb strength of men and women was roughly equal, and the difference in physical strength was because the upper limbs of men were more powerful.

But this freak, Lu Wan, has much stronger upper limbs than him!

Lu Buyu put down the weights, frowned and asked deliberately, “You’re so strong. Can you carry me?”

Lu Wan seriously thought about it for a few seconds. “It should be possible. Why don’t we give it a try?”

When she finished, she held Lu Buyu’s waist and picked him up.

Using the princess carry position honestly wasn’t very difficult.

President Zhao, who came to see her children, happened to see this scene. She subconsciously pulled out her phone and took a picture before asking, “What are you guys doing?”

Lu Wan: “It’s nothing. Lu Buyu asked me if I can pick him up. I’m just giving it a try.”

“Enough. Put me down now.”

Lu Buyu hid his head. Unbelievable. Can’t he have some face?

Lu Wan: “Do you believe it now?”

Lu Buyu: “I believe it. Put me down now!”

Seriously, this was too embarrassing. He has never been princess carried by a girl before!

“Oh.” Lu Wan looked at Dog Lu, who had a lot of strange ideas every day. She gave it some thought, then changed the subject and asked, “Did you see Jiang Boyang that day?”

Lu Wan had some impression of the day that moron came to find her. The moment she got home, Dog Lu arrived right after her.

It was very likely that the two bumped into each other.

Lu Buyu: “……”

“Okay, so it was you who did it.”

Lu Wan knew the answer from the silence of the other party, but it didn’t matter. She just happened to hate douchebags.

Even if it was her or Lu Buyu who made the move, in fact, there was not much difference.

Lu Buyu frowned. “Why, are you rehashing old scores with me?”

Lu Wan shook her head. “I don’t think you’re wrong.”

Lu Buyu: “???”

Alright, that’s for the best.

Although Lu Wan was very odd, what the hell was that ‘thing’ looking for her that day?

That’s it? Was he worth marrying?

Lu Wan: “Do you want me to continue holding you, or put you down?”

Lu Buyu said exasperatedly, “Put me down quickly. Don’t you think it’s strange to talk this way? Don’t ever pick me up again!”

“You’re really hard to serve.” Lu Wan put him down.



Lu Wan had just arrived in the classroom the next day when she was informed by her classmates that the teacher asked her to go to the office.

When she entered, there were many people in the office.

In addition to the three morons, there were three more adults all in their middle-aged.

Among them was a face Lu Wan had seen before, that Madam Jiang.

She immediately understood that this was tattling to the parents if they couldn’t win.

After Qu Yue returned, his parents were angry when they saw the wound on his face.

He Zilu’s side was basically the same, and after the parents of both parties communicated, they went to see Madam Jiang together.

After all, they themselves were reluctant to hit their sons, even if Lu Wan was a rich young lady, she shouldn’t have done so.

Things couldn’t be left like this. No matter what, the other party should give an explanation.


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