Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 72

Qu Yue looked back and forth between the two people with unbelieving expression.

“I don’t believe it. Chen Nianqing, you don’t have to say that.”

“You know, I do not need to lie.” Chen Nianqing looked at Lu Wan next to him and asked in a calm voice, “You and I contact each other three times a week.”

After a slight hesitation, Lu Wan nodded.

They were in frequent contact to discuss robotic circuits and programming.

After all, in her friends list, the most appropriate person to talk about this topic with was him.

Everybody: “……”

My goodness, what kind of astounding melon is this?

Wasn’t Chen Nianqing a very distant person? The two of them doesn’t seem familiar with each other normally, but they chat so passionately in private?

Haley thought that this wasn’t good. He felt the grief of having lost his love twice?

What kind of human suffering was this?

He won’t give his blessing. There would be no happiness between a Fierce 1 and a Fierce 1!

Qu Yue: “……What are you saying?”

Chen Nianqing: “Lu Wan said what her type is. It had to be someone ahead of her. You’re randomly pulling a person by making rumors? I’m afraid Lu Wan and Jiang Boyang haven’t even talked three times in private. Ridiculous.”

His voice was low and unhurried, but somehow it was convincing.

Everyone in the Drama Club nodded and couldn’t help but discuss in whispers.

“That’s right. As long as they’re not blind, people know who to choose.”

“How could Jiang Boyang possibly…… compare? Besides, last semester, Lu Wan also said she likes someone like Idol.”

“Daaamn, it’s indeed a rumor.”

“Plus the two really don’t usually have any contact.”

Jiang Boyang: “Chen Nianqing, this has nothing to do with you. You’d better not interfere.”

Chen Nianqing’s voice was calm, “No, Lu Wan’s affairs are all related to me. Next time, don’t come here for no reason and cause her trouble, or I won’t stand idly by. It’s important to have self-awareness.”

Jiang Boyang: “Chen Nianqing!”

Everybody: “……”

Holy sh*t, what’s this again?! Chen Nianqing has always been very quiet, but today, he’s actually so dashing when he talks a lot?

The two stared at each other as if sparks were flying and it was possible that they would fight in the next second.

At that crucial moment, the electric curtain suddenly opened.

The vice principal below the stage was surprised to see more than twenty people standing on the stage.

He put his hands on his hips and said, “What are you all doing here? You should go back to the classroom if the rehearsal’s over. Class starts in fifteen minutes.”

Jiang Boyang glared at Lu Wan. He turned and walked off the stage first.

Naturally, his two followers also left with him.

Haley smiled and said, “Great, nothing happened. Let’s all disperse. It’s unfortunate we encountered some lunatics. I will post a picture of a brazier on our WeChat group. Everyone should cross the brazier to drive away evil spirits.”

The Drama Club members: “……”

Can it be done that way?

The audience in the auditorium were confused. Damn. This situation…… Something clearly happened just now!

It was a pity that the curtain was closed and nothing could be seen nor heard.

Chen Nianqing turned his head. “Lu Wan, walk with me.”


The two of them avoided the crowd and walked to the teaching building side by side.

Chen Nianqing turned towards her, “What do you think about what I said?”

Lu Wan stopped. She looked at the other party seriously and said from the bottom of her heart, “You’re a real buddy! Thank you for backing me up. It’s very kind of you!”

Chen Nianqing: “……”

He suddenly couldn’t get himself to laugh or cry.

Lu Wan patted the other person’s shoulder hard. “I know you said that on purpose, I won’t take it to heart. Thank you! You’re so kind!”


Was this the legendary ‘Good Person Card[1]friend-zoned’? Chen Nianqing, who received two in a row, was caught between laughter and tears.

Chen Nianqing originally wanted to use this excuse to make it clear to the other party.

Now that he was interrupted like this, he didn’t know how to continue anymore.

Class was only five minutes away. He sighed in his heart. Better wait for another time.


In the afternoon, the news that Lin Niannian was going to transfer back to her hometown spread in the school.

Including the fact that Jiang Boyang looked for Lu Wan at noon and that Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing seemed to have a good relationship. These two things were also the topic of conversations.

The students in the class had a good impression of Lin Niannian. Although the bet with Lu Wan was a bit weird, the other party was usually quite normal.

It wasn’t until a few girls happened to see Lin Niannian in the cafe and heard the conversation between her and the boys that they became completely unimpressed.

Therefore, when Jiang Boyang said that Lu Wan did it, most people did not believe it.

The two did not have a competitive relationship at all, so why would Lu Wan bother her?

She’s not that kind of person.

Even if it was Lu Wan who really did it, it would be understandable. Many people even thought that it was because Lin Niannian proposed a bet last semester.

Now it’s too late.

After all, it was the Lu family’s money. In all fairness, Lin Niannian was indeed not good enough as a scholarship student.

It stands to reason that she must be at least in the top100 of the whole grade to qualify.

However, apart from the first two monthly exams were Lin Niannian entered the top 100, she hadn’t gotten on the list afterwards.

Her grades were not bad, but it was far from enough.

Lin Niannian didn’t have to pay to go to school because someone was paying for her.

The charity program would cover the three-year tuition and living expenses of students in high school and would also support them until they graduate from college.

Albeit Lin Niannian didn’t spend any money, this spot cost a very large sum.

She took other people’s money only to make ‘friends’ and work part-time. It’s perfectly normal to be disqualified now.

She didn’t put enough importance on her scholarship.

Haley held his chin in his hand. “Lin Niannian really has a way of picking up rich and handsome guys. I can’t figure out how she can be popular every time.”

Lu Wan raised her head and waited for the other person to elaborate.

Haley: “Actually, I asked. When she helped an old lady cross the road, or invited someone who didn’t have money to eat at the convenience store, it just so happened that men saw her. Ah, I would love that too.”

Then those men all marveled at her kindness and beauty, and friendships were made.

Most of the students in class will do things like helping an old person cross the road. Normal people would do it silently and just leave, while Lin Niannian could harvest men’s admiration.

Lu Wan: “……Of course you won’t.”

This is called the protagonist buff.

Haley: “……”


The next day, Lu Wan entered the classroom half an hour late.

But this was the first time she was late, so the teacher let her go after a few words.

Just as Lu Wan sat down, Haley said secretively, “Let me tell you something, Jiang Boyang had a heated argument with his mother for that little minx Lin Niannian.”

Lu Wan: “What happened?”

Haley: “Lin Niannian doesn’t want to transfer schools but can’t stay at Shangde High School, so I heard she transferred to another school in the city. Jiang Boyang helped arranged it. He secretly utilized his mother’s connections, but his mother found out. Now both sides are in absolute opposition.”

Lu Wan: “It was discovered so soon?”

Haley nodded. “If you don’t want anyone to know, don’t do it. It’s their bad luck.”

Of course, he had been following them all the time so he could make a report ah. Jiang Boyang actually dared to yell at him?

Hehe, idiot, he’s very vindictive.

Haley: “Putting that aside, I can’t believe you’re late?”

Lu Wan: “……It’s nothing. Something just came up.”

While the two were still talking, the class teacher told Lu Wan to come to the office immediately.

Qu Yue was beaten on the way to school in the morning. He was not seriously injured, but he has bruises all over.

In other words, the injury was not serious, but it was very painful!

He suspected that it was Lu Wan who did it, so he reported it to the teacher.

Lu Wan said, “What has this got to do with me? Did he see it with his own eyes? Schoolmate Qu Yue, I found that you have a lot of opinions about me.”


Qu Yue did not see anything because the other side covered his head with a stinky bucket first.

From beginning to end, he didn’t see the other’s face.

“Besides you, is there anyone else who’d do this?” Qu Yue said indignantly.

Lu Wan: “Of course there is. You must have offended a lot of people by being so disgusting. Can’t you count them in your mind?”

Qu Yue: “……”

Seeing the confrontation between the two sides, he couldn’t form a conclusion. And as there was no evidence, the vice principal let them go back to their respective classrooms after a few counselling.

On the way back, Lu Wan sneered.

Of course, she did it. She would feel uncomfortable if she didn’t beat the other party. Who made him talk so disgustingly?

That bastard reminded Lu Wan of her adoptive father.

That man came back every day with takeout chicks, some of which were quite nasty and some of which were quite good.

After all, a lot of things couldn’t be helped, and too many people have sad but unremarkable stories.

At that time, a takeaway chick asked his adoptive father: Your wife is capable and good-looking, and she has a child, why do you want to go out to play?

That man said badly: That woman is just too dull, otherwise, why would I find someone else?

That’s how douchebags were, even though they were the problem, they would blame and undermine others.

Lu Wan had dared to use the soles of her shoes to massage her adoptive father’s head before. Although a long time had passed, her technique of ‘massaging’ people wasn’t rusty at all.

Only this time, the head massage was done in a concealed manner to avoid being discovered.

If she didn’t go give these people massages, she really wouldn’t be able to swallow this anger.

Really a douchebag.


He Zilu had an appointment with his girlfriend to go to the rooftop at noon.

This place was empty, a perfect place for dating. They hug and kiss, enjoying their own world.

The girl said she was heading back to the classroom but He Zilu stayed and took a nap alone.

He Zilu heard the sound of the iron door opening. He was surprised that his girlfriend came back, but he didn’t open his eyes.

……With a quick step, something that smelled dusty covered his head.

It all happened so suddenly that he had no power to fight back. The cloth was wrapped tightly around his head and his vision was all dark.

He didn’t even know what the other person looks like.

“Who? Who the f*ck is it? Are you courting death?”

His whole body hurt. When he pulled the cloth off his head, the other side had already disappeared without a trace.

There was no one on the rooftop. He Zilu hurried to the corridor. There wasn’t even a shadow of a ghost.

F*ck, was he attacked by aliens?

Wrong! It must be Lu Wan!

After all, no one else would dare do this except her!


1 friend-zoned


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