Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 71

Lu Wan stood in the background for a few minutes and was hesitant to come out.

Mainly because everyone performed well…… and she was worried that she would drag them.

To be honest, up until this point, her only experience in public performance was on her junior high school class’s singing competition.

She had happily won the first place, but at that time there were only three contestants, and the audience were fifty classmates whom she was very familiar with.

There were a lot of people in the auditorium today. Such a serious performance, it was better to let her do math problems instead.

Zhao Yan walked behind Lu Wan and said in a low voice, “It’s time for you to go on stage. Why are you still here standing frozen?”

Lu Wan said truthfully, “I was just thinking, ‘Wow, there are so many people here and the place is really big’.”

The members of the Drama Club: “……”

President Lu, you are really humorous.

Zhao Yan pressed the middle of her eyebrows. Having had enough, she stretched out her hand and suddenly pushed the person out.

Lu Wan was pushed forward and stumbled. She stood up straight and turned around. Zhao Yan was looking at her gloatingly.

The other students below the stage started cheering in subdued voices.

Finally! To the most exciting part!

The brave female knight who travels around fell in love with the prince at first sight, and after confessing her love, she embraced the beauty and returned home with him! Breaking through all the constraints, the two of them stayed together!

This kind of meme really doesn’t get boring.

“Today’s female knight is Senior Lu Wan! So cool! I really want to be Haley even for only a minute.”

“I’ve seen this scene. Senior will kneel on one knee and propose marriage. Haley will kiss her on the face after agreeing. It’s the largest event for the celebration!”

“Heh heh heh heh. I’m so excited ah.”

“I want to take a picture, go back and replace Haley’s head into my own. Although you are handsome, Senior Haley, but…… I’m sorry.”

“Good plan. Then I’m going to record a video and edit it frame by frame. It will be equivalent to me and Senior’s wedding video.” The girl next to her was not to be outdone.

The surrounding students took out their mobile phones one after another.

That’s a great idea! They could edit theirs and Senior’s wedding photo first, and then theirs and Senior Chen Nianqing’s next.

A family of three would be neat.

Lu Wan settled down and walked towards the middle of the stage.

Today was just a simple rehearsal and the props had not been brought up yet.

The prince who was supposed to lie in bed and kiss the knight after being awakened— Zhang Haley, was now lying on three tables joined ​​together.

Lu Wan walked towards the table and stopped. The stage was huge and the lights were bright, so she suddenly got stuck.

Haley’s eyes opened just a crack. Why wasn’t she proposing? He could only kiss her once she proposed ahCome on, why don’t you take a pity on this cute red panda?!

Forget it. Wait another five seconds. The other party needed to summon up emotions.

Haley closed his eyes and counted to five silently, but the other party still didn’t make any sound……

Wait, was President Lu regretting it?! Regardless, it’s the same even if he took the initiative.

The audience saw that the female knight was still hesitating when the prince suddenly got up from the table and approached the knight while shouting “I do”.


Why has the script changed? It’s different from the previous performance!

Never mind. This seems good too. The audience held their breath.

Haley was about to succeed when a hand suddenly reached between him and Lu Wan.

That knuckles separated them and the excessively good-looking hand pressed against his forehead, before pushing hard in the next second.

Haley took two steps back. After recovering, he covered his forehead and looked at Chen Nianqing incredulously.

This was the second time. Even if it’s prince charming, he’s still going to be angry ah!

How can you, a Fierce 1, stop me from getting close to another Fierce 1? If you do this again, you’ll have to take responsibility for me!

The audience below the stage gasped. How could senior Chen Nianqing be on stage? So the script really changed!

On one second they were cheering and applauding, and in the last two seconds another prince appeared. The two princes were competing for the female knight, right?

This dog blood plot seems to be more exciting!

Holy cow, Idol is so domineering! What kind of magical lineup is this?!

The members of the Drama Club: “???”

Wait. Although the audience responded very well, there was no such scene ah!

At this moment, the electric curtain slowly closed, blocking the view from the outside.

 Zhao Yihang breathed a sigh of relief. Luckily he pressed the button quickly.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t just be a matter of his house collapsing—it might even be washed away by the flood. Club Pres is too willful!

Lu Wan turned to look at Chen Nianqing. “What are you doing here?”

Chen Nianqing gave a soft hum. Here I thought you won’t stop if I didn’t come.

Lu Wan was too unguarded towards other people.

Chen Nianqing originally thought that he could wait since they had a long time ahead of them anyway. He should at least wait until they graduated from high school and were going to college.

Time was long so take it slow.

But now…… he was really angry and frustrated.

If he had known, he wouldn’t comply with the other party’s statement a few months ago. At least it would save him a lot of worry, and he wouldn’t be this angry.

Chen Nianqing looked at the person with burning eyes. “Do you still remember what you said?”

Lu Wan was confused. “Ah?”

Did she say anything? After the summer vacation, Lu Wan had long since forgotten the whimsical suggestion she made last semester.

Just as Chen Nianqing was about to speak, he was suddenly interrupted by someone charging on the stage.

There were a few more uninvited guests. The stage was really lively today.


Jiang Boyang arrived at the auditorium. He looked around in circle but couldn’t find his target, so he grabbed a passerby and asked, “Where’s Lu Wan?”

“……Senior just finished performing on the stage.” The girl was shaking as she spoke.

Jiang Boyang wasted no time and went straight to the stage.

Behind him, Qu Yue and He Zilu also followed.

People all around looked over. What’s going on here?

After all, the three-person group was also very famous in the school, and basically no one dares to provoke them. It looks like they didn’t come in peace.

It’s a pity that the curtain covered everything. Even if they were curious, they couldn’t see anything.

Moreover, it was almost soundproof with all those layers of curtains. They could only hear someone talking, but the content wasn’t clear.

“Lu Wan! You’re still in the mood to perform here? Because of you, someone can’t simply enjoy studying in this school.” Jiang Boyang said fuming.

Everyone in the Drama Club looked surprised. What’s happening?

Lu Wan turned her head, her voice indifferent as she said without any expression. “If you want to go crazy then do it out there, where it’s empty and deserted. Not here.”

Jiang Boyang took a step closer. “What about it? You dare do it but dare not admit?”

Lu Wan: “So what do I need to admit?”

Jiang Boyang: “If you aren’t playing tricks behind the scenes, how can Lin Niannian get kicked out? She’s going back to her old school, are you satisfied now? It’s so easy for you to ruin others!”

Lu Wan finally figured it out. It turns out to be about Lin Niannian again?!

Why couldn’t she detach herself from these two people?!

Haley was still irritated, but when he saw that there was a quarrel, he was immediately distracted.

Don’t even think about it, of course he would stand with President Lu!

“Wait, that logic didn’t seem right. What do you mean ‘ruin her by going back to her old school’? Classmate Lin Niannian used to study there, don’t you also think she’s pretty good?”

Jiang Boyang glowered at Haley, “What does this matter have to do with you? Shut the hell up.”

Haley felt threatened and hid behind Lu Wan silently.

Arguing was still okay, but it’s really not good to use fist.

This guy looks ferocious, won’t he rush up to beat him? It’s better to avoid him for a while.

Lu Wan took a step forward and shielded Haley behind her. “What are you going crazy about? This year’s program does not have a comedy show, so get out of here! Nobody welcomes you!”

Haley looked at Jiang Boyang through Lu Wan’s shoulder, feeling fully secured.

Yeah, that’s right. President Lu, get him!

This guy dares to yell at a cute red panda.

Although Lu Wan didn’t quite understand why Jiang Boyang believed that she did it, it has already happened. She didn’t need to understand how fools think.

To say the least, so what if she really did it?

“I’ve said it before, I don’t care what happens to you and Lin Niannian, and I don’t even want to bother looking at the two of you, but if you trouble me, I won’t let it go.”

After a slight pause, Lu Wan added, “The majority of the school’s charity funds came from the Lu family. No matter who it is, they can enjoy this privileged because of the Lu family. If the Lu family wants to take it back, they shouldn’t get anything!”

Jiang Boyang: “Are you sick? Lin Niannian obviously didn’t offend you!”

Qu Yue, who was on the side, was stunned. He said, “Isn’t it fine before? Lu Wan, why are you suddenly forcing people to leave?”

“They’re getting on my nerves. Do I have to pick a day to make her go?” Lu Wan paused and said, “Obviously, I’m unhappy because of Jiang Boyang. He came and dangled in front of me, and because they’re associated, I am also unhappy with Lin Niannian. If the scholarship student funded by the Lu family is unsatisfied, she can only blame Jiang Boyang for talking nonsense and no one else.”

“Don’t think you can do whatever you want just because you’re the Miss of the Lu family!” Jiang Boyang almost blew up from anger. How could this woman put all the blame on him?

He clearly didn’t do anything!

Lu Wan: “Heh. Moron.”

“What did you say?” Jiang Boyang raised his voice.

“I said you’re a moron. I certainly don’t do whatever I please. Lin Niannian’s grades have been continuously declining and she has fallen out of the 150th place. Her total score is more than 100 points lower than mine. Of course, she isn’t qualified enough to be a scholarship student who’s excellent in character and learning.”

Lu Wan halted, then smiled as she added, “As such, why should she still occupy the place? There are so many students with better grades than her, waiting for this spot.”

Jiang Boyang: “What’s the stinking problem? What’s so great about your good grades?”

Lu Wan sneered, “What’s so great about having good grades? How about I give you 200 points if you can get 500 in the exams? Dare to make a bet? You don’t even think it’s a big deal, so there shouldn’t be a problem giving up 200 points, right?”

Everyone: “……”

There’s no need for anyone to persuade them not to fight, President Lu unilaterally pressed the opponent to the ground and crushed him.

If a high school student say “what’s so great about getting good grades”, in all likelihood, they would be ridiculed.

Even if it doesn’t represent everything, it can never be denied that it was an achievement.

If someone with poor grades said this, it would be considered sour words and they would only be ridiculed for their ignorance.

Jiang Boyang felt a little embarrassed at the glances thrown his way by the surrounding students. He said unconvincingly, “Don’t be smug. You can only say that because you’re backed by the Lu family. If you’re the scholarship student who’s sent back, can you still act righteously?”

Lu Wan: “Moron.”

Qu Yue: “If you want to talk, just say it. What are you scolding people for? Lin Niannian goes to work on weekends and every night. There are some things you don’t know at all.”

“Moron. You three are morons—’moron’ here is a statement, not a scold. If I am a scholarship student, of course I won’t be sent back. The possibility of the school evicting a student who always ranks in the top three of every exam is extremely unlikely! I also won’t need to work, because the top three students will be awarded fifty thousand in scholarship every year.”

Everyone: “……”

Crushed— completely crushed.

After a moment, Lu Wan added, “If I was sent back, there will be one less person for Shangde to take the Tsinghua exam, and I, can go to any school in the country no matter where I am! I don’t have to be like you— going for ‘special admissions’ and donating to universities to change the quota! Go back and look in the mirror before saying anything. See if there aren’t ‘morons’ written on your faces.”

Everyone sucked in a cold breath!

A slap in the face— these words were really a slap in the face.

Damn! President Lu’s expression is so arrogant when she said those words! Although it wasn’t humble at all, but it made people love her to death!

Her whole aura is really cool!

Haley’s legs were a little weak. He really seemed to fall under the pants of President Lu’s school uniform— all right, it’s not appropriate to do this now.

Jiang Boyang’s face turned from white to red.

Of course, the faces of the two companions next to him were not good either. Lu Wan’s derision made them lose face.

Lu Wan looked at the person. “Jiang Boyang, I’ll give your original words back to you. If it wasn’t for your parents, you would be nothing. The only difference between you and those idle prison reserves on the street is that you’re better at reincarnation than they are. “

Jiang Boyang: “Don’t go too far!”

Qu Yue stared at Lu Wan. He skilfully changed the subject and said with a smile, “Lu Wan, you really don’t need to trouble Lin Niannian so many times, right? There’s no need to be so aggressive. Why should a Young Miss like you have to argue with her? Is it because…… you’re jealous?”

He Zilu was stunned and gave his opinion, “If that’s the case, then it’s really scary.”

“I am jealous because of your ancestor? Shut up if you don’t know how to talk!” Lu Wan seemed to have heard something very ridiculous she couldn’t help but crack up.

“Let me repeat it again, even if Jiang Boyang is only one man in the world, I won’t even give him a second look. It makes me sick every time he comes to me! No one likes a dogskin plaster[1]a person who is very clingy and can’t be shaken off no matter what.”

Jiang Boyang: “Lu Wan!”

“Don’t call my name, it’s irritating. I’ve never looked for you and Lin Niannian. You’re the ones who come up to me every time. Are you and her sick? I’m different from you two. My time is very precious.”

Lu Wan turned and looked at the other two men. “And you two—horrid like the microorganisms in the sewers— you know that you have no grounds, so you come to spread rumors about my personal life just because I’m a girl? Aren’t you being cheap? This isn’t the first time you’ve done this, right?”

Qu Yue’s face turned red. Of course he would not admit it. He said with a smirk, “You got so worked up, doesn’t it prove that you aren’t indifferent to Boyang? Admit it. A woman’s vengeance is really terrifying.”

Lu Wan: “Do you want to die? F*ck your sh*t!”

Not everyone can communicate reasonably; some bastards were hypocritical and were always full of malice.

She didn’t want to do it at school, but even if she was punished today, she would use the soles of her shoes to massage the other sides head full of water!

Just as Lu Wan made this decision, Chen Nianqing suddenly stood in front of her.

Chen Nianqing stepped forward, glanced at the three people, and said in a flat voice, “Him? I’m afraid he’s not qualified.”

Everybody: “……”

What’s this situation? However, it’s good that Idol help speak up for President Lu. After all, the other three were too brain-dead.

Qu Yue was startled. He turned his head and said, “What do you know?”

Chen Nianqing said loudly, “How many words did Lu Wan exchange with him? She has been chatting with me all summer vacation. I don’t think I’m inferior to Jiang Boyang.”

Everyone: “……”

To help is to help, but what kind of divine turn is this?

Zhao Yihang covered his eyes.

It’s over, it’s over. The house may really be washed away by the flood.


1 a person who is very clingy and can’t be shaken off no matter what


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