Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 70

Li Yixian looked at the student in front of him.

As the class teacher of the Class 4, he always had a good impression of Lin Niannian. This child was gentle and fair, and usually doesn’t cause trouble.

Except for that irrational bet with Lu Wan last semester where she lost and have to clean the corridor for three months.

Most teachers know about things between students. Just like students discussing teachers behind their backs, teachers also discuss students who have a lot of presence.

Those with good grades, good looks and the ‘pig in your class dug the cabbage from his/her class’.

Senior high school students were just a few years away from becoming adults, so there’re many things that were inconvenient for teachers to take care of, and meddling was counterproductive.

Cleaning the hallway was not too much. If they agree to bet they must accept to lose.

The class teacher also had a good impression of the Young Miss Lu Wan, after all, her grades were good. But not Jiang Boyang.

Also from an outstanding family background, that one was rude and skips classes every day. Few teachers would like him.

Thinking of this, Li Yixian sighed. If Lin Niannian didn’t speak for Jiang Boyang, she wouldn’t have to clean for three months at all.

He also didn’t understand why Lin Niannian intervened in Lu Wan and Jiang Boyang’s feud. It wasn’t flattering at all. Putting aside that matter, Lin Niannian and Jiang Boyang had gotten close, and he, as the class teacher, could see it with his own eyes.

That kid was recalcitrant. Before, he wasn’t easy to persuade and you couldn’t tell him to spend time with whomever, but now it’s naturally unnecessary.

Li Yixian looked up at the students in front of him. “Teacher is asking you now, the school exempts you from all tuition and miscellaneous fees, and also gives you an allowance of 2,000 yuan per month, are these not enough for you to live?”

Lin Niannian was stunned.  She didn’t expect that the other party would talk about this matter. She said in a very soft voice, “……No, it’s more than enough.”

Li Yixian nodded. “Then why do you still spend every night and weekends working? You should focus all your energy on studying, because the tuition is far more than what you can earn from a part-time job.”

Lin Niannian was a little flustered. “But…… I want to save more money for my grandma’s medical care in the future. She’s not in good health. And I can read books whenever the convenience store is not busy.”

Her parents divorced long ago so she grew up with her grandmother.

Li Yixian shook his head. Although this student was very filial, she was putting the cart before the horse[1]misplaced priorities.

Shangde’s tuition, miscellaneous and supplementary courses added up to more than 200,000 yuan a year, while Lin Niannian’s part-time job was only 1,000 yuan a month.

As a scholarship student selected by the school, it wasn’t practical for her to work.

He mulled over it. Maybe Lin Niannian was not suitable for this school.

“Lin Niannian, teacher knows that you have your own considerations, but it’s a fact that your grades have dropped.”

“I’m sorry, teacher. I’ll try my best.” Lin Niannian’s eyes were a little red.

Li Yixian: “I’ve thought about it. It’s also harder for you. You’re very good, but maybe you’re not suitable for Shangde. Have you considered transferring back to your original school?”

“What?” Lin Niannian’s eyes widened. It felt like she’s having hallucinations.

“This is after taking everything into account. Fortunately, it’s only been less than a month since the school year started. You have good results, and it shouldn’t be greatly affected by returning to your hometown.”

“No, I don’t want to go back. Teacher, what did I do wrong?” Lin Niannian subconsciously refused to accept it.

This school was very good, she has made good friends, and the owner of the convenience store she’s working at was also very kind.

Li Yixian handed over the form. “This was decided by the school teachers after a meeting. You need to fill this out.”

“Is it really not possible for me to stay?” Lin Niannian’s voice was a little anxious.

“You should also know that your grades have dropped too much compared to when you first came. You should have focused more on your studies. Maybe this school is putting pressure on you, so leaving here is not necessarily a bad thing……”

The voices in her ears have all turned muffled……

Lin Niannian looked at the form in her hand.

She’s been working so hard, so why wasn’t there still any place for her in this city and in this school?

When passing by Class 4, Lin Niannian glanced inside.

At this moment, she suddenly felt that the classmates whom she spent time with every day had become so far away from her.

Obviously some people’s grades weren’t as good as hers, which was really unfair.


Lin Niannian left the school and walked aimlessly on the street.

She didn’t come to her senses until she was accosted by some people.

“Little sister, you don’t seem to be in a good mood. Why don’t you play with us?”

“Yeah, I’ll make you happy.”

“Come on, come on.”

Lin Niannian stepped back and said in a trembling voice, “Go away, I don’t know you.”

The three young people were bored and were just teasing her. Seeing the little girl’s weak appearance, they seemed to pity her more……

Moreover, she was alone.

The leader of the youths was just about to speak when he was kicked to the ground from behind and fell hard.

The other two turned their heads and saw a tall young man standing on the side of the road.

He seems tough.

“Are you looking for death?” Jiang Boyang asked condescendingly.

The youth on the ground got up and exchanged glances with his two companions.

This guy was too arrogant. They don’t believe that three people couldn’t beat one, so without saying a word, all three of them charged.

Five minutes later, the three youths fled.

Jiang Boyang wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and turned to ask, “Why did you rushed over? Do you have a death wish?”

Just now, Lin Niannian sprinted suddenly to block him and so in order to protect her, he had to take a punch.

Otherwise, with three weak chickens, how could he get hurt?

Lin Niannian sniffled, “I’m afraid something may happen to you.”

Because of this sentence, Jiang Boyang’s emotions were soothed. He looked at the girl in front of him, frowned and asked, “Its class time now. What’s an honor student like you doing wandering around the street? Luckily you met me, otherwise what will you do?”

Lin Niannian said in despair, “I don’t have to go to class anymore.”

Jiang Boyang was bewildered. “……What do you mean by that?”

He had a bad suspicion in his heart, but then he thought that it couldn’t be.

Lin Niannian lowered her eyes and did not speak. Her tears fell down.

“Tell me! If you don’t say it I’ll be worried sick.” Jiang Boyang was a little anxious.

Their eyes met. Lin Niannian still didn’t speak and Jiang Boyang was running out of patience. When he was about to lose his temper, Lin Niannian suddenly threw herself in his arms and cried.

“Wuu wuu, don’t worry about me. Thankfully you’re not injured.”

She had too many grievances in her heart.


After lunch, Lu Wan was dragged into the auditorium by Haley.

The other party said he would show her a surprise.

Nearing the selection for the celebration’s programs, all the major clubs would use the lunch break to rehearse.

Entering the auditorium, Lu Wan looked around. “Wow, there are so many people. It seems that there’s a lot of competition.”

The Skateboard Club still has it better. They just needed to clap.

Haley: “No, no, no. It’s because the music club is coming here today. It means Chen Nianqing will also come. It’s a bit better now. After all, we’ve seen him for two years and everyone’s kinda used to it. In the past, as soon as mr. perfect appeared, the whole window would be filled with heads looking at him. Most of the girls in our school are quite reserved now, and those who are excited are the freshmen.”


Lu Wan looked around…… It was crowded with people and most of them were girls. In this way, Student Chen was kind of impressive.

Some students noticed the two people coming in and started talking in low voices.

“It’s Haley and President Lu from Class 4, wow.”

“Haley is so beautiful, and President Lu is so handsome.”

“Senior Lu Wan is cool!”

Haley led her to the backstage, and then he said, “President Lu, I might have to trouble you to make a guest appearance today.”

Lu Wan: “???”

What the hell is this?

Haley coughed, “It’s like this, the student playing the knight went abroad for an exchange program, so we are missing a role. President Lu, can you do me a favor? You only need to say one line.”

Lu Wan looked suspicious. “……Is there no one else in your drama club who can take over the role?”

Haley blurted out, “No!”

Lu Wan: “……”

So direct, something didn’t feel right.

Haley also noticed that he was acting too hasty. He took a deep breath, smiled and added, “The thing is, we need a lot of actors in this play, so everyone already has their own respective roles.”

Lu Wan: “……”

“The knight’s character must not be shorter than me and have to be at least 177cm…… so there are even fewer suitable people.” After a pause, Haley glanced at the members of the Drama Club nearby, “Guys, am I right?”

All the members nodded like chickens pecking rice.

After all, Haley was the darling of the Drama Club, and they do lack such a role.

Zhao Yan looked at Lu Wan and said quietly, “If it’s convenient for you, help out with this. After this rehearsal…… just make a cameo appearance on the day of the performance. It won’t take a lot of your time.”

She disliked Lu Wan at the beginning, but now she felt nothing.

Most people would only envy people who were a little better than themselves. If the difference was too large there wouldn’t be such feeling. Furthermore, their strength could reverse all initial impressions.

Besides, Lu Wan wasn’t really a demoness.

Lu Wan: “……”

The screenwriter of this short play had a great idea and turned the fairy tale upside down.

The female knight she would be playing was surprised by the beauty of the prince and fell in love at first sight. Her only line was: Will you marry me?

Haley was the prince. The prince rejected the princess and the noble lady and married the female knight who appeared in the last two minutes.

“It really doesn’t take much time.”

“President Lu, please do us a favor. You’re a kind person.”

“If we have a suitable candidate, we wouldn’t find you. Please.”

Members of the Drama Club remarked one after another to brainwash. Lu Wan nodded dumbly.

She thought for a moment. Fine, after all, there’s only one line.

Haley looked at President Lu with a smile. Brilliant, this would be one of the highlights of his life.

After all, after he finished the line “I do”, the female knight and the prince will share a kiss on the cheek. Although this was just sort of a friendly way of interaction, but…… he should be the first man to have intimate contact with President Lu.

Ah, I’m really green tea jerk.


Jiang Boyang was full of anger and after Lin Niannian settled down, he rushed straight to the school to find Lu Wan.

Yesterday, the other party declared she didn’t know anything, but today, she was playing dirty tricks behind the scenes? She actually sent Lin Niannian back directly.

Truly poisonous.

“Where is Lu Wan?” Jiang Boyang stood in the corridor of Class 4, looked around and didn’t saw the person, so he began to ask.

The students in the class all looked over…… Did he eat some dynamite?

“Where’s Lu Wan? Where is she?” Jiang Boyang pulled up the collar of a boy in the front row and asked again.

“I—I heard that she and Haley are going to the auditorium.” The boy said tremblingly.

Jiang Boyang let go of the boy’s collar, turned around and rushed downstairs.

Everyone in Class 4 was even more bewildered. What’s happening?

Qu Yue was a little anxious. He chased after him and persuaded, “Ah Bo, don’t be so impulsive. You can talk about it properly, maybe Lu Wan doesn’t know?”

Jiang Boyang grunted coldly, “I tried to talk to her yesterday, but it’s useless! Who else could have done this besides her?”

Qu Yue was stunned for a moment. “But……”

“Move!” Jiang Boyang pushed away the person who was blocking him.

Qu Yue frowned and looked at He Zilu beside him.

The two hurriedly followed him again.

What the hell. Since the two transfer students came last semester, a lot of things have gone haywire.

This semester, Jiang Boyang and Lin Niannian were often together, and there was less time for their small group of three to gather.

But no matter what, they would always be on Ah Bo’s side.


Chen Nianqing saw Lu Wan on the stage. He asked a bit surprised, “Why is Lu Wan here?”

Zhao Yihang’s eyes flickered. “President, why do you care about her ah? Who knows?”

Chen Nianqing turned his head and looked at him seriously.

Zhao Yihang’s heart thudded. He reluctantly added, “Oh, I heard that the student originally playing the female knight went for an exchange program, so they asked Lu Wan to make a cameo. But rest assured, they definitely aren’t a threat to us.”

The Drama Club was really crafty. After all, Lu Wan has been very popular recently. But the other side’s script this time was quite interesting— women empowerment.

Chen Nianqing frowned slightly. He had seen it once before.

There seems to be a kiss in the cheek. Haley…… did this for the second time.

Looking at their leaving Club President, Zhao Yihang’s eyes widened.

What’s happening again??!!

How many times has this happened? For f*ck’s sake, why does his house collapse every time he encounters Lu Wan?


1 misplaced priorities


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