Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 69

PE class.

Today, they’re still playing golf.

“Hold it at the end just like this.” Haley, who was standing beside her, reminded.

Lu Wan tilted her head. “You can just say it. No need to hold me.”

Her deskmate, except for his average academic performance, was excellent in other areas, including golf.

Haley shrugged: “……Oh.”

Alas, he was somehow disappointed. Obviously, in the first two lessons, he could still teach President Lu how to play golf, occasionally holding her hand.

……This was only the third class but he already had to bid farewell to this benefit?

After all, once the other party was reminded of her mistake, she wouldn’t make it the second time, and he would lose the opportunity to correct it by hand.

As expected of President Lu, her athletic genes were excellent!

Although she’s very cool and handsome, he still couldn’t help thinking that…… If she’s a man, she must be a Fierce 1!

After the physical education class, the rest of the afternoon was the time for club activities.

Many clubs were busy for the celebration, such as the Music and Drama Club, but of course, there were some who were too idle, such as the Meditation and the Skateboard Club.

As the president of the Skateboard Club, Tang Tang felt that being a salted fish was also very good. They did not need to go on stage and divide the work. Their club’s only responsibility was to clap hard.

That show was goodapplause, that one was also goodapplause! Just as meaningful!

Lu Wan spent some time practicing skateboarding. It was already half past seven when she got out of the subway.

Old Lu had already called her three times, as if he was afraid that she would get lost.

It’s late autumn now and it’s dark at night, so the street lights were already on at this hour.

Lu Wan saw a person standing at the gate of the community far away. She didn’t care at that time, thinking it was a courier.

It wasn’t until she got closer that she realized it was someone she knew.

It was Jiang Boyang whom she hadn’t seen in a long time.

Though the two knew each other, they didn’t know each other well and their relationship wasn’t even good, so Lu Wan wasn’t planning to greet him.

After all, this broken book’s main characters always bring with them trouble. She didn’t know whether it would affect others. In any case, every time she encountered them, nothing good would absolutely happen.

She had learned from the past. It wasn’t that she couldn’t afford to offend them, but that she was really afraid of trouble, so she simply avoided it in advance.

It would be great if everyone could steer clear of each other.

It’s a pity that Lu Wan couldn’t get her wish and what she’s afraid of happened—The Plague called after her.

“Lu Wan, I’ve been waiting for you here all afternoon.” Jiang Boyang stepped forward and blocked the way.

Lu Wan: “That has nothing to do with me. I didn’t tell you to skip class.”


Jiang Boyang frowned and took a deep breath. Then he said, “I wanted to wait for you at the school gate, but there are too many eyes there, that’s why I’m here so we can talk freely.”

Lu Wan couldn’t help but break it down to him, “Then why don’t you wait at the school gate now? Although I don’t think we have anything to talk about.”

“Lu Wan!” Jiang Boyang felt like he was running out of patience. This person was too obstinate and has a worse temper than him!

Lu Wan shrugged her shoulders. “Okay, don’t yell. If you have something to say, speak properly.”

She didn’t submit to the other party’s way.

“You…… what took you so long to come back?” Jiang Boyang asked.

Lu Wan was already hungry and Old Lu kept rushing her, so she was in a hurry to go home.

The other party couldn’t get to the main point for a long time, and she lost her patience. She stretched out her hand and pushed the person aside. “Out of the way, I don’t have time to chat with you.”

It’s really necessary to study ah, otherwise one wouldn’t even be able to speak clearly. She suspected that the other party has a problem with his IQ.

He still had the face to skip classes every day?

Jiang Boyang: “What kind of attitude do you have, Lu Wan?”

“This is the only attitude I have. If you have a problem with that, don’t talk to me.”

Lu Wan shrugged. It’s not like she made him wait here.

And seeing this, she was frightened, okay? It’s a pain in the *ss.

Jiang Boyang originally planned to speak clearly with the other party. If there was any misunderstanding, he would solve it, but now he was starting to get impatient.

He quickly chased after her and stopped Lu Wan again. “Then let me ask you, why are you deliberately targeting Lin Niannian? She didn’t offend you, and she’s already having a hard time.”

Lu Wan was simply confused. Although it was getting late, it wasn’t time to talk in his sleep, right?

Lu Wan considered it for a moment and asked, “Do you often watch tacky videos secretly?”

Jiang Boyang: “What’s it now?”

Lu Wan: “Oh, then I have nothing more to say.”

Because your intellectual behavior is too tacky.

Jiang Boyang furrowed his brows and added, “Don’t deliberately change the subject. Lin Niannian said that the teacher wanted to send her back to her original school. Isn’t it something you did? Are you targeting her…… because of me?”

Lu Wan was immediately amused. Who the f*ck do you think you are?

She smiled and said, “If you continue to talk nonsense in such a serious way, then I’ll have to greet your whole family. I’ll recommend that your family raise grass mud horses[1]cao ni ma, same sound as ‘f*ck your mother’; one of the 10 mythical creatures created in a hoax article on Baidu Baike in early 2009 whose names form obscene puns;  supposedly a … Continue reading, which is better than imagining things.”

Hell. She’s already been Buddha-like recently, but she still couldn’t help flaring-up when she meets morons.

Lu Wan then walked on, not ready for an awkward conversation.

Jiang Boyang followed, trying to make her explain. Lu Wan suddenly turned around and blew up without warning.

“Scram! Unless you want me to beat you up.”

Her patience had run out. This idiot had a great ability to make her temper surge in minutes.

Jiang Boyang was frightened by the other party’s outburst and froze in place.

Lu Wan had already walked to the gate of the community, thinking that if the other party followed, she would call the security guard to deal with it.

Fortunately the moron didn’t follow.

It’s really ridiculous. In the novel, every time Lin Niannian was aggrieved, Jiang Boyang would rush up to greet people with swear words or beat them up.

After all, he’s a classic school tyrant who’s full of hostility when he fights and was only gentle to the heroine.

He’s sick, and Lin Niannian was his medicine.

It turns out that the sjb[2]shénjīngbìng 神经病 — “psycho” (informal; usually refers to people who speak or behave annoyingly or offensively, rather than people who literally suffer from mental illness school tyrant would also weigh the pros and cons, and dare not do this with her, probably because he feared the power of the Lu family.

Jiang Boyang stood there watching Lu Wan’s back disappear into the corner before retracting his eyes.

He was a little vexed. He just wanted to clear everything so that the other party would stop giving Lin Niannian a hard time, but he didn’t expect Lu Wan’s reaction to be so big.

Did she eat a powder keg that’s why she has such a bad temper?

Jiang Boyang also had doubts in his mind. Could it be that this matter has nothing to do with Lu Wan? Did Lin Niannian misunderstand Lu Wan after listening to what others said?

After Jiang Boyang left, a car on the side of the road drove into the community.

Assistant Xiao Zhao had black lines on his face. “Brother Yu, why do we have to stop by the roadside for half an hour?”

Lu Buyu had a profound expression on his face. “Oh, after work, many men prefer to sit in their car for half an hour not wanting to enter the house. You’re still young, of course, you won’t understand. “

After all, if they park directly in the garage, the aunt nanny would soon find out, so Lu Buyu, a man full of worries, could only ask Xiao Zhao to park the car outside the community.

Xiao Zhao with black lines on his face: “……”

That’s enough! Where have you heard these strange things again……? Why are you comparing yourself with those bad men? You’re the Eldest Lady ah!

Xiao Zhao asked again, “Is the boy looking for President Lu just now her classmate?”

At first he thought it was a love triangle. He was shocked that even President Lu was wearing a green hat? After listening carefully, he was relieved.

Thankfully, it was not the case. It really scared this baby.

Lu Buyu: “You can eat things indiscriminately, but you can’t talk nonsense. What classmate, he’s obviously a lunatic.”

Xiao Zhao: “……Right.”

As a competent assistant, what the Eldest Lady say was what it was. If he said that it’s a cow, he would cooperate and say that he heard two cows barking.

Lu Buyu’s eyes flickered. Of course he knew Jiang Boyang. He also knew that the Jiang family once intended to form an alliance through marriage with the Lu family.

The target of the marriage was his little sister, who hadn’t been found yet at that time.

Lu Buyu and Lu Jinye had the same idea. They have made two plans, and could both advance and retreat.

If Shushu was found and lacked self-confidence due to not having a good life before, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to marry into the Jiang family. After all, with him and his uncle’s support, they could keep them under their control.

The Lu family would give benefits, and the Jiang family was responsible for giving his little sister the title of a rich wife, so that she wouldn’t be criticized.

If Shushu has her own ideas and doesn’t want to get married, it would be called off. Uncle promised that the Jiang family wouldn’t have anything less, and the other party wouldn’t lose. They were very generous.

It just never occurred to them that his younger sister that they would find would be like Lu Wan……

Moreover, Jiang Boyang had his own ideas. Although the two parties were engaged by means of a verbal agreement, the Lu family gave away a lot of benefits. To put it bluntly, this was equivalent to the bride price for Jiang Boyang.

Jiang Boyang was young and has a lot of crafty ideas. How dare he live with another girl?

Lu Buyu was aware of this matter and the name ‘Lin Niannian’. He knew that she’s the Shangde scholarship student who was entangled with Jiang Boyang.

When Shushu was two years old, he and Old Lu thought that they must protect his little sister from being hurt by other men.

Although there was an accident and Lu Wan was stronger than him now, it was still the same. Their family’s girl couldn’t suffer.

Shangde was a private high school. Although the tuition was high, all kinds of equipments were updated quickly, there were many famous teachers hired and more than 30 courses were offered. These were very expensive.

So basically, their profit does not depend on tuition fees, but on various donations.

In the past five years, nearly 50% of the donations came from the Lu Group.

If this was the case and Lu Wan was still uncomfortable at school, then the money given by the Lu family was all for naught.

To put it bluntly, that ‘Niannian’, as a scholarship student of the school, was free of tuition fees and living expenses every semester, which essentially means using the money of the Lu family.

He doesn’t ask the other party to be grateful while doing charity work, but what the other party has done was too inconceivable, hence, there’s no need to let her remain.

In addition to that Niannian, there were many students with both excellent character and academic performance who needed financial assistance that would definitely be thankful to the Lu family.

Now that Lu Buyu had decided, he immediately called Lu Lin.

The Lu Group spends hundreds of millions on charity every year, which was the most important marketing for the company’s positive publicity. Sometimes they donate to local schools and projects, and the government also readily agrees to their plans.

Although it was for a variety of reason, it was true that many people were helped by the Lu’s.

His cousin[3]elder male cousin with the same surname was responsible for these things, so of course, he would tell the other party.

Lu Buyu just mentioned a few words and Lu Lin expressed his understanding. He would carry it out immediately. Of all the nerve! In his opinion, stepping on Lu Wan was stepping on the faces of all the men in the Lu family, which was absolutely intolerable.

The two men spoke for just two minutes.

Xiao Zhao, who was driving, sighed in his heart. That student certainly doesn’t deserve sympathy.

If she studied well and did not make so much trouble, it wouldn’t get to this point today.

To say the least, if she didn’t instigate others and he didn’t come to the Lu family’s doorstep, he wouldn’t bump into Brother Yu.

His family’s Brother Yu was a real human peony[4]symbolizes romance, prosperity, good fortune, riches, honor, and compassion and a little sweet boy who grew up soaked in honey. Except for that bit earlier, he was very reasonable most of the time.

As the Eldest Lady of a powerful family, Brother Yu was very confident and if he believed that he was in the right, he wouldn’t feel any guilt.

There was absolutely no room for manoeuvre in this matter. Someone’s going to be out of luck.

Eldest Lady has such a character. On the contrary, although the Second Lady, President Lu, was very valiant, she was a lot more tolerant.


As soon as Lin Niannian came to the classroom in the morning to take out her textbooks, a classmate informed her that the class teacher was asking her to go to the office.

“I’ll go after the next class. There’s only ten minutes before class starts.” Lin Niannian said with a smile.

“Yeah, there will be word dictation in the next English class. It’s not good if you got held up.” Yu Shuai, who was at the same table paused, then added, “Niannian, it looks like you’re in a much better mood. Don’t take what happened that day to heart. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

Lin Niannian was embarrassed. Why did he bring up that incident again? It seemed that all the students around them looked over in an instant.

She added with a smile, “Those things are already over. I will study hard.”

Although many students in the class have a little misunderstanding about her, she wouldn’t be discouraged.

“Lin Niannian, the class teacher asked you to go right away. It seems that there’s an urgent matter. You’d better go now.” The classmates who came to inform her couldn’t help interrupting their conversation.

Lin Niannian was a bit surprised. “What’s it all about?”

“I don’t know. You can ask it yourself. Anyway, I’ve already told you.”

Lin Niannian: “Okay, I’ll go there now.”

She thought about it. Last week, she signed up for an English speech-making activity. The class teacher said that three students would be selected from the entire school.

Her oral English was not very good, after all, she used to have a poor foundation and had no opportunity to practice. She has made great progress in the past six months, but it was much worse than the students who have paid attention to spoken English since childhood.

Although she was aware, Lin Niannian still went to the teacher to fight for it, hoping to have this opportunity to practice her speaking skills.

The class teacher said at that time that he would seriously consider it.

Did he agree to let her participate in the oratory program? Thinking of this, Lin Niannian became excited.

There were only a few minutes to go before class and all the teachers in the office have already gone, leaving only a few class teachers inside.

Lin Niannian came to a stop and asked in a voice that was soft but full of anticipation, “Teacher Li, why are you asking for me?”


1 cao ni ma, same sound as ‘f*ck your mother’; one of the 10 mythical creatures created in a hoax article on Baidu Baike in early 2009 whose names form obscene puns;  supposedly a species of alpaca
2 shénjīngbìng 神经病 — “psycho” (informal; usually refers to people who speak or behave annoyingly or offensively, rather than people who literally suffer from mental illness
3 elder male cousin with the same surname
4 symbolizes romance, prosperity, good fortune, riches, honor, and compassion


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