Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 81

Pei Yin knew that the meeting in the afternoon was very important so she combed her curly hair back deliberately.

She chose a black suit and black shoes, which gave her a very business minded air.

She looked at the person in the mirror. Though it was a bit stiff, but at least she appeared steady.

President Zhao wouldn’t ask to meet the ‘mind behind it all’ for no reason. That elder sister from the fan club has helped a lot, so she wouldn’t keep silent anymore and should be fully prepared.

Pei Yin went to get to know President Zhao. Although the rumors were rigid and unkind, it was said that she left her family to work alone because she had a disagreement with her two elder brothers.

……Looking on the bright side, the other party could understand her.

Pei Qian saw the person approaching and smirked. “Why, you also know that you’re usually too frivolous. You know how to hide your shame. What ‘Lu Buyu is a heart thief. I want to swing on brother’s eyelashes’? Don’t you feel ashamed when you said these words on Weibo? How old are you?”

Pei Yin said sternly, “I don’t think I’m frivolous, and I’m not ashamed.”

This has always been how fans amuse themselves. Blowing rainbow farts was the basic skill of girls in the fan clubs.

She was entertaining herself in an enclosed circle, and she’s not affecting anyone.

Pei Qian said contemptuously, “Stubborn. If you think it’s okay, why did you lose your temper when I told the uncles about your Weibo? Isn’t Lu Buyu just a little white face? He only knows how to please women.”

Pei Yin suddenly became angry and stepped forward.

“Try saying one more word. It’s no big deal if I don’t go today! If this contract falls through then so be it!”

He could slander her, but not her idol!

Lu Buyu was ten thousand times better than this *sshole! In every sense!

She started to be a fan of her idol because of that face. She wanted to be a face fan.

Later, she gradually became a diehard fan. Though brother’s singing and acting were not the best, but his professional ability was still online.

And his attitude was very serious, making continuous progress every year.

Brother Yu was also very kind to females.

When it comes to news about women and children being violated, most male artists would keep their mouths shut, and only female artists would speak out. But he wouldn’t!

Not only that, Brother Yu has supported the ‘Save Abducted Children’ campaign for five years, starting from the year of his debut, although it has always been describe as a show to establish a persona.

In the male anonymous forum, many criticized him for pleasing women, and there were many acid individuals like Pei Qian, this idiot.

But in her eyes, her idol was perfect and cannot be slandered.

Pei Qian looked incredulous. “What are you saying?”

He still wanted to criticize her some more, but seeing Pei Yin’s dark face, he held back for the time being.

Forget it. Wait until today’s matter was resolved and then he would settle accounts with the other party later.

Pei Yin turned around and walked out.

She couldn’t stand being with this idiot. As soon as she had the chance today, she would make him lose face as much as possible.

How dare he scold her idol??


The two parties agreed to meet at 5:00 pm in the President’s reception room on the top floor of Sendao Group.

Pei Qian sat on the sofa and kept looking around.

Just from this reception room, one could tell that Sendao was very efficient.

Alas, the president was actually a woman. The staff serving coffee was even pretty, what a waste.

She was unable to enjoy it.

Pei Qian said in a low voice, “Say, that President Zhao, will she think I’m too handsome and pull me to talk endlessly? Then I’d be embarrassed to refuse.”

It was said that the other party’s not young anymore, an old woman.

“……” Pei Yin didn’t even bother to look at this idiot.

The man said a few more words, all of which received no response. He finally fell silent completely.


The door of the reception room was pulled open by a tall assistant.

“President, the guests are already inside.”

Hearing this sentence, Pei Yin became nervous for a moment. After all, President Zhao was highly powerful and it’s very difficult to meet her.

She has practiced several times in her mind how to greet the other person when meeting her.

But after seeing her face clearly, she was still stuck.

No, although she has done a good job of preparing her mind, how could she imagine that President Zhao was the Baifumei elder sister from the fan club?!

Heavens! They’re actually the same person?!

Not only Pei Yin got stuck, but so did Pei Qian.

Zhao Jianing wore a dark purple suit with red bottom stiletto heels today. She was tall and well maintained. She looked less than forty.

However, she has the kind of aura of someone that has been in a high position for a long time, which could only be developed by standing in the peak and giving orders for many years.

Even if the corner of her mouth was curled up in a smile, it still made people feel that she shouldn’t be underestimated.

Zhao Jianing glanced at Pei Qian with scrutiny, which frightened him so much that his eyelids twitched and he didn’t dare to speak.

“Good afternoon. I’ve already seen the proposal, is there anything else you want to add?” Zhao Jianing went straight to the opposite sofa, sat down gracefully and looked at Pei Yin.

Five or six seconds later, Pei Yin finally recovered from the shock, and quickly said, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, President Zhao. I…… have nothing to add, but I’d love to hear your opinion. I will definitely benefit a lot from you.”

Zhao Jianing: “To be fair, you’ve done a good job, and I also have nothing to add.”

“Thank you very much for trusting me.” Pei Yin was shocked, but at the same time felt a little moved.

Recently, many people had been questioning that she was frivolous and unstable, and couldn’t take on big responsibilities, but President Zhao was so supportive of her!

And with President Zhao’s support, those who questioned her were no longer important.

The things that had been bothering her all this time suddenly turned out to be fine.

Zhao Jianing: “You don’t need to thank me. After all, you’re great. Well, you must continue to work hard in the future.”

“I definitely will!”

Pei Qian felt that something was wrong. How could such a big person like himself be ignored for no reason……?

If it goes on like this, Pei Yin would completely steal the limelight. He spoke in a stiff voice, “Hello, President Zhao.”

Zhao Jianing: “Who are you?”

“……Actually, I am the main person in charge of this project. Pei Yin is just an assistant. If there’s anything you want, just tell me.” Pei Qian was a little anxious.

Zhao Jianing: “Nonsense.”

Pei Qian panicked. Why didn’t the other party believe his words? Why?

He looked at Pei Yin next to him and urged, “Tell President Zhao quickly that I am in charge of this project!”

Pei Yin didn’t cooperate and her expression was cold. “I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

Zhao Jianing picked up the proposal on the table and flipped through it. She asked in a faint voice, “You said you did it. Then please report the deadline for this project and the type of steel primarily used.”

Pei Qian: “……”

How would he know this? He only took over a week ago.

“I know.”

Pei Yin glanced at the other person who was staring foolishly, and then reported the deadline and steel type in turn.

“Good, they all match. It seems to be clear who made this project.” After a pause, Zhao Jianing turned to look at the man in front of her, and her attitude suddenly became stern. “Why did you say you did it?”

Of course she understood what was going on because she had also experienced the same injustice. Zhao Jianing could empathize with her, which made it all the more bizarre.

“T-that’s not it. We completed the planning together and I also participated, but it just happened that she was responsible for the part you asked.” Pei Qian quickly changed his tune and explained.

Zhao Jianing sneered and said, “Do you think I’m stupid? I hate people fooling me the most! If you don’t clarify this matter, I won’t have any cooperation with your company in the future.”

Pei Qian looked at Pei Yin next to him for help and found that the other party looked like she wasn’t going to speak and explain for him, and was very angry.

She was obviously trying to take him out completely.

Pei Qian’s mind turned. Of course he wouldn’t take the blame alone, so he gritted his teeth and said, “Pei Yin has handled more parts, so she’s more familiar with the details. But the company let me take charge of this project in line of treating you with a responsible attitude!”

Zhao Jianing: “Go on.”

Let’s see what else you can make up.

Pei Qian: “I wasn’t supposed to say anything…… but my cousin is already 25 years old, yet she still thinks about chasing stars all day like a little girl. She even neglects work when she becomes crazy, buying plane tickets to travel across the country. Will a normal person do this? So I believe that in comparison, I am more reliable.”

Zhao Jianing: “I don’t think there’s a problem.”

Pei Qian: “No, there are many girls who pursue stars but she likes Lu Buyu—oh, you may not know who Lu Buyu is. He’s a little white face with a bad reputation. With Pei Yin this way, naturally the elders are uneasy. That’s why they chose me to cooperate with your company.”

Pei Yin: “……”

Dammit, this retard is out of his mind. I’m afraid today’s going to be completely cold.

Anyone blackening my idol is dead and the ashes can be thrown away by you, President Zhao.


An introvert rabbit who wants to hide in a hole every time.

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