Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 82

Zhao Jianing’s eyes were cold. “You can leave.”

Pei Qian suspected that he was hearing things and said incredulously, “I beg your pardon, President Zhao?”

“Fifteen seconds, or I’ll notify the security.” Zhao Jianing raised her hand and began to watch the time.

“No, no, no, you mustn’t have understood what I mean, there must be a misunderstanding!” Pei Qian was so anxious that he was at a loss. Why did it suddenly become like this?

Zhao Jianing said sternly, “I don’t think it’s wrong to like celebrities. Unfortunately, I also follow them. So do you also have a lot of opinions about me? I don’t welcome you nor will I have any cooperation with you.”

After she finished this sentence, it was exactly fifteen seconds.

The assistant right beside her quickly led the security guard over.

Pei Qian was very unwilling and wasn’t even sure what he did wrong, but under the watchful eyes of the security guards, he still slowly moved to leave.

The other party was not easy to mess with and he didn’t dare assume airs.


The reception room became quiet.

Pei Yin came back to her senses. So…… that’s all it took to get rid of him?

That loser didn’t gain any face.

Guessing what the other party was thinking, Zhao Jianing turned her head and said, “I don’t need to explain to him. Educating him is a matter for your elders and has nothing to do with me.”

Pei Yin said quietly: “……I know.”

Zhao Jianing smiled and eased up her tone, “I know you’ve worked very hard on this project. I just want to teach those people a lesson so that your efforts will not go to waste. If you’re not in a hurry, why don’t we wait and see what happens in two days?”

Pei Yin : “……Of course, I’ll listen to you.”

She now has great admiration for the other party!

Zhao Jianing nodded.

She had seen this kind of things a lot. Although the equality of men and women had been advocated and had become the general trend for more than a hundred years, the patriarchal society had been in operation for thousands of years, so the whole society was still biased towards patriarchy.

It wasn’t uncommon to see women from patrilineal companies perform very well in order to win unfair rights.

The typical case was that in all probability, the company’s management were male.

In her family, no matter how hard she tried, she was still not as good as her two good-for-nothing brothers.

The little bastard just now, of course, was not against the matter of ‘chasing stars’, but Pei Yin herself was very good. There was nothing he could criticize her for except chasing stars.

That’s why he said those ridiculous and shallow words.

After all, a woman’s appearance, figure, marriage, and hobbies could be places one could attack.

In order to avoid this situation, many female executives would cut their hair short and dress tough to prove that they were not inferior to men.

Pei Yin said carefully, “……So you are President Zhao.”

Zhao Jianing: “I tried to warn you.”

Pei Yin: “I’m not blaming you. I’m just too stupid to think of it.”

Indeed, she mentioned that she has two older brothers last time……

The implication was already obvious, but she was the one who didn’t think in that direction.

Zhao Jianing: “Actually, you don’t have to be too restrained. Didn’t you say you want to be friends with me? Let’s just get along as before.”

Pei Yin: “Okay.”

She could only try her best, but she couldn’t guarantee it.

After all, she’d already taken President Zhao as her goal.

The other party was strong, gentle, and so beautiful. She hoped to become such a person in the future.

In front of their role model, it was difficult for young admirers to calm down.

Zhao Jianing: “I made an appointment with you at this time because I wanted to have a meal together after the talk. Would Miss Pei do me a favor?”

Pei Yin nodded vigorously. How could she refuse?

Zhao Jianing doesn’t eat a lot at night so she booked a nearby Japanese restaurant with a quiet environment.

Pei Yin slowly relaxed and was trying to find something to chat with the goddess when the other party’s phone rang.

Zhao Jianing glanced at the caller ID. It was a call from her son.

She answered it.

“President Zhao, you’re not going home for dinner today?”

“No, I have some business tonight. Don’t mess with your little sister. If she beats you up, I won’t care.” There was a smile in the corner of Zhao Jianing’s lips.

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about? Am I afraid of Lu Wan?! I’m too lazy to deal with her! All right, I’ll hang up now.”

Pei Yin hesitated for a while, then asked with a smile, “President Zhao, are you talking to your son?”

“Yeah, that kid is 25 years old but still a childish brat.”

Pei Yin was taken aback. 25 years old……

Brother Yu was also 25 years old. It must be a coincidence.

Absolutely impossible. After all, the two doesn’t look alike.

And President Zhao was very sedate, so how could she have…… a silly son like Brother Yu?

“From what you just said on the phone, you also have a daughter? The siblings should be very close, right?”

Zhao Jianing: “Oh, it’s okay, I guess? My daughter is more sensible.”

Pei Yin’s eyes showed yearning. “Me and my cousin…… have a very ordinary relationship. You also saw it today.”

Zhao Jianing was in a good mood, so it was inevitable that she would say a few more words.

“Then my family is just the opposite. My son urges his sister to study hard every day and work early so that she can earn money for him.”

Lu Buyu said that the company would be entrusted to Lu Wan.

She must work hard, so that his dividends would be more. If he became unpopular in the entertainment circle in the future, he could only rely on the company’s shares to become a rich young man who could spend recklessly.

Pei Yin: “……”

Is that so?

This was to die of thirst when there’s drought and to die of drowning when there’s flood. She also wanted to have such a brother.


After Pei Qian went back in disgrace, Sendao Group stopped the contract that had been negotiated in detail and was just about to be signed.

Not only that, even the subsequent cooperation’s under discussion for the future had been suspended.

The elders of the Pei family were shocked and the whole company panicked.

After all, the project with Sendao was very important.

Learning that it was due to Pei Qian offending the President of Sendao which led to such consequences, many people in the company’s senior management had opinions.

On the other hand, President Zhao has a good relationship with Pei Yin who went with him.

There was no doubt that Pei Yin had become a lifeline in the eyes of everyone.

Even if it the company was patriarchal, it was still a profit-oriented business in the end.

The uncles and elders understood that Pei Qian was a blockhead whom they couldn’t afford to support, and after careful examination, they found that Pei Yin was the most outstanding among her peers.

It was hard to get the appreciation of President Zhao.

Pei Yin was promoted two levels in a row and officially joined the core management. The contract between the company and Sendao was able to continue under her management.

Because of this incident, those stubborn uncles also understood that times were different.

Girls could also be very capable and responsible.

Although their mindset couldn’t be completely changed, the situation of the girls in the family was much better than before.


A week later.

Pei Yin sat in the director’s office, looking at the plan on the table.

She must work harder.

The goddess was the light that illuminates her path, and one day, she would also be the light that illuminates others.


Last time, the Lu family’s helper asked for leave to attend her daughter’s wedding.

Today, she asked for leave to take care of her daughter’s confinement, saying that she wasn’t at ease letting other people take care of the latter.

Lu Buyu: “It’s only been half a year, why did she already give birth?”

The timing doesn’t match. Was it premature birth?

Lu Wan glanced at the dummy beside her and said in a low voice, “You can get married when you’re expecting.”

Aunt Zhao nodded, “It’s still Miss who’s smart. My daughter and son-in-law got engaged last year but the wedding was brought forward because of the baby.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

Well, it turned out to be like this.

Aunt Wang has worked for the Lu family for ten years and now wanted to ask for a half month leave. Zhao Jianing agreed and gave a red envelope for the newborn.

When the person left, she was going to contact the housekeeping company to send another person over for this coming half a month.

Lu Bainian thought for a while and said, “I think it’s better not to. We will still have to familiarize ourselves with the new aunt. Half a month will pass quickly and we’re not even at home till the afternoon. For dinner, I can try to make it.”

He’s done with his project so he happened to be relatively free recently. He was willing to cook for his family.

Lu Buyu: “Yes, anyway, dinner is simple. Just mix a salad or something.”

Lu Wan: “I can do whatever is needed.”

The three family members said so, so Zhao Jianing agreed, thinking that half a month would soon pass.

That Saturday afternoon.

Lu Wan was reading a book when there was a knock on the door.

She could tell who was outside just from hearing the sound. It was lighter today, obviously not Lu Buyu.

Lu Wan walked over to confirm.

Lu Bainian said with great enthusiasm, “Wanwan, what kind of dishes do you want to eat? Today’s the weekend, why don’t we go shopping together?”

Lu Wan: “……”

Lu Buyu: “I’ll go with you. I’ve asked the security guards just now. They said that there’s a small market within one kilometer which have richer and fresher varieties than the supermarket. We’ll go there.”

Lu Wan felt that something doesn’t seem right. She asked after thinking, “Have you…… ever been to a market before?”

“No.” Said the two men in unison.

Lu Wan understood that these two were the type who doesn’t stick their fingers to the spring water.

She’s actually not interested in going to the market…… But in this case, she’d better go herself.

Looking at the light bursting in the eyes of the two, she felt that things wouldn’t go well.


Ten minutes later, the three of them set off from home.

Lu Buyu wore sunglasses and a hat to avoid being recognized and causing a commotion.

It was Lu Bainian’s first visit to the market and was very excited. This was a very meaningful family activity! A subject that has never been conducted before!

He would prepare a table of dishes to surprise his wife.

Lu Bainian was well organized. Although it was his first time to go to the market, he had made a list.

If he buys according to the list, there would be no mistakes or omissions.

Lu Wan: “……”

She better not expect too much.

The market they went to was small in scale and mainly nearby residents came to buy food.

Most of them were housewives, so no one recognizes Lu Buyu, who was wearing sunglasses, for the time being.

Lu Bainian said excitedly, “We need a total of 27 dishes for three days. How about we split up?”

Lu Buyu: “En. It’s more efficient.”

“……Do whatever you want.”

Would this two be okay? Lu Wan’s mind turned. They would mostly…… buy things with less scale so there should be no major problems.

She came to buy the meat. Most of the products here were very fresh and the other two could play however they want.

Lu Bainian: “That’s right. The security guard said we must make sure to bargain.”

“I know that. Don’t worry.” Lu Buyu was confident.

Lu Wan: “……”

Lu Wan quickly finished buying the part she was in charge of, and when she looked back, she saw Lu Buyu was about to buy tomatoes.

She walked towards him.

Lu Buyu finally chose his target among the three stalls selling tomatoes.

While thinking about bargaining, he asked, “How much is the tomatoes?”

“Six yuan a catty, you can pick what you like.” The stall owner was a little surprised.

This little brother was quite handsome, but it’s a bit strange that he’s wearing dark sunglasses.

Lu Buyu took a deep breath. Negotiations of course require momentum. He raised his voice, “Cheaper! 20 yuan for three catties! I’ll buy it!”

The stall owner was sluggish for two seconds, and then said slowly, “If you must buy, then of course I’ll sell it.”

He looks handsome, but too bad he’s stupid.

If all buyers were like this, he would probably have made a fortune long ago.

It’s pretty nice thinking about it.

Lu Wan held her forehead. She’d never seen someone bargaining…… for a higher price.

Buying as much as three catties…… what are you going to do with them, huh?

Lu Wan was loss for words. Lu Bainian just came over after buying garlic. He frowned and said, “Did you not graduate from primary school? How much is 3 times 6?”

Lu Buyu realized. He touched his nose and turned silent.

Lu Bainian: “Ai, you’re still no good. I’m much smarter.”

Lu Wan: “So, this is the garlic you bought?”

Lu Bainian was a little proud. “It’s originally sold for 5 yuan a catty, but I reduced the price for 4 yuan and they even gave me some chili peppers. How about it, I’m doing well, right?”

Lu Wan: “……”

Is that why you’re carrying two bags of garlic?

I gave you fifty yuan to buy garlic, but not to buy all of them.


The owner of the tomato stall kept staring at Lu Buyu. He said hesitantly, “I think you look familiar. You look like a celebrity.”

Lu Wan said smoothly, “Oh, you mean Lu Buyu? He doesn’t look like this originally. He had his nose done to look exactly like Lu Buyu. The effect is good, right?”

Stall owner: “What’d I say?! Hehe, I actually want to look like Lu Buyu too! Seeing that you look like my wife’s idol, I’ll give you two tomatoes for free.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

What the heck is this?

Lu Wan raised her eyebrows. This guy was still a lady-killer.

Not bad. The lady-killer got two tomatoes with his white face, so it’s worth a lot.


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