Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 83

Lu Buyu took out twenty yuan. “I don’t want you to give it to me. I have money myself! I’ll pay for it!”

The stall owner scratched his head. “What’s the matter? Don’t you want free?” 

This guy was really not too smart. He doesn’t know to take advantage when there’s a bargain.

Lu Wan walked over and took two tomatoes. Anyhow, he got it with his face.

Why not take it?

She threw up the tomatoes and caught them in the air. She said with a smile, “Thank you, Boss.”

Lu Wan dared not let these two masters go shopping.

Otherwise, they could buy five to ten catties of everything…… in the end, they would definitely not be able to carry it back.

Shopping for vegetables had become wholesale. Some stall owners could see that the two men have never bought vegetables before, so they would deliberately persuade them to buy more.

Lu Buyu turned to look at Lu Wan.

“It’s all your fault. You kept asking me to bargain, that’s why I have two things in my mind at once and my words came out wrong.”

Lu Wan: “Just a reminder, it was you who said you wanted to bargain.”

Lu Buyu was stunned for a second. “……That’s also your fault. You put too much pressure on me! Of course I know that one six is ​​six, two six is twelve, three six is eighteen……”

Lu Wan didn’t want to quarrel right now. She couldn’t help interrupting the other party. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s my fault. I know you’re very good. You can recite the multiplication table by heart and beat primary school students.”

“Your apology is not sincere at all!”

Lu Wan was just about to open her mouth when she looked up and saw the stall owner who gave them free tomatoes just now, running over with his mobile phone.

“That—, can I take a picture with you? Otherwise, if I tell my wife that I saw someone who looks like a celebrity, she will not believe it.” The stall owner said with a smile.

Lu Buyu hesitated for two seconds. “No. Unless you give me two more tomatoes.”

“Yes, yes! I will!” The stall owner agreed.

Wasn’t it just tomatoes? No problem at all.

After the two of them took a photo, Lu Buyu added, “Do you want me to imitate your wife’s idol’s autograph? Just add two more tomatoes.”

The stall owner looked shocked. “That…… You didn’t have plastic surgery on purpose to look like a celebrity and make it your job, right? I’ve seen the news before. Some people make money from this!”

Lu Buyu said indifferently, “Oh, so do you want?”

“Yes, yes, yes, of course I want!”

“Have you seen that? I can get six tomatoes for free. Can you?”

Lu Buyu looked smug, finally feeling vindicated.

Lu Wan and Professor Lu glanced at each other silently.

This guy…… couldn’t really be stupid, right?

Lu Buyu bowed his head and signed his name flamboyantly, before handing it over with a flourish.

“Here you are.”

The stall owner looked at it and marveled, “You don’t say, it looks quite like this. Young man, you’ve practiced a lot in private, right? Oh, your nose is really well done. Can I touch it?”

“You can’t!” After a pause, Lu Buyu hesitated and said, “If you are willing to give me ten catties of tomatoes, you can touch it.”

The stall owner was startled. “Ten catties, isn’t that too expensive? Forget it, I won’t touch it. Aren’t you too greedy?!”

The other party had such strong business ability. He could earn a lot with his celebrity face.

Opening his mouth cost ten catties. How long would it take for him to eat them all?

Lu Wan and Lu Bainian: “……”

Lu Buyu’s eyes widened.

Was ten catties of tomatoes too expensive? Wasn’t that just sixty yuan?

Those who line up to touch my nose can circle the earth! As long as I am willing, the tomatoes I receive can fill up this whole market!

Ah, you don’t know what to value! I’m so angry!

The stall owner turned around and left with his signature without any reservation. Lu Buyu, who was standing there, became angrier as he thought about it. “Hoho, this won’t do. I have to talk to him.”

Lu Wan held her forehead. What’s this all about?

Should she congratulate the other party for being worth six tomatoes, or regret that the other party was not worth ten catties of tomatoes?

Why was he still squabbling?

“Come on, let’s buy other things.” Lu Wan grabbed Lu Buyu who was going to show off his charm, and added, “You are already very great. After all, you can get six tomatoes for nothing which Old Lu and I cannot do.”

Lu Buyu: “Really?”

Lu Wan: “Mm-hmm. Among the three of us, you’re the most capable.”

Lu Buyu: “Heh. It’s good that you know. I’m too lazy to care about people with no vision.”

Lu Wan: “Then let’s go.”

Although this guy does this occasionally, just coax him and it would be fine. So he was kind of easy to take care of.

The following purchase was led by Lu Wan and the efficiency of shopping quickly increased.

In less than half an hour, Lu Wan finished buying all the ingredients on the list and was prepared to go home with the spoils.


At five o’clock in the afternoon, Ding Yong’s wholesale vegetables were almost sold out.

At this point every day, his wife would help close the stall together. Today was the weekend, so his daughter who’s in college also came to help.

One must know that her wife was a fan of Lu Buyu and so was her daughter. The mother and daughter often watched the idol dramas starring that person repeatedly at home, looking delirious.

Although he has never seen the real person, the young man imitating the other party today was really tall, lean and handsome.

In that sense, Lu Buyu must be more handsome. No wonder women like him!

“Wife, Minmin, guess who I met today buying vegetables?” Ding Yong asked with a grin.

“Don’t say it’s Lu Buyu?” The woman teased casually while tidying up, obviously not interested in this topic.

Ding Yong: “That’s right! It’s Lu Buyu!”

The mother and daughter looked at each other and laughed at the same time. This was a lie that would be exposed in seconds.

Seeing that the two of them didn’t take the bait, Ding Yong took out his mobile phone, found the group photo and handed it to his wife.

“I knew you guys would be like this! That’s why I took a photo with the other party and asked for an autograph so I can always prove it.”

The woman shook her head inwardly. Her husband was a little too lively today.

But she took it cooperatively.

As soon as she looked down, she froze.

As a fan who has watched Lu Buyu’s three idol dramas, she recognized the other party at a glance.

Even with a hat and sunglasses.

Ding Yong handed the signature on the last page of the account book to his daughter on the left.

“Look at this.”

Ding Min took it over and couldn’t help giggling when she thought of her father making such a childish joke at his age.

But the moment she looked down and saw the signature, she was transfixed.

As a stan, she knew Lu Buyu’s signature and had even imitated it before.

The mother and daughter looked at each other and cried out at the same time.

“Honey, why didn’t you tell me Lu Buyu was here?! You should have called me immediately!”

“Pa, you just asked him to sign his name? Why didn’t you let him write more words! Write my name! And you only say it now!”

Just one signature was not enough for her to share with her mother.

Ding Yong saw that the mother and daughter were agitated and seemed to be getting upset, so he didn’t keep it up. “I knew I’d fool you. In fact, that is Lu Buyu’s impersonator who had plastic surgery to look like him.”

Ding Min: “Papa! This is Lu Buyu. Why are you saying that?!”

“Honey, why are you telling lies with your eyes open? How can someone have plastic surgery and look exactly the same?”

Ding Yong was a little anxious. “No! You heard me. It’s just an impersonator. It’s not really him!”

Ding Min saw that her father seemed to be really unaware, so she took a deep breath and asked, “Dad, did he come alone? What did he buy? What did he say?”

“It seems like he’s with his family— his father and younger sister. He came to buy tomatoes. I said its six yuan a catty, but he countered with 20 yuan for three catties.”

Ding Min: “!!!”

That’s right, this was exactly like what her family’s idol would do!

She should have come here earlier. She missed the chance to see Lu Buyu up close.

She hates it ah!

Looking at the mother and daughter who looked regretful and shocked, Ding Yong scratched his head. So the one buying vegetables today was really a big star?

Big stars still do their own grocery shopping?

But thinking about it now, based on the other party’s appearance, it’s really like it was his first time going to the market.

If he had known earlier, he would have given ten catties of tomatoes to the other party.


The three members of the Lu family returned home with large bags.

Lu Wan directed the two people to put the groceries in the kitchen. She was still thinking about what to do next when she saw Professor Lu holding a mini electronic scale and a measuring cup?

Lu Wan: “……”

Are you going to do an experiment in the kitchen?

Professor Lu took out several small plates and started preparing while facing the recipe book.

“Two grams of salt, a dozen pepper, a little soy sauce— if it’s ‘a little’, I will measure out ten milliliter.”

Ten minutes later.

“It’s on fire! I obviously followed the procedure!” Lu Bainian was alarmed.

Lu Wan: “……”

Ok, these two were clearly from the same lineage.

Last time, Lu Buyu almost blew up the kitchen. Apparently Professor Lu was more ambitious.

He wanted to blow up the whole house.

Well, as expected of someone involved in the research of weapons.

Lu Wan: “Old Lu, you stand aside first. Let me do it.”

Lu Bainian: “How can I do that? I said I’ll cook for you. It’s only the first day and I can’t go on like this.”

“I’ll get it done quickly. Wait outside, otherwise the kitchen will blow up and we’ll have nothing to eat for a month.”

Lu Bainian thought about it carefully. It seems this was also fine. He said with a laugh, “Daddy will give you a hand. Wanwan, let me know if you need my help. Let’s share the work.”

“Oh, there really is.” Lu Wan looked at Lu Buyu, who was rolling up his sleeves and was eager to try. She said with clenched fist, “Keep an eye on him for me and get him out of here. En, the two of you can peel all the garlic you bought.”

She must assign them tasks so they had things to do and wouldn’t disturb her.

Lu Wan demonstrated how to peel the skin and the two men said it was no problem at all.

Lu Buyu: “This is too simple ba!”


Zhao Jianing walked through the door, saw the father and son sitting at the dining table peeling garlic, and was stunned for several seconds before she recovered.

“What are you doing?” When she asked, she turned around and saw Lu Wan cooking in the kitchen.

Professor Lu showed his wife the plate of garlic he peeled. “Aren’t I good? I learned how to peel garlic today.”

Not to be outdone, Lu Buyu said, “I peel more than he did!”

Zhao Jianing: “……”

How should she put it? The men in the Lu family— each was more than a handful.

Lu Bainian still looks proud……

Heaven knows, when she decided to marry him, she had worked seriously hard because she wanted her husband to be able to concentrate on doing what he likes without any worries.

As a result, her husband whom she had cherished for more than 20 years, suddenly showed off his garlic peeling skills with an excited look on his face.

President Zhao had very mixed feelings.

Lu Wan turned off the fire, washed her hands and said, “All right, I’m done. Dinner will be ready soon.”

She cooked four dishes and one soup.

Red-braised spare ribs, stir-fried pork, shredded potatoes, as well as chopped cabbage stem with chili pepper that Lu Buyu specifically requested, and clam soup with white gourd.

Aunt Wang often made stew and spends an entire afternoon slowly boiling the ingredients. Lu Wan was in a hurry so she directly used boiled water to cook.

But the clams bought today were very fresh. She thought the taste should be okay.

Lu Wan knew how to cook. She had learned it from her adoptive mother, who could cook many dishes because she wanted to please Lu Wan’s adoptive father.

Thinking about it now, her adoptive mother had always been kind to her, but the point was that that woman was weak and barely able to protect herself, much less Lu Wan.

Kindness was sometimes nothing without edges and corners.

Lu Wan: “Okay, it’s time to eat.”

The other three looked astonished. Lu Buyu came back to his senses and said in a low voice, “Sure enough, abnormal.”

Professor Lu knocked him on the head. “I’ve said it may times— don’t say that to your little sister!”

Lu Buyu was completely blunt. He picked up his chopsticks and started eating.

In order to keep his body in shape for the concert, he had recently reduced his carbohydrate intake, but the braised spare ribs were simply too good with white rice!

If one just eats it alone, one has no soul!

Seeing the other party’s hesitation, Lu Wan took the initiative to serve a bowl of rice and dumped it on his bowl.

She also evilly compressed the rice.

Zhao Jianing smiled sweetly, “Shushu, you are better than mom. You can cook such a large table of dishes. It must have been difficult for you before.”

Lu Wan: “It’s nothing. Besides, aren’t I doing better now?”

Lu Buyu nodded. “Yes. Look at how strong she has grown, don’t worry.”

Lu Wan: “……”

If you can’t speak properly, you can shut your mouth.

Lu Buyu soon finished a bowl of rice and still wanted more. Lu Wan’s cooking tasted so good?

Lu Wan very thoughtfully helped the other party with another bowl of rice.

Lu Buyu hesitated again and again, but still picked up the food.

Lu Wan watched him finish the bowl, then grinned and said, “Tonight you have consumed at least 1500 calories, so you can figure it out yourself.”

Lu Buyu: “!!!!!”

“Lu Wan!”

Lu Wan stood up. “You ate the food yourself. It has nothing to do with me.”

Zhao Jianing: “That’s right. Lu Buyu, go for a run after you have a rest.”


After getting rid of Lu Buyu, Lu Wan felt it was much quieter.

The kitchen has a dishwasher and her parents helped out, so everything was cleaned up quickly.

At seven o’clock in the evening, Lu Wan went to her room to continue reading.

As for Lu Buyu, he was still gnashing his teeth and running, paying for today’s sinful meal.

The husband and wife of the Lu family were sitting in the study, one was reading a document and the other was reading a book.

No one knew that Lu Buyu was on the hot search.

Today’s hot search was not bought by the studio, nor was it bought by their partners.

Lu Buyu relied on his own strength—or it was right to say that it was his foolish behaviour.


This trending search had been rising and it soon became number one.

Someone in the market recorded him bargaining and later taking a photo and an autograph in exchange for tomatoes.

The vegetable vendor was thinking about taking a photo for fun.

After all, Lu Buyu was very handsome even with a hat and mask on. His skin was very fair and he doesn’t fit in with the surroundings, as if he has his own filter and halo.

Ding Min posted this clip in the fan club group and it quickly spread.

Suddenly it caught fire.

The fans thought it was amusing. Why was their family’s idol appearing in hot searches in such a strange way recently……?

It was a totally unexpected move.

Passersby clicked in and said they were laughing again. Others buy hot searches to establish personas and endorsing promotions but Lu Buyu was different.

He was there to release an original comedy skit and entertain the public.

“Tomatoes cost six yuan a catty.”

“Don’t say anything more. 20 yuan for three catties.”

“Can I take a picture with you?”

“No. Unless you give me two more tomatoes.”

The funniest thing was that afterwards, Lu Buyu unilaterally asked for ten catties of tomatoes before he would be willing to let the male stall owner touched his nose.

This request can be said to be very humble.

After which the other party rejected it very shamelessly, disliking it for being too expensive and not worth it.


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