Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 84

The comment section refreshes quickly after the explosive post hit the top.

【Brother Yu’s long legs are amazing.】

【Haha, so funny. Although a bit silly, it’s inexplicably cute that I got shot even when lying down.】

【Before clicking in, I wanted to scold ‘what kind of hype is this?’. Dbq, I really laughed after watching it. Is this a handsome fool?】

【When counting money, I myself can’t get around it. I have to think for a long time about adding and subtracting when buying things within 100 yuan……】

【My mother, those female stars insisting on setting up the character  of ‘Wealthy Eldest Miss’, come and learn! Lu Buyu is totally this way. This manner, this demeanor, this ‘silly, white, sweet’— I super love it.】

【That description is too accurate. Why must the Eldest Miss insist to go shopping on his own? He obviously isn’t compatible with the market ah. 2333[1]LOL

【That voice that spoke to Lu Buyu at the end…… could it be Lu Wan?】

【F*ck, it’s really Little Sister’s voice! Younger sister coaxes the elder brother; this is spoiling him too much. Heaven owe me a younger sister!】

【Little Sister is also very handsome today! From Little Sister’s mom fan, I change into a…… girlfriend fan.】

【It’s been so long but the socialist brother and sister still give after-sale services? Variety show fans expressed their satisfaction!!】

Fans think that their idol was good no matter what, but they couldn’t help feeling that if this go on like this, many girlfriend fans of Brother Yu would become mom fans!

What Eldest Miss? He was obviously the landlord family’s stupid son!

Little Sister was the opposite. Mom and sister fans have expressed their desire to turn into…… girlfriend fans.

Brother Yu, you should follow and learn ah!

The team behind his opponent’s looked confused. Has Lu Buyu changed staff recently?

How come these hot searches were all weird?

After the inexplicable down-to-earth atmosphere, the fans had a high degree of acceptance and his path had become wider.

Could it be that he found a more powerful team? Among other things, the transformation was quite successful.

Though they didn’t understand why he wanted to transform into this……

Netizens found out that Lu Wan was in the background and the comments became more enthusiastic.


An hour later, a new hot search term also came up.

Netizens expressed that the relationship between the two people was really good.

But of course, there were exceptions.

Jiang Xuerong’s fans had always held a grudge against Lu Wan for stealing their idol’s resources.

This person caused them to be ridiculed all over the Internet.

It’s fine if Lu Wan doesn’t make her debut, but once she did, they would devotedly blacken her.

【Why do I feel that something isn’t right? Is this the preparation for that rich girl’s debut?】

【How many times have Lu Wan been on the hot search? Hasn’t she received more attention than many artists?!】

【Am I the only one who thinks that Lu Buyu is trying to curry favor with the rich lady? Sure enough, you can do whatever you want if you have money.】

【I envy the rich, they can just buy hot searches at will.】

【Can you stop being sour? Is your brains eaten by zombies? When did Lu Buyu tried to please Lu Wan? Even a good relationship can be subjected to all kinds of malicious speculation?】

【A Shangde student told me that President Lu will not be an artist. In every exam President Lu always ranks in the top three and her family is so rich, why will she want to debut? Oh, it’s possible to open an entertainment company.】

【Awesome…… President Lu can set up an entertainment company, and then the most popular person in the company will be her, the boss. She can also sign my Brother Yu.】

【A word from a passerby. The last time Lu Wan was on trending was because of the 《Math and Science Tournament》 airing. I think…… the program team may have bought it for her.】

The assistant director of 《Math and Science Tournament》 got a comment saying that the program team helped Lu Wan buy marketing and felt wronged.

After all, the program team didn’t buy hot search for any contestants, which was very expensive!

She posted a clarification on her personal Weibo.

“The program team has never bought a hot search! As for why Little Sister went up, everyone will realize after thinking about it……”

Many of the show’s fans were following this assistant director and they expressed ‘wasn’t it obvious’? The fan base was too wide and the popularity was the result of everyone’s search.

A wealthy daughter with good looks, smart brain, strong aura, and gentle personality?!

Who wouldn’t like this? Who could resist this?

Jiang Xuerong’s fans were not convinced and the rhythm of these comments did not take up.

After all, most melon-eating netizens thought Lu Wan was fine.

But no matter what, the other side still has black spots.

This group of black fans looked at Lu Wan with a magnifying glass and they did really found something.

They discovered Lu Wan’s private Weibo!

According to the accounts of some Shangde students, it has been determined that it was the right one.

The other party’s Weibo was named ‘I am also overeating today’. It’s really amazing, binge eating every day.

The latest post of this account was four months ago.

Lu Wan used to take pictures of what she ate and used Weibo as a notepad, it wasn’t for anyone else.

Then she stopped updating later. There’s a lot of schoolmate following her and there was too much going on.

Her life was full.

The vicious fans who picked it up were gloating. That’s it? Rich young lady?

Eating this much food is outrageous. Is this to feed the pigs?

……Was this really the Lu family’s Young Miss?

Obviously these foods look very ordinary and the dining environment very plain, which wasn’t even comparable to their own!

They quickly submitted this discovery to bloggers to expose the news.

They had given it to five bloggers, all of which rejected them and did not send it out.

Several marketing companies have received Lu Jinye’s hush money, so how dare they exchange popularity and traffic with the Young Miss!

Were they tired of living? It was a warning.


Zhang Hang was a news blogger with 40,000 fans, who specializes in fabricating celebrity news in exchange for attention.

Although he was chased and scolded by various fans, he doesn’t care as long as he had money.

Attention was money.

He also saw the submission, rubbed his hands and released the information after adding a bit of embellishment.

He decided to make a big deal out of it.

Sure enough, after only five minutes of posting, there were already hundreds of comments. Hotter than ever! He’s about to become famous soon!

The man was caught up in the fantasy of getting rich.

Unexpectedly, when Zhang Hang finished his dinner and refreshed the page again, the Weibo he had been running for several months was actually blocked?

The man was seething. It was clearly fine before!

After so much effort to have so many fans, how could they seal him?

When Zhang Hang was about to call Weibo customer service to complain, there was a knock from outside.

He walked to the door with his mobile phone and asked impatiently, “What are you knocking on my door for?”

“To check the water meter.” Under the streetlight, Ah Biao showed a very ferocious smile that he thought looked friendly.

They’re not here to check the water meter or throw people over to the high seas.

Instead, they came to send a lawyer’s letter.

Of course, it’s basic etiquette to greet the other person seriously.


The account that broke the news was blown up, but Lu Wan’s private Weibo was still exposed.

Netizens thought it was quite down-to-earth. Others showed off planes, yachts and famous brands, but the young lady of the Lu family was genuinely enjoying the food?

Different from others, love love.

Of course, some people found it strange that a young lady would eat these every day?

And the background of many of the photos was also very chaotic.

Several girls from the fan circle said that the blogger used to be fine after blackening other stars. It hasn’t been long since he sent the gossip about Lu Wan and his account was immediately blocked……

This showed that the other party was the young lady without any doubt.

The girls from the fan circle should also thank Lu Wan. After all, the scourge had been completely eradicated this time.

In the comment section, students of Ning County’s No. 1 High School spoke one after another.

Lu Wan used to study in Ning County’s No. 1 High School. She ranked first in every exam and studied very hard. Later, she was taken back by her biological parents.

Piecing everything according to several comments— Lu Wan had been living outside and was only found back half a year ago.

This big melon had shocked many people.

That explained why the food on Lu Wan’s Weibo was very plain.

There’s been scattered voices saying this before, but it’s been ignored.

It wasn’t until today that Lu Wan was on the hot search that it came to light.


Lu Wan had been sitting on the chair for a long time. When she was taking a break after stretching her muscles, she took out her mobile phone and saw the WeChat messages. Only then did she found out about what’s happening.

What once existed would definitely leave traces.

Lu Wan felt nothing, after all, it was all true, and she didn’t feel that she was pitiful before.

Once the heat passed, people would naturally pay attention to other things and forget about her.


On the other side, Lu Buyu was sweating profusely on the treadmill.

After receiving a call from his manager, he slowed down and opened Weibo.

Looking for a moment, he got off the treadmill and sat on the ground.

At nine o’clock in the evening, Lu Buyu sent a post.

“I’m a celebrity. I can and must bear public opinion, but she’s a regular person, so I hope everyone won’t pay too much attention to her private life.”

This Weibo post had more than 500,000 likes in just ten minutes.

Fans were very excited. Although Brother Yu was silly and sweet, there must be a time when he should take charge!

Brother is super handsome! He’s still useful!

Ten minutes later, Lu Buyu commented on his Weibo again: Although I may not be as good at counting as Lu Wan, her singing is definitely not as good as mine.

He would never admit defeat!

The atmosphere in the comment section suddenly lightened up and there were fans who said they didn’t believe it unless he sang it to them individually.

Passersby were also advocating eating melons rationally, since Little Sister was still a high school student.

Discuss a few words and be done with it, there’s no need to keep digging deeper.

Firstly, the other person was not a celebrity, and secondly, they were not related to her.

No one would like to be watched by many with a magnifying glass and be discussed afterwards.

Besides, no matter who it was, they couldn’t say that there was no issue or that they hadn’t done any mistake at all.

There were also some people who were clinging to it, but found that several Weibo posts discussing this matter had been deleted and could only gave up.

This was not the first time a private party had been exposed, so everyone didn’t think there was a problem.

They thought it was because the two had a good relationship and didn’t think in the direction of them being a family at all.

Because Lu Bainian stood far away, he didn’t appear in the video, and he also didn’t speak.

If not, it might not be certain.

After all, no matter how good the relationship between Lu Wan and Lu Buyu was, it’s fine to meet in private, but taking the other person to see their father…… was still a bit too intimate.

If it was not to meet the parents, it could only mean that they have the same parents.


Lu Wan got up the next day and went to the kitchen early.

Yesterday they bought ten catties of garlic, which was just right for making sweet garlic.

It was simple and effortless to do, and also avoids wasting.

This was what she learned from her adoptive mother. That woman used to run a business and she always helped out.

Half an hour later, Lu Buyu ran down in his pajamas.

He glanced at the kitchen, rubbed his eyes and said, “There’s bread and milk in the fridge. You can just fry two eggs and put less oil.”

Lu Wan: “No, I want fried eggs and bacon, and I also want stir-fried beef with green peppers alongside noodles.”

Lu Buyu looked frightened. “……You eat so much in the morning? Are you a pig?”

Lu Wan: “You don’t have to eat it.”

Fifteen minutes later, Lu Buyu finished a bowl of beef noodles, and after counting the calories…… he began to regret it again.

Lu Wan was too much. If Aunt Zhang doesn’t come back, he would gain ten pounds.

After the family had breakfast, they held a short meeting on ‘how to solve the meal’.

Breakfast was very simple, after all, milk and bread were delivered regularly.

The Lu family’s husband and wife settled their lunch at the company and at the research institute, while Lu Wan was at school, and Lu Buyu ignores it.

As for the dinner……

Lu Bainian: “Your mom is just very busy, so you can have dinner with a client, or let the assistant order it. Wanwan can come to my institute’s cafeteria to eat.”

Zhao Jianing bought a house here because the distance from Lu Bainian’s workplace was very close.

It took only ten minutes by electric bike.

Back then, she fell in love with the young, beautiful and serious researcher at first sight, and decided to take good care of him and not let him suffer even a little.

Lu Bainian said that electric bike was convenient and could be park anywhere, so every day he would get out of a villa worth millions and rode an electric bike to work.

He insisted on this. The Mercedes-Benz that President Zhao bought was basically used as a decoration in the garage and was rarely used.

Lu Bainian was usually very frugal, does not smoke or drink, and rarely spends money, but even so, it does not make people think that his family was ordinary.

After all, the T-shirts that this old man wore probably cost tens of thousands.

There were quite a few discerning people among the researchers. If Professor Lu’s family was ordinary, he wouldn’t last for a year. Basically, the money he got was just enough for him to buy his own clothes……

Before, there were students marvelling at the new arrivals that were freshly off the runway and the next day, it appeared on their professor.

Not to mention that it looked great on him, no worse than the model.

They wondered if it’s because of Professor Lu’s outstanding appearance that he could wear clothes nicely.

Or was it the quality and design of those clothes that made him look better?

Lu Buyu: “What about me? Then where shall I go for dinner? Can I go to the research institute?”

Lu Bainian: “Didn’t you just say that you will never eat late again? There you go.”

Lu Buyu: “……So you guys haven’t considered me?”

Lu Bainian hesitated for two seconds, but he still couldn’t speak too directly, so he said tactfully, “You should lose weight. The figure management for performers are very strict. Besides, if you come to the institute, everyone will know that you’re my son, which is too conspicuous.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

So am I really the stone of your love?



After school, Lu Wan took the subway to the institute.

Lu Bainian had already told the guard that his daughter would come in the afternoon and proudly showed him her photo.

Lu Wan went in smoothly.

There was a dormitory building inside so the cafeteria provides three meals a day.

The food was quite good with the combination of meat and vegetables, and has a balanced nutrition.

Everyone also knew that Old Lu’s daughter was here today so they all went up to amuse the little girl.

Not bad. Few young people could eat so well anymore.

Being able to eat was a blessing.

After dinner, Lu Bainian drove the small electric bike home with Lu Wan.


In the dining room, Lu Buyu was chopping salad gloomily.

Was there any mistake? He’s a top star! Why would a comedy program extend an invitation to him?

Were they so rich that they could afford his talent fee?

His agent was very hilarious and had no professionalism at all. He didn’t filter out this kind of stuff directly but instead asked him if he wanted to take it?

Although he’s versatile and could handle any situation, he would never accept a comedy program.

Seeing the two people coming in, Lu Buyu asked with a gloomy face, “What have you eaten today? ……Just asking.”

“Pork cubes with sauce, braised pork with potatoes, steamed fish head with chopped bell pepper, water spinach, stir-fried Chinese yam and fish soup.”

Lu Buyu: “Wow, all the ones I like to eat.”

Lu Wan: “Then you go to the cafeteria with me tomorrow.”

Lu Buyu thought for a while, then asked again, “By the way, what did Old Lu’s colleagues say to you? Did they think you don’t look like a girl? You eat too much like a puffer fish.”

“……No, they chatted with me about mathematics and the project I’m currently working on. Well, an uncle gave me two very interesting math problems.” Lu Wan said while taking out the notebook and handing it to the other person.

The elders she met today were all outstanding, the kind whose resumes could be made into papers.

Lu Buyu refused to reach out for it.

In fact, you don’t have to show me, I can’t still understand it.

Lu Wan: “Everyone is very kind. Some uncles even asked me to choose their subjects in the future to be my doctoral supervisor.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

What kind of kindness was that? It’s obviously scary!

Lu Bainian smiled and said, “It’s because our Wanwan is amazing.”

His old colleagues almost got into an argument. He originally thought it was a joke, but unexpectedly, they were all quite serious.

But how could that be possible?

If Lu Wan was to choose a major, it could only be with him, and their father and daughter pair would publish a joint paper.

Those greedy people could give birth to daughters themselves.

Seeing that Lu Buyu fell silent, Lu Wan said, “Actually, you won’t get fat if you eat a bit.”

Lu Buyu buried his head and began to munch on the salad. “No, I just love eating salad. I won’t go.”

When that time came, what would he do if the group of old men surrounded him and asked various questions?

Why talk about mathematics when eating? And they would still give him questions to bring back?

Lu Wan: “……”

Didn’t you just say that they were all the dishes you like? Such a big person, how could he be as changeable as the weathercock?




An introvert rabbit who wants to hide in a hole every time.

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