Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 85

Lu Buyu went back to the kitchen with an empty plate.

He didn’t want to continue the topic.

Today’s salad was delivered by his assistant.

Xiao Zhao knew that the fire in the Lu family’s kitchen wasn’t operating at night and he was so happy that he almost jumped up!

In this way, Brother Yu wouldn’t eat secretly!

When the assistant left, he specifically explained, “Brother Yu, you must avoid food. It only takes a week for you to gain weight, and you will be on tour soon. In a few days you also have to take pictures.”

Most importantly, after his last concert, it was agreed that he would show off his abs!

Domestic female artists had very strict body management, while male artists were a little bit worse off. Although also very thin, their muscle lines were generally not good enough, and once their clothes were off they look like white cut chickens.

Lu Buyu was a top star and his figure was among the top few. He looked thin when dressed and had flesh when he undresses. His business capability had been always present.

This time, the requirements were stricter because of the need to show the abdominal muscles.

However, he really loves food.


When Lu Wan made breakfast the next day, she deliberately didn’t put oil to Lu Buyu’s eggs.

In addition, she roasted garlic, pumpkin and mushrooms.

“You can eat this without getting fat. I calculated that 350 grams of this is only about 200 calories.”

Lu Buyu ate a mushroom and a piece of pumpkin.

“This is good! It’s much better than lettuce salad! You should make this tomorrow too! Make it for me every day from now on.”

“Let’s see. If you’re obedient, you can have them occasionally.” Lu Wan stood up after speaking and picked up the bag hanging on back of the chair.

“I’m off to class. See you later.”

Lu Buyu looked at Lu Wan’s back.

“Wait, speak clearly. What do you mean ‘obedient’?”

How can you talk to your older brother like this?

Lu Wan: “For example, now, don’t squirm or talk while you’re eating. Keep your head down and eat your breakfast.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

You’re too much ah.

President Zhao, who was drinking coffee, laughed out loud.

She didn’t control her son much, nor did she demand that he must be outstanding.

After Lu Wan got lost, she even spoiled Lu Buyu a little, thinking that as long as the child could stay with her, he would live a safe life, be upright and kind, and she wouldn’t demand anything else.

It’s just that Lu Buyu was too active and he took the initiative to learn many things.

For instance— swimming, piano, and even dancing.

Dancing was an accident. Zhao Jianing originally wanted him to learn taekwondo or something as a boy, so that he could strengthen his body and defend himself.

But Lu Buyu doesn’t like taekwondo. He was very interested in the Latin and modern dance downstairs.

It just so happened that the dance and the taekwondo teacher were husband and wife.

The husband shook his head repeatedly. Why was the child so listless in class?

The wife was pleasantly surprised. The little boy was talented and his dance moves were spot on.

As he learned and learned, Lu Buyu joined a string of classes.

He studied dancing for a year and a half until he lost interest and went to horseback riding and archery.

Except studying, he was proficient in everything.

Zhao Jianing shrugged. There was a reason why her son was so blindly confident and outgoing, and even able to be an artist now.

The younger sister was rather better at educating her elder brother than she was.


Shangde High School’s National Day celebration has reached the final selection stage.

Lu Wan would make a guest appearance in the Drama Club’s show.

The knight who came out at the end with only one line.

She felt that she was really not outstanding, but the other side valued her height, so she reluctantly agreed.

Haley was looking forward to it. This time there should be no problem.

No one would jump out again and push his head away while they’re performing a kissing scene.

But…… only when he came on stage did Haley found out that the script had been changed?

The final kiss on the cheek was actually changed to a bow??


“Why change it? There’s no problem with a kiss on the cheek. Our school has an international department. It’s just common etiquette ah. Why be so conservative?”

The distressed Haley found the scriptwriter and questioned repeatedly.

The scriptwriter classmate said carefully, “There’s nothing I can do about it. This is suggested by the student council. They said that the city leaders will come to watch that day so it’s not appropriate.”

Haley: “???”

The student council of Shangde High School wasn’t just a decoration and had as much say as the parents committee.

The student council regularly collects the opinions of students and sends representatives to communicate with the school. After several discussions, if the school thought it was appropriate, they would make suitable changes.

Haley was not familiar with the current student council president, but the previous president who stepped down because she was now a senior…… was Ms. Su Rao!

Ah! Damn it! He had reason to suspect that the other party did this on purpose!

Haley was going crazy. Why were they doing this to him, this cute red panda?

Once, twice, thrice…… Was this destiny?

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. Haley sneered with his hands on his hips.

Lu Wan: “Are you okay? You have…… brain fever?”

It’s kind of weird to just stand there while sneering.

“Horny[1]sounds like fever? Yeah, I was just thinking about it.” Haley smiled.

Everyone in the drama club: “???”

You really are Zhang Haley.

The next performance after the Drama Club was from the Music Club.

This time it was the National Day celebration, and in keeping with the theme, the Music Club prepared a big ensemble.

Lu Wan has heard it a few times and felt that they could sell tickets.

The sound they make felt like it was coming from the clouds. But again, it’s a pity that she doesn’t know how to play any musical instruments.

When stepping off the stage, Lu Wan happened to pass by Chen Nianqing.

She smiled and greeted him.

Holding a case in his hand, Chen Nianqing stopped. “You did a good job just now.”

Lu Wan: “Thanks for the compliment. You’re also very good. Do you only play classical music?”

She only heard it for ten seconds…… How could she tell that it’s good?

Was she only exchanging praises?

Chen Nianqing: “Then what do you want to hear?”

Lu Wan hesitated for a moment. “Actually, I really want to hear a pop song played with the cello. It’s Shen Huailin’s song.”

Zhao Yihang took a step forward. “Lu Wan, stop talking nonsense. It’s simply a blasphemy of music!”

Lu Wan shrugged. Chen Nianqing asked so she just said it casually.

If it’s no good, then it was so. Why was he so fierce?

Lu Wan waved her hand. “Then I’m leaving. You should go up.”

Chen Nianqing watched the other party walk away, then drew back his eyes and look down as if absorbed in thought.

Zhao Yihang: “Let’s go, President. It’s time to prepare.”

Chen Nianqing: “Just now you talked too much.”

Zhao Yihang: “……”

What happened? He didn’t think he said anything wrong, right?

He had a bad premonition. Was his house going to collapse again?


The day before the National Day happened to be the monthly exam for the seniors.

Lu Wan did a good job in language and she felt that her composition was quite fluid.

She had a hunch that her score wouldn’t be low this time.

The National Day celebration would be held at 7:30 pm, and there were no classes in the afternoon.

Lu Wan changed her clothes and looked down.

She didn’t know where the Drama Club got the knight outfit, but it’s pretty decent.

This afternoon, students were either in the auditorium or they already went home.

The school invited the parents to watch the celebration, so it was extra crowded.

Lu Wan was bored waiting. She still had several hours before she get on stage so she wanted to go back to the classroom to get her earphones.

In this way, she could listen to French and make use of her spare time.

She was now able to keep up with the progress of the school’s French elective class.

The students who took the elective together with her were all shocked. Wasn’t this too fast?

Lu Wan obviously didn’t understand anything last semester. This happened in one summer vacation?

As expected of you, President Lu!

Along the way, Lu Wan was greeted by many people.

There were students from the school, as well as parents who were watching today’s celebration.

This was not surprising. Most parents basically knew the names of the top three students in the whole grade where their children attend.

What’s more, Lu Wan was on a variety show competition.

She was well-known among the parents and was mentioned as many times as Chen Nianqing.

When others greeted her, Lu Wan would respond with a smile.

Song Qianqian was completely amazed.

She had seen the rehearsal of the Drama Club several times before, but Lu Wan didn’t put on costume, so she didn’t feel any different.

……Wearing boots and a white knight outfit today, she was too cool!

The advantages of her long limbs were fully displayed!

Lu Wan has a tall and straight figure, and her neutral clothes completely magnified the heroic spirit in her brows.

Her hair was much longer, untrimmed and the unevenness was quite random.

Although one could tell that she’s a girl at a glance, so what?!

Song Qianqian was almost in tears. Too handsome.

The classmate in charge of costumes was also very good at it! They seem to know what everyone wanted to see! Worth rewarding a small red flower!

She couldn’t resist taking out her mobile phone to take a few photos and submitted them to the school forum.

Such a cool President Lu, she cannot be killed alone.

The public account quickly released the submission.

The newly released content was all kinds of highlights of today’s preparation for the party. There were more than a dozen photos, including two of Lu Wan.

One front view and one distant back view, neatly dressed in knight attire.

The last two photos brought the discussion up at once.

【Already silently saved President Lu’s photo.】

【I’m tired of saying the words ‘I can’. Please President Lu, when will you make the arrangements?】

【The Drama Club is awesome! This look is so great!】

【She’s so handsome that I broke into an auntie smile. My dad also praised President Lu for her good looks……】

【Is there no photo of Chen Nianqing? He’s dressed in black today, also super handsome.】

【As we all know, the Music Club has always been aloof. It’s very difficult to get a picture of Idol. Forget about it, let’s just look at President Lu.】


Lu Wan stood in the corridor, looking down at the door handle.

It’s strange how the classroom was locked from the inside……

Both front and back doors.

The security of the school was very good. The corridors were monitored and there were security patrols at night. They had never lost anything, so there was no need to lock the door at all.

When coming on her way here, the doors of other classrooms were also open.

The more Lu Wan thought about it, the more she thought that something was off, so she walked to the window and stood on tiptoe to look inside.

The windows of the classroom were frosted on the bottom, allowing light to pass through but assuring that one couldn’t see inside.

However, except for the season when the air conditioner had to be turned on, the windows were all open, so it doesn’t matter.

The windows were closed today but the top row was transparent.

Lu Wan stood on tiptoe, trying to look inside……

Yeah, there were indeed people inside.

Well, it’s better if she hadn’t seen them. She shouldn’t have persisted on getting her earphones.


In Class 4’s homeroom.

Lin Niannian, Yu Shuai, and the other two male students looked at each other in panic.

Lin Niannian said that she wanted to watch Shangde High School’s National Day celebration. She’d been studying at the school for most of the semester and had been looking forward to it.

She also promised her grandmother that she would take pictures to show her when the time came.

She still hadn’t told her grandmother that she’s transferred out of Shangde High School.

When Lin Niannian and Yu Shuai met in private, she casually mentioned that she wanted to go.

Yu Shuai was very emotional and said passionately, “Why don’t I take you to see it?”

Lin Niannian was stunned. “Is that all right?”

“It’s okay. There will be many parents on that day. The guards are not strict, and don’t you have Shangde’s school uniform?”

“Nothing will happen, right?”

“You’re coming to see the celebration, not to do anything else, so relax.” Yu Shuai reassured.

This late afternoon, with the help of two other boys, Yu Shuai managed to sneak Lin Niannian inside the school.

They were afraid of being seen by other students so they hid in the classroom.

The teaching building was basically empty and relatively safe.

Several people deliberately closed the door to hide from public view. They were thinking about taking Lin Niannian to the auditorium once the performance officially started and everyone’s attention were on the stage.

Just then they heard the sound of the doorknob rattling. They didn’t expect that a few seconds later, Lu Wan’s face…… would appear on the window without warning.

Several people: “……”

This was simply too suffocating.


1 sounds like fever


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