Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 87

Xu Yao was a sports student and moves fast. He ran off and came back in five minutes.

He bought 3 bottles of 1.5 liters cola.

Lu Wan coughed, her eyes sparkling.

“Nice. Don’t we have cantaloupe today? It’s on the plate. Everyone can eat melon while ‘eating melon’.”

Everyone: “……”

They could tell that President Lu was very happy to eat melons. Her brows and the corner of her eyes were full of smile.

Hey, her smile was pretty bright and good-looking.

Xu Yao couldn’t help reminding her, “Hey, hey, hey! Restrain yourself.”

“Oh, all right.” Lu Wan took a big sip of cola. So refreshing ah!

She couldn’t resist singing out, “Been waiting for a long time and finally it’s today~[1]Today by Andy Lau

Everyone: “……”

Come on…… Her singing was quite good.

Lu Wan was gloating. She had nothing to hide anyway.

After all, the whole school knew about Jiang Boyang’s several conflicts with her.

That foolish guy was a nuisance and a pain in the *ss.

In Lu Wan’s eyes, Jiang Boyang was mentally ill. He usually looked normal, but when he gets sick, he’s simply……

The key point was if he is normal. A crazy person going crazy, there’s really no way around it.

She didn’t want to associate with him at all.

Su Rao shook her head and said, “I asked about the situation. After Lin Niannian was taken to the security office, she kept crying and didn’t answer any question. The security stated that they were only detaining her according to regulations and won’t do anything else. It was then that Jiang Boyang arrived. However, the security wouldn’t agree to let the person go until things were clear and that’s when the two sides had friction. It was also Jiang Boyang who started the fight.”

Lu Wan repeatedly nodded. “Then it must be dealt with seriously in accordance with the school regulations so as to serve as an example to others.”

Wonderful! Lin Niannian sneaked into the school illegally so she should go to the police station this minute!

Wonderful! That idiot Jiang Boyang dared to fight at school, why doesn’t he get lost this time?

This was simply wonderful.

That pair of Mary Sue were taken away by a wave this time and the most crucial point was that it didn’t implicate her.

She could eat melon comfortably.

Lu Wan really wanted to clap her hands but she restrained herself, otherwise her face would crack from laughter.

It’s best if they entangled themselves as the Mary Sue hero and heroine and never appear in front of her again.

Disappear into the horizon.

To be honest, Lu Wan still couldn’t fully understand how the brain of these two people in love works, as well as the kick of Mary Sue’s.

This was much more difficult to understand than a math problem and it gave people goosebumps just thinking about it.


Yu Shuai wanted to leave but Zhao Yan wouldn’t just let it go.

She and her female friends detained him.

The teacher was immediately notified.

Splashing a girl with water was a very ungentlemanly thing to do.

What’s more, neither Lu Wan nor Zhao Yan was at fault, which made it even more unjustifiable.

So…… Yu Shuai should be splashing Su Rao since she was the one who reported it.

But Su Rao was a school goddess, the most popular among the boys.

If he dared do so, he would never leave the school unscathed.

Su Rao didn’t feel that she did anything wrong. She wasn’t too fond of Lin Niannian, but this time, she was focused on the issue rather than the person.

It’s fine for Lin Niannian to just come to the school.

But she was a girl and locked herself in a classroom alone with three male students in an empty school building.

It wouldn’t sound good if word got out.

Men and women should avoid suspicion.

Even if Lin Niannian thought it was okay, didn’t the other three boys think it was wrong?

Su Rao didn’t tell this matter because she didn’t want strange rumors to spread.

She already held back so the other party could save face.

Carrying two bottles of cola, Lu Wan totally opened a banquet on the backstage.

While a group of students went to perform, another group of students came to eat melons and drink cola— they took turns for several rounds.

After the cola was all gone, it was time for the Drama Club to take the stage.

Although Lu Wan only came out in the last ten seconds, her white knight outfit made a deep impression.

Her eyes and brows carried their own style.

Making the audience feel that…… it’s no wonder the prince would fall in love with her at a glance, this script was completely convincing!

Who could resist the charm of such a female knight?

The audience took out their mobile phones. All of them were taking pictures and the sound of shutters came and went.

There were boys and girls— and also the parents of the students.

From the parents’ point of view, this child was not only handsome, but also had such good grades, which was simply too pleasing to the eye.

The other family’s child!

After the play’s curtain call, Lu Wan didn’t plan to watch the rest of the show anymore but decided to go home early with her parents to rest.

She finished changing her clothes and was just about to leave.

Once again, she got called.

Jiang Boyang started a fight at school and the school authorities had already called his parents.

Madam Jiang rushed to the scene.

The school didn’t record the trouble he made last time.

But it’s already been agreed that he would transfer to another school if something like this happened one more time.

Jiang Boyang didn’t care. So what if he transferred to another school? He just couldn’t swallow this.

The other two brainless members of the ‘F3’ group were upset and defiant.

Qu Yue, who had exceeded his limit, asked, “Why? Lu Wan had beaten people several times but she wasn’t expelled? It’s not fair!”

He Zilu: “That’s right. You can’t make Ah Bo transfer.”

Madam Jiang also didn’t want her son to transfer schools. First, Shangde’s education was really good. Second, if Jiang Boyang withdrew from the school, it wouldn’t look good on her.

The teacher who was handling the matter was very helpless and angry. Why were they involving others?

The teacher asked Lu Wan to cooperate in providing an explanation if she was free.

Of course Lu Wan was free to watch the excitement, so she would go right away.

She couldn’t let others slander her for no reason and she could also watch the show without admission fee!

There were quite a few people standing at the security office when Lu Wan and Xu Yao arrived.

Lin Niannian who had stopped crying, Jiang Boyang with a gloomy face, Madam Jiang with a frosty face, He Zilu and Qu Chang, as well as the teachers and grade director handling this matter.

It’s refreshing to watch the excitement from the sideline.

Lu Wan: “Don’t slander me by talking nonsense. I’ll send a lawyer’s letter to sue you.”

She wasn’t as idiotic as Jiang Boyang to get into a fight at school.

And even if she did it outside of school, she wouldn’t leave any traces.

If there were no traces, it never happened.

Lu Wan wasn’t an aggressive person and never thought that violence was the solution to everything.

Some people do wrong things, maybe because their parents didn’t teach them well, or no one had told them the right way.

It’s not advisable to start a fight as soon as one arrives.

Clarify the issue with the other party first, and then do so if it doesn’t work.

After all, she was not Jiang Boyang, nor does she have bipolar disorder.

Lu Wan said with a smile, “Again, stop slandering me. We are different. I have said everything that needs to be said. Take your time talking. I’m leaving.”

Madam Jiang almost couldn’t breathe. She looked at Lin Niannian with venomous eyes.

It was this girl. She didn’t know what kind of potion she gave her son.

Such a person wanted to marry into the Jiang family? It’s fantasy.

Madam Jiang not only hated Lin Niannian, but also the boys who brought Lin Niannian in. If it wasn’t for them, this wouldn’t have happened.

Although the Jiang family couldn’t offend the Lu family, it was more than enough to teach these people a lesson.


1 Today by Andy Lau


An introvert rabbit who wants to hide in a hole every time.

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