Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 88

Though Lu Wan was asked to explain the situation, she wasn’t any less happy.

As a person who always got hit even when lying down, it was the first time she had experienced the feeling of ‘fanning the flames while watching the excitement’.

It’s great!

Leaving from the security office, Xu Yao reminded, “Control yourself. Your face will get torn from smiling too much.”

Lu Wan: “That’s not true. Hahaha.”

She was already very restrained, otherwise when she was in the security office just now, she would have laugh out loud.

But it would not be good, after all, except for her and Xu Yao, everyone else had a straight face and the atmosphere was very tense.

Thinking about it for a while, Xu Yao felt that it’s actually kind of funny.

“I thought I’m the one who’s likely to get expelled, but I didn’t expect that idiot Jiang Boyang to f*ck off first.”

The two looked at each other. Their happiness was very simple, for example, seeing someone they hate became unlucky.


Song Qianqian found them and saw the two people standing under the streetlight laughing maniacally. She was a little unresponsive.

Lu Wan coughed, rubbed her face and said, “All right, let’s go back to the auditorium.”

Xu Yao: “Uh-huh. My cheek hurts from laughing.”

Song Qianqian: “……”

It seemed she had nothing to worry about. These two were laughing so happily, so they were obviously fine.

Song Qianqian: “President Lu, you’re going home now? You won’t watch our Music Club’s performance?”

Lu Wan: “Yes, my parents have to get up early for work tomorrow. It’s too late.”

The final ensemble was set at eleven o’clock.

After driving home and washing up, it would be the early hours. Professor Lu and President Zhao would have to get up earlier.

Able people were always busy.

Song Qianqian: “But uncle and aunt said that they want to finish watching today’s celebration before leaving.”

Lu Wan: “Oh, then I’ll just wait.”

She could walk around casually. Every time she goes to school, it was during the day. At night, it had a different look, which was very fresh.

Song Qianqian: “Where are you going, President Lu?”

“The stadium, anywhere, there are stars today.”

Song Qianqian: “Don’t go to the stadium. There are couples dating there. Are you going to be a light bulb? Why don’t you go to the Music Club with me?”

The auditorium was at the bottom of the hill and the Music Club was on the top.

The building on the hill was mostly practice rooms, so it was secluded.

Although it was more appropriate to call it a large mound rather than a hill. It’s only a few minutes’ walk to the top.

The Music Club’s performance was the last one and it was still early.

There was not much place to sit backstage, so they haven’t come down yet.

Xu Yao frowned. “Go to what Music Club? Come on, Lu Wan, let’s go have supper and drinks.”

Song Qianqian gave Xu Yao a look. She then persuaded, “Let’s go, there are many musical instruments over there. I can teach you how to play harmonica? It’s easier to learn.”

Lu Wan thought it was fine. She nodded.

After all, there have been several rehearsals for the celebration and she’d seen all the shows, so she wasn’t very interested in them anymore.

Song Qianqian joyfully led the way. Xu Yao followed despite his expression of reluctance.

The building was well soundproofed and the noise from the bottom of the hill couldn’t be heard.

There were even art students practicing piano at this time, which showed that many people were working hard.

The Music Club was on the far right of the second floor.

Song Qianqian pushed the door and went in. A dozen people inside were chatting.

“Everybody, give a quick welcome. I brought a guest over.”

Everyone in the office looked up and saw Lu Wan. Their eyes lit up instantly.

“You’re here, President Lu.”

“I just finished watching the video of your performance today and the real person came.”

“Welcome, welcome!”

The students’ line of sight moved backwards and saw Xu Yao following…… Their focus returned on Lu Wan.

“Today’s knight costume is so handsome. I really want you to have that style for a longer time.”

“President Lu, are you sure you’ll be the first in this monthly exam?”

Xu Yao: “……”

Sh*t. Was he air?

Of course Xu Yao wasn’t air. Some people in the Music Club still appreciate this kind of wheat-colored muscular man.

They were simply chatting and several students asked if they could touch his chest muscles.

Xu Yao: “……”

Please let him be air. Why were some of them so similar to Haley?

Chen Nianqing, who was sitting at the back, came over, and the surrounding voices gradually decreased before finally turning quiet.

Chen Nianqing looked at Lu Wan and asked, “Are you here to hear me play the cello?”

Lu Wan: “Ah, no.”

She heard that Chen Nianqing didn’t like being disturbed when practicing, so usually a group of boys and girls would stand outside the practice room to listen attentively through the wall.

Where would she have such confidence?

Chen Nianqing: “You said you wanted me to play a pop song on the cello—Shen Huailin’s song.”

Lu Wan: “It’s just a casual remark.”

Chen Nianqing: “So, you don’t want to hear it now?”

“Ah?” Lu Wan was a little surprised. She didn’t understand why the other party was asking such a question.

Song Qianqian clasped her hands together and said incredulously, “Are you going to play a pop song, Club Pres? I’m super excited!”

After saying that, she tapped Lu Wan, “Club Pres is ready. Aren’t you going to accept and listen to him play?”

 Lu Wan: “……Okay, but can I?”

Chen Nianqing laughed softly, “Why not?”

Everyone: “???”

What’s this situation? The Music Club members’ hearts instantly surged with emotions.

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Chen Nianqing would actually use his sky-high priced cello…… to play a pop song?!

Everyone from the Music Club was dressed in formal attire for the performance. The boys were wearing uniformed white shirts with a simple cut and no patterns.

There were many examples of people who wear white shirts such as salesmen, waiters and barbers……

Chen Nianqing had a clear temperament, a tall and straight figure, and could wear the simplest white shirt in a fresh and ascetic way. The whole person looked like orchids and jade trees[1]symbols of young men’s good conduct; a child with splendid future prospects.

As though he was different from others.

He took the cello out of its case and sat down, his slender, white fingers on the bow.

Everyone held their breath.

Xu Yao frowned, but although he was dissatisfied, he didn’t speak.

Planet Band had been very popular, and once the melody came out, most people could recognize that this was one of the band’s masterpiece, 《Torn Up》.

This was a somewhat mournful song. The cello had a wide range and was the instrument closest to the human voice, which could very well render the emotion of sorrow.

This piece was an adaptation of a pop song. It wasn’t as somber as the classical one Chen Nianqing previously played, but was still magnificent.

Very different from his usual style, today’s sound was warm as jade, paying more attention to lyricism, delicate and full.

The light was hitting his white shirt and the youth exuded a charming elegance.

Although his temperament was ascetic, the moment he lifted his eyes between playing, he seemed to be able to attract other people’s soul.

The two people’s eyes met and Lu Wan was taken aback, wondering if the other party was looking at her?

But she dismissed it in the next second. Probably not, he was looking at the entire audience area.

After the song ended, several seconds passed and the whole room was still very quiet.

Xu Yao took a deep breath and broke the calm, “Not bad.”

Everyone in the Music Club was amazed.

It could only be said that their club president was worthy of being the president! It took only a few days to arrange the tune and play it so well.

They offer their knees to the great master.

The hormones in the whole room were a bit too high. It goes without saying that the girls were enraptured. The boys looked at each other and were slightly relieved upon realizing that everyone was thinking the same thing.

They were really doomed. Just now their hearts were actually moved that they almost got bent.

He had that kind of charm that couldn’t be resisted even by the same sex. It’s really amazing!

Holy sh*t, it’s as if Chen Nianqing’s whole body was shining. They were about to doubt their sexual orientation.

Chen Nianqing put the cello back, walked up to Lu Wan slowly and asked, “What do you think?”

“Planet Band is great, right? After so many years, this song still sounds good when played on the cello!” Lu Wan was a bit moved and praised sincerely.

This was a song written by the lead singer of the band, Shen Huailin, together with the bassist. It was also a song that Lu Wan likes very much.

Chen Nianqing looked at the other person closely. “The songs they wrote are very good, but what about my arrangement? You don’t have any comment?”

Lu Wan: “Of course you are also very good! Your playing is so great that I’d like to pay you money.”

Chen Nianqing laughed. “It’s not necessary. I don’t sell my art.”

Everyone: “……”

What the hell was this situation?

Idol was toooooo abnormal today, so it shouldn’t be their misunderstanding.

He usually doesn’t show his strengths, but he was obviously being…… alluring.

Although President Lu was very calm, they, the bystanders already screamed over 100 decibels in their hearts.

“You play very well. Really. If there’s anything you need help with, you can call me.” Lu Wan said with a smile.

Her meaning was clear. If anyone troubles you in the future, just come to me!

Chen Nianqing: “Okay.”

Song Qianqian came back to her senses and quickly urged Lu Wan, “What other songs do you want to hear? Hurry up and tell our president. He can play it for you next time.”

Lu Wan thought for a while. It shouldn’t be good to be like this all the time, so she shook her head, “No more.”

“There must be some. Pop music played on the cello is completely different from what you usually listens to.”

“Yeah, say it.”

“Or how about other songs by Planet Band?”

Other members of the Music Club tried to persuade her. It’s rare for the great master to come down to earth.

Although they couldn’t obtain the other person, it’s still very good to listen to his music!

Lu Wan felt bad. She turned to look at Chen Nianqing. Her intention was to make the other party refuse quickly.

Chen Nianqing apparently didn’t get it. He asked, “So, what else do you want to hear?”


Then in that case…… Lu Wan smiled and said, “《Drunken Butterfly》!”

Music Club members: “???”

Chen Nianqing: “What’s this song?”

Song Qianqian: “It’s not a song! Club Pres don’t know it. Alright, it’s almost time now. We should go to the auditorium.”

“Yeah, go, go, go.”

“Lu Wan was joking!”

Everyone in the Music Club reminded that it was time to go to the auditorium to divert from this topic.

An idol was an idol. It’s fine to go down to earth, but it’s not good to be too down-to-earth!

Lu Wan: “……”

Well, she could see that everyone was doing it on purpose.

In fact, the song was pretty nice. Lu Buyu resisted it at first, later on, he would hum a few lines whenever he had nothing to eat.


Lu Buyu sat alone in the huge living room.

Well, forget that the whole family left him alone at home, Lu Wan promised to be back by 9:30 pm. It’s almost 12 o’clock, but she still hasn’t come back.

The couple went to park the car and Lu Wan went ahead them.

She opened the door and saw the person sitting in the living room. It gave her a start. Doesn’t this guy go to bed at ten o’clock every day? Saying something about sleeping late would cause swelling and was bad for the skin.

Lu Buyu sneered, “You guys still know how to come back, huh?”

Lu Wan was stunned. Why was he going crazy again? She doesn’t seem to have offended him, right?

Lu Buyu folded his hands with a lofty look on his face. “Old Lu has never attended my school party before, but today he went to yours, and I was the only one left behind.”

President Zhao was very busy with work and so was Professor Lu. It’s been a little bit better in recent years, but he used to have basically no rest all year round.

Either working on a project or working on a paper, completely neglecting his wife and son.

The couple let Lu Buyu grow up on his own and rarely even attended parent-teacher meetings. After all, their son was very cheerful and worry-free.

Lu Buyu had a big heart and he always felt that it was nothing, but…… today he felt that something wasn’t right!

Lu Wan: “……”

Well, she finally understood that the other party was upset.

Lu Buyu was jealous. If the three people came back at 9:30, he would have no problem.

But they did not! A person was inevitably prone to crazy thoughts.

He was jealous that the couple went to Lu Wan’s school because they had never gone to his school before.

And he was also jealous that the couple could go to Lu Wan’s school party while he had to stay at home alone?

Hehe, he’s the dream of millions of girls! As the dream of so many people, why could he not be seen?

Lu Buyu was actually very sleepy. He waited here with his eyelids propped up just to ask a few questions.

Lu Wan: “Only parents are invited to watch the ceremony today. If you want to go to my school, you can attend my graduation ceremony and we can take pictures together.”

“Ah? Really?” Lu Buyu raised his eyes and looked at the other person, then thought that he had to restrain himself. He asked nonchalantly, “You want me to go?”

Lu Wan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Yes, I do.”

Lu Buyu had a straight face. “Since you’re sincerely inviting me, I’ll see if I have free time. Let’s talk about it then. I’m not sure I’ll be there.”

Lu Wan: “Okay.”

Lu Buyu glanced at her, stood up and walked upstairs.

Lu Wan: “Mom and Dad will come in soon, aren’t you going to greet them?”

That’s…… all it took?

Lu Buyu thought for a few seconds, waved his hand and said, “No need. I’m going to sleep. Who wants to eat dog food in the middle of the night?”

Lu Wan shrugged it off. Whatever you like.

As soon as Lu Buyu left, the couple came in. The two were holding hands. It really was a big bowl of dog food.

“I’m going to sleep.” Lu Wan kept her eyes on her old father’s neck and decided to keep silent.

Lu Buyu was right to leave just now.

“Why did she leave?” Lu Bainian asked.

Zhao Jianing turned her head and was startled when she saw the lipstick mark on her husband’s face.

They went to see their daughter’s school celebration today and were very emotional. They were talking about it in the car just now…… and ended up kissing.

They didn’t notice anything because the light in the car was dark, so they just came in.

As a result, Lu Wan was stuffed with dog food.


1 symbols of young men’s good conduct; a child with splendid future prospects


An introvert rabbit who wants to hide in a hole every time.

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