Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 90

Lu Wan kicked off the two uninvited guys.

In less than half a minute, they were both flopping around in the water.

The young people on the opposite yacht…… all looked dumbfounded. Wasn’t this a bit exaggerated?! It’s like those fighting girls in Hong Kong movies!

It was really too fast. The two young masters of the Zhao family were defeated before they could even resist.

So, were they too useless, or was this girl too fierce?

Lu Wan walked to the front of the deck and all the spectators on the other side took a step back.

Suddenly, they realized that the other party’s boat turning and not letting come over protected them in a way??

Lu Wan: “What are you afraid of? I can’t jump over and hit you two meters away.”

As her words fell, the people on the opposite yacht took another step back.

We can’t say for sure, but what if? After all, you’re so fierce.

Lu Wan: “……”

She felt quite bored. She took out her sunglasses and put them on, then turned her head to tell the captain to turn back.

It’s already four o’clock in the afternoon. By time they come back at the hotel, it would almost be dinner.

Tonight they would be barbecuing in the patio. The hotel would provide the ingredients and instructions, so guests could grill by themselves.

If she doesn’t go back, President Zhao and Professor Lu wouldn’t be able to handle it on their own.


Lu Wan’s yacht sailed away and the two young masters of the Zhao family climbed onto their boat half dead.

Zhao Jincheng wiped the water from his face and said with an unpleasant expression, “I was unprepared just now and got pushed into the sea by a surprise attack!”

Zhao Jinming also said to redeem himself, “That’s right. If I was prepared, she will definitely not be able to beat me!”

The people on the ship looked at each other. That doesn’t seem to be the case……

But these two were the young masters of the Zhao family, so they naturally have to support them.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, you were taken by surprise.”

“That girl is too cunning.”

“Correct. If you’re prepared, you won’t be pushed down in five seconds, you’d last at least five minutes ba!”


Lu Wan walked back to their lodging. The barbecue grill had already been set up on the patio.

Zhao Jianing came up to her and asked, “Wanwan is back. I heard that you had a little friction with some people at sea. Are you okay?”

Both the captain and the helmsman knew that the guests that afternoon were shareholders of the hotel, so they didn’t dare to hide anything and immediately informed the hotel manager.

In turn, the manager immediately relayed it to Zhao Jianing.

Lu Wan: “What can they do? It’s all good. I suspect they’re from the Zhao family. Those two guys are very annoying. We probably just happened to run into each other.”

After all, the number of people that were there was fixed. There was a large possibility of them meeting.

Damn, she was right to wear pants today.

Zhao Jianing: “About how old are they?”

Lu Wan: “One looks to be in his early twenties and the other looks younger. They went out to sea to have a party with a crowd of people. Mom, do you think I should know them?”

Zhao Jianing immediately realized who the two of them were. She frowned and said, “There’s no need. You’ll rarely see them in the future. I will warn them.”

The men of the Zhao family really belonged to the same lineage, and they all act like dandies.

Lu Wan shrugged. “Oh, never mind then.”

It just so happen that she had a bad impression of that side and wasn’t ready to interact with them yet.

Lu Bainian: “Okay, don’t mention them. Let’s have barbecue. Wanwan must be hungry after playing around all afternoon.”

Lu Wan asked the waiter who was helping them cook to leave, saying that they could handle it by themselves.

“Wanwan, your mother and I may not do it well. Are you sure?” Professor Lu reminded.

“It’s okay. You guys just wait and eat. I’ll do it.”

She worked at a barbecue joint for more than a year, and as a gold medal employee, many customers had asked Lu Wan to help them barbecue.

The husband and wife looked at each other. Since their daughter was in such a good mood, they certainly had no problem with it.

Even if it’s not very tasty, as long as she had the intention, it was fine.

It would be the most delicious barbecue ever.

When the aroma floated, Professor Lu felt that it was a bit too fragrant…… Lu Wan’s posture was very professional, definitely someone who had worked in a barbecue joint.

Even the guests next door came to ask what they were cooking.

When the sea breeze blew, the guests in the entire row of villas were almost driven crazy by the fragrance.

They called the front desk to make reservations.

But the hotel restaurant said that the barbecue must be reserved one day in advance, making the guests instantly dumbfounded.

This was too cruel!

Lu Wan cut up the lamb chops and decorated them with cherry tomatoes before bringing them over.

It really looks delicious to President Zhao and Professor Lu’s eyes. No worse than the ones sold in restaurants.

They had chatted with their daughter before. Lu Wan said that her grades were good but they didn’t dare expect too much. After all, the place where Lu Wan was had thousands of examinees every year.

It was different from first-tier cities with hundreds of thousands.

Besides, grades weren’t the most important thing.

Lu Wan had also said that she used to work in a barbecue joint. They thought it was a small roadside shop where she helped take orders and assist or something, making them felt guilty.

They just didn’t expect her to be so good at her craft, not inferior to a professional.

They were pleasantly surprised every time.

Before eating, the couple took photos and sent them to the left-behind child— Lu Buyu.

Look, this is cooked by your little sister.

Lu Buyu who just finished eating salad: “……”

Seeing the high-definition photo of grilled pork belly, the left-behind child almost lost it on the spot.

Why were they doing this?

He had eaten the food made by Lu Wan, so this barbecue should also be delicious.

He was really about to cry from drooling. It was definitely on purpose. As expected, he was the stone of their love.


The next day, the family had just finished breakfast in the dining hall when they encountered unexpected guests.

Zhao Jincheng smiled and said, “Hello, Aunt[1]father’s youngest sister. I’m also staying in this hotel so I came to greet you.”

Zhao Jianing said “um” and didn’t plan to have a deep conversation.

Zhao Jincheng glanced at Lu Wan on the side, deliberated and said, “I met sister yesterday, but there seems to be a misunderstanding.”

“I know. It’s a small matter. You and my daughter don’t need to take it to heart.”

Zhao Jincheng was startled and the smile on his face was a bit forced. Easy for you to say, it’s your daughter who kicked me into the sea. You’re not the one who suffered, so naturally you won’t take it to heart.

Zhao Jianing said to her husband, “Take Lu Wan back first. I’ll come after you.”

Lu Bainian nodded. He smiled and said, “Wanwan, let’s go.”

Lu Wan hesitated and asked, “President Zhao, will you be okay alone? Is it safe? I think there are fewer people passing this side.”

Zhao Jincheng was a bit irritated. He said while suppressing himself, “What do you think I will do?”

“I don’t know. But more than 70% of criminal offences are committed by acquaintances.” Lu Wan paused, then added, “Don’t take the criticism for yourself, it’s nothing personal. Besides, there’s another saying, barefooted people are not afraid of those who wear shoes[2]the poor, who have nothing to lose, do not fear those in power; people who have nothing fears nobody.”

Zhao Jincheng: “Don’t go too far!”

“I’m talking to you properly, why are you yelling at me?” Lu Wan looked astonished.

Zhao Jincheng calmed down in seconds. He came here to form ties with Zhao Jianing, so he must endure.

He squeezed out a smile. “No, Cousin[3]daughter of father’s sister, you’re mistaken. Why would I yell at you? You and Uncle[4]uncle-in-law go back first, I have something to say to Aunt.”

Lu Wan: “Don’t smile if you don’t want to. Now you shout at me when there are many people, if it’s just the two of us, won’t you hit me?”

Zhao Jincheng broke down completely. He couldn’t bear it anymore and said, “You’re as strong as a cow. Can I beat you?”

Lu Wan: “……”

You know, although you’re very self-aware, no girl likes being called a cow.

How rude.

“Mom, I don’t like him. He called me a cow.” Lu Wan turned around and complained.

Zhao Jincheng: “……”

The relationship hasn’t been established yet, but he was already going insane!

This damn girl must have done this on purpose!

Zhao Jianing raised her eyebrows. Her voice was very soft, but her tone was firm, “Well, if you have anything to say, just say it now. As you can see, Wanwan is very uncomfortable with you.”

She never gave her two brothers face, but as an elder, it was not good to be too harsh on a junior.

Lu Wan was different. She’s a few years younger than the other party, so there’s naturally no need to restrict herself.

Zhao Jincheng held his forehead. He hesitated for a few seconds before saying, “It’s like this, I know that Aunt and the Lu Group are preparing to develop the land in the south of the city together. My father and second uncle[5]father’s younger brother feel worried. If you need them, they can help you. After all, we are a family.”

His father and second uncle had already approached Zhao Jianing several times.

They often couldn’t see her, but even if they did, they couldn’t say more than three lines before the other party would voice that she still had another schedule and had to go.

In a very lofty tone.

Zhao Jianing: “No need. I’m just following Elder Brother to find something to do. Your father thinks too highly of me. If this is what you wanted to say, then we have nothing to talk about.”

She sneered in her heart. They’re really good at calculating, saying it’s helping, but what they actually wanted was to get a piece of the pie.

But how much dumber could someone be?

Of course, there was no need to make things clear if it’s between relatives, but were those two people worthy?

She had only one elder brother and that was Lu Jinye.

Zhao Jincheng was stunned for a few seconds before he realized that Zhao Jianing was referring to Lu Jinye, not his own father, when she said elder brother.

That’s right. The siblings had been estranged for more than ten years.

Hearing President Zhao’s words, Lu Wan regained her energy immediately and held Zhao Jianing’s wrist. “Then let’s go back. It’s sunny outside.”

Zhao Jianing let her daughter drag her away. Just as well, she didn’t want to talk to Zhao Jincheng either.

Although this nephew comes to visit every Spring Festival and was very enthusiastic, their relationship wasn’t close.

After all, what the Zhao family likes was her money. If she hadn’t accomplished anything, they wouldn’t keep hanging around her.

She’s afraid she couldn’t avoid them.

Lu Wan walked for a while and when she turned the corner, she looked back and saw that the other person was still standing there.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the Zhao family wanted to use her, their grandchild, to threaten their own daughter, then she wouldn’t accidentally get lost in the process.

Although it wasn’t by intention, those people were the ones who started it all.

How could Lu Wan have any good feelings towards that family?

Now that she had found her biological parents, there was no need to mention the past since it was all over.

But these people wouldn’t make any less trouble in the future.

As cannon fodder female supporting characters, most of them couldn’t escape the fate of family destruction.

In the original story line, Lu Wan lost her mind and jumped off the building onto her death.

In the later period, the Zhao family united with the Jiang family, as well as with the group’s mole to set up a trap and encircle her mother and uncle. This broke her family.

But the plot had to develop like this. After all, with Lu Jinye safe and sound, according to his personality, how could he do nothing after the death of his niece?

He likely couldn’t wait to have all the relevant people be buried with her.

The same goes for President Zhao.

In the original novel, these were nothing more than a few sentences mentioned in passing. After all, the focus was on the Mary Sue hero and heroine.

The Lu family was just a stumbling block that affects their happiness, and a few sentences describe the bleak end of the Lu family, contrasting the grand marriage of the two lead characters, making readers feel greatly satisfied.

But for Lu Wan, this was her life, her family.

She wasn’t a tool to support anyone’s happiness, and neither was her family.


1 father’s youngest sister
2 the poor, who have nothing to lose, do not fear those in power; people who have nothing fears nobody
3 daughter of father’s sister
4 uncle-in-law
5 father’s younger brother


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