Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 91

When the family returned to their rented villa, Lu Wan was ready to go to sea again.

Today, she’s going to learn how to surf!

President Zhao and Professor Lu didn’t have such energy. They were usually very busy with work, so when they go out for a trip, they mainly while away their time at the hotel.

Lu Wan was different. She had to go wild when traveling!

She spent half an hour with the coach learning the process and movements, and in one morning she could already stand steadily on the surfboard and ride the boat’s wake.

The coach had seen people who learn to surf particularly fast, but few girls have such good balance and control. He smiled and encouraged her, “I guess that in two days you’ll be able to surf the waves.”

Surfing was addicting.

Lu Wan played until the afternoon and only returned to the hotel when it was almost dinner time.

Hearing her voice, Lu Bainian looked up and saw Lu Wan. He put down the book in his hand and said, “Why did you just come back now? We haven’t seen you for a whole day. A little later and your mother and I will go look for you.”

Lu Wan: “I went surfing! It’s so much fun.”

Zhao Jianing: “You seem to be a bit tan. We’ll accompany you tomorrow. Your brother also loves surfing. You can take pictures for him, even if he’s been here.”


Lu Buyu could play the piano and was flawless on stage, and his acting was also decent. He could be regarded as a person who could move through both path of idol and actor.

He was also very athletic and good at archery, skiing and surfing, which made fans impressed.

But the most talented person in the family was Zhao Jianing.

When Zhao Jianing was a girl, she was trained strictly as a lady and her parents were very stern with her. She must do her best in everything she learned.

Lu Buyu often lamented that if President Zhao was 20 years younger and decided to debut, she would definitely be a girl group’s C[1]center, and would be even more outstanding as a solo artist.

With her mature style, she could catch both male and female fans.

In the entertainment industry, there would be no such thing as him, this son of hers.

Just after Lu Wan changed her clothes and came out, someone knocked on the door.

It was the guest from next door. He said that when they were having barbecue yesterday, the smell floated over their villa making them crave.

However, when the hotel staff came today, it tasted completely different.

After inquiring, he found out that they made it by themselves, so he came to ask for tips. And if they have time, it would be nice if they could guide them.

Zhao Jianing went to have a look and saw an acquaintance. She greeted with a smile, “What a coincidence, President Wang. It turns out that you’re staying next door.”

“Well, this is a bit of a coincidence. It’s you.” The old man was stunned. He had met this person before and she was considered to be the best ones among the next generation.

The rate for this hotel’s detached villas was five figures and those who could stay here were either someone rich or have high social status.

It’s not a small probability that you’ll run into someone you know.

“I’m sorry to have come, but I will brazenly ask if it’s convenient for you to give us directions? It’s fine if you can’t.” The old man said straight to the point.

Zhao Jianing: “It’s my daughter who cooked yesterday. I don’t know how to do these things.”

Both of them turned their gazes to Lu Wan who was behind.

“I’m free. I’ll go there right now.” Lu Wan paused, then looked at Zhao Jianing and said, “I’ll go over there for a while and come back.”

It doesn’t take much effort to help someone grill. It was no trouble at all.

It just so happened that there was still more than half an hour before dinner time and she had nothing else to do.

Lu Wan followed the other person, only to realize that there was a big family on their side.

Three generations came together, both old and young.

She helped them grill the first batch of food, and after talking about what to pay attention to, she was ready to go back.

The children liked the beautiful sister very much and she still cooks delicious food.

Lu Wan was about to leave when a four-year-old boy hugged her leg. “Sister, don’t go. Sleep with me today.”

The five-year-old girl hesitated for a second and apparently had more ideas. “This is Brother la. She has no chest and some brothers also have long hair. Are you stupid?”

Lu Wan: “……I’m a sister.”

Little friend, why do you have to stab my heart?

The family was very polite and asked Lu Wan to stay for dinner.

But Lu Wan said that her parents were still waiting for her, so they gave up.


The next day, Lu Buyu received pictures of a family of three surfing and closed himself off again.

How did this become a recurring thing? Whatever they’re playing, what does it have to do with him?

Why do they have to send him photos?

The Lu family couple took Lu Wan out and went home in the afternoon of the fourth day.

Before they left, the guests next door gave them a gift as a thanks for helping them with the barbecue.

Zhao Jianing opened it and found inside a Cartier bracelet full of diamonds. This was a bit too expensive, so after thinking about it, she asked the hotel staff to return it back.

They returned the item and received a handwritten card instead.

They were inviting Lu Wan to come visit their home sometime.

Zhao Jianing was a little surprised. How should she put it, the Wang family was different from a self-made person like her and Lu Jinye who came back from overseas.

They were a proper aristocratic family and their descendants were also living up to expectations. Whether in business or politics, they were doing well, and many people were rushing to cooperate with them.

But even so, she didn’t want to use her daughter to seek relationships.

Zhao Jianing patted Lu Wan’s head. “Put the card away. Let’s come out again next time when we’re free.”

She doesn’t expect to get anything from her daughter. She just hoped that the other party would be happy every day.

She even wanted to hold the best things in front of Wanwan to make up for the past regrets.


On the first day of class after the holiday, the classroom was very lively.

Probably because they haven’t seen each other for a long time, so the atmosphere was livelier than usual.

In addition to the new things on the holidays, the rankings of the last monthly exam had also come out and there were too many things to share.

Haley: “You’re awesome, President Lu. You’re 3 points behind Chen Nianqing this time! Just 3 points! Next time you’ll crush it.”

“Really?” Lu Wan took the report card and looked at it.

When doing the test paper this time, she felt that she had done a good job in Chinese, and as expected, it was the highest score she had yet!

137 points for Chinese! This was much harder than a perfect score in math!

She got 3 points less than Chen Nianqing in the Chinese test, which was also the 3 points difference of the total score.

The entire senior class was shocked…… They all looked forward to Lu Wan passing Chen Nianqing and becoming number one.

They wonder what the Idol’s expression would be like when that time comes.

The boy in the front row turned around. “It’s really unexpected. Chen Nianqing is a science genius, but you forced him to use Chinese to pull apart the points. Lu Wan, you’re my daddy!”

Haley rolled his eyes. “Roll, don’t indiscriminately claim someone as your relative! How could President Lu have a son like you?”

The boy shrugged his shoulders and turned back.

After discussing the results of the monthly exam, everyone started talking about another matter.

Class 4 would be having two transfer students today.

In fact, everyone already knew one of them. It’s Zhao Yan’s cousin[2]elder male cousin with the same surname, Zhao Jinming. He studied in China in junior high school, so a small number of students know this person.

The other one was the school’s new scholarship student following Lin Niannian. They said that this time it was a boy.

Zhao Yan walked into the classroom. She glanced at Lu Wan who was writing with her head down. She hesitated for a few seconds before coming up to her and saying, “You should be prepared. Zhao Jinming is coming.”

She actually wanted to remind the other party that Zhao Jinming was a real scumbag.

But that wasn’t right. She and Lu Wan were not on the same side.

The surrounding students were confused. What was the relationship between Lu Wan and Zhao Jinming?

Why couldn’t they make heads or tails of this sentence?


Haley was different. He had long known that Zhao Yan and Lu Wan were cousins.

So…… this transfer student was also Lu Wan’s cousin[3]son of mother’s brother who is older than oneself.

Lu Wan never mentioned the Zhao family, so the relationship between the two parties could be imagined.

Just when the class bell rang, the students chatting with each other sat back in their seats.

Two minutes later, the class teacher led two transfer students in.

Zhao Jinming who came back from the UK, walked with big strides and a crooked smiled. He had a clump of yellow hair on his head and was wearing an LV T-shirt.

Just a glance…… and one could tell what type of person he was.

Anyway, it’s the type that doesn’t like studying.

The other one was clearly the new poor student. He already changed into his school uniform and although his face was expressionless…… he looked pretty handsome.

The fact that he could be selected meant his grades were good.

The girls were immediately ecstatic. This time two handsome boys transferred in their class!

Lu Wan just gave them a glance and soon lowered her eyes.

Haley said in a low voice, “Just leave this kind of guy who can only be an eyesore villain in TV dramas to me. You don’t need to do anything, President Lu. Just study hard and crush Chen Nianqing.”

Hehe, he’s a green tea jerk.


Lu Wan didn’t make a sound.

Haley was really curious so he asked, “Have you met before?”


“You don’t get along?”

Lu Wan pondered for a second. “He should be coming after me.”

Haley: “He actually dares to come after you? Are you putting up with him?”

Lu Wan said blankly, “No. I threw him into the sea.”

Haley: “!!!”

Nice one!

“President Lu, you’re too handsome. I love you even more today.” Haley rested his head on Lu Wan’s shoulder.

Compared with the average male student, Haley had a more blurred boundary between men and women because he’s not interested in girls and could only be good friends with them.

Many girls who have a good relationship with him would occasionally come to him for a hug.

The kind of hug from a friend when other girls were sometimes annoying, or when the great aunt came and they’re cranky— those times when a hug from a trustworthy ‘man’ were more helpful than those of the same sex.

Haley was in good shape. Although he was thin, he had firm chest and quite good to lie down on. Moreover, he wasn’t as aggressive as a straight man.

Song Qianqian was one of them. Last time, after holding Haley, she said with great emotion, “I’m afraid I won’t find a good man. Haley, how about we got together? Make do with it.”

Haley looked disgusted. “You can’t find a good man, but I can. Be sober. You better don’t think too much.”

Song Qianqian said impassively, “……Like that oh.”

Haley doesn’t like girls, but if it’s President Lu, he can!!!

Lu Wan looked up again at the people standing on the podium.

She had met both transfer students before.


1 center
2 elder male cousin with the same surname
3 son of mother’s brother who is older than oneself


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