Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 92

Zhao Jinming’s self-introduction was very high-sounding, amusing a group of students and even the class teacher next to him couldn’t help smiling.

Standing on the podium, his eyes sweep around, trying to see if there were any pretty girls.

At the sight of Lu Wan sitting in the last row, Zhao Jinming raised his chin slightly with a somewhat disdainful expression.

Enemies were bound to meet on a narrow road.

Lu Wan met the other party’s eyes, not avoiding it.

Haley, who was sitting next to her, shrugged his shoulders. He would take note of this idiot.

In contrast, the scholarship student was much more low-key.

The lean boy wrote his name on the blackboard in one stroke: Li Che.

“Hello, everyone. It’s a great honor to be here to study.”

His voice was also deep and clear, which was kind of nice.


Li Che saw Lu Wan as soon as he entered the door.

He recognized the other party and he believed that Lu Wan did so too.

Both of them were surprised to meet here as their line of sight crossed.

A second later, Li Che quietly moved his eyes away, as if meeting her for the first time.

Haley: “All the handsome transfer guys are straight. I’m so miserable.”

He has gaydar. Whether bent or not, he could tell right away with just a few glances.

This was exactly a straight man of steel.

“Okay, Zhao Jinming can sit next to Yu Shuai, and Li Che…… just sit behind Lu Wan.” The class teacher quickly arranged the seats.

The English teacher was already waiting in the hallway for the first lesson.

Zhao Jinming sat down carelessly and made a lot of noise. In fact, he preferred to sit in the last row, far away from the teacher and unfettered.

But with Lu Wan there, it’s better to forget about it.

Zhao Jinming noticed that his new deskmate had been looking at him secretly. Showing his teeth, he said, “I’ll take a nap first. Tell me if its lunch. I’ll leave homework to you from now on.”

Yu Shuai: “???”

Looking at the person lying on the table, Yu Shuai was very unhappy.

A few months ago, his deskmate was Lin Niannian.

Now it had become a punk like boy. The difference was big.

At the National Day celebration before the holiday, he poured a glass of water at Zhao Yan. The teachers learned about it and notified their parents that day.

Yu Shuai didn’t quite understand why his classmates said he was partial to Lin Niannian and acted unfairly. But Niannian was so kind and her situation wasn’t easy. Wasn’t it normal for him to take care of her more?

These people were so high above and really have no empathy at all.

Because of what happened that day, the position of class monitor had been removed from him.

But it really doesn’t matter. Everyone was unfeeling, so he doesn’t want to bother to be the monitor anymore.

The more Yu Shuai thought about it, the more distraught he became.

He didn’t know what happened to Lin Niannian after she was taken away that day.

His call couldn’t get through the other party.

Today was the first day of class after the holiday and he didn’t see Jiang Boyang either.

Otherwise, he would muster up the courage to ask.

As a friend, he was really worried about Lin Niannian.


After Li Che sat down, the students around him were very interested in the new scholarship student.

They all looked over.

“Where are you from? Your grades must be very good, right?” Haley asked with a smile.

Li Che’s voice was very light, “I’m from the south.”

Haley: “Oh ~ Ning County?”

President Lu used to study in Ning County, a southern city.

Li Che: “No, but it’s very close. It’s An County. You probably haven’t heard of it.”

Haley shrugged. It was the first time he heard this place name among so many county-level cities in China.

It turns out that this person wasn’t from President Lu’s old school. But this was normal. After all, if he was, it would be too coincidental.

Lu Wan was surprised. Li Che used to study in Ning County’s No. 1 High School.

A year above her.

But after that incident happened, Li Che changed schools.

Well, it turned out that he went to An County.

This happened many years ago. She didn’t expect the other party to repeat a grade and that he would also come to Shangde High School as a scholarship student.

The two became classmates.

Li Che didn’t greet her and Lu Wan naturally wouldn’t initiate friendship.

They were not that friendly either.

But…… does Shangde High School chooses scholarship students without looking at their records?

Lu Wan turned over this matter in her mind. The other party wasn’t yet 14 years old at that time, so of course he would not have a criminal record.

Moreover, that matter was already doubtful.


At the noon break, several girls gathered beside Li Che’s seat.

“You don’t know where the cafeteria is, do you? I’ll take you there.”

“Yes, we can also give you a brief introduction to the school so you can better integrate into the environment.”

“If you have any questions, you can ask me “

Li Che smiled softly, “Thank you everyone.”

The boys in the class couldn’t help rolling their eyes. The girls were too enthusiastic. As expected, handsome guys were treated well!

The girls felt no denial. After all, when Lin Niannian transferred to their school, these boys were more enthusiastic.

This was a world of faces.

Speaking of Lin Niannian, everyone inevitably thought of what happened on the day of the National Day celebration.

That one looks weak and timid but actually had big ideas!

She’d obviously left the school but still dare to sneak in?

And they also found out that a few boys cooperated with her!

Because they had a holiday after the celebration, they didn’t know how this matter was dealt with.

But what’s certain was that Yu Shuai should be miserable.

A class officer and a well-rounded student openly violated the school rules.

Even throwing water on Zhao Yan’s face in public? How could Zhao Yan let it go? She clamored for the teacher to give her an explanation.

Although she’s a temperamental young miss, she was popular in school.

This matter wasn’t over yet. Yu Shuai was acting like nothing had happened, so he probably wasn’t expecting anything to ensue.

After all, he had always been favored by teachers.


At lunch break, Yu Shuai had just walked out of the classroom when he was informed that the class teacher was asking for him.

Yu Shuai was a little surprised. What else did the class teacher have to say to him? Wasn’t his position as class monitor already removed?

He hurried to the office.

As the class teacher of Class 4, Li Yixian had a good impression of Yu Shuai.

Although this student’s grades weren’t the best, he was amiable and nice, and could blend well with his classmates.

In the past two years, he had been doing a good job as monitor.

Until Lin Niannian, a scholarship student transferred last term. Yu Shuai seemed to have become a different person and wasn’t as responsible in a lot of things. His grades also declined.

He even secretly brought in a student from another school and dumped water on his classmate.

Li Yixian wasn’t just disappointed, he was shocked. He sighed in his heart and said, “Yu Shuai, I called you here today so you can be prepared.”

“Teacher, I can’t take on the position of monitor. I know.”

Heh, he doesn’t want to be one either.

Li Yixian: “There is also your violation of the school rules. The leaders haven’t officially issued a notice, but a meeting has already been held and a demerit will be given.”

Yu Shuai’s pupils dilated and his tone became agitated, “Demerit? Lin Niannian used to study at Shangde and can’t exactly be considered as an outsider. Besides, she only wants to watch the show!”

“I get what you’re saying, but school rules are school rules. Also, because you’ve received demerits, you can’t be given a spot for the ‘City’s most well-rounded student’ and the award for outstanding class officer will also be revoked.”

Yu Shuai: “How can this happen, teacher? This punishment is too serious for me!”

“You violated two school rules. You should have thought about the consequences before you did them. Okay, go have lunch. Hand over your apology letter to me before tomorrow.” Li Yixian didn’t want to say anything more.

In fact, he had already interceded. Otherwise, Yu Shuai wouldn’t only get demerits but also detention.

Then again, although Shangde High School had an open school spirit, it had strict discipline, and only one student would receive demerit every few years.

He was originally a student excellent in both character and study, but now it had gotten into this, and he, the class teacher, was also very upset.

Yu Shuai’s voice trembled, “I violated the school rules…… but Jiang Boyang— the three of them skipped classes every day without getting any demerits.”

“All right, don’t say anymore.” Li Yixian raised his voice. After all, to say more wouldn’t make any difference.

Everyone knew that Jiang Boyang wasn’t given any record because the Jiang family donated a building to the school, whereas Yu Shuai entered by means of the entrance examination.

This time, Jiang Boyang should also be dismissed, but he was allowed to transfer to another school for appearances sake.

The school might be able to turn a blind eye to skipping classes and fighting outside the school, but hitting security guards in the security office touched the bottom line.

Yu Shuai walked out, then turned to look back at the office.

How did things become like this?


The class teacher of Class 1 came in with the form and said with a smile, “Old Li, who will you recommend for this semester’s well-rounded student in your class?”

“I haven’t decided yet. What about your class? Chen Nianqing?”

“If Chen Nianqing will take it, then of course it’s guaranteed. But he said that other classmates should also be given the opportunity, so I can only choose someone else this time. Actually, I can see that Lu Wan in your class is very suitable, with good grades and a good reputation among students and teachers.”

“I also think Lu Wan is quite suitable. I’ll check again. There are several students who are good.”

After all, the materials would be handed over to the city and must be reviewed by the education bureau.

In the corridor, Yu Shuai was listening on in the conversation inside the office and felt like he had fallen into an ice cellar.

It turned out that it was Lu Wan who snatched his ‘well-rounded student’ spot.

But wasn’t she the young miss of the Lu family? In this life, she had no worries about food and clothing, nor finding a job.

Lu Wan didn’t need the ‘City’s most well-rounded students’ award to make her resume look good, so why did she need to snatch it from him?

Yu Shuai felt lightheaded and his whole body was floating.

He hated Lu Wan, but he didn’t dare go up to her. The main reason was that he couldn’t fight and he wouldn’t win by scolding.

When he got home from school, Yu Shuai was still hesitating how to tell his parents about this issue. It would disappoint them.

His parents always had high hopes for him.

The Yu family runs a small company. Although they weren’t considered to be affluent, it could provide them food and drink for a year without any worry, and they could also afford to have him attend Shangde High School.

Yu Shuai didn’t know how to begin, but his father spoke first.

“Our company has recently encountered a crisis, and all the customers have run away. Even the landlord wants to take back the factory building and would rather pay a month of liquidated damages. But what’s the use of me holding that money? Where can I find a factory temporarily? This is really strange. I went to various parties to inquire. It seems that we have offended someone.”

“Son, you should be mentally prepared. Our company may not be able to survive.”

Speaking of strange, he was usually cautious, so how could he have a chance to offend such a big wig?


An introvert rabbit who wants to hide in a hole every time.

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