Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 94

On the third day after Yu Shuai completed the transfer procedures, Lin Niannian finally appeared.

She couldn’t get through the phone so she ran to the gate of the other party’s community to block him.

“I didn’t know that so many things happened to you. It was I who implicated you.” Lin Niannian said while wiping away tears, her shoulders trembling slightly.

Yu Shuai was originally determined to separate himself with the other side, but Lin Niannian took the initiative to come to him, and he began to waver again.

Facing the very first person you had like, no matter how you make up your mind, as long as the other person turns around, you’d still be unable to resist.

Yu Shuai turned his head away. “Forget it. You probably never cared about me.”

“It’s not like what you said. You’re my best friend and you have helped me a lot! I remember it all!” Lin Niannian stepped forward and gently tugged on his arm.

“Then what about Jiang Boyang?” Yu Shuai asked again. He used to dare not ask about the other party’s personal affairs because Lin Niannian didn’t like it, but this time he was really angry.

Seeing the other party’s face wasn’t good, Lin Niannian hurriedly said, “He and I…… are really just ordinary friends.”

Yu Shuai didn’t speak, obviously doubting this statement.

Lin Niannian began to cry. “I’m actually having a hard time recently. Jiang Boyang’s mother is forcing me to quit school and leave this city. I’m really scared.”

Yu Shuai instantly tensed up. “Are you okay?”

Lin Niannian nodded slightly. “It’s already in the past. So, we’re still good friends, right?”

Fortunately, Jiang Boyang said that if she made things difficult for Lin Niannian again, he would stop going to school. Only then did that terrible Madam Jiang gave up.

However, there’s still some problem. Madam Jiang was determined to send her son to study abroad.

Jiang Boyang asked her the day before if he should go abroad.

Of course Lin Niannian convinced the other party not to go.

If Jiang Boyang was gone, who would help her?

In case he really went abroad for five or six years, would he still remember her when he came back?

Lin Niannian was reluctant to let the other party leave like this, and she knew very well that her feelings for Jiang Boyang were different from others.

What’s wrong with a girl wanting to keep the person she likes from leaving?

“Since you didn’t do anything wrong, it will appear like your guilty if you left.”

Jiang Boyang didn’t want to go abroad in the first place so the two hit it off immediately.

Now that the Jiang family’s mother and son were still in a conflict, Lin Niannian could take a breather.

Jiang Boyang was tired of her mother’s tough behavior, so he often came to talk to Lin Niannian to relieve his grievances.

He felt that girls should only be gentle and soft.

So he dislikes people similar to his mother and Lu Wan, who would make those around them feel a lot of pressure.

Lin Niannian collected her thoughts, smiled and asked again, “We’re still friends, aren’t we?”

Yu Shuai hesitated for a few seconds, then nodded his head.

He was apologetic towards Lu Wan, but if Lin Niannian was in trouble in the future, he would probably still help her.


In a blink of an eye, it was Saturday.

Lu Wan woke up very early. As soon as she went downstairs, she saw Lu Buyu sitting on the sofa.

She hasn’t seen this comrade for a week, and she didn’t expect him to come back today.

Lu Wan walked over and asked, “What a coincidence. I’m going to learn target shooting with Uncle today. Do you want to go?”

Lu Buyu: “Are you begging me? Then I’ll think about it.”

“Forget it if you don’t want to.” Lu Wan was not in the mood to indulge this guy.

Dog Lu was very stinky, which was caused by the people in his studio who often cajole him.

“Who said I won’t go?” Lu Buyu stood up from the sofa.

Lu Wan glanced at him and said with a smile, “Call your assistant and ask him to take us there.”

“What for? Why are you suddenly taking the initiative?”

“It’s okay not to send us. I’ll send the address to your WeChat. I’ll take the subway by myself then.” Lu Wan went to the entrance to change her shoes.

“Forget it. I’ll drive there myself. It just happens to be my day off.”

In the first three years of Lu Buyu’s career, he often worked for months on end without break.

But now that he had a high reputation, he doesn’t need to maintain a large amount of exposure all the time. He had few business contacts but it was good ones.

Lu Buyu also specifically told his manager to let him have more rest time.

The siblings went to the garage. Eventually, Lu Buyu decided to drive the Mercedes Benz President Zhao bought for Professor Lu for two million, low-key and practical.

Professor Lu doesn’t drive himself. Every day, he would ride a small electric bike to work, which he could park casually and wouldn’t get stuck in a traffic jam.

The shooting range was two floors underground of a building owned by the Lu Group. A sign was hung on the door: LiWan[1]Strong + Luwan’s Wan Club.

Lu Wan was still a bit worried on the way here.

Now she saw that it was pretty normal, so she was finally relieved.

Lu Buyu crossed his arms. Looking at the signboard, he had a lot of complaints, “What is this? Why isn’t it called LiYu Club, but LiWan Club?”

Lu Wan: “Stop whining. It’s because you’re a singer and dancer, and I am stronger than you.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

Doesn’t this guy respect him as her brother? Is this the tone you use to speak with your older brother?

Lu Buyu was about to educate her, but Lu Wan had already gone in, so he had no choice but to follow and decided to teach the other person later.

The shooting range was also open to the public. It was fully equipped and membership-based. The membership fee was very high.

Lu Jinye didn’t open it to make money, but so Lu Wan could have a place to play.

Two people went in from the lobby with ID cards and face recognition, as well as an additional alcohol tests.

It must be ensured that the guests were shooting in a fully conscious state since this activity could be dangerous.

Lu Jinye had already given notice of their arrival so the procedure went quickly. After passing the last security check, Lu Wan put on the earmuffs.

It was live ammunition in a closed environment, so the noise was very loud, thus they had to wear ear protection.

Lu Jinye arrived earlier and had already warmed up for a round.

There were no guests at the shooting range today, only the tree of them, uncle, niece and nephew, so it was unusually quiet.

“Wanwan, Xiao Yu, you’re here. Do you like the place?”

Lu Buyu: “It’s very cool here, I like it very much. But Lu Wan is heavy-handed, I’m afraid she’ll be bad at it.”

He’s different. After all, he won an award in that archery competition a few years ago.

Firing a gun was also a shooting activity. Although this was his first time trying it, Lu Buyu had some understanding so he would definitely catch on quickly.

Right here! Right now! Lu Wan would look at him, this older brother of hers, with admiration!

She would clearly realize how ignorant and superficial she was!

Lu Wan who was suddenly named: “???”

Wait, she could also be involved like this?

Lu Jinye laughed. “How’s that possible? I learned it very quickly back when I was at that grade. Wanwan should be the same.”

Lu Buyu: “She can’t compare with you. You’ll find out right away.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Lu Buyu glanced at her. “Don’t be so angry at that time. A certain someone will cry.”

Lu Wan: “……”

This guy is really a dog.

Lu Jinye chuckled and called the two juniors to come to his side.

“Let me demonstrate it first so you can see clearly.”

Lu Wan nodded, focusing on observing his movements.

The same goes for Lu Buyu. He must learn faster and better than Lu Wan!

It’s great. This time he finally had something he’s good at and he could crush her singlehandedly!

Lu Jinye’s method was very good. If he goes to the army, he could be a master of gun shooting.

The stance, grip, and aim; he explained every step clearly.

He was a qualified instructor.

Finally, he pulled the trigger, and Lu Jinye fired a magazine full of bullets. Almost all of them hit one point— the bullseye.

Lu Buyu’s eyes widened. “Dang, Uncle, you’re too good! This is awesome. How long do you think it will take me to become like you?”

Lu Jinye: “About three to five years. All right, you can choose the gun you like.”

Lu Buyu chose a Browning, but Lu Wan was hesitant, and every time she picked one up, Lu Jinye would help her by introducing the characteristics of each gun with great familiarity.

It could be said that he’s an expert when it comes to gun.

Lu Wan finally chose a black one, and said with a smile, “This one. I’ve seen it in movies.”

Lu Jinye: “Walther P99, semi-automatic pistol. It has four safety mechanisms, so there’s essentially no misfire. The safety is high and it’s the best of its kind as far as accuracy goes. It’s a nice gun.”

Lu Wan was more satisfied after listening to the introduction. This was her dream gun.

Lu Buyu: “I’d better come first to set a good example for you.”

A real gun was heavy and has recoil. It had totally different maneuvers from archery.

Lu Buyu missed the target in the first three bullets, but gradually got better after the fourth shot.

In the last two shots, he even hit the seventh ring; a very obvious improvement.

Ah Biao praised, “The little master is a natural with guns ah!”

Lu Buyu was very proud inside but said modestly, “Not at all!”

He turned to look at Lu Wan, telling her with his eyes that she could go give it a try.

Ah Biao and several bob-haired macho men couldn’t help roaring with laughter.

The little master was too proud, provoking the young miss so much……

They didn’t know how the young miss would do, but it doesn’t matter since it’s her first time. She could practice slowly.

Besides, there were very few opportunities to use guns since it’s banned domestically.

Lu Wan picked up the black gun, put on the ear muffs and aimed at the bullseye.

The first two shots hit the second ring, then the third, and then the seventh.

The last three shots were two ninth ring and one tenth ring.

This was definitely a good score, even compared to the members of the club.

Lu Buyu was utterly flabbergasted. Was this possible?!

He turned to ask Ah Biao with a flowing hair, “Did you deliberately move the target closer when it was Lu Wan’s turn?”

“No, they are all the same distance.”

Lu Buyu: “That’s impossible. This is just her first time.”

Even for a genius, this was too exaggerated.

Ah Biao stood still and scratched his head. “Little master, you can’t afford to be played?”

Lu Buyu: “……”

Lu Wan quickly reloaded the magazine and said, “This is my first time playing with a handgun, but this is not my first time using a gun.”

Ning County was located in a mountainous area with lush trees and no industries, so there was less pollution.

In the early years, there were a lot of wild rabbits and pheasants on the mountain.

Every Spring Festival, after the heavy snow, people would go hunting.

Xu Yao’s uncle was a good hunter. Every time he goes, he would call Xu Yao, and Xu Yao would then call Lu Wan in passing.

This was many years ago, and since shotguns were banned, they never went again.

Besides, it was wrong to eat wild animals!

It was spurned! Weren’t pork ribs and pork belly delicious?

This was completely contrary to the 《Constitution》, 《General Principles of the Civil Law》, 《Marriage Law》, 《Inheritance Law》, 《State Compensation Law》, 《Pipilu Biography[2]classic fairy tale by Zhen Yuanjie》 and 《Luxixi Biography[3]also a classic fairy tale by Zhen Yuanjie》 which Lu Wan likes!

Lu Wan ignored the others and fired another round of bullets.

This time, the score was better, with three bullets hitting the bullseye, two on the ninth ring, and the worst on the sixth ring.

Lu Jinye laughed loudly. “As expected of my family’s baby, I think that in a year or so, you will be able to hit the tenth ring every time. I’ll teach you how to use two guns.”

Lu Wan: “Okay!”

She was just a little interested in this, but she didn’t expect to find it really fun after getting started.

In the past two years, several shooting range had been opened in the city, all of which use real guns.

Lu Wan checked, and the bullets generally cost 40 yuan, which was extremely expensive.

So for half an hour, she had already spent over ten thousand, and for the money’s sake, Lu Wan had to practice hard.

Lu Buyu: “……”

Why does it take three to five years for him, but a year or so for Lu Wan?

No! How could that be?! He refused to believe it!


Ah Biao took a few pictures of Lu Wan pursing her lips, one eye closed and focusing her whole body on aiming, and posted them on Moments.

「As expected of my family’s young miss, she’s both beautiful and capable.」

Every word carried a little pride.

Ah Biao had been with Lu Jinye for almost thirty years, so he was friends with all the uncle’s in WeChat.

It didn’t take long for many people to comment.

【Grandpa Blade: Young Miss is amazing. It made this old man tear up.】

【Grandpa Tiger: Our family’s eldest sister is awesome. Up.】

【Grandpa Fire Hunt: Good, good, she looks like a member of the Lu family.】

【Secretary Zhang: Remind the boss that there’s a meeting in the afternoon. Don’t be too engrossed. The young miss is very handsome.】

【Director He: Very impressive. But didn’t you say the little master is also going?】

【Ah Biao: Replying to the previous comment, the little master is not as powerful as the young miss. He’s losing his temper.】

Lu Buyu originally wanted to divert his attention so he went to play with his phone, but swiping Ah Biao’s post, he completely collapsed.

Why was Lu Wan the young miss and he the little master?

How was he little?! This wasn’t right. No matter how sensible they were with the appellations, they had no distinction between seniority and youth!

He’s the young miss— no, the young master!

He was almost crazy from anger!

During break, Lu Buyu came over and whispered.

“Lu Wan, hurry up and explain to them that you are not as amazing as me, and that you admire me very much.”

Lu Wan looked at him, baffled. “You haven’t eaten apples in a long time?”

Lu Buyu: “I—”

He said he was going to make a big splash today!

“Be restrained.” Lu Wan said as she stretched out her hand and pulled a hair on the other person’s leg.

This will make you a bit sober, right?

Lu Buyu was stunned for a second, then reacted and clutched his leg. “It hurts! You bad woman! You will never get married like this, and you can only be an old maid in the future.”

Lu Wan: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can’t get married. I’m sure many rich ladies like you. I’ll pick a good one for you when the time comes, and you can have a marriage alliance.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

What are you talking about!

Lu Wan laughed as she stood up and walked straight towards Lu Jinye.

She felt that if she said something now, her uncle wouldn’t believe her. After all, there was no evidence.

But it was still necessary to remind the other party to be careful of the people around him.


1 Strong + Luwan’s Wan
2 classic fairy tale by Zhen Yuanjie
3 also a classic fairy tale by Zhen Yuanjie


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